the lord of the rings

    ‘We must learn more of this,’ said Faramir, ‘and know what brings you so far east under the shadow of yonder –,’ he pointed and said no name. ‘But not now. We have business in hand. You are in peril, and you would not have gone far by field or road this day. There will be hard handstrokes nigh at hand ere the day is full. Then death, or swift flight back to Anduin. I will leave two to guard you, for your own good and for mine. Wise man trusts not to chance-meeting on the road in this land. If I return, I will speak more with you.’
    ‘Farewell!’ said Frodo, bowing low. ‘Think what you will, I am a friend of all enemies of the One Enemy. We would go with you, if we Halfling folk could hope to serve you, such doughty men and strong as you seem, and if my errand permitted it. May the light shine on your swords!’
    ‘The Halflings are courteous folk, whatever else they be,’ said Faramir. ‘Farewell!’


The Ainur were the primordial spirits, who existed with Ilúvatar, and with him created the world through The Ainulindalë, The Music of the Ainur. After the creation of Arda, many of the Ainur descended into it to guide and order its growth; of these there were fifteen more powerful than the rest. Fourteen of these great Ainur became the Valar, or Powers of Arda. The fifteenth, Melkor, turned aside from that path and became the first Lord of the Dark Powers. The many lesser Ainur that accompanied the Valar into Arda are known as Maiar. (x)