the look on his little face

  • Chas being OVERLY EXCITED about the wedding and how she just wants it to be MEGA!!! It’s so sweet really how excited she is!!
  • Their little looks and smiles. It’s SO FREAKING CUTE how one look between them says so much!!!
  • Robert actually researching chapels in Vegas and finding THE ONE WHERE HE WANTS TO MARRY AARON!!! I CAN’T COPE WITH ALL THESE FEELINGS!!!
  • Aaron tossing the coin and instantly getting that little cute look on his face when he realised it was ‘heads’. THAT HE’LL ACTUALLY GO ON HIS BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY TO VEGAS WITH HIS FIANCÉ BUT COMING HOME WITH A HUSBAND!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL GOD THESE TWO ARE SO IN LOVE IT’S UNREAL!!


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I've been rereading the True Lab arc, and I've been seeing hints on multiple matters that are so plain in hindsight. Papyrus's face in scenes following Lucida's reciting his middle name, for example, just has these knowing looks--like you can tell he's already figured out who she is. And then in the True Lab itself, while Gaster is outlining his plan to trap the Memoryheads, that red smile--it's very "Chara" like.

^^ thank you! I love putting little hints out there.

ahem so this is probably unpopular opinion but

am i the only one who thinks Rey should take a little more battle damage in the next movie? every time i see people talking about Rey fighting they’re like “yaassss queen kick ass you’re invincible” and i’m just grimacing bc

from a writing perspective it is absolute bullshit that Rey didn’t get so much as a single scratch on her at any point. like, come on. it doesn’t even have to be that bad. a bruise. a little abrasion on her face. SOMETHING. you lose a sense of tension when your deuteragonist has blood on his face and a wrecked back and your antagonist is bleeding out and jabbed while your protagonist is just there like “yeah i sustained approximately one injury in this movie but heck if we’re gonna even give any indication of that beyond me being knocked out for a bit so the other two can do a heck of a lot more gory damage to each other while i stay looking like a model”

if wishes were horses...

This is kinda vaguely spoilery for what Killian is supposedly going to look like in the wish realm, but nothing else aside from that. Just a little CS ficlet with a dash of angst.

He’s not the man she knows.

(oh, but he is)

The lines on his face are a map of his travels, cut deeper around the eyes and the lips from staring at untold sunrises and sunsets in this world where they never met. She’d heard the tales of him though, like she did back home, the stories of the pirate with a hook for a hand who sailed away to Neverland….only here it was history instead of myth.

She was softer in this life, the soft princess dresses and the soft hands that never had to lift a finger…and he was harder, she can see it even though he’s put on some weight under the red vest and his salt and pepper hair falls messily into his eyes. There’s an edge to this version of him that reminds her of what he said during their trip to the past, “Swan, that man sitting there, you don’t know him.”

But she does.

He’s lived too long, drank too much, loved too little….his eyes are shadowed with suspicion and rimmed with red, but they’re still that forget-me-not blue she even in the tavern’s dim light.

“Quite a tale you’ve spun there, love.”

“And you don’t believe a word of it,” Emma sighs, swiping the rum neatly from his side of the table and taking a healthy, unprincess-like swig, “S’okay. I didn’t expect you to. I just wanted you to hear it.”

The hand that lands on her wrist when she rises to her feet shakes just a little bit, his thumb stroking her fluttering pulse in a manner so familiar that she has to close her eyes and take a breath.


His voice is different, deeper, older, carrying all the weight of a life that was both too much and never enough, too much drink, too much time spent chasing vengeance, too much loss…never enough love or light or laughter. He’s the man her Killian Jones could have been, almost was…just as the princess gown and the fading memories of a life she didn’t live were almost hers, could have been. Emma smooths back the hair that is more silver than black from his brow and traces the faint scar on his cheek.

“Because I love you.”

Killian sucks in a breath of air between his teeth and his eyes widen, but before he can respond she bends down and kisses him. His lips are dry, chapped, unmoving under hers for a long moment. There’s no flash of rainbow light, if anything she can feel the room growing dimmer. This world was built on a careless wish and Emma can feel it collapsing around her more and more with each hour that passes.

If wishes were horses….beggars would ride

There’s a soft exhale and then he’s kissing her, maybe only because she’s still his type even if he doesn’t know her name, doesn’t know he loves her just as much as she loves him, but it’s okay. She wishes things could have been different for this Killian Jones, and she wishes just a little bit that she could have really had that soft, princess life…but there’s a man that she loves in the life that’s waiting for her on the other side, and it’s time to go home. 


She whispers it against his lips, feels his eyes follow her as she leaves him to his rum and solitude once more. 


Stiles telling Scott to check you out because he thinks you are gorgeous, but they make it a little too obvious.

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in the midst of horror,
lance: wait we need to do this *does something really smart*
everyone else:…
lance: i um uh
keith: did you just whAT
lance: i kind of studied your techniques keith
keith: wait what
pidge: all of them i bet ;););););;);):););););)
lance: piDGE *blushes furiously and glances down*
keith: *surprised look on his face, then blushes and looks down also*
hunk: aaaAAW
shiro: my little space gays!!! how cute!! allura, come look!!!
coran: quiznark,,,, thats so cute,,,
keith and lance (at the same time): we’RE RIVALS
pidge: sure ;););;););););););)


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A little daydream I had while listening to Sunday morning by maroon five and i wanted this to be longer and way more cute, but i’m so tired and I can’t write anymore but i miss writing luke and this is cheesy and shitty so feel free to ignore it okay :) I hope you all have a good night or morning where ever you are :) 

Luke’s fingers trailed over the sensitive skin of your back.

“What are you doing?” You grumbled, lifting your head up from his chest, looking up at his disheveled hair and tired face.

“Painting a picture,” He smiled down at you, pressing his lips to your forehead. “Go back to sleep.”

“I’m okay,” You mumbled, dropping you cheek back to his shoulder as you started to trace your fingers over his chest, painting your own picture. “What are you painting?”

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If you're still doing the hp sentences: Dramione, "I'm sorry, but I can't." 💕🖤✨🔪💚🍷

“I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

Draco looked up from the pile of holiday invitations.  He’d been sorting them into things that they had to go to, things he wanted to go to - a much smaller pile - and things for which he planned to instruct his assistant to send their insincere but polite regrets.

“Can’t what?” he asked.

“This.”  Hermione gestured wildly at the pile of thick parchment with the embossed lettering and wax seals.  “I can’t do this.

“Parties?”  Draco asked.  She’d seemed a little off all weekend and her wan face had rushed from the breakfast table.  He’d assumed it was because they’d stayed out late with Blaise and Ginny, but, now that he thought about it, she’d only had sparkling water, so a hangover was right out.  “Are you getting sick?”

“I just can’t face all these people with their sneers and their… their… I can’t do it without alcohol.

Draco appreciated the sentiment.  He found the charity set intolerable without chemicals as well but politics ran on who you knew and so he made a point of knowing everyone.  “So have wine,” he said.  “Merlin knows, everyone’s always loaded at these things.”

“I can’t,” she said again, and when he looked up she had one hand across he abdomen in a gesture everyone knew meant pregnant.

“Really?” he asked, hope and fear warring in his voice.  A baby.  Their baby.  His parents would have to come around.  He’d buy the best toddler broom out there.  Their child would have his mother’s brains and his father’s flying skills, and… and… would she agree to a star name?  She’d have to, right?  She knew how much that meant to him.

“I love you,” he said.  He brushed all the invitations to the floor with a decisive gesture.  “I hate these things anyway.”

“I love you, too,” she said, and started to sniffle as he held onto her and their future.  “I love you, too.”

from the send me a Harry Potter ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five game.  (no more please)

Hyung line: asking their crush to the dance

lowkey been waiting for this request so thank you anonnie!!~ admin luna  ♡


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OH MY GOD OKAY THIS WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. He would take your hand and lead you to sit beside him on a stool at the piano and he softly begins to play because of you and then ask you to the dance and between playing the piano and singing for you and the adorable look on his face, how could you possibly say no??


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To be honest i don’t think this baby bun would know where to start when it came to asking you to a dance so it might end up with you having to ask him or drop subtle hints because he’s completely oblivious to the fact you like him back. when he finally has the guts to ask you (or when you ask him) he would smile shyly and pull you in for a little hug, resting his chin on top of your head.


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let’s be real here, johnny’s going to ask to the dance in a way that will embarrass the shit outta you. something along the lines of standing on the lunch table with an 80′s boombox on his shoulder and a denim jacket on, tryna recreate a look from the breakfast club or something smh, belting the song lyrics while his finger points towards you and smiling, going to those lengths you couldn’t say no. (It made for a good memory and an even better viral video)


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he’d probably get really flustered when asking you out, stumbling over his words, muttering a few, all because of how nervous you made him. Getting frustrated he’d just sigh “I can’t seem to do this right” pulling roses from behind his back “go to the dance with me?” He’d say with a small smile, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.


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I feel like he’d do something really cheesy yet adorable. Grabbing your hand and interlocking his fingers with yours he’d pull you to the soccer pitch to see a row of footballs spelling out prom. You’d bring your hands to your face in surprise, turning around to face him and he’d be standing with a little corsage in hand and the most gorgeous smile “so?”   “come here you dork”


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I don’t think he’d do something really extravagant, I feel like he’s more likely to do something really cute and heartfelt, like taking you out on a coffee date after school one day and you’d be in the middle of a conversation when he blurts out “ go to the dance with me? u-uh I-I m-mean will you to to the dance with me?” and of course you nod your head and you’re both blushing messes.


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like hansol, I feel like he would be really shy and flustered around you so it would take some time for him to work up the courage to ask you out. To be honest it probably ends up with jaehyun dropping a not so subtle hint, with doyoung following quickly behind, trying to stop him. He sighs “ I’m sorry, this isn’t how I planned it but would you like to go to the dance with me?”


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although I feel like he’s pretty confident he’d be such a shy lil baby in front of his crush? I have a feeling he’s more likely to be friends with you before realising he likes you. You’d be walking home from a lecture together when he suddenly brings up a dance that was in a couple of weeks. “So…….um…….about that dance, would you wanna go?….. you know…… with me?”


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I feel like even if he was going to ask you in a simple way he’d put a lot of planning behind it because he wanted everything to go perfectly, he’d drop little hints by leaving notes in all of your textbooks when you weren’t looking. So one day he builds up the courage and sticks a post it to your face. “hey you’re cute, wanna go to the dance with me?”


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he would ask you out at the best way he knows how……. At an ice cream parlour! He’d drag you to get ice cream after school one day, saying he’d been craving it and tells you to go sit while he orders. He carries the ice cream to the table you’re sitting at and he looked nervous?? You soon realise why when you see “prom?” written in chocolate sauce over the top of your ice cream. You look up to see sicheng looking back at you expectantly, laughing you nodded while taking a bite. 

A/N I’m actually really proud of this one so your feedback would be awesome!! hope you’re having a good day! 

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Big Bang Seeing Their Girlfriend Naked For The First Time
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  • He’d be so ready
  • His eyes lit up a bit when he saw you
  • Which made you feel pretty and wanted


  • Has a little smirk on his face
  • Because he was kind of waiting for this moment to come
  • He would compliment you right away so you feel more comfortable


  • So happy you feel comfortable enough around him
  • “You’re so pretty, I feel speechless”
  • He would feel a bit shy


  • The only stressed one
  • He’d lose breath for a while
  • But he’d let you know you look great even though he’s so nervous


  • “You really look better than I would’ve thought”
  • He’d flatter you all the time
  • Which would probably be nerve wrecking to you, but he means well



“Before we go, any advice for the people watching?” the Interviewer asked.

You shifted in your chair to face Matthew, wondering what his answer would be.

“Uhm..” Matthew pondered. “Find what you love and do it for the rest of your life.”

Your mind registered the connotation and instinctively you joked, “Are you talking about me again?”

Matthew looked over at you, doubling over with laughter, his forehead hitting your knee before regaining his posture. “Yes, I am. Yeah.”

You chuckled, sending him a wink before turning your attention back to the Interviewer.


Just a little something to tide you over until I post the requested Spencer Reid smut imagine in an hour 💕

Stiles doesn’t really think about kissing you, even if the perfect opportunity to do so presents itself. Not that he doesn’t want to, but more like he simply forgets that he’s allowed to do it. 

You’re usually the one that has to take the first step, and every time he reacts in the same manner; he looks like he stopped breathing in shock of feeling your lips on his, mind going totally blank for a minute. 

But once you get him started, you can be sure that you’ll have to be the one to stop him, otherwise he’d keep going all day and all night long. He just loves locking lips with you. Sometimes he stops to look at you, with a smile you just can’t resist on his face. 

And if you allow him to go a little further with the kiss, it won’t take long until you’ll feel his hands roaming your body, waiting for an invitation to slip under your clothes. 

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I would really like an imagine where Rossi comforts you after someone close to you dies. If possible. 

Requested by hawkyn24~

Rossi didn’t speak when he sat down next to you. He’d glance over and inspect your face, noting that you purposely weren’t looking at him. Rossi knew how you were feeling right now; trying to act strong, even when your chest felt as if there were a giant hole in it.

“You okay, kid?” Rossi eventually spoke up, his tone soft and careful. “Everyone’s a little worried about you.”

You let out a small sigh through your nose, looking over to Rossi with an unreadable expression. “I wish people would stop asking if I’m okay.” You deadpanned.

“They’re just worried. So am I.”

Rossi sounded sincere, and that made you look away again. You knew the team was concerned about you. And you knew Rossi would do anything to help. You were about to ask him to leave you alone before his hand was on your shoulder. And when you looked at him again, he was giving a small smile. “Let someone in, alright? It’s the only way you’ll heal.”

Beside the Dancing Sea, a Selkie AU by @omgkatsudonplease and @yuurisviktor

Down here it’s a little dimmer than where the dance is raging, but the pier’s lights are soft and warm, bathing Yuuri’s face in gentle golden light. He looks otherworldly; the circle of golden blooms in his hair only adds to his fey-like appearance. Viktor’s half-convinced that if he’s not careful, Yuuri will vanish right in front of him.
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve.
And Viktor will be damned if he doesn’t find out just what those secrets are.

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my favourite Little Detail about snafu shelton that might not have any meaning or be deliberate but i love it: the way he always slooowly tips his face into direct sunlight and closes his eyes when he’s resting. it’s about the only time he looks genuinely peaceful.


A lovely lady found him and managed to coax him into her house, and we went and got him. At first we weren’t actually 100% it was him, because to be honest he’s a pretty generic looking black cat lol. My brother when he saw him looked for a specific scar on his head and was like “Yep that’s him!” But we were still a little paranoid because we didn’t want to have taken someones cat by mistake, and put them through what we have. Then we managed to dig up a clear old photo of him, and that one specific white hair on his face matches exactly. There’s no way in hell another cat would have to EXACT same hair.
He’s lost soooo much weight :( and he had at least one tick that I accidentally pulled off, and I’m hoping I haven’t done any damage by doing so! And by the sound of it his voice has gone hoarse. We’re going to take him up the vet first thing tomorrow to get him checked over. He’s been super friendly though bless him, loads of cuddles and head rubs!
But for now, we are just so relieved to have him home. I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved about something in all my life. Thank you everyone for your messages of hope and good vibes. My poor dad can now finally get some sleep, he hasn’t been sleeping or eating since he went missing. And I can also hopefully have a nights sleep not filled with nightmares and dreams of finding him only to wake and it not be true.
Love to everyone ❤️❤️❤️😻

Gonna write something dumb.

Imagine…Patrick, exhausted, pulsing back and forth on the rocking chair, the weight of a sleeping baby in his arms. Back and forth and back and forth. As if into oblivion. As if this is all his life has come to.

He yawns, briefly staring off into nothingness, before regaining consciousness to glance quickly at the little creature he is holding.

Suddenly, something hits him. Who is this child? His eyes analyze the tiny face. The tiny eyelids. The little nose. They look familiar – they look like his. Again.

He turns his eyes to the bed nearby, where he sees his wife, wrapped warmly under the covers with her curly black hair pressed into the pillow. Her face pokes out of the blanket. Beautiful. He notices her arm, wrapped gently around their older son, whose little fingers are curled up into a soft fist beside his face.

Patrick, still on the chair, stares back into the nothingness, pondering the life he created…pondering who he used to be…pondering his fears and insecurities of ever reaching a moment when he’d have the courage to talk to a girl…when someone would actually love him back…when he would ever have a family.

And now, he’s right in the middle of it.

He closes his eyes and leans back, rocking back and forth and back and forth. As if all is right in the world.

This is the most fic thing I’ve ever written ew.