the look on peter and lloyds face

Harry Potter Face Claims

This is what I imagine these characters look like when they are roughly at the age of leaving school:

Rowena Ravenclaw-Katie McGrath

Godric Gryffindor-Richard Madden

Salazar Slytherin-Luke Evans

Helga Hufflepuff-Keira Knightley

James Potter-Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Sirius Black -Ben Barnes or @asktheboywholived

Remus Lupin-Andrew Garfield

Peter Pettigrew-Jamie Bell

Lily Evans-Karen Gillan

Lucius Malfoy-Harry Lloyd

Marlene McKinnon-Ashley Benson

Mary McDonald-Lily Collins

Arthur Weasley-Arthur Darvill

Molly Prewett-@gentlect

Frank Longbottom-Nicholas Hoult

Alice Prewett-Carey Mulligan

Hannah Abbott-Sienna Miller

Neville Longbottom-Matt Lewis

because nobody else will ever be Neville

Ron Weasley- Linus Wordemann

Harry Potter-Kevin Flamme

Dorcas Meadowes-Oona Chaplin

Emmeline Vance-Emilia Clarke

Hermione Granger-Renee Mittelstaedt

Lavender Brown-Freya Mavor

Cho Chang-Liu Yifei

Penelope Clearwater-Emma Roberts

Romilda Vane-Crystal Reed

Katie Bell-Adelaide Kane

Antonin Dolohov-Michael Fassbender

Fenrir Greyback-Joe Manganiello

Luna Lovegood-Pyper America Smith

Astoria Greengrass-Jessica Stam

Angelina Johnson-Aiyana Lewis

Lee Jordan-Luke Youngblood

Viktor Krum-Paul Wesley

Bellatrix Black-Kat Dennings

Rodolphus Lestrange-Ian Somerhalder

Bill Weasley-Chris Pratt

Charlie Weasley-Domhnall Gleeson

Pansy Parkinson-Isabelle Fuhrman

Padma and Parvarti Patil-Priyanka Chopra

Tom Riddle-Grant Gustin

Fred and George Weasley-Kenneth Bek

Ginny Weasley-Luca Hollestelle

Percy Weasley-Sam Claflin

Fleur Delacour-Nadine Leopold

Cedric Diggory-Marcus Hedbrandh

Oliver Wood-Alexander Vander Stichele

Blaise Zabini-Corey Baptiste

Teddy Lupin- @kapitan5o 

Draco Malfoy-Lucky Blue Smith

Narcissa Black-Emily Browning

Rita Skeeter-Claire Holt

Dean Thomas-Chris Fleischer

Andromeda Black-Kaya Scodelario

Ted Tonks-Jim Sturgess

Nymphadora Tonks-Michelle Trachtenberg or @sirussly 

Severus Snape-Adrien Jolivet

James Sirius Potter-Francisco Lachowski

Albus Severus Potter-Logan Lerman

Lily Luna Potter- Lindsay Hansen

Rose Weasley-Rose Leslie

Hugo Weasley-Ansel Elgort

Scorpius Malfoy-Gerhard Freidl

Victoire Weasley-Imogen Poots 

Dominique Weasley-Ana Mulvoy-Ten

Louis Weasley-Samuel Harwood

Molly Weasley II-Jane Levy

Lucy Weasley-Georgie Henley

Fred Weasley II-Jake Artist

Roxanne Weasley-Carmen Solomons

Lorcan Scamander-Ross Lynch

Lysander Scamander-Hunter Parrish

Murdering Mr. Darcy (3/10)

Summary: Ryan is the most recent member of the Fake AH Crew, and he’s loving every second of his new job - except for the annoying British thief who, after a series of terrible first impressions, has become the bane of his existence.

Ryan hates Gavin, and he’s pretty sure Gavin hates him too - until one day, out of the blue, Gavin asks for his help planning a murder.

Part 1  Part 2  AO3

Ryan held himself very still, careful not to make a noise as he stood in the closet. It was uncomfortable; he had to crouch slightly due to the low roof, and there were hangers jabbing into his back, but he had hidden in worse positions before on far more dangerous jobs than this. That being said, he definitely didn’t want to be discovered.

It would be very difficult, after all, to explain to Gavin’s boyfriend what the hell he was doing in their bedroom.

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