the look on his face though ugh


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 674

A/N: Why yes, I guess I am writing a drabble for each song on Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine haha. Anyhow, since the track ‘Lovely’ serves as a prelude/bridge for ‘Black Butterflies and Deja Vu’ in the album, this serves as a prelude of sorts for the next drabble. Enjoy :)

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“Why don’t they just kiss already?” you muttered, popping another piece of chocolate in your mouth. “They obviously like each other. Why can’t they tell each other how they feel?”

“One of them is married,” Bucky pointed out as you waved him off, ignoring his plea. 

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Movie Night Part 4

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2775

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, swearing, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap the willy!) bite marks, fingering, slight oral, mention of a blow job. Fluff, yucky love stuff.

A/N: HJM, thank you so much for your request. I liked it a lot and I really hope I did it justice and brought your idea to life!

Part One - Part Two - Part Three


Click. Click. Click.

You blew out a frustrated breath and dropped your pen before the clicking drove you crazy. The stupid nervous tic had started about an hour ago as you stared at the e-mails in front of you.

Tony was not going to like what Secretary Ross had to say about the Singapore mission. The United Nations wasn’t very happy either.

You propped your elbows on your desk and lowered your head into your hands. You pressed your thumbs into your temples and tried to will the headache away.

Think happy thoughts.

Bucky popped into your head. A small smile played on your lips. He had left you with plenty to think about the night before he left for Singapore with the team.

Whoever said that romance was dead, clearly had never been with Bucky Barnes.

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anonymous asked:

I just noticed this but when Mycroft steps on Sherlock's sheet, John instantly reacts at the sight of exposed skin. Like immediately

ugh I wish I could gif in higher-quality because I watched John close up and it’s absolutely jskdlfjas;lkdfjkl;ads

he’s physically moving so as to move toward him and then

he does this thing with his mouth and he’s still looking at Sherlock even though Mycroft is the one speaking, and then he kind of teases his eyes to Mycroft but the temptation to look is too much - so he looks, but it’s too much, too much so he faces towards Mycroft fully, resolutely not looking

And then he literally eyes him up ajflk;djafkd;a

and looks down again and moves towards him again

and then look at this face he makes ohmygod he can’t handle it

but no no he has to try again so stand like a soldier - look at the fist!

And then no - no it’s too tempting, look again. But ohgod can’t handle it full on, but gotta keep it in his peripheral vision.


anonymous asked:

Tell us about your first kiss!!

Harry: *gazes adoringly*

Draco: *reluctant grin* Ugh. *pushes his face away*

Harry: It was at midnight on New Year’s Eve at Parkinson’s party six years back.

Draco: We’d bickered all bloody evening–

Harry: He looked gorgeous though–

Draco: This one kept following me around like a creep–

Harry: You didn’t complain when I followed you out into the balcony.

Draco: Yes, well, you were wearing your leather jacket–

Harry: So I find him out there and it’s freezing cold and so I ask him to stop being an idiot and come back inside ‘cause they were about to start the countdown.

Draco: And I asked him to sod off.

Harry: So I pressed him up against the wall and asked him to make me.

Draco: I’m sure I shot back something witty at that point.

Harry: You didn’t, you were too busy staring at my mouth.

Draco: Well, you have a very nice mouth.

Harry: Thank you, love. (´ ε ` )♡

Draco: And then we heard them start counting down to midnight.

Harry: And I had exactly ten seconds to work up the courage.

Draco: Which you did…

Harry: And then I kissed him.

Draco: It was fucking perfect. 

Harry: And it was our last ever first kiss.

Draco: …Congratulations, you made it gayer.

A Fight

You walked into the Batcave as always, holding a med-kit and excited to saw him after being separated for a few hours as always. You did everything as you always do with a happy smile on your face that would always bring him to smile even if he’s still in his cowl.

There you have it, your husbandwith a boy? That boy looks like him when he was little but the difference was he has a pair of beautiful emerald eyes.

“Hey, Bruce, a new guy I see?” You asked, walking towards them smile still on your face.

A smile that you didn’t know will fall when he opened his mouth to talk. But instead of him, it was the boy who opened his mouth.

“Damian Al-Ghul, you may call me Damian Wayne from now on.” He said politely.

But what he said next dropped your heart, shattering it to pieces.

“His blood-son, and you are?”

Your eyes widened, what was that supposed to mean? Did.. Did Bruce cheat on you? No, he would never do that… Wouldn’t he? He’s a playboy, after all, no he was a playboy he has you now. But he has that thing that will always make a girl swing and there is a lot of prettier girl outside. Your mind got clouded with every possibility you could think of, every ifs and but and it wasn’t a positive one either.

“I’m sorry?”

“You heard me, now answer my question.” The boy that you know his name is Damian demanded. You were trying to process what he said, what he told you.

“I - I’m his maid..” You mumbled trying to cover your wedding ring by hiding your hand behind your back, “…Yeah! I’m his maid! Nice to meet you, Master Damian.”

Lie. Wrong. You’re his wife, one and only. The one who he always cherished the most, the one who he always loved, the one who made him happy, the one who always there when he needed help. You’re his everything.

“You’re not my maid (Y/N).” Bruce chimed in, removing his cowl so you can see his face. “You’re--

“Then who the fuck am I, Bruce?!” You exclaimed cutting him off, your mind was clouded you couldn’t take it anymore. He cheated on you and brought his son to you, you always wanted one of your own but he said not now.

He said not now, it made you sad. But you pulled through and managed to say ‘Okay. I’ll wait until you’re ready.’ but now, he brought a boy and the boy is his son.

“You’re my wife for god sake!” He screamed at you, you flinched at his harsh tone but still stayed strong. Trying not to cry was hard but you knew you can’t just give up. “God just let me explain!” He continued not dropping his harsh tone, not even a bit.

You understood he was tired, you knew he needed to rest, you knew he has his reason. But you just couldn’t bear to hear it, you couldn’t bear to hear another word from him. The pain already got into your mind making it hard to think rationally.

“What do you want me to hear Bruce!?”

He walked towards you as soon as you finished talking, towering you. He used his intimidating stare towards you, but you still won’t move. No, you’re not scared.

“Just shut up! Stop being so sensitive and hear me out!” He blurted out without thinking.

That’s it, you broke down. But no tears were spilled nothing came out from your eyes, his words hurt you deeply. He never acts like this towards you no matter how mad he is. Bruce, on the other hand, seemed just realized what he has done to you.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

You shook your head, shoving the med-kit to him before turning around to leave the cave. He reached to grab your hand but you swiftly moved it away. You need to clear your head. You know you were wrong for not wanting to hear him out, but you also need this. You need to take a walk to cool your mind and your heart.

You bought a cup of hot cocoa, to help you clear your mind. Gotham was rather cold at night and you mentally scolded yourself for not bringing a coat since you were too caught up with your pain.

A sigh of relief left your lips as you took a sip of it, chocolate always calms you down. You sat down on a nearby bench, fiddling with your wedding ring.

“Should I go back and apologize?” You whispered to yourself, looking at the ring. Reaching your hand up as if you were about to grab the moon as the other held the cup.

Finally, a tear rolled down your cheek, then you cried your eyes out. Covering your mouth with a hand to muffle your sobs as you looked up to the night sky, it was beautiful a dozen of stars decorating the sky above you. You wanted to adore them but it just hurt so much. It hurts like a bitch, but you do realize it wasn’t his fault. If it was he would never bring his son back home to show you.

You made up your mind, you’ll come back home and talk this through like adults should. Before you could go far from your place a hand grabbed you, your cup fell and spilled all over the ground. The smell of alcohol filled up your nostrils, making you gag. You’ve never liked alcohol.

You turned around to see 3 thugs, they were wasted.

“What a pretty gal like you do at a beautiful night like this?” A guy said as the rest walked towards you to surround you.

“Oh did you cried? Did your boyfriend dumped you?” Another guy chimed in from your right.

“Let her go.” A gruff voice that you knew and love the most interrupted them before things go any further.

All of them looked towards your husband, instead of running for their pathetic lives they brought out a knife, the one that holds you pulled you closer and pointed the knife at you. Making you roll your eyes at them. Even though they couldn’t see it.

“If you move, she’ll die.” The thug said smugly. Ugh, he reeks of alcohol.

Your patience ran out, you elbowed his face and kicked him in the nuts emitting a scream of pain and agony left his filthy lips. He stumbled and fell onto the cold ground clutching his crotch.

“Bitch!” He cried out, you smacked his head onto the ground not too hard. But enough to make him pass out.

A grunt and groan were heard from behind you, then they stopped. Turning around only to see Batman standing between the unconscious thugs. Leaving you and him alone.

You stared at him and so did he, an awkward silence filled the air around you and him, you were just made up your mind to apologize. 'It wasn’t the time to chicken out!’ You mentally encouraged yourself.

“Bruce I” He cut you off by pulling you into his chest, covering you with his cape. He shook his head slowly.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” He whispered into your ear in his regular voice.

“And I’m sorry. I should’ve listened to your explanation first before jumping into a conclusion.” You whispered back.

Realization hit you and him, laughing you pulled away from his hug hands still on his chest.

“I acted like a damn teenager.”

“And looks like one too.” He added, making you sent a playful glare at him.

“Let’s go back, you got a lot of explaining to do Batman.”



Gifs not mine.

secretlyshycomputer said: Can we have more sassy reader fics I adored the Sherlock one!

A/N: thank you! I love writing these. I decided to do another Sherlock one. This hints a slight Sherlock x reader romance but it depends on how you interpret it. Otherwise, romance is not intended.

Warnings: swearing.

“Hello, my people!” You called from downstairs. You dragged your suitcase through the door. You had decided to take a holiday and now you had returned to your lodgings at 221B.

“Huzzah,” Sherlock groaned and rolled his eyes. “Y/N is back.”

John chuckled. “You love her really.”

“I don’t love, John.”


“What did I miss?” You asked as you entered the flat, your luggage trailing behind you.

“Nothing much,” John said smiling. He stood up and hugged you.

“Well it’s good to be back.”

“Yes, for some people,” Sherlock muttered.

“What’s that, Sherlock?” You replied and put your hand behind your ear. “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you as I was too busy looking for the fucks I give.” John chuckled. A grin formed on your face. “I’m kidding. I’ve missed you.”

“I suppose I’ve missed you,” Sherlock sighed.

“Awe! Bring it in, Sherly!” You walked over to him and hugged him tightly. This received another eye roll from him.

“Y/N, I don’t think physical contact is necessary.”

“Yes it is!” You hugged him tighter which made him very uncomfortable.

“Yes… Well then…” His phone buzzed. He whipped his head around to the direction of his phone, which was laying on the table, however he couldn’t see the screen from where he was. "John! We have a case!“

"Yep!” You said after you let go of him and phone. “Lestrade just sent you a text. Oh! How fun! I’m coming too!”

“You’ve just got home!” John pointed out.

“But I’ve missed this!” You spun around. “Come on, let’s go!”



The detective, the doctor, and their fabulous friend (this was you of course) arrived at the crime scene like the three musketeers. Sherlock lifted up the yellow tape for John and yourself to go under.

“Morning, you lot,” Lestrade said. “Hello, Y/N. How was the holiday?”

“Good,” You replied with a smile. “Glad to be back though.”

“Oh look!” Donovan announced as she walked up. “The bitch is back!”

“Ah!” A smirk formed upon your face and you turned to face you. “One person I haven’t been looking forward to seeing. Still shagging everyman you find?”

“I don’t sleep with everyone. Ugh! You’re so annoying.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault that you’re a fucking whore.”

“Alright!” Lestade announced as John and Sherlock tried to stifle their laughter. “Calm down.”

“Sorry,” You responded. “I just don’t like this constant inhaling exhaling thing she’s got going on.”

“Right, Y/N!” Lestrade threw his arms up in the air. “I hate to have to do this but you have to leave.”


“I can’t have you arguing with Donovan all the time.”




“My boys are back!” You shouted as you heard the door below shut.

“You need to stop arguing with Sally!” John called as he climbed up the stairs after a successful case. “One day, Lestrade will stop you coming to the crime scenes altogether!”

“‘Sally?’ I didn’t realise we were on a first name basis with her.”

“Shorter than Donovan. Easier to say.” John entered the flat after Sherlock.

“You haven’t even unpacked,” Sherlock noted.

“No,” You replied with a smile. “I guess I’m too eager to jump back into the action.”

[scenario] [request] not so subtle glances

(i tried ok i cant write edgy stuff like this…………) 

22: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
34: “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Title: not so subtle glances

Member: Seungcheol 

Genre: slightly suggestive?? lots of kissing // fluff kinda

Word Count: 1235

“Seungkwan, I’m telling you, you cannot leave Seungcheol & I in the same room.” He rolls his eyes at you and continues to tie his laces.

“I won’t take long. I’m going to the store to get more soda and snacks, not flying to China.” He stands and unlocks the front door, humming loudly over the sound of your complaints. “Anyway, we’re just working on a group project, I don’t know why you’re so nervous.”

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Originally posted by hobilesbian

Title: Babydoll

Pairing: Bambam x Reader 

Genre: Smut

Warning: Swearing, Handjob, Oral Play, Submissive Bambam. 

Request:  Heyyy do u write Smuts? If so then can u plz do a Bambam smut plz?? I’ll b thankful

A/N: So I know I said this when I replied to your ask, but I am not the best with writing smut, I am still getting used to it so full on smut still makes me super nervous, so I tried to find a middle ground with this. Hope you like it (i am worried that it isn’t what you would want to I really hope you like it. I am sorry if it isn’t what you were hoping for.)


“Baby Girl!” You heard a tired voice yell through the house as you sat on the sofa, focused on your laptop.

“Living Room!” you yell back as you click on the screen, browsing through Victoria’s Secret website looking at their sales.

Bambam walks into the living room and sets down his bag, sitting on the sofa next to you and giving you a quick peck on the cheek before resting his head on your shoulders, looking at your computer screen.“What are you doing baby?” A smirk spread across his face as he looked up at you curiously.

You chuckled and rolled your eyes. “Don’t get any ideas Bam, I just need some new underwear is all. This isn’t for you.”

He pouted and looked back at the screen, pointing to a black lacy buster, “I like that one though, buy it!”

“Ugh, fine,” you said as you chose your size and added it to the cart. “What about this one?” You click on a push-up bra that has a little lace, browsing through the color choices.

“I like them all honestly, they would all look good on you,” he said with a smirk to which you nudged him and he chuckled.

As you continued to go through the selection you noticed him squirm a little, biting his lip as you clicked on a babydoll that you had been on the fence about buying for a while. He coughed and shifted next to you causing you to glance over quickly only to do a double-take at his sweatpants.

You started laughing. “You know Bam, I get that you are easy to turn on but seriously, it’s a model for Victoria’s Secret,” you say as you pointed to the screen of the model.

His face turned bright red as he looked away, trying to reposition to make his obvious hard on not as noticeable. “Shut up, I can’t help it, and it’s not the model that I was thinking about.”

Raising your eyebrow you looked and him smirking. “Well, enlighten me then, what has you so excited?”

He groans and looks at you “Obviously it’s you, the way you would look in that babydoll. You look sexy all the time but I can’t stop picturing you in it, you would look drop dead gorgeous.”

Smirking you added it to your cart. “Well, in that case, I have to get it now.”

He smiled slightly before standing up. “I uh, I am going to get in the shower, I feel nasty after practice,” he said awkwardly as he turned and shuffled down the hallway into your shared bedroom.

You cocked your head to the side, knowing exactly what he was doing. “Don’t think I’m stupid, I know what you are about to do.” You mumbled as you looked back down at your computer.

Bambam closed the door and sat on the bed groaning, why even after dating for a year and a half did she still manage to turn him on so easy, he didn’t understand.

He took off his shirt and set it to the side before he looked down and then back at the door, you wouldn’t know if he did a quicky, especially since you clearly were not wanting it at the moment.

Stripping down until he was completely undressed he sat back down on the edge of the bed facing away from the door and leant back with one arm, grabbing his member softly with the other. Leaning his head back as he started to stroke it up and down slowly, enjoying the feeling.

His mind started to think of you dressed in the pretty little babydoll, he loved it when you dressed in cute lingerie like that, it made him weak in the knees. Picking up the pace he let out a soft whine, wishing you were here to touch him instead of him doing it all himself.

Meanwhile, you clicked the checkout button on your order, confirming your purchase before closing your laptop. The house was silent which meant Bambam still hadn’t gotten into the shower yet, which meant that your earlier suspicions were only being confirmed.

Quietly you snuck over to the bedroom door and leant your ear against it, hearing a whimper come from the other side, a smirk spread across your face as you quietly turned the handle to open it.

He was facing away from you, leaning back against the bed with one arm the other one moving rapidly up and down. His head leant back in pleasure. God did he look good like this, you admired him for afar for a few moments longer before quietly walking over and sitting next to him, his eyes closed and unaware of you quiet entrance.

You swatted his hand away and replaced it with you own, causing him to snap his eyes open and look over at you. “Y/n! I am sorry!” He moaned as you stroked him roughly “Ugh, fuck,” he said closing his eyes and leaning his head back again.

“Did you really think I was that oblivious to your intentions Bam? I know you better than anyone else,” you say as you smirk, stopping and moving your hand away from his member causing him to whine and look over at you, a pout clearly visible on his face.

You shook your head. “So needy, so selfish. Why should I continue when you can’t even wait for me to finish what I am doing.” You stand up, leaning over and placing your hand on his chin. “Why should I give you what you want when you can’t even behave?”

A small whine escapes his mouth, the pout still present on his face. “Why must you tease me so much, you know I can’t help it.”

Rolling your eyes you place your other hand on his thigh, digging your nails into the skin, causing him to wince. “You and I both know you love it when I tease you,” you whisper as you slide your hand up, grazing his member causing him to groan and squirm.

“Please do something y/n I need you,” he groans as you slide your index finger up his member all the way to the tip. Smirking as he begged for you to touch him more, stopping for a moment as you leant your head down to meet his, you let your other hand on his chin drop as you looked into his begging eyes.

You stood like this for the moment longer as he began to beg again, “P-please y/n I need you so bad right now. Please.”

Smirking you kissed him on the lips quickly as you kneeled down between his legs and placed your other hand on his member, stroking it slowly at first before increasing the pace causing him to moan and tilt his head back once again, his eyes closing for a moment, his free hand running through his hair before he opened his eyes and glanced down at you, his eyes looking between your mouth and his member.

Knowing exactly what he wanted, you leant down and kissed his tip before lookup up at him and leaning away again. “Mmm y/n why are you still teasing me so much?” he moaned as he continued to watch your hands move up and down him faster, his breathing to become heavier.

You continued the same speed for what felt like forever to him before he had finally had enough, grabbing you by your hair and pushing you down towards his member, “Please, stop teasing me, it’s starting to piss me off. Suck me off now.”

And so the roles switched, which is something you enjoyed about Bambam, you could tease him for hours, but once he had enough he would take over and make you beg just as much as he had.

Obeying, you took him in your mouth. Because he was so needy he didn’t give you much time to adjust as he tightened his grip in your hair, pushing you farther down his member, causing you to choke when you took him all the way. A low moan escaping his mouth as he still watched you.

He pushed you back up, giving you a moment to adjust before forcing you back down again. This time, faster causing him to snap his head back and close his eyes, a louder moan escaping his mouth. “Baby girl, your mouth feels so good,” he managed to say in between shaky breaths, he was close.

Bambam softened his grip in your hair, a motion you knew meant it was your turn to move. Without hesitation you began to bob your head up and down quickly, helping him chase his release.

“Agh, baby girl I’m so close, keep going sweetie,” he said encouraging you to continue, but you went faster wanting to watch him unravel like he has many times, and only for you.

He forced his head up and looked at you as his high hit. Your name mixed between obscenity and moans as he released into your mouth.

You continued to go in and out until you felt him run his hand through your hair.

Leaning back you looked up at him to see him smiling at you. “Please tell me you bought that babydoll because if not I am going to buy it myself,” he said as he watched you stand up.

“Don’t worry, it’s on express delivery, ” you said as you looked down at him, breath still heavy. His hand running through his hair.

“Thank fucking you,” he said as he looked up at you. “I can’t wait to see you in it,” he says as he winks, standing up and heading for the bathroom to shower.

You smirked, thinking of all the fun you would be having in the near future, from that little babydoll.



Writer’s Block, the Third

I know it’s been a while, but man, oh man, don’t EVER title your story the worst thing that could happen to a writer. With that being said, thanks to @burkygirl and @xerxia31 for general hand-holding, butt-kicking, and very frank discussions about where this fic is headed. And thanks to @katnissdoesnotfollowback for having a birthday and giving me a reason to write this. Hope you like it! You can read the whole thing here. Don’t forget to talk to me. ;) Pbg 

Originally posted by sensualkisses

The walk to work is short, but I’m no less exhausted after my sleepless night than if I’d had to run miles to get there. All night long, my mind was wrestling with mortification mixed with a little self-loathing - while my body was on a whole other track. It doesn’t care that I lost control in the arms of my nemesis, moving in a single night from my first kiss to… whatever the hell that was. Nope, my body finally knows what it was missing all these years and it  wants more. More kissing. More touching. More stubble under my fingers. I actually imagined what it would be like to lick him in forbidden places, like his nipples, or… lower. Much lower.

I spent the night at war with myself – blushing at my thoughts one second, berating myself the next – until I finally caved into fatigue. I woke up three hours later to find my alarm had been going off for twenty minutes. Sleep, however little, did nothing to dispel the embarrassment. It clings to me like aggressive static electricity. This must be what the walk of shame feels like. Maybe I should read that book again.

The mid-morning sun blinds me when I turn the corner of the building, or I would have seen him, jumped behind a tree or hid in the alley until he left, but the sun is part of the universe after all. And I’ve already gotten the message that we are not friends.

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Gorgeous (Bucky x Reader) Part 2

Request: I got a few requests for a part 2! 

Words: 2,753

Warnings: None

Tags: i-am-mina  frolicsomefawkes thyotakukimkim happelu970 annadier Shamvictoria11 spookass pabegay1 

Cactus water and Boom Chicka Pop is your girl’s new favorite thing. Also, I witnessed a baby turtle being saved today and like yes, these are the type of people I need to associate myself with

“Oh my god! Natasha wake up!” You bolted into Natasha’s room late into the night. You had just finished watching the Victoria Secret fashion show followed by Jurassic World with Scott and Sam, and you were eager to tell someone all about the exchange you and Bucky had.

Wanda was nowhere to be found, and you assumed she must be with Vision. So of course, you went to Natasha, your other best friend. You knew very well that Natasha was exhausted from a recent mission, but you didn’t care. This was more important.

Natasha jerked her head up and squinted her eyes at the dark figure jumping on her bed. She automatically knew it was you, you were the only person beside Clint who would wake people up by jumping on their beds at odd times during the night.

“What is it, Y/n?” Her voice was groggy and confused, a part of her worried something was wrong. But then you plopped down next to her legs, curling your own legs underneath your butt and clasping your hands together. A squeal escaping your lips.

“Guess what happened?”

She groaned and fell back against her pillows, her arms spreading out beside her.

“Can’t this wait till morning.” You made a noise from the back of your throat that clearly meant no. “Please, Y/n. I love you, but I swear to God I wil-”

“Bucky told me I was gorgeous and he hugged me and I kissed his cheek.” You talked super fast, you couldn’t hold it in any longer. You tucked your clasped hands under your chin and rested them there while Natasha processed what you had said.

“How many times did he call you gorgeous….just the once?” She limply held up one finger. Her eyes closed and her head resting against her cloud-like pillows.

“He called me gorgeous twice and beautiful about three times.” Your voice was soft yet so filled with excitement.

Natasha pushed back the covers and scooted over to give you room to crawl in. Without opening her eyes she patted the spot next to her. You quickly got under the soft covers and turned on your side to face her, tucking an arm under your head. She turned on her side and slowly opened her eyes to look at your outline in the dark room.

“Okay. I’m gonna need the whole story.”

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The Labyrinth Chapter 3

Gasp it is here! :o

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU 

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Word count: 4655

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

Plot: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do "His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.” For prinxiety but PLEASE DONT MAKE IT ANGSTY I NEED FLUFF IN MY LIFE

“Oh my God shut up!”
“Shut up hot topic”
“Make me Princey!”

The pair were nose and nose, both with dagger eyes and snarling faces. Morality and Logan were just watching from the couch.

“$12 Prince backs down” Morlaity whispered and Logan laughs.

“Deal, he won’t though. His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow” Logan says and Morlaity also laughs.

“ ugh just get out of my face!”
“Why sir sings a lot? Can’t handle me?” Anxiety jeered
“Oh I can handle you just fine” Prince says, an arm slinking around Anxiety’s waist pulling him aginst the royal. All words left Anxiety’s mouth and the darker trait was frozen looking at Prince, that was unexpected.
“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Prince smirks and Anxiety broke from his trance and a devilish smirk appeared in place of his open mouth.
“No, but I’m about to have yours” Anxiety’s hands gripped Prince’s sash about nd pulled him for a passionate kiss that broke all tension and left both boys forgetting the others presence.

Morality handed logic the 12 dollars.

Protect You (JD x Reader)

Heathers (JD x Reader) I was imagining the film JD, soo yeah! Hope you liked it! Feedback is awesome too.
I stared down at the two faces of my half-attackers. The two jocks, Ram and Kurt. I felt anything but pleasure as the other girls looked at me in envy as they both pressed me up against a locker.
“What do you want?” I questioned, clicking my tongue.
“We want to know why you don’t like us. Or wanna date us.” They stared at me, as if it was the most intelligent in the world; whilst the rest of Westerberg held their breath.
“Because you’re both idiots. You’d need to give me a LOT of stuff for me to date either one of you.” I retorted, very aware of another person watching; the weird trench coat kid who had a really handsome, angular face with sharp cheekbones.
Ram and Kurt took this into consideration, conversing with each other, before they stripped from their jock jackets.
“We think you’re hot. We’ll let you wear our jackets!” Ram slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me from my spot in the corner, before they both slung their red-and-white jackets over my shoulders.
“You can alternate. Wear one one day and another another day!” Kurt flashed a smirk.
“How about no…..” I brushed them off and tried to walk to class. 10 minutes until free period ends but I just wanted to get away from them.
“Hey!!” Ram ran up to me and once again; cornered me. They both really like that tactic apparently.
“Go on a date with us to a drive in.”
“Ugh-no!” I impatiently stammered.
Kurt came closer to my face, as if to kiss me before weird trench coat kid slammed his fist against a locker, rattling the row of it.
“You heard her! No! Get away, assholes.” His voice was scratchy but protective.
I grinned a bit, looking up.
“What are you gonna do?” Ram & Kurt said in unison.
I don’t really remember much, but I saw a metallic gunmetal flash, which coincidentally was an actual gun.
Kurt and Ram backed off for then.

(Lunch Period)

“Maybe you should go on that date.” My friend Veronica told me, holding a staring contest with the school’s weird red Jell-O; prodding it with her fork as it bounced right back.
“Why?” I gasped, surprised. Veronica hasn’t had too many good run-ins with them either.
“Because I think they want someone to hug. Maybe they’re lonely.”
“Pfff…yeah they want someone to do.” I grimaced at the thought.
“Please just do it. We can get something to talk about, to. It’ll be fun.”
“I’m literally, gonna die.”
“I’ll have that weird kid with the gun follow you.”
“Okay, Miss overreacting.” She sighed and got up, dumping the contents of her tray into the garbage and heading to class, brushing shoulders with Heather McNamara.

The piercing shriek of the bell woke me from my thoughts, and I swallowed my pride and ran up to catch Kurt and Ram.
“I’ll go out with you.” I sighed.
“Ahahah a yeahhhhhh!” They both collided shoulders and ran out.
“Pick you up at 8!” They screamed back at me. I sighed once more.

“Looks like you need some help.” The scratchy voices came from behind me, and I tilted my head upward to stare at the gun kid.
“Will you fight for me?” I questioned, gently touching his fingers.
“I’m JD, (Y/N). I’ll be there at the movies. I’ll protect you.” He smirked to himself.
“How do you know my name?”
“I have my ways…”
I frowned as I dabbed on a bit of clear pink lip gloss, staring down at my purple dress. It’s be lucky if It was in one piece by the end.

I stared out the window and saw a dingy looking faded cobalt car, and inhaled deeply before rushing out.

The moment I set afoot in the car I knew that hell was coming.

I tried to focus on the drive in movie, but I was failing. Ram and Kurt were eyeing not only me but other areas…of me and I was feeling extremely off about it. In any situation I’d run for the hills but I made a promise and I was pretty sure JD was behind me in a different car.
“So do you wanna like..?”
“No!” My automatic response kicked in.
They looked at each other and unzipped.
“You make my balls blue, though!”
“UGH you’ve got a left hand, use it!”
I was pressed up against the car wall now and I felt hot breath on my face as Ram kissed me.

Suddenly, the alternate door opened and JD dragged Kurt and Ram out by the back of their jackets, before slamming them and carrying me out into his car.

I waited for about 5 minutes before trench coat came back, smirking at me.
“You’ll probably have a better time with me.” He laughed, turning the key to the engine.
“You know what I really want?” He looked in my eyes, dead serious, before his expression softened.
“A slushee. Let’s go!”

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Seriously though, that gif of Negan saying "Well would you look at that" does things to me.... its the look on his face and the way he moves. GOD DAMN IT DADDY.

Ugh. I totally understand what you mean. That gif of him angrily cutting his eyes does things to me, and that classic gif of him shoving a gun into his pants. Oh jesus… - GDK

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Could you write something where my dear Michael gets a nosebleed in gym class possibly from getting hit in the face by a ball?? And then there's his Jer (sorry I'm so bad at prompts lmao)

(You didn’t specify so this is post-squip)

“Mell put away the headphones and get on the court!” Michael heard the gym coach yelling at him. He had no desire to play dodgeball, but one look from Jeremy across the gym had him up.

“Do we really have to play this?” Michael complained. Jeremy shrugged his shoulders.

“Think of it as a way to hit someone without getting in trouble.” Jeremy smirked, but it quickly turned into a look of surprise when he barely dodged a ball flying past his face. Michael laughed and turned his attention to the opposing team. All the jocks were against them, there was no way they would win.

Michael ducked just as a ball rocketed past him. ‘Damn football players treating this like the championship game.’ He thought just before a dodgeball slammed into his face. Michael could’ve sworn he blacked out for a second because next thing he knew he was sitting on the ground with Jeremy next to him.

“Michael? Are you okay?” Jeremy asked softly. Michael’s nose was throbbing and everything around him was blurred with tears. He slowly shook his head as Jeremy helped him up and over to the bleachers. “Shit.” Jeremy whispered. Michael was about to question him when he felt something drip down his upper lip. He wiped his hand across it and it came away red.

“Aw man.” Michael whined. His nose really hurt but it was bleeding too.

“Sit up straight and lean your head forward.” Jeremy instructed while pinching Michael’s nose shut. Michael complied despite the intense throbbing it was caused. “You need to be more careful dude.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Michael said, his voice sounding nasally. “If you’re gonna be my nurse then maybe I should get hit in the face more often.” Michael joked with a small smile on his face.

Jeremy’s cheeks flushed and he looked away. He looked back and let go of Michael’s nose to check it. “I think it should be fine. You might wanna ice it though.”

“Ugh my face is gonna bruise isn’t it?” Jeremy nodded in reply.

“Cmon lets go get you an ice pack.” Jeremy stood and held out his hand. Michael took it and if they happened to hold hands on the way to the nurse’s office, nobody mentioned it.

[ 3/100 ]

but can you imagine peter falling in love with someone taller than him?

also tall.fem!readers REPRESENT! (Even tho I’m not tall at all and am merely standing at 5'3" lmao)

if you end up reblogging this story, please type in SpiderManIsTheMan200 in the tags to show this nerdy Peter Parker some love ;)

original prompt poster: @//thoughtlessinspirationss

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Request:  can i get the au “You’re the bastard who keeps parking in front of my house and you just caught me drawing a dick on your window with a permanent marker… ugh, oops.” with jiho?

Pairing: Woo Jiho (Zico) / Reader

Genre: Not exactly fluff but nothing else I can think of??

A/N I hope you like this, Anon! Thank you for requesting UvU

You were seriously about to kill someone.

More specifically, the asshole who kept parking his car in your parking spot outside of your house for the past couple of days. The last thing you needed was the stubborn neighbor yelling at you because you had to move your car since your spot was being taken.

You sighed, giving up on today and getting in your car to go to your shitty day job at a cafe in the middle of downtown. You hoped by then whoever owned the car would get the common sense to move it out of your damn parking spot before you had a fit.

Work had been busy for you, lots of people going in and out of the small coffee shop you had come to love over the years. Though the whole “Cream and sugar?” question a thousand times a day did tend to get kind of old, really quick.

You pulled up to your house, sighing as soon as you got there, feeling the slight anger as it pulsed through your veins as you noticed the car from earlier was still parked in your spot.

Nearly slamming your own car door shut, you locked it and went up to the car that had been occupying your sidewalk space and just stared at it, eyeing the paint job closely as if it were the most interesting thing you’d ever seen.

Finally getting an idea, you pulled out a black permanent marker from your pocket that had been previously used to write on plastic cups for orders earlier in the day.

Pulling the cap off and hearing the pop sound, you started drawing on the car’s window, frustration taking over every aspect of your mind that told you doing this was a bad idea.


Your head shot up, your entire body froze in place as you looked at the man in front of you. He looked just as shocked as you, if not more so. The first thing you happened to notice however, is how attractive he was.

Tall, blonde hair, his dark brown roots showing through a bit while it was slicked back, a few pieces refusing to stay down properly. His ears were pierced on either sides. His eyes looked like they could light up a room if they had too.

Though that didn’t mean much of anything until he continued speaking to you.

“You do know that’s my car you’re drawing on, right?”

Sudden realization hit you straight in the face.

“You’re the bastard who keeps parking in front of my house, and you just caught me drawing a dick on your window with a permanent marker.” You froze for a second before an expression of apologetic and confusion plastered your face.


The man laughed a bit at your sudden confession to why you had been drawing on his window in the first place.

You quickly shoved the marker back into your pocket, though it wasn’t going to do you much good now since the man before you happened to catch you red handed.

“I’m sorry about the parking spot, I’m from out of town, visiting relatives. They don’t have any good parking across the street.” he explained, his hands moving along with the words he chose.

You glanced over, taking a mental note of how many goddamn cards your neighbors owned.

“My names Jiho, by the way.” You glanced over at the man, noticing he had his hand stretched out to shake yours after introducing himself.

You fixed your stance, adjusting one of your feet as you reached out your hand to meet his.

“My names Y/N.”

He smiled back at you, you noted how nice of a smile he had, soon enough you were mentally cursing yourself for even thinking it in the first place. Weren’t you supposed to be mad at him? He’s been stealing your parking spot and the neighbors have been giving you dirty looks for parking in theirs.

“I should be mad at you, you know.” You commented, watching his facial expression changed as he started chuckling slightly at your statement.

“But you’re not, right?” He asked, fixing his own stance so he was leaning against his car.

“How about I make it up to you. We could go out sometime, you know stealing your spot and all.” Jiho explained, you could see the glint of hopefulness in his eyes while he asked you.

You felt the sudden breeze through your mouth as you stood there jaw dropped before Jiho. You didn’t quite know what to say. He raised an eyebrow at you, wondering if you were alright.

“Y/N..?” His mid-tone voice broke the silence between you too as you finally snapped back to reality.

“Yes! Sorry I just didn’t expect that to be how you’d wanna make it up to me.” You explained, your hand rubbing the back of your neck in sudden nervousness as Jiho smiled at you.

“Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow night, say seven?” He asked, standing back up and fixing the jacket he had on.

“Yeah, sounds good, Jiho.”

He smiled at you once more before you saw him turn around to start going back to the house he was staying at across the street from you.

Then it hit you.

“Hey! You never moved your car!”

Matthew Tkachuk #5

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  More matthew tkachuk I beg of youuuu. Maybe it could be about giving him concert tickets for his birthday? Your last of him was absolutely fantastic [Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. I’m not sure if this is the one you wanted but I hope you still enjoy!:)]

2.  Could yo do a matt tkachuk one where you surprise him for his birthday? [Here it is!! Enjoy!!:)]

Word count: 1, 092

Originally posted by strmedaddy

The cake looked like it was a love child of a red brick and mud. Needless to say, your first foray into birthday cake making has been a bust. At least you can cook a mean spaghetti and meatballs, if it really comes down to party food. Or tacos – but those are still to be judged.

The cake, though. Ugh, it’s taking all of your self-control not to smash your face in it and wallow in self-pity. He’s going to be home in a few minutes and you have nothing to show him for his birthday because you went in over your head. Damn it, you should have just reserved a table at your favorite restaurant like he told you and not try your hand at this surprise birthday dinner thing.

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