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Oh! Can I ask for headcanons? Ones with Lance getting along with Slav? _(:3 」∠)_ Pretty Please?

Oh boy my two most favorite boys, here we go:

  • Lance let’s Slav be a noodle around his neck, sometimes he loops so Lance doesn’t have to deal with shit rn.
    “Lance, buddy you okay?”
    *muffled voice* Slav: “Lance says he’s currently gone right now, would you like to leave a message? I hear that’s a thing you humans do.”

  • Lance has a few stim toys he kept in his jacket pockets and he shares a few with Slav and they’ll just sit together and use them. Slav likes the fidget cube the best, the little switch cracks him up. So useless yet so much fun. Also helps to calm Slav down when he’s feeling anxious.
  • Lance waits up for him if Slav is having one of his “moments” where a certain iten has to be placed a certain way, while Slav is doing that they both just talk and discuss alternate realities and time travel shenanigans.
  • Lance does face masks for both of them because these boys deserves nice things and deserve to not be stressed for more than 10 minutes
  • They take naps where Slav is a pillow
  • Slav will take naps on Lance where he is just hanging there like a Doctor Who scarf, smacks anyone’s hands away that try and wake him.
  • Lance has done Slav’s nails, and the noodle man likes to tap all of them. He makes pretty good rhythms though