the looks in the movie were sickening

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Oh! If i can get kind of specific, and.. not andriel for once.. (clutches heart i love those boys though) would you be willing to do 34 with jerejean, as like, jeremy introducing jean to the rest of the team maybe?

34: “I’d like to apologize in advance for my crazy family”

He has these serious grey eyes, dull like pebbles blazed by heat. There’s the other stuff too, the broken hitch sideways of his nose, the spidering scars all over, like they’re coming straight from the hurt in his brain. 

Jeremy sees them and tucks his burning questions away for later. There are more important things to notice. Like how Jean has a very pretty mouth, an overfull upper lip that makes him look like he’s perpetually pouting. It matches the frown line that cuts his brow in two.

He’s seen Jean before, for minutes at most, passing ships at Exy banquets, one intense first meeting when Jean was hastily smuggled onto the USC lineup and Jeremy was asked to do some reconnaissance and a cursory meet and greet.

He’d gone to see Jean, carrying a USC sweater he’d stolen from the bin of spares at the court as a peace offering. Jeremy hadn’t been prepared for the single saddest looking person he had ever seen, stripped of the bravado he’d worn at Riko’s side, cut off from some sort of threat but clearly not from the fear. 

Jeremy had pressed the bundle of red and gold into Jean’s hands and Jean had suppressed a jump, worried his torn lip and accepted it gently, gently, as if Jeremy was handing him a bomb for disposal.

Jeremy was nervous, but he fought to scrape the waver from his voice. He’d ignored Jean’s fresh wounds, ignored the look on his face like he was going to get hit or lied to.

They’d spoken briefly about how they’d handle the media, about the superficial scheduling concerns but also the bone-deep concern for Jean’s life that hummed underneath, sickening and obvious. Jeremy was frighteningly aware of the game running adjacent to Exy, always, something deadly eating at their community. The way they were handling Jean’s transfer like it was an illegal exchange of goods, Neil and Kevin in the news with a new bandage every few months, Jean in front of him looking like someone’s make up practice for a horror movie. It was all unmistakable.

And those eyes. He’s worried they’re never going to have anything in them.

They’re on him now, unflinching, and Jean’s less of a twitchy raw wound then he had been that first time the two of them had spoken. Jeremy’s trying to keep his smile pinned up at both sides but he feels like one end keeps sagging. The airport is a streaky spill of reunions and rolled luggage and Jean hoists his single duffle bag and waits for Jeremy to move first.

“How was your flight?” Jeremy asks nervously, trying to steer them out towards the car without getting too close or asking too much.

“How are they usually?”

Jeremy shrugs, offset. “Uhh, I mean. Good or bad is usually the measure. No turbulence and free pudding versus babies and vomit.”

“I don’t like pudding,” Jean says, dead serious, and Jeremy smiles for real.

“Well I like babies, so. It was a flawed example.”

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Just saw King Arthur and the theater was practically EMPTY???!!? Wtf!??!!?!!! This movie was so good you guys, and it’s being torn apart by critics because the lore doesn’t 100% match? *screams frustrations into void* Guy Ritchie took a legend that has been told over and over again for what feels like forever (and let’s be real, it’s been retold so much cause it’s a damn good legend) and put his own unique twist on it.

Personally, I was not going into this movie expecting a word for word reenactment of Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur or even T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. The trailer made it very clear that KA: LotS was going to have a different take on the story. And it was gooooood. Omg! This film was like if Lord of the Rings met Kingsman.

Here are some of my favorite things about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
• The war elephants were just as fantastic and terrifying as I wanted them to be and more!

• The AWE-INDUCING AF Lady of the Lake *heart-eyes*

• The absolutely mesmerizing Sirens (like holy fuck I couldn’t look away they were SO COOL)


• Arthur growing up protecting/respecting women, not because he feels he’s a ~strong man~ who saves ~weak damsels~ and expects a reward for his actions but because he is genuinely sickened by men who disrespect women. Because he was raised by women and *gasp* sees them as *GASP!* people?? Revolutionary.


• How the sword got stuck in the stone!!!! So cool, what a concept, I love it!

• The ANIMALS and the Mage working with nature and all the imagery and the SNAKES!!!

• I legit cried when the Round Table was revealed like holy shit yeessssss.

• Excalibur is a literal powerhouse and we finally get see what it can do!

• The acting was top notch! (Jude Law gave me chills as King Vortigern)

• The soundtrack fed my SOUL hell yes!!!! So good.

• The fight choreography, with an *appropriate* use of slow-mo, gave me life!

• The story telling!!! Like, yes Guy Ritchie’s way of telling the story of King Arthur is amazing but I’m talking about the particular way the *characters* told stories *in the movie* like w.h.o.a. So awesome!!

• The cinematography! I couldn’t go two seconds without coming across a shot that I NEED as my TV and Computer background.

• The special effects. Have I talked about the animals and the MAGE AND THE LADY OF THE LAKE AND THE SIRENS AND EXCALIBUR AND THE COLORS AAAAHHHHHHHH

• The story line. Honestly, screw the critics for giving this film a bad review just because it didn’t stick the legend. IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO! They took the Legend of King Arthur and built off it to tell their own story and it was sooo gooodd!!

• The camera work!!! Omg the camera work!!! Hot damn.

I will say that I was disappointed in how the film fell into the trope of hurting and killing women as a means to motivate the male lead. That wasn’t cool. It has literally everything else going for it, but they tripped up here. This motivation device is used too often in all forms of media, and honestly I’m sick of it.

But! That was the only flaw I could find after one viewing, and the rest of the movie was phenomenal.
Please go see this movie!

Okay real quick! There’s something else about this movie that I LOVED SO MUCH but I’m not sure if it is considered a spoiler. It’s a bit more specific than the bullet points so to be safe, I’ve put it under the cut here. 

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~Warning // Pt. 5~ (Hamilsquad X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! This took forever, I’m sorry! Enjoy!

T/W: Implied rape, Thomas is a total and unforgivable douche

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Pt 1 Pt 2  Pt 3  Pt 4  Pt 5

Thomas loved you.

Maybe he didn’t tell you daily, but he still said it. You had missed the words so much; it almost hurt to hear them. Your boys In your past relationship, they had never said it the way Thomas did, and that made you somewhat angry.

Why did they say it all the time? Thomas said it lost meaning. Why didn’t they say it as much after sex or when you cooked meals? Thomas said those were the most important times. Why did they say it after you did something wrong? Thomas said you didn’t deserve that, and hit you for it usually.

Thomas’ love was different – more correct. More… Right.

Nothing Thomas did would ever be wrong, and you knew that. With your boys Your past relationships had all been false – that’s what he said – that not many people really knew how relationships worked.

But he did.

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Do I wanna know? (Part 1)

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(A/N Someone requested a Taemin stripper fic. I hope this is somewhat what you imagined. It’s inspired by the Arctic Monkeys song ‘Do I wanna know?’ It was also getting super long so a part 2 will be coming for this. Mentions of smut, part 2 will be smut.) 

You hadn’t uttered a word to Lee Taemin since he revealed his secret, his job on the side. Just thinking about the moment he told you made you feel sick and you couldn’t control your intense jealousy.

“I’m an adult entertainer…a stripper, (Y/N).” 

 Just when you thought he was all yours, he revealed he acts so sexy not just in front of you but in a room full of horny women, gawking at him and touching him on his stunning athletic body. Though he said it like he regretted it, through embarrassed eyes and a sigh of defeat, you didn’t know what to do or how to handle the news so you began to run away, out of his apartment. 

“Jagiya, wait! I’m sorry!” 

He cried after you, grabbing hold of your hand to try and pull you back to him but you yanked your hand out of his, feeling your heart break more by the second and as you ran home, tears trickling from your already tired eyes. 

After a month, he’d given up on calling you, texting you, asking your friends to convince you to let him talk to you. Every night, it killed you to know that while you were curled up on your sofa eating ice cream, he was peeling his shirt off and moving to the beat of the music, practically ghost fucking his audience. As much as you hated yourself for it, you missed him, a lot. You missed his excited smile when you turned up at his door, the way he’d hold you almost too tightly when you watched movies together and, how mesmerising it was when his clothes dropped to the floor at the end of the night. Knowing where he worked teased your mind cruelly. Sometimes, you were tempted to go there and spy on him, even though you knew it would crush you to see other girls pouncing on him. Well, on that particular night, you just wanted one last look at the man you thought was the one. 

Already, you felt sickened by the amount of screaming girls waiting around the stage for your ex, crying out and chanting his name like he was theirs. You sighed; he wasn’t yours anymore. Thankfully, you were calmed by the alcohol in your hand. You knew you couldn’t do anything like this sober. As the lights dimmed, you inwardly braced yourself for the heart ache. Hearing his name be announced, you leaned back against the bar, wanting to stay in the darkness while you watched him perform. The lights on the stage beamed as he strutted on like a true performer, confident, oozing sex appeal. You wondered if anything he showed to you was real, or was it just him being a stripper all along. Within seconds, money was being thrown at the gorgeous man as he moved his hips to the music, biting his lip, grabbing his crotch like he owned the place. The cries from the girls watching him were almost deafening. It was a harsh blow, watching them throw money in his face like he was the object of lust. He grabbed the notes from them and ran them down his chest like it was a towel wiping up his sweat. Your feelings were in a frenzy, giving you a migraine. You couldn’t understand the feelings of anger, sadness, love and an odd sort of arousal. All you knew what that your eyes were glued to him and the way he moved. Taking another sip of your drink, he was getting more and more naked before your eyes until he was just left in extremely tight fitting black boxer shorts, showing off his large, thick package. Quietly, you groaned; you remembered that weapon very well. There was one thing that you noticed and that was, even though he got all up in women’s faces and let them touch him all over, he never touched them. You saw his face get uncomfortable when he was encouraged to touch them back, pretending he never heard the request. The thought lurked in your mind: 

‘did he still love you?’ 

You were jumped back to your surroundings by the DJ announcing that a lucky lady was going to be picked to have a special dance by Taemin and everyone was going crazy, waving their arms and screaming ‘Me! Pick me!’ Spotlights flashed around the room in a pace that made you nauseous yet your eyes followed it, wanting to know which girl was going to get close with your ex; you already felt your anger bubbling within you. Placing your glass down in defeat, you accepted that this was too much. You couldn’t bare to see anyone’s face in Taemins crotch or vice versa but just as you were about to leave, you heard Taemin’s voice through the mic. 

“Her! I choose her.” 

You didn’t have to turn around to know that he meant you; he wanted to dance for you. The bar staff were urging you to turn around and go to the stage but you kept shaking your head in embarrassment. 

Taemin must have asked his colleagues to go and get you as you were grabbed by two insanely handsome, topless men, lifted from your feet and carried to Taemin despite your pleading. There was a chair in the centre of the stage, the star of the show and you were dropped on to it, face to face with Taemin who gazed at you with starry eyes the way he always did. Once more, the lights dimmed; you were glued still, anxious of what was to come. The heavy bass, slow yet sexual music began to play and Taemin was lit up, walking seductively towards you. 

“We need to talk.” 

He uttered just loudly enough so you could hear him. You gulped, shaking your head no. 


He hissed before grabbing the chair by the legs, yanking it and you closer to him. You gasped with the sudden movement, your face at eye level with Taemins prominent bulge. Sensually, he took your hand and ran it up his glistening torso, making your heart race dangerously fast. You felt your skin heating up, your cheeks practically setting on fire. He never took his eyes off you as he thrust his hips towards your face before getting on his knees, taking your legs and powerfully forcing them apart. Your pulse refused to calm down. He grabbed your thighs and pulled you forwards, your back sliding down the chair before brushing his plump lips across your crotch, mimicking the way he’d lick your pussy painfully slow when he took you to bed. Instantly, you felt a tingling feeling in your womanhood that began to send adrenaline through your whole body. Suddenly, you were being taken off the chair and pushed on all fours, feeling Taemins erection dig in to your behind as he pretended to fuck you doggy style, his fingertips digging in to the flesh of your hips. Roughly, he grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, causing a groan to escape your mouth and wetness sink in to the fabric of your panties. 

“I’m taking you home with me tonight. We’re going to talk things out before I fuck you senseless for leaving me. Understand baby?” 

It was meant to be a question but you understood it was a statement and you had no choice but to obey. Your body wouldn’t let you do anything else but what he wanted as by this point, you were eating out of his hand, crawling back to him. 

maybe in another life

Steve/Tony, MCU, post-Infinity War, major angst.
Warnings for character death and mental illness.

When Steve thought back to that day, he memories felt unreal, as if he were watching a movie about someone else’s life.

He’d seen Thanos grab Tony by the neck. He heard the tortured wrenching of the armor even over the sounds of the battle. Thanos had looked down at Tony with a distasteful grimace and tossed him aside with no more consideration than if he were swatting a fly.

Steve had seen Tony flying through the air, impacting a concrete wall hard enough to smash it, heard the sickening screech as rubble and debris rained down on top of him.

He vaguely remembered sprinting towards the pile, throwing chunks of concrete and metal aside, digging until his knuckles bled and stuck to the inside of his gloves.

But mostly he remembered that when he found Tony, his armor was split by deep, ugly gashes and the ground beneath his body was stained crimson.

The arc reactor had sputtered and gone dim, and when he ripped the faceplate off the suit, Tony’s eyes were blank and vacant, staring at nothing. He wasn’t breathing.

He’d heard someone yelling, then realized it was him. The sounds of battle faded into the background as he stared in horror at the crushed shell of Tony’s armor lying in a pool of blood.

It might have been hours later that he felt a hand on his shoulder. The streets around them were quiet and it was dark. “Steve,” Natasha said, wiping her eyes on her sleeve, “He’s gone, Steve.”

No, Steve decided. No, he would not accept this. Not when they had finally managed to mend the rift between them, to start trusting each other and working together again. Not when they had only just found their way back to each other.

He was going to save Tony. He was Captain America, and saving people was what he did.

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Games pt 2

Crowley x Reader

A/N: This is the second installment to Games, which can be found HERE!

Word Count: 3900+

 Warnings: Language, smut, and all the angst. That’s it I think. Enjoy!

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It was fun while it lasted. You were indeed the best game I have ever conquered.

Yours truly,


 You read the words over and over and over. Each syllable breaking down as you continued to read it. You tried to find hidden meanings laced throughout the words, but you only failed at doing so.

 You were a game.

 Your teeth clenched down on the supple flesh that was your bottom lip, a feeble attempt at keeping it from quivering. You choked back the dry lump that had formed at the base of your throat. Why waste tears on Crowley when you had already wasted so much time? Invested so much energy? Had many conversations with the Winchester’s on exactly why getting involved with Crowley wouldn’t be a bad idea.

 You crumpled the note in your hand, tossing it as far away from you as possible. You suddenly felt dirty. The disgusting feeling of been used and thrown away felt like it was radiating off of your skin. When you looked down at your hands all you could imagine was the way that they had clutched his suit jacket. As you finer brushed your lower, swollen lip, you could only imagine the way that his own lips had pressed so eagerly, so tenderly, so lovingly to you own lips.

 You sat down on your bed, your elbows resting on your knees as you held your head in your hands. You ran your hands through your hair, trying to suppress the anger that had built up inside your chest. How fucking dare he?

 You should have listened.

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Imagine being Scott’s girlfriend and having a really fluffy nickname for him like ‘Puppy’ and accidentally calling him that when hanging out with Stiles and Stiles gets a real kick out of it, never letting him live it down.

——— Request for anon ———

You couldn’t help it, he was just so cute sometimes, and the name just seemed to stick whenever the two of you were alone together. His lips would quirk up, thinking you were cute for calling him that. But you’d never said it in front of anyone else before, and it had just slipped out on accident when Scott had popped in the movie you were all watching together.

You’d reached up, motioning for him to sit in front of you, “Come here, Puppy.” He hadn’t realized you’d said it either until he’d knelt down beside you and nestled into your embrace, both of you oblivious to the highly amused look on Stiles’ face.

“’Puppy?’” he snorts, and you watch as Scott snaps towards Stiles, realizing in the same moment you were, that you’d just used the endearment. Stiles starts laughing, teasing the two of you with, “Wow, you guys are so ridiculously fluffy together it’s almost sickening. I’m never letting you live this down! Ha! ‘Puppy!’”

all yours | jungkook

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“____, come get in the hot tub with us.”

Jungkook stood at the doorway with the water from his clothes dripping onto the floor. His hair was flat against his head with the droplets running down his face.

“Nah i’m fine Kookie but thanks for the offer.” Your eyes verted from his chest that was prominent through the soaking shirt. He was getting bigger and you was so in love with the enchantments. You bit your lip when he smiled with an ‘okay’ before leaving back out to the rest of the boys. 

Fuck, why did you like him so much?

You jogged back to your room and picked up your phone, face timing your best friend. “Um yeaaas love?” Her voice echoed around the quiet room. 

 You smiled, “I’m bored boo.”

“Go suck Jungkook dry then.” She said nonchalantly without even looking in the screen and doing whatever else she was doing. You laughed and covered your face before taking them down.

“Yeah, no thanks.”

“Where is he anyways?”

“Outside. Him and the boys are enjoying my hot tub.”

“Get in that hot tub! Get me a rub in on Taehyung for me.” She smirked.

“Taehyung doesn’t want a bum like you.” You joked but your best friend face went straight and hung up. 

That was hilarious to you though.

After much debate you threw on a t shirt and mini shorts just so you would feel comfortable around 7 guys.

“Ayeee there she is!” Hoseok grinned.

You smiled and climbed into the hot tub, taking a seat next to Jimin and Jungkook. Taehyung splashed water in your face and made you struggle just to chill. You wiped your face and pulled the wet strings of hair behind your ear.

“Tae stop!” You giggled and lightly splashed water back in his direction.

 Taehyung smiled at you before shaking his head and turning his head to talk back to Hoseok. You could feel someone soft hand touch your thigh. You looked to your side to see Jungkook looking at you already. You grabbed his hand and pushed it away with a shy smile. Everybody was talking and playing around but at that present time it felt like it was just you and him.

Jungkook moved closer to you. “Why are you acting so shy?” He whispered so only you could here. He dipped his head closer to your face. 

You shrugged, “I don’t know…”

“Look at me.” 

You looked up at him. His eyes was reflecting off the sunset.

“Yes Jungkook?”

“You look cute.” He smiled.

 You giggled, “So do you.”

“I know.” He smirked and placed his hand back on your thigh. You scoffed and rolled your eyes.

“You two are sickening.” Yoongi inputted in his opinion. 


 You stepped out the shower and got yourself together to go watch a movie with the boys. After drying your body and putting clothes and lotion on, you grabbed your phone off the dresser and walked out the room. You could hear the TV blasting some kind of action movie. The boys were sprawled out over your big couch and floor with covers and pillows everywhere. There was light snoring coming from Namjoon’s mouth and you smiled before turning off the TV. 

You didn’t see Jungkook anywhere in the bunch and was confused. “Where is he?” You whispered to yourself. 

You pondered on the question while going to turn off the lights for the sleeping boys. “He’s in the guest room,” Taehyung mumbled before turning his head deep into the covers.

You lightly jumped at his voice and quickly tip toed out of their way. You bit your lip while standing at your bedroom door. Should you go in there?

Yeah, you should.

Walking down to the room he was in, you opened the door and saw him laying underneath the covers. You turned to close the door back. You made your way over to the other side of the bed and lightly sat on the bed.

“Kookie…” You whispered and shook his arm lightly.

He groaned and turned towards you but was still sleeping with his mouth open just a little. You pulled the sheets up and climbed underneath and moved closer to him. Your body was heating up at the fact you was actually bold enough to do this. His arms wrapped around your frame and you looked up to see his eyes in yours. You looked down blushing and snuggled closer to his warm body.



“Look up for me,”

You looked up to Jungkook leaning down to leave his lips on yours. You leaned in more and kissed him back, heart starting to tingle from his soft lips. He parted from your lips and worked his way down your neck. He slowly moved on top of you and pulled down the pink tank top down just enough to leave little love marks over your chest and neck.

“Jungkook,” Your breathing was heavy.

He hummed and trailed his lips from your chest up to your cheek, leaving pecks over and over. You grabbed the sides of his face and pulled his face down to leave a sensual kiss.

“You’re killing me babe.” Jungkook moaned after pulling away from you.

“Babe?” A huge smile started to come over your face but you tired so hard to fight it.

Jungkook noticed and laughed, “I wouldn’t be doing this if you wasn’t my girl.” Your smile finally had finally over your face and you wrapped your arms around his neck before pulling him all the way down onto you.

“I’m your girrrl, your only girrrl!” You sing songed in his ear.

He chuckled into your neck and got comfortable on top of you. “Yeah you are. My only girl.”

 —  kay 💓 idk what this is but i love jungkook omfg

Downward Spiral

Fandom: Law and Order: SVU

Pairing: Rafael Barba x Reader

Words: 1462

As requested by  @kjs-s :Hi if you will write from the prompt list could you do this one “I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.” with Barba please? Thank you.

You were always insecure about yourself. You never felt right in your own skin. But when you met Rafael, you felt whole. You felt sure. You felt loved.

He always reminded you of how beautiful you were to him, that you were his angel, his life, his love. He always made sure that you knew how much he loved you, especially on days when you felt like shit. Which today would be one of those days.

As soon as you woke up, you knew your day was going to be bad. You felt it. You stomach was turning in anticipation wondering what was going to go wrong today. You took out your phone from the pocket of your sweats and texted Rafael.

You: I’m feeling crappy today.

Rafi: Another bad day?

You: I just woke up feeling like something bad was going to happen. So now I’m in a crappy mood.

Rafi: I’ll try my best to come early, carino. I’ll pick up your favorite food and a movie. We can cuddle too.

You: Can crime just stop for a couple of days just so you can be here with me?

Rafi: If only that were possible, mi vida.

Rafi: By the way, you look beautiful.

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A Look Back At Rebellion

After many months, I have reached a conclusion to the preparation of my statement in regards to Rebellion.

To the fandom, you wanted the yuri subtext in the show to surface, and it did. You pressured the creators of the series to include it. And while Kyosaya was popular (And turned out good actually), you guys pushed the most for MadoHomu.

You got it. And things went horribly right.

We all were saddened by the fact that Madoka gave up existing to bring hope to magical girls. I, however, accepted that such a sacrifice was necessary. Many others, though, wanted Madoka to come down.

Homura did just that.

And she became Satan.

And we as fans forgot a key message of the series.

Be careful what you wish for.

Instead of pandering to the fans, the creators of the series decided to make the movie one giant “take that, fandom.” And look where we are now. We have people fighting over whether Homura did something wrong, and MadoHomu lost a LOT of fans who were sickened and appalled by Homura’s unhealthy obsession over Madoka, some because of past experiences in real life.

To any other fandom reading this, be VERY careful about what you wish for in your series’. You might just end up like the fandom described above.

Demon Distractions (Dean Winchester)

Pairings: Demon! Dean x Reader


Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, rough sex, blood, character death, swearing

Word Count: 1324

Summary: Its your job to distract Demon Dean until Sam and Cas show up, however your methods are…unusual.

My tongue pressed against the bulging vein in his neck, his arms straining against the binds holding him down as I licked his sweat soaked skin; my eyes dropping closed in pleasure, the saltiness lingering on my lips.
My hands were splayed across his bare chest, nails gently scraping across each of his erect nipples; enjoying the way he was writhing underneath me, his breathing low and heavy, onyx black eyes shining brightly in the dim light.
I peeked up at him from under my lashes, sucking my bottom lip between my teeth, giving his nipples a hard pinch. His expression was murderous, dark and twisted; there was nothing safe about the way he was looking at me and in the back of my mind I realized I should have been scared; huddled in the corner somewhere, praying that he wouldn’t hurt me. However that part of me was being quickly overruled, my body responding to him in ways I hadn’t had time to think about.

I studied his features as I straddled his hips, my eyes tracing the familiar angles of his face but seeing nothing that I recognized, seeing nothing of the selfless man he used to be. I bent down closer to his face, nipping harshly on his ear lobe, smirking as he growled loudly, straining harder.
“Your playing a dangerous game y/n” He murmured; his voice gravelly.
I leaned back to look at him fully, watching the varying emotions playing across his face; from lust to hunger to rage and back to lust; my heart rate picking up the longer I watched him.
“You’re not so dangerous tied down though are you?” I breathed back.
His arm muscles flexed tightly, the rope beginning to cut into the skin of his wrists.

I moved my hands from his chest, threading them through his light coloured hair, pulling on the short strands; a moaned curse slipping through his lips as I brushed my mouth over the hollow of his neck, grinding my hips down, feeling his erection straining through his pants.
I slipped down between his legs, kneeling in front of him as I reached for the button on his jeans, my confidence wavering slightly as I pulled his zipper down.
It wasn’t like I hadn’t been with him before, I knew every part of his body; where to bite and suck, where his sensitive parts were, which areas made him moan, made him writher. No, none of that was what worried me; it was the unpredictability of what the demon side of him might do, the unsure thoughts coursing through my system of letting myself become so vulnerable.
Of course with all the teasing I had already done I couldn’t stop now, wouldn’t stop now.

Just as his thick cock slapped against his stomach I looked back up to his face, startled to find the stunning candy apple green eyes I had fallen in love with, his pupils wide as he stared back at me. With a thick gulp I swallowed my anxiety, reaching out to grasp his shaft, pumping slowly along the length, my thumb running through the pre cum leaking from his tip, using it to lube his skin as I stroked him.
A hiss of curses flew from his mouth as he threw his head back, his forehead beading with sweat, causing some of his hair to stick.
The throbbing of my own arousal only spurring on my ministrations, my hand slowing to a gentle pace as I placed my lips over his head, the taste of him bringing a groan from my throat, the vibrations making him twitch in my mouth. Hollowing my cheeks I bobbed teasingly, lowering myself over him agonizingly slow, committing each of his inches into my memory.
I knew he was close by the way he tightened underneath me, each of his muscles tensing just before his release. With a wet pop I let him go, my own chest heaving with arousal.

Around each of his wrists was a ring of red, a small amount of blood soaking into the rough twine, his nails biting into each of the chair arms, scratch marks appearing in the old wood.
Taking hold of his face I kissed him hard, my tongue pushing into his mouth, letting him taste himself.
Stripping off my own clothes I moved back to his lap, running him through my folds a few times before sinking down on to him, my legs tightening around his hips when he was fully seated inside of me; his size stretching my walls completely, leaving me feeling absolutely full.
“Move” He hissed after a moment, his head falling down onto my collarbone, his hot breath fanning across my skin.
Gripping his shoulders I lifted myself, slamming back onto him roughly, both of us moaning each other’s names as I repeated the movement.  
“Oh god” I whimpered, “Dean”
He growled back, suckling against my breast, rolling the nipple between his teeth while using his tongue to tease the sensitive bud, my soft cries filling the room. He was relentless in his actions, making up for having no hands; sucking hard until my breast had a slight bruise around the nipple, his saliva cooling in the night air.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, rolling my hips faster as I felt the edge approach, the tightening coil in my stomach about to break.
“Faster!” Dean growled, his cheeks flushed bright red, his teeth clenched and eyes closed.

A second later and I screamed out his name, my orgasm rocketing through me, my walls clenching around his member, milking out his own high; the warmth of his seed spilling into me prolonging my euphoria. When I looked at him I almost jumped back, staring deep into those lifeless eyes and admitting for the first time tonight that this wasn’t my Dean anymore, this thing was so far from the man that I had loved.

Once my breath had come back I pulled myself off him, grabbing my pants off the floor and tugging them back on, turning my back on him; leaning against the table. My hands were shaking uncontrollably, a few tears rolling down my cheeks.
I was about to turn back to him when I felt something press into my back, the sharp point digging painfully against the small hollow in my spine. I shuddered when his arm wound around my waist, tugging me back against him.
“What have I always told you about turning your back on monsters?” He hissed into my ear, pressing the blade tighter against my skin. “You never know when they’ll escape you know”
“It doesn’t matter” I replied quietly, already knowing what he was going to do once he found out, “I only needed to hold you here for long enough until Sam and Cas could get here”
I closed my eyes, taking a breath and imagining the way Dean used to be; everything from his smile, laugh and the small crinkles around his eyes, remembering the way he looked when fixing baby, or the way he nuzzled his nose into my hair every time we watched a movie; his excitement whenever I made him pie or simply the way he teased Sam at every chance he got.
Those were the last thoughts I had before I felt the blade pierce my skin, the sudden intrusion causing my breath to falter.

Dean held me tight as I faded, my blood running down the both of us, pooling onto the floor in a sickening red puddle. Black spots swam across my vision, a loud buzzing drowning out every other noise.
I focused on the new voice for a second, recognizing Sam’s voice anywhere. Dean’s weight disappeared, leaving me cold and alone; falling to my knees and hands, shaking with the air I couldn’t get into my lungs.
“I love you Dean” I murmured, falling into the darkness fully.

Submit Anon: Phoenix vs Britannia: Stalker From Hell
I think I’ll tell the tale of someone who is a thorn in my side to this day.  He was king of the weebs, and dreamed of becoming, well, an ace attorney.  And becoming Lelouch/Zero from Code Geass.  …And apparently devoting his life to ruining mine.  As much as I’d like to spread his name around the Internet as much as he did mine, I’ll call him A.

This story begins some years ago into today, so it might be a little lengthy.

Every school has its weeaboos, and my school was definitely not an exception to this.  I entered high school a totally normal freshman, having just grown out of my weeaboo/wapanese phase of middle school days.  I was still into anime but I had gotten into other things as well, and I mostly kept my passions to myself.  I was a quiet, artistic girl who played tennis and liked to occasionally watch an episode of Naruto, but my life never revolved around it.

During an art class a classmate saw my anime-ish art style and suggested I join the school’s anime club.  I joined because I didn’t have much better to do, not knowing it would be a huge mistake.  I walked into the room and locked eyes with a senior boy, who at the time, I thought was pretty cute.  I learned later that his name was A and that he was the president of the anime club.

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Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow.

It has taken me months to do this, but I am finally ready to put my thoughts into words.
After seeing Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” in the cinema, I wanted to rush home immediately and write a review, expressing my love for the movie and explaining why I believe that this interpretation is truly a brilliant modern reinvention of the character. But instead I came home and read several reviews and was utterly disheartened and sickened at the ignorance, impatience and idiocy I found in these articles. 

I remember a time when a critic actually watched a movie and gave a balanced account of what they had seen, whilst expressing their own opinion on the matter with grace. Instead, what I read (and I read a large number) were just petty, closed-minded fanboys that refused to look past what they were comfortable with and professional critics who seemed to see the film, but not watch it. 

I’m not saying that all moviegoers need to analyse and scrutinise movies frame for frame, I’m not even saying that you need to pay a great deal of attention, but if your job requires you to specifically do that, then I damn well expect you to do it.

But that’s only the critics I’m talking about there. Let me now address the comic book writers and artists who expressed their views. Many of them having actually worked on the character. Notably, Mark Waid. 

Waid is a writer that I respect and admire greatly. His work on Superman is actually my favourite to date. Superman: Birthright is the ultimate Superman origin, in my opinion. It is a perfect testament to the spirit of the character with a brilliantly logical and amazingly paced story. I worked at a comic book store for half a decade and whenever I was asked to recommend a Superman title, it was always this. It’s great and you should go buy it now. 

Waid also wrote a wonderful series called Irredeemable. It is essentially an Elseworld Superman story, but published by Boom! Studios. It detailed the mental breakdown and complete descent into madness of a Superman style character called The Plutonian. I won’t spoil the story, but it is an incredibly brutal and horrific tale that culminates in an excellent and poetic ending that gave me shivers. 

So when the man who wrote these impeccable Superman stories published his review, it was my first port of call and I was so disappointed to read what I read. How could the man who reinvented Superman (twice, technically) really feel so strongly against “Man of Steel”?

Now, I totally agree that this movie isn’t perfect. If I’m honest, it is not the Superman story I would have written. But that’s the problem. I’m so fixated on the character and his history that I’d have just ended up rehashing a story I loved or mixing and matching my favourite bits of many stories into one story. This is what most writers would have done and I’m pretty sure that if they did, this movie would have failed completely. It would have been either a bloated, fanboy pleasing homage to the comics and not a rounded, logical story, or it would have been a camp and colourful homage to Richard Donner’s Superman and it’s sequels (much like the infuriatingly tame and often tongue in cheek disappointment that was Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”).

I think in order to really understand this movie, we need to address the major concerns that viewers had with the movie.

1. There was not enough character development.

2. The supporting characters didn’t get enough screen time.

3. There was too much action and destruction.

4. Superman was too human.

5. Superman and Lois have their first romantic scene in the wake of mass destruction.

6. Superman kills Zod…

In front of children.

The only thing there that I genuinely agree was a problem is number 2. The supporting characters didn’t get as much screen time as they deserved. But on the other hand, this is the first movie in what was clearly being established as a series. So who cares? We’ll see them when we need to and let’s not forget, this movie was about Superman. Establishing who he is, what he can do and why he does it.

So let’s think about this - We see Clark as a child struggle with his abilities and we see Clark almost expose his abilities around this time. His father tells him that the world ins’t ready and Clark trusts him so much that he lets his father die rather than expose himself. We see the toll this takes on Clark and the fact that he clearly considers this inaction as a mistake, but he understands what his father meant and trusts that he meant only to protect his son from the potential horrors he may face if the world knew how different he was. We then see Clark discover his history and learn this potential. We then see him try to control his abilities, something he has great difficulty with, but which he is clearly capable of honing in time. He is then thrust almost immediately into battle with people as strong as he is, who also happen to be highly trained soldiers of his lost world. He has only just taken his first baby steps and is forced to run. He is only peripherally aware at this point just how powerful he really is. In a fit of very human rage, whilst protecting his mother, he causes some pretty major destruction. From that point on, the destruction element is almost entirely out of his hands. He is only one Kryptonian against many. He is unrefined and out of his element. So of course, there would be destruction and lots of it. There would not be any time to prevent buildings from falling and it would be impossible to save everybody whilst simultaneously holding back the attacks of these enemies who mean to harm him and the planet around them. 

To me this took absolutely no concentration to understand and accept. It makes perfect sense that at this point, he has no idea what the hell to do and what measures he would need to take. He is punching blind, because it’s the best he can do. 

So then the Kryptonians set their terraforming World Engine into motion. Ad they are above Metropolis when they start this, Metropolis takes the hit. On this side of the planet, Superman is literally powerless to do anything about this, so he flies around the globe and pushes himself to his limits to destroy a machine that is weakening him every moment he is near it. He wins and on the other side of the globe, Dr Hamilton and Lois Lane get the phantom zone up and running and are willing to sacrifice themselves to send the Kryptonians into it. Lois survives by the kind of happy coincidence that makes movies what they are and then in the wake of all the destruction, she and Clark kiss each other. This bothered some people and to those people I say, get real. Do you think that in the wake of tragedy people do not embrace? Do you think that when surrounded by death, people will not do something impulsive to affirm their life? The only problem with that scene was the dialogue shared between the two after the kiss. It was awkward and goofy. But hang on… Clark Kent is supposed to be a little bit awkward and goofy. So that’s really not a big deal.

The big deal is the following battle. Zod is not in the phantom zone and now there is nowhere to put him. So Superman has only one option - 


So they fight. Zod is clearly a hell of a lot better at this than Superman, but Clark has had his whole life to adjust to Earth, so what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in experience and will-power. There’s more destruction, but at this point you will notice that Clark is more focused and is ducking and weaving far more, because he has one goal now and this is something he has more hope of handling. 

The fight goes on for a while and I admit, it does feel a little too long. Then they crash into a train station and Zod threatens to kill the people there. He uses his heat vision while Superman has him in a headlock. Now imagine you have somebody in a headlock and they’re stronger than you are. He can’t just pick him up and fly him to the moon, because one way or the other, the moment Zod is out of his grip, the fight just goes on and on and on until who knows when? Would they even get tired? One way or another, this fight ends with one of their deaths. It is the only reasonable way for this struggle to end. Clark begs him to stop, because it’s all he can do. Zod won’t stop, of course he won’t, he no longer has anything to lose and only wishes to destroy.Clark could cover Zods eyes maybe? But the moment his grip is loosened Zod kills the children and most likely escapes. Fight continues. Maybe he could lift Zod out of the building? But Zod is stronger, we see Superman tug on him, Zod’s going nowhere. 

So then comes the only viable option. Twist hard and twist quick. End it or let the children die. 

So he does it. He kills Zod. And with the amazing acting abilities of Henry Cavill, we instantly see the massive emotional toll that this takes on Superman. He had no choice. It was Zod’s death or more innocent death. Who would do any different? Or is that the problem? Do the viewers want a fantasy where every problem has a clear diplomatic solution? Are people really that naive? 

I am a huge Superman fan. I adore the character through bad and good, because I believe that he stands for the best in us regardless of where he comes from and what he can do. But being the best of us, does not mean being better than us. To make Superman relatable he needed to learn hard lessons the hard way. 

We are going to see more movies with this character now and it is totally moronic to just assume that this Godlike creature would not kill for no reason. He now understands the cost. He knows exactly why he needs to better himself and consider options. He has learned the importance of being prepared. But most importantly, he has learned that when faced with a terrible choice for the greater good, he must always do what is necessary.

It makes sense in a comic book, because the colourful pictures give you a soft detachment from reality that allows you to accept that a falling building can be caught in one piece by a single man, or that there is an impenetrable prison somewhere that could house a creature capable of cracking a planet in two. But nobody accepts these things in film anymore. You need to have an understanding of reality to make unreality more tangible. 

The character needed a reinvention that made him more human and relatable. People have been begging for specifically that for a long time and Zack Snyder and David Goyer really have delivered that. Keep in mind that this is only the beginning. Just because he killed once, doesn’t mean that he will kill again. Soldiers don’t generally come home from war and shoot anybody that crosses them, many are traumatised for life and learn to value life in a way they never would have previously considered. 

As for the children watching Superman kill Zod. I believe Brian Michael Bendis commented on how much he disliked this. But come on… really? If a child knows he is about to be killed and someone swoops in and kills their attacker, do you really think that the child would hold that against the hero? That child and his family are now alive. They have seen a terrible thing, but at least they are alive to comfort each other in the aftermath of tragedy as opposed to being another mark on the death toll. 

So what have I detailed there? The character development was clear and didn’t choke up a superhero movie with too much human drama, which could easily have been the case. Then we addressed the necessity of the destruction to explain his lack of skill and need to learn. This also covers the need to kill the villain in front of children, as it gives the character more depth for future stories and will act as an explanation for him trying harder and being a better example. Superman was very human, but anything less and we’d be back to square one with an un-relatable, too-powerful God-creature instead of a hero. The kiss made sense, even if the dialogue was a little corny. Most importantly, whether or not the story was nice, it all made sense. Stop condemning the story because you read in a comic that Superman doesn’t kill and consider that just because he doesn’t, that doesn’t mean he never will. There have been many Elseworld stories where he has been lethal and in those cases, it was purely to shock and make him “edgy” and had nothing to do with logic or proper storytelling. 

But analysis aside, why does everybody condemn this story for having the hero kill the villain when nobody batted an eyelid at the complete and utter hypocrisy of the Dark Knight Trilogy? Don’t get me wrong, I love those movies and will defend them for all that is wrong with them as I have defended this, but look back at Batman Begins. In that movie, Batman doesn’t kill the villain, but lets him die. Willingly, completely consciously, lets the villain die. A villain who is only a man. A man that could be incarcerated in a prison or otherwise immobilised temporarily. This is a very non-Batman thing to do, but we let it slide because it made sense and because it’s Batman, right? He’s dark and mean and kind of unhinged, so yeah, why not let Batman be totally heartless and let a man die? 
Like in The Dark Knight, when homicidal lunatic, chaotic terrorist and all around criminal genius The Joker falls from a building and dies.

Except he didn’t. Because Batman saves his life. And why? Because life is precious? No. To prove a point. To prove that he isn’t as bad as The Joker. He would rather let a complete monster live in order to prove a point TO THAT MONSTER than just let him die and never have to deal with him again. Keep in mind, this is not a terrorist who is an idealist that truly believes his actions will help build a better world, like R’as Al Ghul. This is The Joker, a man who WANTS the world to be a chaotic and hideous place.

But Superman killing a man who could destroy the planet in a moment of extreme pressure and with only seconds to spare? No, that’s just stupid.

Now I’ve explained myself enough, I think. I may not change anybody’s opinion on the movie and that’s fine. I just want people to actually think about what they’re watching before they open their mouths. Stop screaming “BUT SUPERMAN WOULDN’T DO THAT!” because it’s ridiculous. He’s a fictional character that has needed to be adjusted for decades and Snyder and Goyer did it. They really have made a Superman for the modern generation and good for them! And good for us. Maybe now we can look at out heroes and understand their struggles a little better. Maybe now we can put away our ideals of a goody-two-shoes boy scout who is always there to save the day and open our minds to a more human and realistic character that messes up sometimes. Who is incredible, but far from perfect. Because that’s what “Man of Steel” is; Incredible, but far from perfect. 

I have watched it repeatedly now, trying to feel what other people feel, thinking that I was biased and closed minded. I respect every negative criticism, because on the surface, they’re fair. But just think about why these things were done for just a little while. Join the dots and see the bigger picture. Zack and David, like Superman himself, did the right thing.

Despite it’s flaws, and it does have many, “Man of Steel” was a sigh of relief for me. It was a genuinely great, new and original take on a character that I love dearly but who had long been stale and far too tame. It had astounding action and visuals all the way through and was completely gripping. Although I would have liked to have seen more of Lois Lane and her relationship with Clark/Superman, I think what we got was wonderful. Amy Adams has a natural charm that makes her cute and likeable, but she shows a lot of backbone and strength that gives her the perfect balance to play Lois Lane. It would have been nice to see the Daily Planet staff a little more, but given that the story ends with Clark getting a job there, I’m sure we will see plenty of that in the future. Michael Shannon was a phenomenal Zod. He brought all the piousness and righteous insanity from Boardwalk Empire and gave the role a wild and almost Shakespearian tenacity. Antje Traue was sadly underused, as her character was fascinating and her poise and beauty were elegantly utilised in making her a cold and deadly killer and yet she oddly had some heart. She made you believe that she believed, which gave her a lot of dimension that was sadly underused. Costner and Lane as the Kents were wonderful, I don’t think I can imagine two people playing those roles better. Again, it’s unfortunate that we only get a small helping of them, but it’s enough to savour, at least. Russell Crowe was excellent in his role of Jor-El. He played it totally straight and made what could have been campy scenes that much more real. The supporting cast as a whole were brilliant. The plot could have been a bit meatier, but I understand that the team involved had to be very careful and delicate about what they included in the story so as not to over-encumber it and make it too bloated and convoluted. The action could have been thinned out and replaced with a little more character interaction, but a patient moviegoer will accept this if the sequels provide more of what this story lacked. Despite its controversial decisions in the progress of the story and the sometimes frustrating emphasis on violence, the plot tied together nicely and in a fashion quite common these days in movies, novels and television, it confirmed that even the big, bold fantasies aren’t fairytales. 

Now, praise for the man himself, Henry Cavill. There is not a moment in this movie that I would have had him act any differently. Any flaw and imperfection in this film stands separately from Henry. He was a sweet, mild and humble Clark Kent and a bold, confident and intelligent Superman. He embodies everything that Superman needs to be and even if you hated this movie, tell me that this man isn’t Superman. 

It’s a 10/10 movie for me and despite a lot of apprehension I have for the ambitious casting flurry of the sequel, I genuinely cannot wait to see what they are going to do next.

6. Panic Attacks.

Jack G: Hands clammy and tingling with electricity, heart pounding a mile a minute and intrusive thoughts of an impending doom cloud your better judgement. The darkness of the room does nothing but promote the claustrophobia you’re experiencing and when you jump out of bed to rush to a more wide open space, he’s right behind you. And he’s pulling you until your flush against his body and he’s rocking you and stroking your hair and he’s whispering about how you’re safe with him.

Carter: It’s the crowds of screaming girls and how they’re pushing and pulling and their relentless swarming. And something just snaps inside of you and suddenly your stomach feels like it’s been turned into a knot and the air in your lungs has been pushed out with no sign of being drawn back in. Panic and fear set in and suddenly you’re rooted to the spot but the hand that is placed on your lower back guides you through the throngs of people until your inside and the air is more crisp and you’re in his arms.

Aaron: “Ugly.” “Whore.” “Slag.” “Disgusting.” The words on the screen in front of you seem to be almost life-like. It’s as if the jagged edges of each letter are stabbing you in the chest, unmercifully. People’s sheer cruelty brought it on. That all to familiar heart-pounding, panic stricken feeling that caused you to curl your body into itself. And when he came home to find you this way, molded into a ball, the laptop on the bed in front of you, he knew immediately what was wrong. “It’s all wrong. It’s not true. I promise. If you could see yourself the way that I see you, you’d never believe anything like that again.”

Cameron: The fact that you didn’t know what was going on made everything one hundred times worse. It was just that one minute you were in your his arms and the next the vein in your neck was pulsing and bile was threatening to come up your throat and the words “something’s wrong,” kept involuntarily tumbling out of your mouth at an alarming rate. And it was scary for him too because he’d never seen you like this, he’d never seem anyone like this and all he wanted to do was feel what you were feeling, take it all away from you so you’d never have to feel it again.

Shawn: Drained and exhausted, you could feel the soft skin of his neck rubbing against your tear-stained face and the shallow pit in your stomach seemed to be widening. “What’s wrong with me? I’m so fucked up and I don’t know what to do?” And his heart literally broke at those words. It had been threatening to break all day, what with seeing you go through a disturbing amount of panic attacks and he was so helpless to it all that he wanted to punch a wall and shelter you from any further despair at the same time. “You’re not fucked up. You’re just going through a rough patch but we’ll get it sorted out, I promise.”

Matt: Flashing lights and alcohol and sweaty bodies. That’s all you could see and it did nothing but only cause the panic building up inside of you to worsen. Adrenaline was quickly taking over your body as you pushed through, what seemed like thousands of people, until finally, you saw him and he saw you too and he saw the look on your face and then he was there. He was all there, everything was him; his smell, his skin, his arms and it was a distraction from the panic because he was stroking your back and he was whispering that everything would be okay.

Jack J: It was the movie. It was just too gory and too violent and too sickening so when you excused yourself from the living room full of people, he followed you. His hand in yours, he pulled you so you were facing him and just the sight of his face alone seemed to settle some of the panicked thoughts inside your head. Pulling you then so your back was against his front, he told you to feel his heart and to breathe with him and reminded you that he was there and he would keep you safe and that it was all just a movie.

Nash: The metal walls around you appeared to be closing in, threatening to squeeze you and crush you and there was no way out because the elevator was stuck and even if the doors did open, you’d only be faced with a brick wall a few meters thick. And all of these thoughts were rushing through your brain and he could see it by your face; that panicked look that he sadly knew all too well. But then your face was pressed to his chest and he’s telling you a story to take your mind off of your current situation. And it’s working but he keeps you where you are until elevator starts moving and the doors open to a wide open lobby.

Taylor: Books stacked half a meter high and notes that seem to be floating everywhere surround you and, what was stress, soon turns to panic and all of a sudden your chest is constricted and not enough oxygen is getting to your brain. But warm hands are placed on your shoulders and your chair is turned around so that your facing him and he’s pulling you into his lap. “I think that’s enough study for tonight, baby,” and he’s placing you in bed and he’s climbing in next to you, pulling the duvet over both of you as he goes.

Just an old friend

Requested: nah man

Description:  Cal visits his old girl friend after she moved away and he let her go

Word count: 1.2k

He let out his final shaky breath, giving himself a pep talk in his own head. Then he lifted his shaky hand and knocked on the old wooden door to her loft. As he lifted his hand away, he could still see her name inked on his wrist, so perfectly. It was raining outside; giving him some noise to focus on other than his own dark thoughts. The city was dark at night. Who would’ve guessed that about “the city that never sleeps”? Sure, there were taxi cabs and tall corporate buildings with their lights still on to illuminate the city, but there weren’t any people. Especially not (y/n), since he’d gone around into the late hours of the night looking for her. When she left, she didn’t leave behind an address or even an article of clothing. Nothing, nothing at all.

She arrived at the door, hesitant to open it. It was 4 in the morning, and she had previously been warned about the types of people in New York. But, she was never one to be  a coward, so she opened it anyways. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes to become more aware. The sight in front her, scarier than any intruder or gang member knocking on her door. Because it was Calum, Calum Hood. The boyfriend she left behind when she left Sydney. So, she stood with her mouth agape, staring at the beautiful boy in front of her. She couldn’t help but see through her brown orbs, that he was different. And maybe everything seemed different to her now, but he had changed in such short time. His eyes were drooping and lifeless, not the chocolate mess she used to get lost in, his lips quivered, not forming his usual smile. What happened to him? What happened to her? What happened to them?

“C-Calum is that you?” her hoarse sleeping voice breathed out. She cleared her throat, wanting to sound not like she had just woken up from a slumber that only consisted of dreams with him by her side as they take on the world together.

“Yeah, oh god, I missed you,” he whispered. He suddenly engulfed his arms around her, just wanting to feel her body pressed to his again. His shirt was sodden with rain, and he smelt faintly of the New York air, but she didn’t care. She hugged him back. Maybe a little harder and a little longer than she should’ve.

“I missed you…. A lot,” she mumbled into his shoulder. Her hot breath on his body made him writhe under her touch. She still clung to his sopping wet white T-shirt. Fearing, if she let go, he’d disappear like he had time and time again. She’d imagined in her head their reunion a million times, but now her mind was blank.

“I love you,” he accidentally let the words slip off of his tongue. No matter how much love he felt for her, it was wrong. The words made her remember what she should’ve thought about before clinging to him like a lost puppy. She pulled away, shaking her head, and wiping her tear filled eyes.

“You aren’t supposed to say that. You aren’t even supposed to be here,” she whisper yelled harshly. Calum was taken back by her tone. What happened to the hug they shared just seconds ago? What happened to the “I miss you’s”? Why did she suddenly get angry?

Why did she leave?

Well he knew why she left, but he didn’t know why she forced him to stay away. He hadn’t a clue why school in New York while he stayed in Sydney seemed like a good idea to her. They were so in love it was sickening. Then one day, she left. With as much as a note explaining things left on their dresser.

“I-I’m sorry. I couldn’t stay away from you. You left without telling me anything. How was I supposed to feel?” he shouted back. Thank god the streets were desolate, or it would look like a scene from a cheesy romance movie was being role played on her porch.

“Did you read the note? I asked you to stay away. I meant it, and I still do. You need to go home,” she shook her head violently. How’d he even find her? This city is huge, and he still manages to come to her. This had happened before. This wasn’t the first time she’d run away. This wasn’t the first time he found her.

“(y/n), you know we’ve been through this before. You tell me you want me to leave you alone, but all you really need is for me to keep chasing after you. You want to ensure that I still love you. And every time you come back to me, and then the cycle repeats. When does it end with you?” he massaged his temples with his thumb and forefinger. He made it more than obvious that he was upset and confused. But you had your motives. You didn’t need him to chase you. You wanted to get away.

“It’s different this time, Cal. I have my reasons,” she reasoned, without a lot of detail.

“Tell me! Go on, list your excuses for running away from me five freaking times since we’ve been together,” he sarcastically shouted. Anger was boiling beneath his surface. There was a matter of time before it was too much to handle. He wanted answers. He wanted to know what her crazy mind was thinking every time she ran away to a new place and started a new life.

“Stop. Please, just leave. I’m not coming back this time. I-I can’t,” she whispered under her breath. Tear drops starting to fall down onto her cheeks.

“Baby, who’s at the door?” a deep, sleepy voice asked from behind her. Did she have a boyfriend? Is that why things were “different” this time? Is he holding her back or was he the reason she left in the first place?

“It’s an… old friend. Go back to bed, I’ll be back in a moment. We were almost done here,” she said, so falsely sweet, Calum had wondered how that guy hadn’t caught on. She added a cheesy fake smile, before wishing him a good night.

Calum waited until he was out of ear-shot. “Is he the reason why things are different?” his voice cracked. The thought of her and another man, oh god. It made him sick to his stomach to think his (y/n) was with some one else. She stood there, halfway out the door, looking at the ground as tear drops rolled down her cheeks and splattered on the concrete.

“I told you to go home. You only get hurt when your around me,” she said, her words like daggers and her rage filled eyes burned through him like fire. Then she was gone. With the slam of her front door.

This time was different. He knew she wasn’t coming back. She was now, just an old friend.

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Pynch for "I'm not made of glass. You can kiss me like you mean it."

you probably wanted this to be really hot and steamy but it really just turned into Adam and Ronan being idiots and making fun of the heteros, so much so they might forget to actually make fun of it. 

Adam and Ronan weren’t sure exactly how they had gotten stuck on a double date with Declan and his new girlfriend (Angela? Angelica? Angel?), but what was certain was that they were now sitting in a theater watching the most sickening romantic comedy they had ever seen. 

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anonymous asked:

Alrighty, so angst basically fuels me, so I was wondering if you could have Aomine's s/o break up with him because he wasn't there for her at an important event? Sorry if it's too specific, but thanks!

It’s not a problem at all! This isn’t my first time writing angst, but I haven’t personally experienced something like this before, so I hope this meets your expectations! (Accompanying soundtrack: More under the cut! -Admin Fyre

You look towards the stands for the umpteenth time, your stomach experiencing the same dropping sensation when you realize one of the seats is still empty. Everything around you seems to be muffled. You know the crowd is cheering for a team that isn’t yours, and you know your teammates are crying for a loss that none of you could have prevented, and you know you are supposed to be crying with them.

But you only feel hollow. Something - someone - is missing. Where are you?

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