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From Agent Carter to Tank Girl, Imperator Furiosa and Avatar Korra, I present 63 more amazing women from film and tv lore. Enjoy.

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relationship status: incredibly aromantic
favorite color: red and teal
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first fandom: harry potter then now and forever
hobbies: tbh and making gifsets for and listening to music while crying on…. and reading i read a LOT
favorite book: Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman & Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: uhmmm i really hate olives ?
favorite place: Copenhagen, Denmark.

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I Have Made My Mark

I met a group of pathfinder players online. 30-40 people who have multiple characters of various levels all with in the same region of an established setting. The leader of said region was an extremely powerful spell caster named Sorbein Spellsear. I made a human oracle who’s abilities were built around being his bastard child, Watson Spellsear. I would disguise myself as this leader and lord over the smaller villages on the fringes of his province.
Two Guards run up to me as I’m giving a speech to peasants: “Sir, their is a criminal in the city. What course of action should we take.”
Me: “You should get all the guards together and go to the shady side of town to find him.” *fails bluff check*
Two Guards: “Take off the hood. Prove that you are our Magister.” *the guards draw their swords*
Me: “I’m really bad at hearing, did you say to take off the robe?” *i grab the front of my disguise and pull tearing all of my clothes off in one fluid action. Before the guards have time to act I run through the market, dumping grease all over my self*

Party Wizard(OOC): The enchanted equipment shop I just got kicked out of is in the market right?

DM: You see a streak of white through the market. As you look down the road at what ran past you, you spot a spry human slipping out of the grasp of guards.

Me: “With this amount of lube I can never be caught!”

I was caught and our first session turned into a court case which ended in me being fined. Watson goes down in the books as the man who in one day was charged with impersonating the Magister, resisting arrest, public nudity, and sexually harassing the guards.

it doesn’t matter where I am, whenever I hear an MCR song I have this involuntary magical girl transformation into my fourteen year old self

also all emos have to stand for the emo national anthem sorry I don’t make the rules

The 99 Greatest TV Characters Since Tony Soprano

#30 - Gus Fring: If you didn’t know better, you might think Gustavo Fring is just a kindly, soft-spoken chicken restaurant proprietor. But we do know better. Played with blood-chilling precision by Giancarlo Esposito, Gus Fring was actually a ruthless drug lord who ran the New Mexico meth trade, willing to slit his own henchman’s throat just to let his enemies know he meant business. His cat-and-mouse battle of wills with Walter White was never less than riveting, and though Heisenberg eventually got the best of him (and what a way to go out, huh?), Gus Fring still goes down as one of the best TV villains of all time. — Yahoo TV