the loose bangs

The Juvia-Effect

I just couldn’t help it when I saw the beautiful and damn perfect Mashima drawing of Juvia in a High School uniform [you can see the whole image here] and I just HAD to write about it.

Gray watched as she walked with the other girls and, like always, his heart raced a bit too fast with the sight. She laughed at something Lucy had said and he could faintly hear it, as they were coming their way and his stupid stomach had its butterflies floating all around.

Juvia Lockser was at the same class as he was at Fairy Tail High School, they had known each other for a little over three years and she had never, not once, hid that she fell in love with him. Gray, on the other hand, had denied with every turn that he was falling in love with her while telling people that ‘no, they were not a couple’. Funny, though, that the moment his foster brother started to pay attention to her, every cell in his body was boiling in a jealousy he had never felt before.

She looked his way and smiled, goddamit, those butterflies were busy that morning.

But then again, she was beautiful and every man with blood in his veins would feel something when looked that way by a gorgeous woman. All his female friends were beautiful in their own unique ways, but Juvia… Juvia had something about her, some type of sparkle, perhaps?, that made people look at her and see how beautiful she was.

Even though she had a beautiful body – anyone who bothered to go to the swim club could see that easily – she dressed in a very conservative way. While the girls at school tried to flirt with the school laws about the skirt length and make it as small as possible, Juvia’s skirt reached even below her knees, and even so she put long dark socks un until above her knees so no one could actually see her legs (they were one of her best qualities, they seem to go on and on and on, much to his delight). And her blouse was a little baggy even around her chest (that everyone could see she was very accomplished in that area) and even that she diverted the attention to the Teru teru bozu doll she had over her tie. Her hair was usually loose, falling in waves on her back. But that morning she had chosen to put it in two braids, letting just a few short locks loose and her bangs falling over her eyes.

She didn’t get attention because of the skin she was showing, she got attention because she was freaking stunning.

Gray might’ve been a bit bias because she was his girlfriend and, in his mind, one of (if not the) most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

But no, he saw the looks she got, she saw guys and some girls look at her, amazed and some in lust. It was the Juvia-Effect, he liked to call, when people just couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Damn, he was caught in the Juvia-Effect more times than not! Damn her and that beautiful glow, vibe or whatever it was.

“Good morning, Gray-sama!” Juvia said happily when she met her boyfriend in front of their school while Lucy greeted her own boyfriend, Natsu, who was next to Gray, waiting for his girlfriend as well and the other girls went inside, leaving the couples. Juvia took a step closer to him and planted a small peck on his lips, chaste enough, but made him blush even so. “Why are you frowning so early in the morning?” She asked, amused.

“You changed your hair.” He told her and it was her turn to frown and she touched a braid, self-conscious.

“Oh, does it look bad? Juvia will undo it-”

“No.” He interrupted her, shaking his head. “Nothing like that, it looks really good, actually. I liked it. It suits you.” He was pleased to see her cheeks get pinker and she looked embarrassed to had been given a compliment by her boyfriend.

“Juvia will make sure to braid her hair more often, then.” She told him and Gray nodded. “Now let’s go to class. We can talk more about how you like Juvia’s hair on our date after school.” She chuckled and Gray saw her so radiant, he couldn’t help but to think again how pretty she was.

Then, he groaned. He was caught on the Juvia-Effect again and he didn’t think he never would be able not to be caught on it.

It was one hell of effect.

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Hey do you have a ref for prosciutto's hair? I always have trouble drawing it, but you seem to be an expert on him ;)

why… would you ask me this question? you think i have some super intense and obvious fixation on him or something to have that kinda thing on hand?? huh?!!! i-i don’t care about him at all!!

j/k. in the manga his hair varies throughout the fight. when his face is first fully visible he’s drawn with these grody long pigtails:

 and he has short, stubby pigtails held by purple hairbands in his di molto bene figure:

but when you get further on in the trainfight, his hair turns into messy-ish buns…

and then into some sort of braiding

anyway just do what you want cuz even the manga is inconsistent. the only real consistency is that his hair is parted from his right side and gelled away from his face, but i’ve even seen quite a few people consistently draw him with loose bangs 

Uh i guess here’s something i drew a while back depicting what i personally draw his hair as? Lol… (sweating)

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/ (Self harm meme)

Angela sat crouched on the curb outside of her apartment porch, one hand laced through her loose platinum blonde bangs supporting the heavy weight of her head as she other held the lit cigarette briefly at her lips. She took a short draw and held it in, her eyes closing as the faint euphoria and dizziness kept over her senses. It had been six months since her last smoke. She’d thought she kicked the habit for good this time.

“Shit..” She cursed in a whisper, biting her tongue. What the hell was she thinking? It felt like every time she made any significant progress in her life she’d bite the bullet and fall back on her old weaknesses without fail. 

She sighed, lowering her arms to rest on her knees as she glared at the smoldering, glowing tip as it neared the crease of her forefinger and flicked away the used ash. What a nightmare. So much for practicing what you preach. She turned the butt over in between her fingers and looked up at the night sky, unnaturally hazy and light for past 2200 with the city roaring even still with activity. The burning end of the cigarette seared it’s way through the first few layers of skin with a soft, subtle hiss before she relieved the pressure on her forearm, settling her eyes shut to relish the feeling. 


A/N: Part two is up! As you can see, this part is much longer. Because I have no sense of chapter spacing apparently, I fear this is going to be a pattern. Hooray! 

I think I’ll try and keep the schedule to once a week, Sunday mid afternoon when updates should be expected! For anyone wondering, yes there will be some nsfw parts, which I will mark with purity lines so everyone can enjoy! Fortunately it should be a little while before any true nsfw, so my younger readers can rest assured, lol. 

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbor Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 5504

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two

Happy’s snigger pulled Natsu’s wide eyes away from the door to squint accusingly at the cat who just looked up at him innocently. It might have worked too, if Natsu hadn’t known for a fact that his cat had the mischievous streak of an imp.

The door was pushed open and Natsu kept his eyes trained on Happy, praying that if he scowled at the cat for long enough all of this would just be a bad dream. That just happened to smell amazing.

His staring seemed to be for naught however, as he watched Happy yawn and heard the soothing voice from before speak to his right.

“Umm, Levy? I have to go, ah… no, no, I’m fine, it’s just… Yeah, I’ll text you.,” Natsu closed his eyes and tried to keep his breathing even, praying one last time that this was just a really bad dream. A potion must have gone wrong. Yeah, that’s it, his last spell backfired and Natsu hit his head.

“Why are you in my apartment?” The soft voice asked, more with curiosity than fear. Natsu sucked in a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak when Happy finally managed to break free from his grasp. Natsu could only watch with dissociated horror as the blue cat shot across the large desk, papers flying away as his paws pushed at them before launching himself at the - very cute- woman.

Right into her breasts.

Her very large and barely covered breasts.

Natsu’s eyes widened as Happy made himself at home curling into the girl’s arms -which she had instantly brought up to catch the cat flying at her- and was that smug bastard purring? He was. Happy was purring and snuggling into the girl’s embrace, and Natsu could have sworn, no, he knew that Happy was smirking at him. Why, of all the ways the little traito-

The woman laughed softly, and then cleared her throat as if trying to stop the light, tinkling sound. Natsu realized with a start that he rather liked her laugh, it made him feel all bubbly inside, like he could float. He also realized he was still staring at her chest. Dragging his eyes up to her face, Natsu would have lost his breath if his body had been capable of breathing.

Golden hair framed her face, seemingly fallen out of a messy bun that was knotted at the top of her head.  Wide brown eyes were squinted at him accusingly, full lips pinched and cheeks puffed out slightly. The light red dusting her cheeks and collarbone only added to the sudden tightness in Natsu’s chest, and the fact that her lips were twitching trying to hold back a smile did not help matters.

“My cat’s an asshole,” Natsu stated bluntly, feeling his face heat when he realized how stupid that sounded. The girl however burst into laughter, clutching Happy even tighter to her chest as she was forced to double over. Heavy gasps could be heard from the wheezing blonde and Natsu was left to smile dumbly at her. He liked this laugh even more than her giggle. She eventually managed to calm herself down, and looked up at Natsu with tears in the corners of her eyes. Giving him a rueful smile, the woman spoke again.

“And does your asshole cat have a name?” she asked, a teasing lit in her voice as she continued to look at Natsu. Honestly, this girl was so weird. Shouldn’t someone be terrified of a stranger in their home, not speaking to them as if they were an old friend? Not that Natsu was complaining, this was going much better than he had ever hoped. Natsu couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face, her smile was just too infectious.

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Symphony of Illumination [Spencer Reid Imagine]

*Requested* i love spencer reid imagines! if you wanna write anything about him, I’m game. I love angsty ones? Like ones where he breaks up with you and goes with Maeve and regrets it? or like ones where there’s just so much heart ache, y'know?

Author’s Note: This is low-key inspired by How I Met Your Mother and uses an outline from 7x12: “Symphony of Illumination”.

Request things!!! Masterlist

Originally posted by babyspencerreid

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The First Move

Requested by anon

Summary: You wake up with the ability to read minds. You hear some interesting thoughts that could change your life and relationship with the Winchesters forever.
Words: 1,381
Dean x Reader
Warnings: Implied smut, nothing described, Language

Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed as the water ran over your body, washing away the grime you had collected from one night in this motel room.

You squeezed a generous dollop of shower gel into your palm before taking your time to wash thoroughly.

Dean knocked you out of your relaxed state by rapping angrily on the door.

“Hurry up in there, Y/N,” he bellowed, “You’ve been in there for ages!”

“Two minutes!” you called back, adjusting the shower head to rinse the suds from your skin.

“It better be, you cheeky shit,” he mumbled.

“Hey! No need to be rude!”

“Sorry,” replied, “Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes,” you laughed, stepping out of the booth and wrapping a towel around yourself, “But it doesn’t matter, the shower’s free now.”

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skater heart;

member- taehyung

genre- au, fluff

words- 2, 000

summary- the boy with the scuffed up knees and kind heart falls for the girl with a witty mind and cute smile. skaterboy!taehyung

a/n- sorry i havent posted in a while, im just really swamped with school work! i’ll be working on requests soon though. but i actually really like this??? tell me what you guys think.

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

You grew up in this tiny town. You grew up with the faded playground, with the family-owned ice cream shop, with the same group of friends since elementary school. You grew up reading on your grandma’s porch while it rained, you grew up here…with Taehyung, the boy you’ve had the biggest crush on since junior high. 

He grew up here too. He grew up skating with his buddies on the dingy but usable skate park, with bruises constantly on his knee, with the same skate shop that sold the raddest wheels. He grew up doing 360’s off of whatever was available, he grew up here…with you, the cute girl who he had always saw reading on the front porch at the house down the street from his. 

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New Moon [Sequel to “Phases”]

<< Phases // New Moon >>

Summary: Jungkook was just a boy who was in love with the moon. And you were a girl who thought you could be his moon, but you were nothing except a phase.

Genre: angst

A/N: OH MY GOD ITS HERE !!! lmao i hope you guys like it~

In the beginning, you believed he would come back. You held that faith so securely in your heart that it became your gravity. In every dream that haunted your troubled slumbers, he was there saying “I’m sorry, it’s all a mistake.” with an breathtaking embrace to fortify the fantasy. You waited, and waited, and waited, hoping that one day the moon will return him back to you just as abruptly as it had robbed him away.

At first it was days.

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JayTim, “kick his ass for me.”

A cross of the legs, a slight pout of the lips. Jason is done for, and Timothy knows it.


Timothy cants his head just slightly, loose bangs falling across his face. Jason scowls.

“I said no.”

He does nothing, just stares. Blinks. Jason’s fingers twitch.

“Fuck off.”

Somewhere behind him, a police cruiser turns on its siren. Jason’s gaze jerks away but Timothy keeps his steady. His eyes won’t leave that red domino mask until he gets his way.

To their left, a man in a ridiculous vigilante outfit with a pink crop top over mesh armor is looking between them, clearly confused.

“I’m not taking the fall for this.”

Jason turns back to him, shaking a gun Timothy knows is full of rubber bullets at him.

“This was your idea. Your heist. You said, and I quote ‘No one will even notice.’ Someone noticed!”

Timothy holds his arm up, dangling the multi-million dollar necklace he couldn’t resist between his fingers. He smirks as Jason snarls.

“Um..excuse me. I can’t let you leave with that.”

“Shut up!”

Timothy can’t help but laugh at the way the vigilante trying to stop them from robbing this museum flinches when Jason turns his gun on him. Maybe if he was observant he’d have noticed the Bat on Jason’s chest.

Timothy pushes himself up from the bench he’s been lounging on and dusts off his slacks.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Timothy turns. Smiles. “Home. I can feel my skin getting dry and itchy.”

He’s got a new tattoo, a series of feathers on his ribs. Something he’s refusing to let Jason see until it’s fully healed.

The other man’s lips part slightly, like he forgot about the new addition to Timothy’s body. He swallows and he’s caught. A simple reminder, a promise, and he’s wrapped around Timothy’s pinky.

Jason has a kink and Timothy will exploit it fully.

He reaches up and fastens the choker like necklace dripping with diamonds around his throat.

Jason visibly swallows.

More than one kink Timothy is willing to fully exploit.

“Kick his ass for me, baby.” Timothy waves and fires a grappling hook into the shadows. “And pick up some wine on the way home!”

“Fuck off!” Jason yells back at him before the sound of someone being punched in the face reaches his ears.

honestly…messy ponytail w sideswept bangs and loose pieces of hair is such a look for me…thats my permanent npc/side char hair bc its my own fav look of myself..good


This one’s for soulffles‘s birthday :) Happy birthday dear~

SEAngstWeek Day 1- The First Time I Saw You Cry [[KidLiz]]

Insp: [ x ] Tell me that Liz wouldn’t be the most beautiful actress

It wasn’t enough.

That take. The angle. Their kiss.

The film marker snapped to the side of her face and she blinked out of her character. With a scowl on her face, Liz looked at the director who added onto her instructions, telling her to give more love– more passion– to the camera.

Easy enough to say if you’ve never sworn to never fall in love.

She didn’t need it, didn’t need such an emotion to take over her body, didn’t need such an overwhelming sensation to lick at her fingers and beckoning her to sin. It was expendable to her, because as long as she had her sights– and her heart– in the right place, she could conquer the world with her sister by her side. Patty was enough for that, more than enough for that. And yet–

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adventures in babysitting

a/n: because it’s high time I posted au happy things and not angst

so we’re just going to say Shiro and Allura are19/20, Hunk, Lance, and Keith are somewhere between 11-12, and Pidge is like 9.

Allura adjusted the shopping basket in the crook of her arm, taking her pen to strike out two more items on her list. She hummed under her breath and craned her neck up, strategically taking note of which items would be picked up as she passed aisles headed toward the checkouts.

Coran had teased her relentlessly when he found out about her careful system, but that’s why she did it. She’d seen her uncle fall prey to never having a set list and wind up with far more than he needed and forgetting most of the items he truly did. She was particular in those ways and it never kept her cabinets overstocked with items that would spoil and have to be wasted.

She wasn’t overly thrilled at spending more time in a grocery store than she needed. They tended to become a headache rather quickly in her experience.

And that had been her intention this morning as well….Until frantic footsteps stumbled behind her and she turned to see the naked fear in a pair of large, large eyes that caused her to waver.

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The Experiment

[Pure fluff]

Juvia was a patient woman. For example, she could handle waiting in line for unreasonable amounts of time; she could wait for her food at a restaurant without getting annoyed, and if she was asked to, she could probably sit around and watch paint dry. She had been patient with Gray Fullbuster for a very long time, and every day she got through the agonizing wait by telling herself that maybe—just maybe—he would look at her differently, like she was special to him. But every day, she was let down.

It was hard for her to keep believing in him when he gave her nothing to work with. He stopped the rain and he filled her life with light. He was the love she always wished for. But she was getting tired of him constantly blowing her off.

Maybe I should try something else; Juvia thought to herself one morning, maybe Gray Sama will never love me and I should just accept it.

And with that, she got out of her bed and marched into the guild hall confidently, determined to go the entire week without speaking or doting on the person she held most dear. If she tried to go this long without him, maybe she could free herself from the suffocating prison called one-sided love.


It had been three days.

Three days that Juvia had succeeded in ignoring Gray to the best of her ability.

And he was getting antsy.

On the first day, he had thought that maybe she had just felt sick and had forgotten to greet him in the beginning of the day. He ignored it. On the second day, he had gone up and asked her if she was feeling better (since he had previously thought she was ill), and she nodded stiffly without looking him in the eye before quickly gathering all of her things and hustling out of the guild hall. He was a little hung up on it for a while, but then got over it. Then, on the third day, things got really out of hand.

She walked into the guild hall like normal, and greeted everyone happily. Judging the signs, Gray felt confident that he wouldn’t be given the cold shoulder.

“Hey,” He had said, “What’s up?”

For about a split second, Juvia looked like she was going to burst into tears. But as quickly as the expression appeared, it vanished, and a blank stare took its place. She didn’t answer him.

“Uh, Juvia?” He tried again, with the same result. She looked at the ground and held both of her hands together behind her back, twiddling them furiously to release some frustration. She really wanted to answer him, but she kept telling herself to be strong. Getting over him would be like freedom.


“Juvia doesn’t wish to speak with Gray Sama right now,” She said a little too bluntly, before pushing past him and escaping to a booth with Gajeel and Levy.

Now it was day four, and Gray was determined to get to the bottom of this predicament without embarrassing himself any further.

He was sitting in the guild hall next to Natsu, who was busy teasing Lucy about the new eyeliner she had on, when he watched the blue-haired water mage walk through the guild doors. She was wearing her usual outfit with her usual soft curls spilling off of her shoulders, and anyone who looked at her wouldn’t suspect anything at all. But Gray could, and that day the first hint he got was when she turned and looked directly at him, but didn’t bother saying anything even when he waved hello.

Instead, she bit her bottom lip, gave a disappointed pout, and walked to the other side of the room to sit down.

“It makes you look funny,”

Gray’s confusion-stained daze was broken by Natsu’s loud voice.

“It’s pretty!” Lucy punched his arm to show her frustration.

“For a clown, yeah,”


“Guys,” Gray finally snapped, broke up the fight and leaned back in his chair, still staring at Juvia. “Is there something wrong with Juvia?”

Natsu pushed Lucy off of him so that he had a clear view of the girl, and then studied her as best as he could from where he was sitting.

“I don’t think so,” He answered, “Do you think she’s sick or something?”

“No, but she just seems kind of cold, don’t you think?” Gray shrugged. He had chosen the wrong time to say that, because at that moment, Gajeel walked up to her and she greeted him with a friendly wave and a smile.

“Nope, she seems normal to me,” Lucy said bluntly. Gray bit the inside of his cheek and inhaled loudly through his nose, getting more and more pissed by the second.

“I don’t mean does she ‘seem’ normal, I mean is there something wrong with her?” He repeated.

“Whoa, man, calm down, I’m sure it’s nothing—“

Natsu was cut off when Gray slammed down his drink a little too harshly and sprung to his feet. He wasn’t going to just sit there and ask questions to people who truly had no idea what he was talking about. Instead, he walked over to Mirajane and Cana, who were busy gossiping about who knows what.

“Yeah, and apparently the guy is really hot. I wonder who asked who out in the first place, she really wasn’t clear on that part of it, don’t you think?”

This was the very first thing that Gray heard as he approached them, and he was immediately interested.

“What?” He asked, pulling up a stool. Cana, who had spoken first, smirked and swirled the drink in her hand seductively to match her dramatic tone:

“Juvia’s got a date,” She whispered lowly, winking at him.

Gray didn’t know why, but as soon as the words slipped out off of her lips, he felt his heart plummet down to his feet and through the floor. A date?! Was that the reason why she had been ignoring him, because she wanted to spare his feelings? And what feelings did she think he had?

“O-oh,” He choked, gagging on the air drying out the inside of his mouth.

“Jealous?” Mira said in a teasing tone. She had meant for it to be a joke, but as soon as he blushed and started to cough uncontrollably on what seemed to be nothing, she knew the answer to her question.

“Ah! You are jealous!” She squealed, her hands letting go of the tray she had been holding and flying up to her reddening cheeks. Cana suddenly saw the signs and gasped loudly.

Ohmygosh he totally is!” She agreed, leaning forward over the bar to look him dead in the eyes.

“W-what? No, I—“

“Don’t even deny it, Gray, for the past few days all you’ve done is stare at her 24/7. You know I’m right. When did you realize you’re in love with her?” Cana asked eagerly, trying to soak up any new juicy gossip to spread around the guild.

“Love? What the hell, I’m not in love with her; I am just worried because for the past three days, six hours and twenty minutes she’s done nothing but avoid me.” He rubbed his temples and sighed.

“How long did you say she’s been avoiding you?” Mira asked, a hint of laughter lining her voice. Cana snickered and piggybacked on what she was saying.

“Yeah, how long exactly?”

“Three days, six hours and twenty minutes?” Gray answered innocently, gazing up at the two of them. Mira and Cana couldn’t even believe how oblivious their friend was, even after endless amounts of exposure to Juvia’s stalker mode.

“MY PRECIOUS GRAY,” Cana practically leaped over the bar so she was mock-hugging him and sobbing from laughing so hard, “YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT SOMETIMES, IT REALLY BOOSTS MY SELF ESTEEM.”

“Gray, you may not be in love with Juvia, but there is definitely something there, no matter how much you deny it.” Mira took a more serious route while answering him.

Gray pushed Cana off of him and gave in, his head falling into his hands.

“Can you tell me about this date-to-be?”

Juvia had almost given up. She almost had, up until she literally ran into a brown haired guy named Nate at the market. The collision had caused her to drop all of her groceries on the ground, and Nate, who was a pretty smooth guy, said that his clumsiness had most definitely needed to be made up for, perhaps at dinner that night? And Juvia, who was 100,000% done with being discouraged having her “moving on” plan fail, reluctantly agreed—thinking that it would be a good distraction.

Then the night came, and she was once again determined about something—except this time, it was about having a fun night and forgetting all about Gray.

So naturally she would be shocked when she opened the front door of her apartment to see the exact man she was trying to get over sitting politely on her couch, wearing a suit and tie, and carrying a bouquet of roses.


Gray had jumped through plenty of hoops in order to get Erza to allow him to enter Juvia’s room in an all-girls apartment building such as Fairy Hills, which under no circumstances whatsoever any of the rules would be bent, let alone be broken. He begged and pleaded with the red head, but she wasn’t swayed until he totally broke down and screamed in her face that he was going to make a move, which was something Erza had been praying for since Juvia had joined Fairy Tail.

He had to gather up lots of courage in order to just knock on the door, but when no response came back even after he tried many times, he just opened it to find it empty.

She must have left already for her date; He thought sadly, I’ll just wait until she comes back.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait long, because about five minutes later the door opened and revealed the exact person he wanted to see. His mouth fell open as soon as he looked her up and down.

She was wearing an outfit like nothing she had ever worn before: two white stiletto heels and a dark coral colored dress that fell a little above her knee. The dress’ neckline was lower cut than what she normally wore (which looked like it choked her), and it made room on her skin to show off a beautiful crystal necklace shaped like a raindrop. Her soft blue curls were swept up professionally into a loose ponytail, leaving her bangs and two thin strands of hair on either side of her face to fall down freely, without any restraint.

“Gray Sama?” She stammered and backed up into the door she had shut behind her. “What are you—?”

“I thought you were on a date tonight,” He interrupted.

“Juvia did too,” She crossed her arms and aggressively avoided his gaze. “And she had been waiting outside the building for a while before he showed up saying that he suddenly had other plans.”

Gray stood up and clutched the roses in his hand tightly, swallowing down any fear.

“But now you’re here… with roses…?” She trailed off as he began walking closer to her.

“You’ve been avoiding me, Juvia.” He stated.

“No, it’s not—“

“Shh, I know you have. And it’s okay, because I totally deserve it. But I came here tonight because… because I didn’t want you to go out with him.” He sheepishly held out the roses and smiled genuinely, “I wanted you to go out with me instead.”

The look on Juvia’s face when he said those words was absolutely priceless. Her clear blue eyes widened to be three times as big, and her lips parted in a small gasp.

“Gray Sama,” She whispered as she took the roses with shaking hands, “Juvia, Juvia is so happy!”

She jumped up and down a few times before grabbing him by the tie and pulling him in for a tight hug.

“Thank you so much, Gray Sama!” Her eyes welled up with tears, because for the first time in the forever she had loved him, he had finally responded. Gray sighed and leaned into her embrace.

“That guy, Nick?”

“It’s Nate, but continue.”

“He’s an idiot. A blind idiot.”

“And why is that?”

“Because if I ever saw a girl as gorgeous on the inside and outside as you, nothing would be more important than us being together.”

“The Gray Sama from this morning would have never said something like that to Juvia,”

“Well the Gray Sama from this morning finally grew up,” He pulled her closer and kissed her cheek softly, “Sorry it took so long.”

Here you go, sorry it took so long :)

Prince Charming – Liam Dunbar Imagine (Feat. Stiles Stilinski)

Prompt: Can you do a liam imagine where they are both freshmen and he’s infatuated with the reader, but she loves Stiles, so it causes alot of jealousy! Thanks you xoxo! Your account is the best (; <33 

Pairing: Liam x Reader x Stiles

Word Count: 1,230

Note: So I got inspired to write this one after watching ABC’s Family Baby Daddy. I hope you like it.

Read Part 2 HERE

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Kira and Y/N sat at a table in the middle of the school courtyard looking down at their homework. Kira was scanning through the AP Bio chapter she was supposed to read last night, while Y/N was trying to solve the last algebra problem from her homework assignment. Once finishing Y/N closed her notebook and placed it in her book bag. She looked up to see Stiles and Liam making their way towards their table. A big smile forms on her small round face at the sight of Stiles and his dark brown hair, creamy chocolate irises, cute little moles, and dimples at the corner of his lips. 

Stiles was rambling to Liam about the Mets game last night, but Liam couldn’t focus because all he could hear was Y/N’s heartbeat increasing with every step he took towards her. He looked up at her to see her smiling, and he couldn’t help but smile back.

“God, could he be any cuter?” Liam heard Y/N telling Kira with his werewolf hearing.

Kira looks up from her book and into the direction Y/N was looking at. “Who? Stiles or Liam?”

Y/N closed her hands into tiny fists and placed her chin on top as she sighed, “Stiles." 

Liam’s smile falters. She wasn’t smiling for him. She was smiling at the lanky rambling kid next to him. Liam didn’t understand what Stiles had that Liam didn’t. What made him so much more special? He thought to himself. His head hung low. While looking down at his feet, he noticed Stiles shoelaces were untied. A smirk formed at his lips as an idea popped in his head. He looked back up and “accidently” stepped on Stiles’ loose shoelaces, making Stiles jerk forward.

“Whoa,” Liam extended his arms out, catching Stiles before his face met the pavement, and hoping Y/N would see what a hero Liam was. “You should really tie those shoelaces, buddy.” 

“Phew!” Stile said, grateful for Liam’s rapid reflexes. “Thanks, bud.” Stiles slapped Liam’s shoulder before kneeling down to tie his shoe.

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mooonbean  asked:

Tfc fashion au?

i know dick about fashion so let’s see where this goes

  • Allison and Nicky are the designers
  • they have really awesome, very different style tastes, but for some reason mixing them together works really well
  • Nicky prefers soft colors, loose materials, thin straps or no straps, and the best parts of his outfits are always the shoes
  • he just generally designs things that remind people of a perpetual casual sunny summer day
  • Allison is more of a bold statement with darker, richer, sharper colors, tight and form-fitting outfits, long sleeves or full-shoulder straps, and she has a perfect eye for accessories
  • she designs things that look business- or press-ready and her outfits are sure to be the most eye-catching in the room
  • they met at a fashion show one time and despite their different styles, they had nothing but praise for each other, and they decided to design an outfit together for a competition or fundraiser or something
  • and then they started working together for Wymack’s fashion company
  • Renee is their really amazing PR/assistant
  • she’s also Allison’s girlfriend and everyone knows and it’s cute as hell
  • she’s fucking fantastic
  • so good
  • very pure
  • but she will kick your fucking ass if you disrespect her girl (or Nicky)
  • (✿◠‿◠)
  • almost everyone else is a model

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Fraxus Week – Day 2: Cuddle

Freed yawned loudly as he awoke to the sun blaring into his eyes from the guild window.

He sat up to quickly scan his surroundings; only to see the Fairy Tail guild with all its members passed out in different locations, no doubt from all the booze and fighting that took place the other night.

Freed then noticed he was the first one awake. He quickly stretched out his sore muscles from sleeping on the hard wooden floor all night and began to pick himself up.

That is until he suddenly realized he was being restrained by his waist. He looked down, surprised, and followed the muscular arm to the body.

He was shocked at who he found.

‘L-Laxus!?’  He screamed in his mind. Blood rushed to Freed’s cheeks.

He slowly but surely attempted to escape the other’s weak hold, knowing that this would only end badly if he stayed locked in his god’s embrace any longer. He was almost completely free when Laxus’ arms constricted tightly around his waist once more, causing Freed to fall back down; his back towards Laxus.

With some struggle, Freed managed to turn himself around.

“Umm, L-Laxus,” He shook the blonde’s shoulder lightly, “Could you, release me? P-please?”

Laxus groaned loudly, not pleased at the attempt of being awoken, and wrapped his arms even tighter around Freed’s slim waist before cuddling closer.

Freed couldn’t help but stare at his crush as the blonde dozed away, not expecting Laxus to be a cuddler. Freed then notice his gelled back hair was beginning to come undone, most of it falling in his face now. He bit his lip and looked around the best he could, making sure he was still the only one awake. Freed then reached up and brushed away the loose bangs that fell in his face, liking the feeling of Laxus rough yet soft blond hair.

He smiled softly at Laxus, wishing that this moment could last forever.

Just then Laxus shifted closer, his nose burrowing itself into green hair. Freed immediately pulled his arm back, hoping Laxus didn’t find out he was practically petting him. Laxus then breathed in then let it out with a long sigh, a smile appeared on his face.


Said mage froze, afraid that he’d gotten caught. But Laxus continued to sleep. Freed let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding.

Freed sighed once more, his head resting against his own arm, wondering to himself what had happened the other night that landed the two in this position.

He smiled, ‘Well whatever it was, I’m glad it happened,’ Freed then closed his eyes once more, ‘Maybe for a few more minutes. Just until I get the signs that Laxus is waking up.’

Meanwhile, Laxus was mentally stopping himself from laughing out loud at his adorable green-haired follower’s internal struggle and cuddled closer, still pretending to be asleep.

‘God, Freed is so cute.’

I’m so sorry, I just wanted to write something for Fraxus week and I ended up with this. Not to mention I completely forgot yesterday…I feel pathetic…This was writing in a timespan of two hours, starting at 1 am.

Hoped someone enjoyed it~