the loose bangs

In the Wake of Scandal

(manga spoilers)

At 3:05 am, Izuku did something he hadn’t done in the last four years.

He logged out of his HeroForum account.

It was a forum he’d stumbled upon back in middle school, on the recommendation of a friend-of-a-friend, and he’d lost four straight nights of sleep that first week digging in deeper and farther to what it offered. He dug until he was commenting on All Might Quirk Theory threads that were three-years-dead, until he made a name for himself almost overnight as an overwhelming bastion of hero trivia.

The forum had only grown in the meantime. It blew up at every skirmish. It tracked hero movements moment by moment, pinning locations and encouraging other members in the area to flock if they could. One time, it was shut down for an entire week when a thirteen year old boy stumbled into villain cross-fire while trying to follow the forum’s pin on the hero Momentum.

The HeroForum was Izuku’s everything for keeping tabs on the world he loved. Even after meeting All Might, even after his acceptance to UA, “MightyBoy64”s presence didn’t falter. In fact, Izuku fantasized about the day that he, as a pro hero, revealed himself to be in charge of the MightBoy64 alias. He fantasized about how loyal fans and avid readers would burst to learn one of the forum’s biggest names had gone pro through UA.

Izuku now tucked those fantasies away in the back of his mind. Embarrassed, or ashamed, or maybe just disgusted.

At 3:05 am, MightyBoy64 logged out. And he would not come back.

Instead Izuku put his phone in his pocket. And he rose from the couch in the Class 1-A dorm living room. He navigated to Shouto Todoroki’s room, and he knocked.  At 3:07 am, Shouto answered.

“Can I come in?” Izuku asked. All the room’s lights were on, a soft glow against the tatami mat flooring.

“Yeah,” Shouto answered. He didn’t ask why.

Izuku walked in, aimless at first, before choosing the wall across from Shouto’s desk and sitting cross-legged on the floor, back leaning against it for support. His phone burned in his pocket.

“I was studying for the English test Monday, but I can’t practice dialogue out loud on my own,” Izuku said. He uncrossed his legs and recrossed them more comfortably. “Are you busy? Want to practice with me?”

Shouto sat down again at his desk. He considered it. “Okay.”

Izuku’s fingers twitched, itched, possessed with the subconscious desire to take his phone back out and consume the HeroForum posts like a starved dog digging into fresh meat. He couldn’t help it. It was in his nature.

Especially as the hero scandal of the decade was unfolding.

Whole forums had crashed under the weight of debate. And HeroForum had swelled to near bursting in the last 12 hours as more and more fans flocked to gossip and argue and pry and wring forth every last drop of information they could about the chaos unfolding in the hero world.

Affairs struck the hero world on occasion. Fights between heroes and reporters, displays of public drunkenness, petit theft, public indecency. Silly yarns of gossip that got hero fans through the day were the norm.

This was the first time a hero had been arrested under the accusation of rampant, violent child-abuse.

This was the first time a scandal had struck a hero whose name was known to every breathing person in Japan.

And this was the second time a #1 ranked hero had fallen. All Might only months prior in a battle that obliterated the last of his power.

And Endeavor now, shackled and jailed under allegations of child abuse, felled by an accusation which had been filed by his own up-and-coming hero son, who stated in his only public address that he just hadn’t ever felt heroic enough before to do what needed to be done.

And the name Shouto Todoroki exploded across every forum site imaginable. Izuku had seen it all. Izuku felt sick to his stomach.

Clips of the televised UA Sports Festival were passed around with fervor, every frame inspected for the sake of passing judgement on Endeavor’s son. Every quirk of Shouto’s eyebrow, every shift of his eyes, every tilt of the head—was it the body language of an abused child? Of a liar? Of an attention-seeker?  Of someone looking to destroy his father and take his place in the public eye?

Fiery callous rants tore away at the character of Shouto Todoroki; others dissected Enji Todoroki, and explained how from the very start the man should have been pegged a monster. Threads hit their post limit. Servers crashed. Fan sites of Endeavor came under storm.

“Midnight’s-Man-X” called it petty for Shouto to accuse the father that he no longer lived with. “AllSuperFan100” lauded it as brave. “HeroMight12” wrote a rant, 13,500 words in length, about how the state of the world could not afford to lose another #1 hero so quickly, given how unstable the environment had only just become, how many more lives may be at risk now, and that it was ultimately selfish for Shouto to rob Japan of its #1 hero so soon after All Might’s fall.

MightyBoy64 tried once, just once, to explain why Shouto had done the right thing. Why letting his father cement his role as the #1 hero would be wrong. Why Enji Todoroki deserved to face justice for what he did, in the face of the overwhelming of evidence against him in the form of Enji’s own meticulously-documented “training plan” which he had put Shouto through.

And Izuku had been too horrified by the replies to try to argue any further. Because all of them, whether agreeing or not, did something vicious to Shouto Todoroki. They reduced him to a character, a prop, a toy to be tossed about and chewed over and twisted in favor their own political view. Shouto Todoroki wasn’t real to these people.

And maybe, if Izuku had never come to UA, Shouto Todoroki wouldn’t have been real to him either.

So he’d logged out, and forced the forums from his mind, and sat now on the smooth ridged tatami matting, his fingers trailing along its bumps. Izuku watched Shouto’s face, his scar thin and stretched at the edges, his cheeks round and soft under the lamplight. His bangs were loose and messy, as though Shouto had been running his fingers through his hair too often lately, and his eyes were lined in a bruising purple, as though he were a real person wrung through the stress of being reduced to a prop at the hands of millions of people.

“…Present Mic said we just need to hold a conversation with him using 20 vocab words from this unit. I’ll start,” Izuku said. He pushed himself higher against the wall, and he breathed in deep, thinking about the English sounds he struggled most to pronounce. “Are you alright, Todoroki-kun?”

Shouto looked at him, silent a moment. Then answered in Japanese, “Isn’t this unit on vacation activities?”

“I’m getting there.” Izuku leaned forward, more heart in his words. “How are you feeling, Todoroki-kun? Aren’t you tired?”

Shouto still hesitated, though not as long this time.

“No. I’m not tired. Are you?”

“No, I’m not. I will stay here with you, and practice English, so we will do well on the test. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?”

Shouto looked down at his desk briefly. Izuku caught a glimpse of papers that looked far too official for UA class notes. His eyes flickered to the laptop open next to them, displaying a blank new tab, though the row of tabs along the top suggested an endless cascade of news articles open on Shouto’s laptop.

Shouto eased the laptop shut, pushed his chair away from his desk, and he stood. He moved to Izuku and lowered himself to the floor, leaning against the wall, until the pent up tension in his shoulders eased, and the back of his head touched the wall, and he breathed deep. His whole body became something smaller, and more child-like, and more relaxed. The exhaustion in his eyes became something just a bit less tense.

“I like chocolate ice cream best, Midoriya-kun. How about you?”

Part 1

Summary:  Yorktown attacked. Enterprise Destroyed. Estimated 1000 Dead. The headlines roll in as JAG requests your aid in the wake of Krall’s attack on Yorktown. You know that Pavel Chekov was on the destroyed ship, but you’re not sure what you’re more afraid of: his potential death or having to see him again after all this time.

Word Count: 1,229

Author’s Note:  Here we have it: the Chekov series. It may be slow to publish, but we’re going to see how it goes. As with The Part That Counts, I am opening a tag list for this series, please let me know if you’d like to be included. Without further ado, please enjoy Part 1. I really hope you like it.

Table of Contents

Yorktown Attacked. Starfleet Flagship Destroyed. Estimated 1000 Dead.

“Hey, watch it!”

Your coffee cup rolled to a stop against your shoe and you looked down, watching the beige seep into the cracks between the sidewalk stones before you raised your eyes to the man next to you who was inspecting his dress greys for staining.

“I’m so, sorry, did I get any on you?” Your voice sounded hollow as it came out.

“Don’t think so. What the hell were you- oh. Did you just hear?” The man pointed at your PADD screen where you paused on the headline series.

You checked the news three times in the morning: once when your alarm rang at 0630, once on your way to the teleporter terminal, and once in the turbolift to your office. Since your last check before breakfast, the networks exploded with news of an attack on the newest Federation base.

“I didn’t… yeah, I just heard,” you stuttered, looking back at the articles you could select. Which one first? Starfleet Flagship Destroyed or Estimated 1000 Dead?

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The Juvia-Effect

I just couldn’t help it when I saw the beautiful and damn perfect Mashima drawing of Juvia in a High School uniform [you can see the whole image here] and I just HAD to write about it.

Gray watched as she walked with the other girls and, like always, his heart raced a bit too fast with the sight. She laughed at something Lucy had said and he could faintly hear it, as they were coming their way and his stupid stomach had its butterflies floating all around.

Juvia Lockser was at the same class as he was at Fairy Tail High School, they had known each other for a little over three years and she had never, not once, hid that she fell in love with him. Gray, on the other hand, had denied with every turn that he was falling in love with her while telling people that ‘no, they were not a couple’. Funny, though, that the moment his foster brother started to pay attention to her, every cell in his body was boiling in a jealousy he had never felt before.

She looked his way and smiled, goddamit, those butterflies were busy that morning.

But then again, she was beautiful and every man with blood in his veins would feel something when looked that way by a gorgeous woman. All his female friends were beautiful in their own unique ways, but Juvia… Juvia had something about her, some type of sparkle, perhaps?, that made people look at her and see how beautiful she was.

Even though she had a beautiful body – anyone who bothered to go to the swim club could see that easily – she dressed in a very conservative way. While the girls at school tried to flirt with the school laws about the skirt length and make it as small as possible, Juvia’s skirt reached even below her knees, and even so she put long dark socks un until above her knees so no one could actually see her legs (they were one of her best qualities, they seem to go on and on and on, much to his delight). And her blouse was a little baggy even around her chest (that everyone could see she was very accomplished in that area) and even that she diverted the attention to the Teru teru bozu doll she had over her tie. Her hair was usually loose, falling in waves on her back. But that morning she had chosen to put it in two braids, letting just a few short locks loose and her bangs falling over her eyes.

She didn’t get attention because of the skin she was showing, she got attention because she was freaking stunning.

Gray might’ve been a bit bias because she was his girlfriend and, in his mind, one of (if not the) most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

But no, he saw the looks she got, she saw guys and some girls look at her, amazed and some in lust. It was the Juvia-Effect, he liked to call, when people just couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Damn, he was caught in the Juvia-Effect more times than not! Damn her and that beautiful glow, vibe or whatever it was.

“Good morning, Gray-sama!” Juvia said happily when she met her boyfriend in front of their school while Lucy greeted her own boyfriend, Natsu, who was next to Gray, waiting for his girlfriend as well and the other girls went inside, leaving the couples. Juvia took a step closer to him and planted a small peck on his lips, chaste enough, but made him blush even so. “Why are you frowning so early in the morning?” She asked, amused.

“You changed your hair.” He told her and it was her turn to frown and she touched a braid, self-conscious.

“Oh, does it look bad? Juvia will undo it-”

“No.” He interrupted her, shaking his head. “Nothing like that, it looks really good, actually. I liked it. It suits you.” He was pleased to see her cheeks get pinker and she looked embarrassed to had been given a compliment by her boyfriend.

“Juvia will make sure to braid her hair more often, then.” She told him and Gray nodded. “Now let’s go to class. We can talk more about how you like Juvia’s hair on our date after school.” She chuckled and Gray saw her so radiant, he couldn’t help but to think again how pretty she was.

Then, he groaned. He was caught on the Juvia-Effect again and he didn’t think he never would be able not to be caught on it.

It was one hell of effect.

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fareeha and angela have a picnic

The picnic is in the second half because when I was writing the picnic scene I had An Idea (a fluffy one) and so I needed to establish a background.  But the picnic is definitely there… and very important to both of them… for reasons which will become obvious.

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Afternoon Sunshine [Chapter 1]

Characters: Diana Cavendish + Akko Kagari / Andrew Hanbridge + Frank

Genre: Gay, Romance, idk?!?!

a/n: im working on getting an ao3 account. i feel like i need to get my gay out that way. anyways here’s this gay mess. it’s diakko/dianakko and frandrew. enjoy

summary: andrew invites both akko and diana out for a picnic with frank. things are gonna get a little bit gay. did i mentiongay

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Wake Me Up (Part 3)

Song: Bad Dream-Joohee 

Genre: Smut

Note: I feel like even in his first time Yuta would still be very teasing and as dominant yet caring as possible sooo here it is! I also found a good song finally

You didn’t really know what to say so you decided the next best thing would be to send a picture. You looked down at your bedtime attire that night and lucky for you, you had decided to sleep in a simple cropped off the shoulder sweater and nothing else except your underwear. It wasn’t as sexy as lingerie but it would have to do. You snapped the most seductive picture of yourself that you could and quickly sent it to Yuta before you could stop yourself. You bit your lip nervously as you waited patiently for him to open it and reply. Instead of getting a text this time though, you were met with a phone call.

You answered and heard a ragged breathing on the other end of the phone.


“…I’m coming over.”

Before you could process his words fully he had already hung up. Your eyes widened as you realized you didn’t even know how to prepare yourself or get ready.

 Why did I try to be sexy and send a photo right now?!

It was nearing 3 o'clock and considering how breathy his voice was, you assumed he was coming from a long practice. Of course, that was just your naivety.

You jumped out of your bed and looked around your messy room. You quickly tried to clean before he arrived. You weren’t completely sure how far this late night would go into the morning but you knew you were and wanted to be ready for anything. You didn’t want to seem overly eager either, if anything were to happen you wanted it to be natural.

You figured you might as well stay in your sweater and underwear, but you added some loose sweatpants due to your slight shyness at the thought of what not having them on could mean.

Once you finally had fixed yourself up you jumped back into your bed after unlocking the door and texting Yuta to notify him of this. You lay back in bed in anticipation for seeing Yuta again after a long time. You were scrolling through your phone still waiting. You had yawned and checked the time and saw a whole hour had passed since you had notified Yuta of the door being open for him to walk through yet he hadn’t even read the text.

Maybe he really was busy at practice.

You didn’t know if you should be mad or upset over him still not coming thirty minutes later. You were lost in thought and somehow ended up falling asleep. Your wet dreams ended up returning to being your only company, once again, throughout the night.

The next morning you woke up and felt a heavy comfort surrounding your body. You leaned closer into the warm source, trying to hide your face from early morning sun. You were slipping back into sleep until you realized this source was more than just a blanket that your sleepy mind thought it could possibly be. It was a breathing body with a heart beating gently under a fuzzy hoodie that your face was currently buried in. You opened your eyes and craned your head up to stare at the sleeping face of Yuta.

You looked around the room as best as you could without disturbing his sleep or his hold on your body. You noticed the clock showed that it was around 7am. Yuta’s practice bag was also thrown on the floor near the end of the bed.

He’ll probably wake up and go to his schedule soon. I’ll enjoy this while I can.

You lay your head on Yuta’s shoulder and unconsciously began moving his long hair out of his face. You traced the his profile and jaw line with the pads of your fingertips. You were admiring the beauty of your boyfriend’s features when you felt his hand come out of nowhere and gently grip your own. You looked into his closed eyes that were now squinted in frustration.

“Stop playing with my face. I’m trying to sleep sweetheart.”

 His eyes slowly opened and as he smirked down at you. You giggled at his cute yet somehow still sexy sleepy state and apologized for waking him. You leaned up to kiss him on the cheek quickly before pulling back and resting your head against his shoulder once again. You traced his chest with your finger while trying to figure out how to word properly what you wanted to ask.

 Why didn’t you come make love to me last night?

“So, what happened last night. I was waiting for you.”

“Well, as soon as I was about to leave our manager wanted to have a long discussion about the comeback while everyone was already there at practice. And after that finished, I ended up having to quickly learn some new choreography that we’re supposed to perform soon. I’m sorry, baby. Did you wait up long?”

“No, not really. It’s fine, I was just wondering.”

He stretch his body and wrapped his arms tighter around you. One of his hands rested against the middle of your back while the other was now on your still exposed hip. He softly traced the skin with his thumb while pressing himself further into you. He kissed you forehead and then your nose. His lips were hovering over your lips but before he could press them together, you blocked him with your hand.

“Umm…I have morning breath…”

Yuta pulled away laughing while also untangling himself from you. You regretted saying anything as you began to miss his warmth immediately. He turned on his side and smiled widely at you. Between the sun from the window nearby and his dazzling smile, you couldn’t tell which was more blinding.

 “Y/A! Do you really think I care about morning breath?”

“I do! I don’t want you to smell my stinky morning breath.”

“Well, since you’re being so conscious about your morning breath, let’s go wash up together.”

You agreed and followed him to your bathroom. Once inside, you grabbed Yuta’s toothbrush that he kept at your place and loaded it up with toothpaste before handing it to him and doing the same to your own. You two silently brushed your teeth and soon after you finished and rinsed your mouth, you found yourself seated on the counter waiting for Yuta to finish up also. Right after he did, he silently walked out towards the closet near the bathroom, grabbed two towels, and walked back into the restroom. You watched him wordlessly until you saw him close the door and lock it.

“Um why did you lock the door? Aren’t we going back to bed? What are the towels for?”

“Well, I did say “let’s go wash up together” didn’t I?”

You looked between the towels and the tub in an alarmed state, already letting your imagination run wild while Yuta silently made his way to lean over your figure sitting on the counter of the sink. You ended up trapped between him and the mirror, his hands placed on either side of you. He leaned his close, a smirk on his lips and his bangs hanging loose in his eyes. You could smell and feel his now minty breath mingling with your own he was so close. He took one one his hands and slowly ran it down from your face until he was gently gripping your neck. He leaned in closer and pressed his lips to your own. You instantly succumbed to the taste of his plush lips and tried to grab for his shoulders. You were pushed back though by Yuta’s hand, which ultimately broke the kiss with a loud smack from the suction your lips had on each others. You stared at him, lust clearly evident in your eyes with a hint of confusion at why he had stopped the kiss. He stared back, his eyes roaming your disheveled frame. He smirked and gave the hand around your neck an almost unnoticeable squeeze before dragging both hands down to grip your waist.

“Did you think I forgot about that picture you sent last night? You’re so naughty, I could barely focus during my practice last night…”


He began lifting your sweater from your body while eagerly helped him by lifting your arms and tugging the material off your body yourself.

“Yes really. I wasn’t going to admit this but…practice went on a little longer thanks to me messing up continuously. But if only the guys knew what was on my mind.“

He then gripped the band of your sweatpants and tugged gently. You stood up from the counter in front of him so that he could slide them down all the way. Before he began tugging downwards, he looked at your eyes, searching them for hesitation. He only saw excitement and anticipation. He grinned and tugged them all the way down along with your underwear. You were left in only your bra, which Yuta asked you to take off while he turned the water to the shower on. You were growing nervous since the entire time since he had been undressing you and preparing the shower he seemed more quiet and almost seeming to avoid staring at you on purpose.

 Is he shy? Or does he not like what he sees?

You grabbed one of the towels and held it against your body to cover yourself a bit more. You watched as Yuta felt around under the water to make sure it was the perfect temperature before turning back towards you. He seemed surprised at you holding the towel over your body. He wiped his bangs out of his eyes, giving him a more glowing and innocent appearance than from a few minutes ago.

“What’s wrong baby? Why are you suddenly covering up when I haven’t even had a second to admire you yet?”

You were unsure of what to say for a moment, the only sound was the loud patter of the water coming from the shower head behind Yuta. You finally looked up at him to voice your growing worries.

“It’s just…it’ll be my first time. I’m know I’m ready for this but I’m still kind of nervous.”

He stepped towards you with his arms outstretched. He gripped the towel in your hands and tugged it away from your body until you let it go entirely and it hit the ground. His still fully clothed body took your exposed one into his arms as he pressed you firmly against his own chest. He leaned down to rest his forehead against your own. You tried to maintain eye contact with him but it was hard due to the close proximity as he casually placed his hands on your naked back and stroked his hands up and down your skin from your shoulders to your hips. After a moment of physical reassurance he began to speak.

“Baby honestly it’s my first time, too. And I know first times are apparently never perfect but I’ll still make sure you’re taken care of. We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to but I just want to remind you that I love you and you have nothing to worry about.”

You stared at him lovingly before looking over his shoulder at the shower running behind him. You pulled away from his body and walked slowly and seductively towards the shower before stepping in. You let the water run down your body for a moment before turning to gaze at the now lust filled Yuta. His eyes were roaming your wet and exposed body. His hands that lay by his sides seemed to be twitching to touch something, whether it be his gradually hardening cock or you. You smirked at his frozen state before speaking.

“Aren’t we gonna wash up? C’mon in, the water is nice and hot,” you said beginning to close the curtains.

You retreated back into the water fully, your body facing the steaming water. As you waited behind the shower curtains, you could hear the sound of clothes behind removed. Once you heard the distinct sound of a belt unbuckling, you felt an immediate pulsing in your lower region.

 You silently began scrubbing yourself with body wash while the warm water released some tension built up in your body. After a moment of beginning, you felt a cool rush go down your backside. You were about to turn around to greet Yuta entering the shower but before he could he back hugged you tightly. You analyzed all the parts of him that you felt pressed against your backside from head to toe while leaning deeper into his hold.

His chin resting on my shoulder, his chest completely against my back, his thighs against my hips, and his….pressed into my ass…

You stood leaning against Yuta waiting on him to make a move. He ran his warm hands up from your waist and past your stomach until they were resting right below your breasts. He slowed down even more as he gently cupped your soap covered breasts. He squeezed them expertly as he ran his thumbs against each nipple in a back and forth motion, him gradually speeding up the longer you two stood there. You couldn’t stop a few whimpers from escaping as he kept twisting your nipples between your fingers.


“Hmmm, what baby?”

“Please…I need more.”

As soon as the word left your mouth he spun you around and pressed your back into the shower wall. He attacked your lips in a hungry kiss. His tongue slipped into your mouth and you whimpered into the kiss as you imagined another place it could be put to use. You could feel one of Yuta’s hands slipping down past your lower abdomen until it was resting above your private area. He aligned his middle finger directly above your folds before slipping it down a bit more until it rested gently on your clit. You tried to stay focused on the kiss as your legs unconsciously spread more allowing his hand to slip further down. He continued to rub your clit while gradually applying pressure until your small whimpers had turned into gasps and moans. You would buck your hips up into his hand every once in awhile due to the intense pleasure of the warm water accompanied by his firm fingers working their magic.

“Yuta I-I think I’m-ooh- I think I’m close to-”

“Don’t worry baby, we’ll get there.”

Yuta stopped rubbing on your clit as intensely as he had been a moment ago and slowed to the pace and pressure he had began at. He leaned over to turn the water off completely before dropping to his knees while ignoring your protests over him denying your orgasm.

“Yuta what are you-”

You looked down in frustration only to realize the position he was in. He looked up at you, his dark eyes and a smirk prominent. He took his fingers and dragged them down from your clit until one was placed in front of your entrance. He stroked it up and down your folds while you breathed in the fading shower fog slowly waiting on his next move.

He seemed to be in a trance as he took one of your legs and rested it on his shoulder. He had the perfect view of your heat and based on the overhead view you had of his incredibly hard red cock, he was enjoying it.

“Oh my god Y/A. You’re so wet,” he said groaning, his fingers still stroking.

“I-It’s just the water fr-om the shower.”

He stopped stroking and looked up at you as if he was prepared to mock you over you humorous lie.

“Oh? Is that what it is? Well, let’s find out.”

He took his middle finger and slowly slid it into your pussy. He pumped it in and out a few times, letting you get used to the feeling before completely pulling it out. He brought the finger to his lips and inserted it into his mouth, letting it slide across his tongue so that he could discover the taste. He pulled it out of his mouth with a pop, his eyes looking up to stare into your own expectant ones.

“Baby, this doesn’t taste like just water. It tastes a whole lot better.”

Your face felt hot at having been exposed. He smirked and returned his hand to its position between your legs. Instead of just the middle finger sliding into you, he slipped his index finger in also. You moaned at the new feeling as he started fingering. He switched between a back and forth motion and a scissoring motion, letting your moans decode which felt best at the moment. You thought he would only keep doing that until you suddenly felt him place a gentle kiss against your kiss, causing your hips to jerk forward and letting his finger slip deeper into you. He sucked the small bud into his mouth and let his tongue run across it. He continued this plus his fingers speeding up and tracing your walls with more intent while your hands gripped his damp hair to push him closer into you.

“Yuta, I’m really about to cum,” you let out in a breathy moan.”

He removes his fingers at your words and dove his tongue into your heat. He brought his thumb up the rub your clit in fast and hard small circles while he ate you out. You moaned loudly and grinded against his face. He brought his other hand up to grip one of your boobs, letting his fingers flick your nipples just as they had done earlier. That was all it took for you to come undone all over Yuta’s face. You shook against his face, his tongue and thumb only slowing down a bit to while you rode out your orgasm. Once you were done, he wordlessly pulled away, his lips now wetter than you had ever seen them.

He stood from his knees as you tried to calm yourself down. He pulled the shower curtain back, letting the light from the bathroom invade the shower. He grabbed your discarded towel and turned back to you to wrap it around your body. He helped you out of the tub and kissed your forehead. He then grabbed his own towel and wrapped it around his waist before grabbing your hand and leading you out of the bathroom. He stood you in front of the bed and dried you off. You looked up at him tiredly while waiting on him to finish. He giggled at you wordlessly letting him with a sleepy pout on your face.

“Are you tired baby?”

“A little…but I still want to keep going.”

“Are you sure? We can stop and continue another time if you want. You reached forward and undid the towel around Yuta’s waist before he could stop you. You reached forward and grasped his hardness. He shivered and watched silently while you stroked him.

 “Y/A. Stop,” he said grasping your wrist.

“But I want you to feel good, too…”

“Don’t worry baby, I can make us both feel good.”

He removed your hand from his body, unraveled the towel on your body, and threw it to the floor. He pushed you back into the bed until you were laying down. He rushed back into the bathroom and came back with a condom in his hands. You watched in anticipation as he tore it open and slid it down his length. He came to bed and hovered over you. He spread your legs and admired how you were already wet once again for him. He lined himself up with your waiting entrance and leaned down to kiss you passionately. He pulled away and began pressing the head of his cock into you. Once it was fully in, he checked your expression for any pain. Once he saw that there was barely any, he kept pushing forward until he was fully inside of you. You gripped his shoulders and dug your nails in slightly at the full and stretched feeling. He leaned forward more and rested his forehead against your own while he waited on you to give him a signal to begin moving. Your eyes were closed and your breathing was heavy as you let yourself adjust. Once you felt comfortable enough, you opened them and gripped Yuta’s face in between your hands. His own and eyes were full of lust but he refused to move until you gave him a definite ok. You leaned up and kissed him deeply and wrapped your legs tight around his waist. You released the kiss and moved your hips slightly.

“You can move now.”

Yuta grasped your thigh with one hand while fisting the pillow under your head as he slowly dragged himself out and pushed back in. He kept doing it for a while, savoring the new feeling of your walls gripping his length. He watched as you whithered under him while he picked up the pace, letting his full desires take over, once he began pounding with a bit more roughness, the both of you couldn’t stop the loud moans that were spilling from your lips. You were glad it was morning and your neighbors had probably already left for the day or you would’ve had a lot of complaining to deal with. One particularly loud moan of his name had Yuta reacting with harder and deeper pushed into your tightness. He leaned forward and buried his face into your neck. He pressed his body entirely onto your own picked up a fast and incoherent pace while he groaned into your neck.

“O-oh Y/A. I love you s-so much and…ugh I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I’ve never felt something so tight and hot. You’re so pe-perfect.”

“Ohh Yuta please! Make me cum.”

He continued to pound into you hard, the sound of skin slapping and the bed creaking becoming more and more apparent. He reached down your body and rubbed your clit. Your body arched up as you began to see white splotches coating you vision as you came pulsing around Yuta’s member. At the feeling of your walls gripping him tighter his hips began to falter until he was pressed into you as deeply as he could get and coming into the condom. His hips stuttered inside of you until they stopped entirely while you both tried to catch your breaths.

Yuta lay lifelessly on top of you with his head still buried in your neck. His arms were now wrapped around your body and your hands were stroking his back and his head. You were sure you could have drifted off right after the intense first time if it wasn’t for the obvious feeling of him still inside of you. He must have noticed, too, because he began removing himself from your walls while you tried to hold back any last whimpers that wanted to be heard again. He hovered over you and kissed you quickly but deeply before gathering his energy to go throw the used condom away. He returned to the bed with a sleepy smile on his face as he began covering you up with the blanket and making his way under with you. He pressed you into his chest and stroked your hair and shoulders as you two drifted into a deep sleep after a perfect first time that was better than any wet dream could have ever been.

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Lemme tell you a story: for our last concert of the year, we're all trying to get the strings band, concert band, and symphonic band on this little stage, all in all, about 300 of us. So we're almost all good to go, very silently behind the curtain, when a bass clarinet has her peg too loose and, BANG! The sound of the instrument hitting the stage sciences the MC's, makes the crowd go, "ooh," and generally makes the whole band cringe

with 300 of you, something was bound to go wrong

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Hey do you have a ref for prosciutto's hair? I always have trouble drawing it, but you seem to be an expert on him ;)

why… would you ask me this question? you think i have some super intense and obvious fixation on him or something to have that kinda thing on hand?? huh?!!! i-i don’t care about him at all!!

j/k. in the manga his hair varies throughout the fight. when his face is first fully visible he’s drawn with these grody long pigtails:

 and he has short, stubby pigtails held by purple hairbands in his di molto bene figure:

but when you get further on in the trainfight, his hair turns into messy-ish buns…

and then into some sort of braiding

anyway just do what you want cuz even the manga is inconsistent. the only real consistency is that his hair is parted from his right side and gelled away from his face, but i’ve even seen quite a few people consistently draw him with loose bangs 

Uh i guess here’s something i drew a while back depicting what i personally draw his hair as? Lol… (sweating)


A/N: Part two is up! As you can see, this part is much longer. Because I have no sense of chapter spacing apparently, I fear this is going to be a pattern. Hooray! 

I think I’ll try and keep the schedule to once a week, Sunday mid afternoon when updates should be expected! For anyone wondering, yes there will be some nsfw parts, which I will mark with purity lines so everyone can enjoy! Fortunately it should be a little while before any true nsfw, so my younger readers can rest assured, lol. 

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbor Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 5504

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen,Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty One, Part Twenty Two, Part Twenty Three, Part Twenty Four, Part Twenty Five

Happy’s snigger pulled Natsu’s wide eyes away from the door to squint accusingly at the cat who just looked up at him innocently. It might have worked too, if Natsu hadn’t known for a fact that his cat had the mischievous streak of an imp.

The door was pushed open and Natsu kept his eyes trained on Happy, praying that if he scowled at the cat for long enough all of this would just be a bad dream. That just happened to smell amazing.

His staring seemed to be for naught however, as he watched Happy yawn and heard the soothing voice from before speak to his right.

“Umm, Levy? I have to go, ah… no, no, I’m fine, it’s just… Yeah, I’ll text you.” Natsu closed his eyes and tried to keep his breathing even, praying one last time that this was just a really bad dream. A potion must have gone wrong. Yeah, that’s it, his last spell backfired and Natsu hit his head.

“Why are you in my apartment?” The soft voice asked, more with curiosity than fear. Natsu sucked in a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak when Happy finally managed to break free from his grasp. Natsu could only watch with dissociated horror as the blue cat shot across the large desk, papers flying away as his paws pushed at them before launching himself at the - very cute- woman.

Right into her breasts.

Her very large and barely covered breasts.

Natsu’s eyes widened as Happy made himself at home curling into the girl’s arms -which she had instantly brought up to catch the cat flying at her- and was that smug bastard purring ? He was. Happy was purring and snuggling into the girl’s embrace, and Natsu could have sworn, no, he knew that Happy was smirking at him. Why, of all the ways the little traito-

The woman laughed softly, and then cleared her throat as if trying to stop the light, tinkling sound. Natsu realized with a start that he rather liked her laugh, it made him feel all bubbly inside, like he could float. He also realized he was still staring at her chest. Dragging his eyes up to her face, Natsu would have lost his breath if his body had been capable of breathing.

Golden hair framed her face, seemingly fallen out of a messy bun that was knotted at the top of her head.  Wide brown eyes were squinted at him accusingly, full lips pinched and cheeks puffed out slightly. The light red dusting her cheeks and collarbone only added to the sudden tightness in Natsu’s chest, and the fact that her lips were twitching trying to hold back a smile did not help matters.

“My cat’s an asshole,” Natsu stated bluntly, feeling his face heat when he realized how stupid that sounded. The girl however burst into laughter, clutching Happy even tighter to her chest as she was forced to double over. Heavy gasps could be heard from the wheezing blonde and Natsu was left to smile dumbly at her. He liked this laugh even more than her giggle. She eventually managed to calm herself down, and looked up at Natsu with tears in the corners of her eyes. Giving him a rueful smile, the woman spoke again.

“And does your asshole cat have a name?” she asked, a teasing lit in her voice as she continued to look at Natsu. Honestly, this girl was so weird. Shouldn’t someone be terrified of a stranger in their home, not speaking to them as if they were an old friend? Not that Natsu was complaining, this was going much better than he had ever hoped. Natsu couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face, her smile was just too infectious.

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Fire and Ice (Elsanna week, day 1, June 18)

Deep in the wilderness of Arendelle, grew the mist valed Gods Wood, wherein dwelled the gods, old and new. It was a place for the gods and the gods alone and any who managed to make it through the mist, were swiftly and harshly dealt with. On this early morning, the duty of expelling their current intruder fell to one of the old gods, the winter goddess Elsa.

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FAILURE - A Symbra Drabble

Sombra woke up wondering how long she was unconscious. She felt exhausted and disoriented. The woman asleep next to her had a magazine rested across her chest and was snoring. Sombra smiled at her.

“Satya?” she said, Satya did not wake. She couldn’t believe how beautiful Satya looked, perfectly imperfect; her hair down and her bangs were loose on the side of her face. Sombra looked at the medical equipment she was hooked to and sighed. She thought she was a failure. “Lo siento, la próxima vez lo haré mejor…”¹

Satya woke up, immediately threw herself onto Sombra and cried.

¹ Translation - “I’m sorry, next time I’ll do better…”

Sorry if that Spanish isn’t the best translation!

Another one I am reposting for Symbra week hope you enjoy!
Ronin Character Sheets and

thx @malaroots​ for creating a ref sheet!!


Name: Aya ( 理 )
Age: 23
Gender: F
Spirit: Firefly


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Haircut: Ponytail (with bangs and loose strands on the sides)
Height: 170 cm or 5′7 ft

RELATIONSHIPS - How much does the Ronin like their companions? Would they trust them to have their back? Do they trust them at all? Would they consider a romantic relationship with them or would they keep things strictly platonic?


 She keeps a closer eye on Masashi because, part of her tells her “it’s your job,” while the other says “he’s only a kid.” Aya isn’t afraid to let him do what he wants and tell him what he needs to know. Seeing him improve his, shugenja powers, she’s more than just proud and impressed…but she’s a bit wary of it. 

  As their journey ventures, she grows more attached to the kid and believes that one day, she could turn around without worry, knowing that he’s going to be more than capable in having her back. well if tht time ever comes. she doesnt really depend on him rn.

  Protecting Masashi holds…meaning–a childish innocence. She projects herself in him and knows that the world is cruel. So, she spares her candid tongue for the sake of purity. 

  Romance–Uhhhh, she likes to tease the kid and finds him cute, sometimes? She thought about the possibility and wouldn’t mind waiting for the kid, if her feelings ever blooms into something more. But right now, she sees him more as a her grandson


  Their relationship was rocky at the start. Being tested to battle some ruffians without so much as to leave a couple of coins–nah, wasn’t going to fly with her. Though, after going through the whole ‘emperor’s dream’ and ‘spirits are real’ mumbo jumbo…she let that whole thing slide. 

  She does oogle longer than she should when they’re alone and doesn’t deny that he is attractive. This emotionless statue isn’t just for staring, though. She’ll say a few things just to get a reaction out of him and the group. More or less, successful than naught, which amuses her.

  Aya doesn’t completely trust him either, but trusts to know how to get them out of a tough situation. She feels that he doesn’t even fully trust her, so she’s always on her toes when he wants to ask about things he doesn’t need to know. 

  However, she’s aware that his intentions are for the best and they were able to understand one another as time goes on. Toshio was someone she was able to have those heart-to-heart conversations with. Learning a little more about the missions and life from each other.  

  Hand touching, shoulder-to-shoulder, in your face–this guy… She won’t lie, she enjoyed those little moments. A romantic relationship, huh? It doesn’t sound so bad.


  Her proclaimed “best friend” and drinking buddy. She actually really like the guy. Aya was relieved she wasn’t the only one who knew street smarts–well, less smarts and more street…fighting. Least, she wasn’t also, the only one who knew how to shed a few blood. She takes comfort in knowing that they had some similarities.

   Hatch is a doofus who wears his heart on his sleeveless top. However, Aya finds his gullibility to very troublesome. But when they’re not in danger, she’ll take those harmless chances to play little tricks on him, once in awhile. Sees him as this..better version of herself, so is envious of his kind-hearted and trusting character. she’s the foil

  She doesn’t mind giving him a couple words of wisdom and helping him out when he needs something, if it raises a nose. There seems to be a soft spot around here somewhere. Can trust him to knock a few heads together, wander on his own and call out to rescue Momoko.

  If Hatch hadn’t showed that he cared for her well-being, she wouldn’t be feeling the little frustration in her heart. She didn’t need a strong, smelly knight in obsidian armor, but boy…did it skipped a few beats. She can probably see a possible relationship, but knowing that he’d propose after meeting someone for a couple of weeks….maybe, a one night instead…


  Their first meeting was just as problematic for Aya as meeting Hatch at that back alley, but even more so when you’re dotted with poison. Pretty uncharacteristic of her to jump in the way of that dart, but it was more like mindless reflex.  

  Despite everything, Aya was captivated by her intelligence and…busts. She was a huge help to the group and wouldn’t mind laying on her lap another time. A woman doctor? Don’t see that much around, but neither do demons, spirit realms, or an ex-assassin-turned-bodyguard, so, it’s whatever..  

  They also share similarities in regards to tragic backstories. After everything that happened with Shiroyama, she can trust her to an extent when it comes down to formulating a plan and it’s execution. Aya will unconsciously check up on Momoko every once in awhile.

   Aya wasn’t dense. So, finding out Momoko had broke out of their contraband of friendship, for…her? The signs were there, but… how could someone bring themselves to love her? When she confessed, Aya couldn’t return it after recent events and a scar she couldn’t stomach to bear. It was…a nice feeling, though. To be loved by someone. It pains her swollen heart.


  A bug that keeps buzzing–they have history, no doubt about it. He was a childhood friend, another student of Gensai and her first love. Neither titles were a good thing in her book. 

  [tbh, i dont have a relationship description rdy for them yet bc i’d rather wait for connell’s story to continue to adapt into.]]


Any special backstory to their name? What does it mean?

  Aya, intended to mean “colorful,” by her parents, but written as “truth” by Gensai. She never delved too much into the meaning, but takes solace in knowing that it’s a normal and common name. unlike her backstory amirite. what a mess

What do they wear? Do any of their clothing hold any special significance?

  She wears an old, torn black kimono with a red undergarment + hakama and a beige wrap. Also a couple of limb armor, for protection. 

  The only thing that’s worn for sentimental value is the black kimono from when she had trained under Gensai.

Does the Ronin have any noteworthy physical traits or scars?

  Pretty fit and slim, with a lot of scars on her body. Has a couple of roughed up lines on her face from fights she’s been in, but can be washed and treated. Other than that, not many that are noteworthy. except for that stomach scar

How does the Ronin behave and/or speak around strangers? How do they behave and/or speak around their companions or people they trust?

  Usually, Aya doesn’t start talking, until you do. On occassion, she’ll step up, if she has business with you.

  The way she speaks to strangers and her companions aren’t much different: witty comments, smirky lines and hints of light sarcasm. Only more cautious and assertive with strangers. Aya is typically charming, so she can keep the flow of conversation along with her tantalizing. 

  She’ll divert attention or will be completely silent if she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about certain topics.

Are they extroverted or introverted?

  Mixed, but leaning towards introverted. Aya is more outgoing when there’s drinks on the table, but she mainly keeps to herself.

What would the Ronin’s alignment be (Neutral-Good? True Neutral? Etc.)? Why?

  True Neutral, because she does want she wants regardless of consequences. She doesn’t care about what people think at this point. Unless you’ve made an impact on her, she’ll keep her actions in mind.

What do they like? Dislikes? Is there any reason why they like/dislike it?

  Likes massages (she tries to convince Masashi to give her massages, and sometimes she’s successful), dumplings, stories/tales, and spending a couple of ryo on cho-han. The smell of miso and watching things that glow (stars, lanterns, bugs, fire, etc.) also brought her comfort.

  Dislikes heights, rust, and listening to wind chimes. She used to love the sound of those metal jiggles, but it brought back dark memories. Also, politics; never cared too much for those either.

Does the Ronin have any hobbies? Are they good at it?

  Fishing, singing, whittling… a simple country gal. She’s pretty good at singing, whistling and sometimes find herself humming to sleep–something she used to do to put Jun to sleep.

  However, not so good at whittling. It was a hobby she picked up when loitering outside the Hashimoto estate with Masashi. Would always end up making some sort of sharp stake rather than the fish from the pond as intended, but still practices in her spare time. 

Does the Ronin have any unique quirks?

   Aya pays attention to details, but very briefly, which makes it hard for her to stay focus on something unless she forces herself to concentrate. (Which could be why she’s not so great at whittling.) Will notice the little scars, the lines on wood, texture of hair, the smell of blood–she’d be really good at wine-tasting–but would move on from things very quickly.

  Shakes her leg, clicks her tongue, and secretly believes in fortune-telling.

What is the Ronin bad at? Are they embarrassed by it? How would they react if their companions pointed it out to them?

  Reading, because she can’t, but is only embarrassed when it’s pointed out in a room full of people. 

  Also, sleep-talking; tells herself that she shouldn’t be too surprised, because she knows that she does it a lot, but still reacts shockingly and sometimes, flustered if someone mentions it.

What frustrates the Ronin? What do they usually do to calm themselves down?

  Trash talking. She does it a lot from time to time herself, but no one, in general, likes it if it’s directed at herself or her friends, unless they’re looking for a beating. Also, having to constantly repeat herself and questions she doesn’t want to answer.

  Aya calms herself down by cleaning her sword, taking a walk, or drinking.

What makes the Ronin happy? Is it something small or something extravagant? Something tangible or abstract?

  When people praise her for doing something. She’ll sheepishly grin or smirk and feel good for awhile.

  Catching a big fish or having a huge feast at the table. Listening and strumming string instruments also, makes her a happy.

What does their voice sound like? Do you have a headcanon for them?

  I’ve always imagined a smooth, but deep voice. My headcanon would be Miyuki Sawashiro, aha. Roles like Bishamon from Norgami, Celty from DRRR, Seo Yuzuki from GSNK, etc–are more like how I imagined it. 

  She has a nice singing voice, too.

Any other headcanons about the Ronin?

  • Personality-wise, she’s more suited for the drifter trait, but has a protective streak in some instances. 
  • The sketchy ref sheet above shows three stages of Aya in her life. from how I’d like to imagine it at least (right-to-left).
    • Last img is Aya losing control of the Jigoku Itto-Ryo before running away from Jun and Gensai.
    • Middle img is her currently during her travels to eliminate the spirits.
    • First img is like a future version of Aya when she’s finally at peace with her life and powers.


Did Ume-Ume leave her home? Stayed.

Who was poisoned? The Ronin or Hatch? Aya.

Who grabbed Momoko before she fell? Hatch.

Who did the Ronin request for? The Shinto or Jijinto guard? The Shinto.

Did the Ronin spare or kill Daisuke? Spared.

Did the Ronin let Momoko save her work? Saved her work.


How did the Ronin deal with Jun/Junko’s return throughout the book? Haha.. Wild party, man…

How well did the Ronin fair during the first shogi tournament? Flying colors, actually.

What was the final fate of the Gold General, Anzai Sukenobu? Beheaded him.

Did the Ronin try to set up Momoko and Hatch together? Why or why not? Not at first, but eventually did, because it was hard to say no to the kid.

Did the Ronin let Masashi/Masami cast the spell to help with the date? Yup.

How did the Ronin react to Momoko’s confession? Did they try to stop her from leaving? Didn’t return the feelings, told her to stay, but let her go in the end.

Did they visit with the Baron? Ye, but left after painting.

Symphony of Illumination [Spencer Reid Imagine]

*Requested* i love spencer reid imagines! if you wanna write anything about him, I’m game. I love angsty ones? Like ones where he breaks up with you and goes with Maeve and regrets it? or like ones where there’s just so much heart ache, y'know?

Author’s Note: This is low-key inspired by How I Met Your Mother and uses an outline from 7x12: “Symphony of Illumination”.

Request things!!! Masterlist

Originally posted by babyspencerreid

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The Experiment

[Pure fluff]

Juvia was a patient woman. For example, she could handle waiting in line for unreasonable amounts of time; she could wait for her food at a restaurant without getting annoyed, and if she was asked to, she could probably sit around and watch paint dry. She had been patient with Gray Fullbuster for a very long time, and every day she got through the agonizing wait by telling herself that maybe—just maybe—he would look at her differently, like she was special to him. But every day, she was let down.

It was hard for her to keep believing in him when he gave her nothing to work with. He stopped the rain and he filled her life with light. He was the love she always wished for. But she was getting tired of him constantly blowing her off.

Maybe I should try something else; Juvia thought to herself one morning, maybe Gray Sama will never love me and I should just accept it.

And with that, she got out of her bed and marched into the guild hall confidently, determined to go the entire week without speaking or doting on the person she held most dear. If she tried to go this long without him, maybe she could free herself from the suffocating prison called one-sided love.


It had been three days.

Three days that Juvia had succeeded in ignoring Gray to the best of her ability.

And he was getting antsy.

On the first day, he had thought that maybe she had just felt sick and had forgotten to greet him in the beginning of the day. He ignored it. On the second day, he had gone up and asked her if she was feeling better (since he had previously thought she was ill), and she nodded stiffly without looking him in the eye before quickly gathering all of her things and hustling out of the guild hall. He was a little hung up on it for a while, but then got over it. Then, on the third day, things got really out of hand.

She walked into the guild hall like normal, and greeted everyone happily. Judging the signs, Gray felt confident that he wouldn’t be given the cold shoulder.

“Hey,” He had said, “What’s up?”

For about a split second, Juvia looked like she was going to burst into tears. But as quickly as the expression appeared, it vanished, and a blank stare took its place. She didn’t answer him.

“Uh, Juvia?” He tried again, with the same result. She looked at the ground and held both of her hands together behind her back, twiddling them furiously to release some frustration. She really wanted to answer him, but she kept telling herself to be strong. Getting over him would be like freedom.


“Juvia doesn’t wish to speak with Gray Sama right now,” She said a little too bluntly, before pushing past him and escaping to a booth with Gajeel and Levy.

Now it was day four, and Gray was determined to get to the bottom of this predicament without embarrassing himself any further.

He was sitting in the guild hall next to Natsu, who was busy teasing Lucy about the new eyeliner she had on, when he watched the blue-haired water mage walk through the guild doors. She was wearing her usual outfit with her usual soft curls spilling off of her shoulders, and anyone who looked at her wouldn’t suspect anything at all. But Gray could, and that day the first hint he got was when she turned and looked directly at him, but didn’t bother saying anything even when he waved hello.

Instead, she bit her bottom lip, gave a disappointed pout, and walked to the other side of the room to sit down.

“It makes you look funny,”

Gray’s confusion-stained daze was broken by Natsu’s loud voice.

“It’s pretty!” Lucy punched his arm to show her frustration.

“For a clown, yeah,”


“Guys,” Gray finally snapped, broke up the fight and leaned back in his chair, still staring at Juvia. “Is there something wrong with Juvia?”

Natsu pushed Lucy off of him so that he had a clear view of the girl, and then studied her as best as he could from where he was sitting.

“I don’t think so,” He answered, “Do you think she’s sick or something?”

“No, but she just seems kind of cold, don’t you think?” Gray shrugged. He had chosen the wrong time to say that, because at that moment, Gajeel walked up to her and she greeted him with a friendly wave and a smile.

“Nope, she seems normal to me,” Lucy said bluntly. Gray bit the inside of his cheek and inhaled loudly through his nose, getting more and more pissed by the second.

“I don’t mean does she ‘seem’ normal, I mean is there something wrong with her?” He repeated.

“Whoa, man, calm down, I’m sure it’s nothing—“

Natsu was cut off when Gray slammed down his drink a little too harshly and sprung to his feet. He wasn’t going to just sit there and ask questions to people who truly had no idea what he was talking about. Instead, he walked over to Mirajane and Cana, who were busy gossiping about who knows what.

“Yeah, and apparently the guy is really hot. I wonder who asked who out in the first place, she really wasn’t clear on that part of it, don’t you think?”

This was the very first thing that Gray heard as he approached them, and he was immediately interested.

“What?” He asked, pulling up a stool. Cana, who had spoken first, smirked and swirled the drink in her hand seductively to match her dramatic tone:

“Juvia’s got a date,” She whispered lowly, winking at him.

Gray didn’t know why, but as soon as the words slipped out off of her lips, he felt his heart plummet down to his feet and through the floor. A date?! Was that the reason why she had been ignoring him, because she wanted to spare his feelings? And what feelings did she think he had?

“O-oh,” He choked, gagging on the air drying out the inside of his mouth.

“Jealous?” Mira said in a teasing tone. She had meant for it to be a joke, but as soon as he blushed and started to cough uncontrollably on what seemed to be nothing, she knew the answer to her question.

“Ah! You are jealous!” She squealed, her hands letting go of the tray she had been holding and flying up to her reddening cheeks. Cana suddenly saw the signs and gasped loudly.

Ohmygosh he totally is!” She agreed, leaning forward over the bar to look him dead in the eyes.

“W-what? No, I—“

“Don’t even deny it, Gray, for the past few days all you’ve done is stare at her 24/7. You know I’m right. When did you realize you’re in love with her?” Cana asked eagerly, trying to soak up any new juicy gossip to spread around the guild.

“Love? What the hell, I’m not in love with her; I am just worried because for the past three days, six hours and twenty minutes she’s done nothing but avoid me.” He rubbed his temples and sighed.

“How long did you say she’s been avoiding you?” Mira asked, a hint of laughter lining her voice. Cana snickered and piggybacked on what she was saying.

“Yeah, how long exactly?”

“Three days, six hours and twenty minutes?” Gray answered innocently, gazing up at the two of them. Mira and Cana couldn’t even believe how oblivious their friend was, even after endless amounts of exposure to Juvia’s stalker mode.

“MY PRECIOUS GRAY,” Cana practically leaped over the bar so she was mock-hugging him and sobbing from laughing so hard, “YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT SOMETIMES, IT REALLY BOOSTS MY SELF ESTEEM.”

“Gray, you may not be in love with Juvia, but there is definitely something there, no matter how much you deny it.” Mira took a more serious route while answering him.

Gray pushed Cana off of him and gave in, his head falling into his hands.

“Can you tell me about this date-to-be?”

Juvia had almost given up. She almost had, up until she literally ran into a brown haired guy named Nate at the market. The collision had caused her to drop all of her groceries on the ground, and Nate, who was a pretty smooth guy, said that his clumsiness had most definitely needed to be made up for, perhaps at dinner that night? And Juvia, who was 100,000% done with being discouraged having her “moving on” plan fail, reluctantly agreed—thinking that it would be a good distraction.

Then the night came, and she was once again determined about something—except this time, it was about having a fun night and forgetting all about Gray.

So naturally she would be shocked when she opened the front door of her apartment to see the exact man she was trying to get over sitting politely on her couch, wearing a suit and tie, and carrying a bouquet of roses.


Gray had jumped through plenty of hoops in order to get Erza to allow him to enter Juvia’s room in an all-girls apartment building such as Fairy Hills, which under no circumstances whatsoever any of the rules would be bent, let alone be broken. He begged and pleaded with the red head, but she wasn’t swayed until he totally broke down and screamed in her face that he was going to make a move, which was something Erza had been praying for since Juvia had joined Fairy Tail.

He had to gather up lots of courage in order to just knock on the door, but when no response came back even after he tried many times, he just opened it to find it empty.

She must have left already for her date; He thought sadly, I’ll just wait until she comes back.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait long, because about five minutes later the door opened and revealed the exact person he wanted to see. His mouth fell open as soon as he looked her up and down.

She was wearing an outfit like nothing she had ever worn before: two white stiletto heels and a dark coral colored dress that fell a little above her knee. The dress’ neckline was lower cut than what she normally wore (which looked like it choked her), and it made room on her skin to show off a beautiful crystal necklace shaped like a raindrop. Her soft blue curls were swept up professionally into a loose ponytail, leaving her bangs and two thin strands of hair on either side of her face to fall down freely, without any restraint.

“Gray Sama?” She stammered and backed up into the door she had shut behind her. “What are you—?”

“I thought you were on a date tonight,” He interrupted.

“Juvia did too,” She crossed her arms and aggressively avoided his gaze. “And she had been waiting outside the building for a while before he showed up saying that he suddenly had other plans.”

Gray stood up and clutched the roses in his hand tightly, swallowing down any fear.

“But now you’re here… with roses…?” She trailed off as he began walking closer to her.

“You’ve been avoiding me, Juvia.” He stated.

“No, it’s not—“

“Shh, I know you have. And it’s okay, because I totally deserve it. But I came here tonight because… because I didn’t want you to go out with him.” He sheepishly held out the roses and smiled genuinely, “I wanted you to go out with me instead.”

The look on Juvia’s face when he said those words was absolutely priceless. Her clear blue eyes widened to be three times as big, and her lips parted in a small gasp.

“Gray Sama,” She whispered as she took the roses with shaking hands, “Juvia, Juvia is so happy!”

She jumped up and down a few times before grabbing him by the tie and pulling him in for a tight hug.

“Thank you so much, Gray Sama!” Her eyes welled up with tears, because for the first time in the forever she had loved him, he had finally responded. Gray sighed and leaned into her embrace.

“That guy, Nick?”

“It’s Nate, but continue.”

“He’s an idiot. A blind idiot.”

“And why is that?”

“Because if I ever saw a girl as gorgeous on the inside and outside as you, nothing would be more important than us being together.”

“The Gray Sama from this morning would have never said something like that to Juvia,”

“Well the Gray Sama from this morning finally grew up,” He pulled her closer and kissed her cheek softly, “Sorry it took so long.”

Here you go, sorry it took so long :)

[S]unlight broke through, lancing down across the earth with shards of golden rays that greeted the wildlife emerging from slumber. Pearls of dew catch the glitter of morning’s glare, a string of them delicately wove from one, creating a chandelier of crystalline gems upon the crown of the being who stood basking in radiance. Silence fell upon her and statuesque the femme remained, until she felt the fabric of her sheer gown tugged gingerly by small hands, smaller than her own, but much like hers when she was many a spring younger.

The young one was both a vision of her mother and father, adorned in a summer dress with leaves embroidered at the hem of her skirt, and with fluffy ponytails accented with ribbons of silk colored verdant. Blue eyes, brighter than a summer’s clear day, pierced behind the loose strands of her bangs. Bewilderment had settled there as she looks upon her mother, who stood far too tall and, unfortunately, caused her to crane her neck.

Rivienne, taking the obvious hint, descends with one graceful motion to place her knees upon the moss laden earth. The flowers’ perfume is taken in by the youth, who giggles as one of them were pulled from the gold of her mother’s tresses and was placed behind her pointed ear. Her mother’s hands are warm and gentle upon her cheeks, and when their eyes meet, she swore that sunrise had been borne from her gaze.

That is when the forest came to life, and what was perhaps dormant, has now become roused. There were whispers made, some that she did not understand, for it was not a language that many of the Spoken could interpret. But, for some reason, she found comfort here, in the wilderness, watching her mother smile and gift her with a kiss to her brow.

“Take care of her, I am counting on thee,” it was her voice that came from above the canopies, like a shower of affectionate whispers, tumbling from bough to leaf, greeting her ears. The flowers delivered the message with their parting of petals, and the earth rolled underneath her feet lightly, sweeping her away from Rivienne’s touch. It was not to her child the message was directed to, but the young roegadyn that belonged in Lion’s kin, and who was smiling far too broadly in their direction upon the sight of the elezen girl.

Slowly, as if time had no meaning nor hold on Rivienne, she rose and folds her hands before the swell of her hips, where fabric firmly defined the curve of her build. Half-lidded eyes stared forth at the father, whose scarlet mane danced in the very same winds they both loved. Even in silence, their greeting was mutual, and each gave a bow of their heads. She, who veils herself in the blooms of the matron’s gifts and drinks in sunlight, cracked a smile warmer than the afternoon’s glow.

The boy, who was almost bouncing on the balls of his feet, and had tucked both hands behind him, suddenly sprang up towards the young elezen lass, who jumped suddenly from surprise when the earth no longer rolled and the winds had calmed themselves. He presented her with a bouquet of flowers, perhaps hinted by his own father to bring, and held them for her to take. She, who held a basket before her, which in turn catered to a pampered bunny, blushed so much that it became a contagious thing.

The roegadyn blushes in turn, and Rivienne gives him a sudden look that makes him clear his throat before slipping the flowers in the basket, waving to the mother, before Lion beckons them both to come along, but not before smiling to Rivienne herself.

She was to be taken care of, like her mother had in his care.

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The First Move

Requested by anon

Summary: You wake up with the ability to read minds. You hear some interesting thoughts that could change your life and relationship with the Winchesters forever.
Words: 1,381
Dean x Reader
Warnings: Implied smut, nothing described, Language

Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed as the water ran over your body, washing away the grime you had collected from one night in this motel room.

You squeezed a generous dollop of shower gel into your palm before taking your time to wash thoroughly.

Dean knocked you out of your relaxed state by rapping angrily on the door.

“Hurry up in there, Y/N,” he bellowed, “You’ve been in there for ages!”

“Two minutes!” you called back, adjusting the shower head to rinse the suds from your skin.

“It better be, you cheeky shit,” he mumbled.

“Hey! No need to be rude!”

“Sorry,” replied, “Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes,” you laughed, stepping out of the booth and wrapping a towel around yourself, “But it doesn’t matter, the shower’s free now.”

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