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What’s my name? || Daddy Thing with Klaus Mikaelson

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„It’s been so fucking hot all day. What’s the thing with people walking around in pants? Like in actual pants?“

He put a little smirk on his face and made me melt away into the wild and the wide of the night. You liked the imagine of a little smirk playing around his perfectly fed lips. He looked like art, laying on your bed, nothing more on his body than boxershorts and a freaking hot smile.

„What are people supposed to wear when they go out?“

You thought about it a moment. Then you shook your head. „Absolutely nothing. That’s the thing!“

You turned around infront of the mirror looking at your lacy underwear. It covered the heaviest parts of your body, but showed enough skin not to let him be able to take his eyes off you. Under the pressure of his view you felt warm and silky and so unbelievably powerful. Eventhough you knew…somehow you weren’t, he made you feel you were. And right after that he laughed again.

„That might cause a lot of car accidents, love.“

You turned around and took a long look at him. His chest war blank like the rest of his body and he looked sweaty through the summer days, but there still was no way you might fall asleep without him holding you tight in his arms.

„I can live with that“, you said, slowly climbing down on the mattress.

„Oh, maybe you can. But there are lots of people who can’t“, he muttered, losing his view down on your body somewhere.

His eyes starting on your neck, slowly taking off your black lace bra, all over your breasts, down to your belly… You took a deep breath.

„Hey, know what?“, you asked sorta shy.

He raised his view. „What?“

„I love you.“

You spoke slowly and so carefully while you placed your hand on his chest and harshly pushed him against the bad. You liked how he let it happen, happen and happen all over again. You liked how you liked…him.

„Say it again“, he said.

„I love you, Klaus.“

It took you some seconds to get in the right mood, but after some seconds you were the one with the diabolic smirk on your pretty lips. You felt how his skin burnt on the spots where you touched him. Trying to make him want you even more you lowered your face and buried it into his neck section, where you placed your lips slowly on his skin. First you only drove them around but then you started kissing him passionately, showing him how much you wanted him. The heat in your room grew heavily.

„Kiss me“, he urged and put his hand in your neck, so that he could lead your lips on his. When your lips touched you felt how his tongue thrusted its way slowly into your mouth and made you moan a little, when he grabbed you by your hips and pressed his body against yours.

Before you even understood what was happening, he was the one above you and pressed you aggressivly into the mattress.

„Don’t stop“, you begged, scraping his shoulders with your fingernails. You could feel you were hurting him and the way he growled in your mouth while kissing you, showed you that he liked it. You kept doing it and the more aggressive he became the more turned on you were. Before you had the chance to say anything against it, he grabbed your arms and pressed them against the mattress, so that you had no way to move or to flee. If you would have wanted to, you would have missed your chance.

„What’s my name?“, he grunted. You licked your lips and forced yourself to keep your eyes open. Because if you didn’t, you would miss a second of the light blue in his eyes, which was only waiting to start burning when he looked at you.

„Klaus“, you whispered breathless. It was the biggest turn-on. How helpless he left you there. How little you became. You bit your lower lip.

„Say it again.“

„Klaus“, you whimpered, trying to kiss him, but he pulled his face away too fast. You could feel his skin was burning hot and so must have yours been as well.

„What do you want me to do, baby?“ You closed your eyes. It was hard holding them open, while he was teasing you so bad. Pushing his lower body part against your as if it was no big deal, while you were dripping wet.

„I want you to fuck me“, you breathed heavily.

„Tell me properly.“ His strength around your arms tightened up. You could feel he was stone hard since at least five minutes, but there was no way he was going to do anything before you hadn’t said it.

„Fuck me, daddy“, you whispered with a trembling voice.

And there it was. The smirk around his lips, that reached his pretty eyes so fast and made them glow up like a fire stain.

„That’s my girl“, he added satisfied. Then you could feel the material of your pretty underwear cracking. He ripped it off as if it was nothing.

„Now be a good little girl, baby and get my pants off for me. The earlier you do it the faster we can start.“

Me: Unhealthily gets obsessed with villains from every TV show knowing damn well they’ll either leave or die in some horrible way. Also ships that villain with an innocent soul while knowing people will probably judge for liking said villain/shipping them with anyone.

Also me: Likes the villain even more and officially adopts them.

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Chasing Katherine, K+E take over residence of an English lord by compulsion and Caroline's his daughter. Twist: she's a vampire (or any kind of supernatural creature now that I think of it xD).

For day 6 of infinity week: other supernatural. 

A/N: For purposes Elijah is not involved in this. Caroline is a dragon. Enjoy. Superbe beta work by @garglyswoof

Don’t Drown My Fire (Let It Strive)

Italy, 1511.

“Papa?” Caroline called out, body tense at the sheer stillness that seemed to have swallowed her beloved home.

Everything looked the same as it always did, from the rustling of the wind to the scratching of the rats the cleaners had yet to discover. Even the delightful smell of her favorite stew hung in the air as it always did when freshly cooked.

But the dragon under her veins didn’t take comfort in these things as it usually did, reacting to some old magic that ate at it. And while she may not like its ever looming presence, she trusted it enough not to second guess its agitation.

Creeping stealthily through the hallways, she reached the library; hearing her father’s breathing. She knocked, turning the knob and making her way inside.

“Caroline,” her father greeted her. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips, fighting to make its way across her face and she would have let it had it not been for the vacant look in her father’s warm eyes.

A figure caught her attention, and her dragon went from agitated to a growling mess for some reason beyond her. The man’s gaze swept over her in a lazy manner, almost as if he was assessing a meal.

“I didn’t know we were expecting guests.” The thought tumbled from her mouth hastily, the weariness settled in her bones lacing her words.

“Lord Klaus had had some urgent matters and arrived here quickly so I had no time to tell you, dear.”

Even through the cordial greetings, the creature inside of her didn’t rest, tugging at her until she herself fidgeted uncomfortably, desiring nothing but to shed her clothing and fly away from whatever had raised her dragon’s awareness for just a little bit.

Klaus. She rolled the name around in her head, wondering what was it about him that caused her to mistrust him so; nonetheless something was terribly wrong and she would find out what.

And if the man in front of her happened to be tiresome, she could always eat him for lunch.

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Dreaming in Silver and Gold

CHAPTER: 16, Klaus/Liz, Rated: E

Prologue \ Ch. 1 \ Ch. 2 \ Ch. 3 \ Ch. 4 \ Ch. 5 \ Ch. 6 \ Ch. 7 \ Ch. 8 \ Ch. 9 \ Ch. 10 \ Ch. 11 \ Ch. 12 \ Ch. 13 \ Ch. 14 \ Ch. 15 \ Ch. 16 \ Ch. 17 \ Ch. 18 \ Ch. 19  \ Ch. 20 \ Ch. 21

Demon au requested by @his-beloved-mrs-mikaelson thanks for getting my butt back in gear and giving me awesome prompts. <3

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“I’m just a girl, looking for a partner in crime.”

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who is this bex person.. i love them

Oh lord. Bex Taylor-Klaus is an adorable gay actress. She’s been on the Killing, Arrow, and MTV’s Scream series, and she voices Pidge from Voltron. She’s tiny and super cute and I blame @atotallycleverandwittyurl for my obsession with her (she also posts a bunch of things about Bex, so if you want to see more follow her!).


Actual Request: “Hi, could You make a imagine which happens few centuries ago where reader is young witch and is getting married witch Klaus, but it’s arranged marriage and they never met before so she is scared ‘cause she heared many gossips 'bout his brutality? ^^“

Requested by anon.

gif credit: not mine.

You look at the dress your family has picked for you and sigh.

“Mother, do I have to?” you whisper softly.

“Yes, Y/N.” she subdues you. “This will look on you when you meet your husband Lord Mikaelson.”

“I was asking about that.” you murmur. “Do I have to marry him, mother? Isn’t he kinda…”

“Y/N!” she stops you. “Whatever you heard about Lord Mikaelson, remember that he’s the only chance we’ve got. With the power of his, our coven will survive and under his protection, no one can get you any harm, okay? He’s the most powerful witch has ever existed.”

“That’s the problem!” you say. “He’s an immortal and I haven’t seen him before. I mean… what if he kills me with a flip of his hand just because I’m not pretty enough?”

Your mother smiles wisely and braids your hair.

“You are pretty enough for everyone, darling. And everyone says he’s quite charming. And the other things you heard… well, let’s hope for the best.”


Hope for the best.

Yes, your groom is quite charming indeed. You can see the power he’s holding in his bright blue eyes and his smile is quite… Yes, he seems nice.

But at your wedding night, in this big castle with full of witches, you feel scared. This is the safest place in the world and yet, you are scared to the bones.

Sitting in your room, waiting for Klaus Mikaelson, you feel like it’s all wrong. Just because to save your people, you sacrificed your whole life and… What if his brutality harms you in the end?

He comes to you and falls down on his knees just to see you clearly. He puts his hand on your cheek and looks at you.

“Hello, love.” he whispers. “It’s very nice to meet such a beauty like you.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well, Lord-”

“Klaus.” he says. “Call me Klaus. I’m your husband after all.”

“But…” you swallow. “I heard you’ve done bad things to people who called you your first name.”

His smile freezes for a second but he gets himself together fastly.

“I would never hurt you, Y/N.” he assures you. “We are united as one. From now on, everything you wish is an order.”

You know it can be intimidating, thinking about your life but Lord Mikael – Klaus – seems better than the whispers in the streets.