the look on his face in the 5th

Mile High Club - 1 year ago today

GIF’s from 2015 Nov 11. GIF Source.

Look at the small hole around the shoulders:

And this is after he landed in Sydney where he shared a 14 hr flight with his BFF bro pal forever:

But that’s not all. Look at this vandalism:

And their happy faces :):)

And the picture that made all the wait worth it :)


2015 Feb 4th 2015 L.A. time

2015 Feb 5th 2015 APAC and EU time.

Gross - Draco Malfoy Imagine

warnings : probably fluff
request: no
y/h : your house


“Do we really have to do this?” Draco asked as I dragged him out of the slytherin common room. I looked back at him and smirked at his annoyed face.

“Yes, we do.” I replied. It was currently after curfew at hogwarts. I wanted to sneak out, and go to the astrology tower. Draco seemed like he needed something like that, he just didn’t know it. He’s been really stressed lately, I just can’t put my finger on it.

5th year has been terrible so far, especially with professor Umbridge. If that’s the reason Draco is so stressed, I can relate.

Once we’ve made it to our destination with a whiney Draco, I set down his hand and looked at the view. He came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder.

“Why’d you bring me out here?” He asked quietly, confused as ever. I turned around, a small smile forming on my face as I examined his own.

“You seemed pretty stressed, and I know this isn’t much but I just thought the view and is being alone can help you clear your mind. I was gonna do something else, and I still am, but you really need something right now, I can sense it.” I told him truthfully. Draco smiled widely and cupped both of my cheeks with his hands.

“Y/n, you really didn’t have to do this.”

“I know,” I paused and kissed his nose, “but I wanted to.”

With that he planted his lips on mine, my head tilted a bit and our mouths moved in sync. The kiss was extremely passionate or lust filled. It was innocent.

He pulled apart and turned me around, and we resumed to our position.

“I know I haven’t told you this before, but I love you.” I said. I could feel Draco tense, and I began to worry.

I slowly turned around again.

“Draco? I’m sorry if you don’t fe-” Draco cut me off with his lips on mine again.

“I love you too. I just didn’t think you’d ever love me back.” He said truthfully.

“Honestly, we’re getting a little too gross.” I said and giggled at his annoyed reaction.

“I don’t care if it’s gross or if we’re too lovey dovey.” He confirmed. I arched an eyebrow at him.

“You sure?”


“I love you.”

“Stop this is gross, but don’t stop please. I love you too.”

lol :,-(

My youngest brother, I’m not close with him. So when I see the look on his face, how he looked at me, he was like, ‘Who’s this stranger trying to hold me?’ And I’m just like 'aw’ and I’m so sad because I’m gone so much and it sucks that one of your own siblings don’t recognize you.
—  Dinah Jane (if this didn’t make you cry I’m judging you)
December 5th - Santa’s Little Helper

Connie turned the corner on her way to the rec room and found herself face to face with a wild-eyed teammate.  “Whoa, easy there York.  What’s up?”

“Connie, thank god.”  York reached out, taking her by the shoulders, and lowering his face to hers.  “Have you spoken to North today?”  

“Um… no.  Why?”

“At all?  Or even seen him?”

“No.  Is he okay?”

“Of course not, it’s North.  Connie, this is important.  Has he…”  York looked both ways down the hall before continuing in a whisper, “…told you his North Pole joke?”


York pulled her close in a dramatic, protective hug - “We can still save you.”

“Save me?”  

“Once you hear it, you are never the same again.  Christmas is never the same again.”

Down the hallway towards the rec room, a voice rose in a strong, boisterous rendition of Jingle Bells.  York’s eyes popped wide.

“Run Connie!” he hissed between his teeth.  “I’ll hold him off.  Save yourself!”

Bewildered, Connie turned on her heel and ran.  York watched her turn the corner, then calmly walked back into the rec room.

“Hey North, how many more do we have left to go?”  

North was bent over the table, putting the last tab of tape on a newly wrapped present.  He looked over a pile of packages next to him, doing a quick count.  “I think we’re done.  Grab a bag and we’ll take these back to my room.”

“Sure thing.”

“I wish you’d have simply told people that we were wrapping gifts.  Was that completely necessary?”

“Of course not.”  York grinned as he held open a wide nylon bag, and North carefully placed each present inside.  “But it definitely was a lot more fun.”


ben wyatt in every episode: 3x02 Flu Season
“Leslie, I promise you I won’t half-ass this, okay? Now get some rest.“

5. JokerXReader part 3

Anon: Could I request a Joker x Daughter reader? Idk a full on plot for it soo if you can think of anything that would be amazing :)

So that’s the third and the last part of my 5th JokerXReader, I decided to do a third part because this request fitted in that, quite good. :D I hope you like it, Anon. :) <3  

Fifteen years later

„What did you do?! They got her, do something!“, you screamed at your father.

„We can’t do anything right now, we will rescue her, when Batsy is gone and the police doesn’t expect it“, he said with a sinister look on his face, as he watched the police cars driving into the the middle of the night.

„What? You can’t leave her there“, you shouted again.

„Listen!“, your father growled in anger and grabbed you by your wrist.

„Your mother and I got caught so many times, before you were even born. I know what we have to do, now. Do you think I would leave her there, (Y/N)?“

You freed your wrist from the hard grasp of your father, trying to reassure yourself.

It was the first time you were up on a heist like this, with your parents and today of all days Batman showed up and tried to detain your parents.

Your mother wanted your dad to carry you out of this mess and after you were save, he wanted to rescue her, but it was already to late.

She got caught and now you were alone with your dad.

„I’m sorry, dad“, you whispered.

„You know, everything is so fresh and new …“, you said and looked into those cold blue eyes of your father.

The man with the green slicked back hair nodded his head.

„Come on, let’s get out off here, than we decide how to bring your mum back.“

„Okay …“, you murmured.


Mum’s POV

I couldn’t believe it.

Everything was turning out to be good in the end.

J carried (Y/N) out of the club and I was right behind them, but than … my good old dad showed up.

And this time, after so many years now, he knew who fought him.

„Why?“, he asked and I just could look straight against the wall of the visitors room at Arkham Asylum.

„Tell me why, (M/N). Do you already were with him, when you asked me for help, back then? When (Y/N) was a baby and you showed up after five years, just to tell me, that you had a daughter and she can’t live with you, because of your lifestyl?“

„You know the answer, dad“, I said whispering.

„And I can’t talk to you, when your dressed like a complete idiot.“

I looked up and down at him, and all I saw, was this stupid batsuit.

„I’m sorry that you don’t care about a save city or the life of your own daughter-“

„SHUT UP! I do care about my daughter!“, I screamed in anger.

„If you would, then you hadn’t stayed with him, for fifteen years and let him mess her mind up! She could’ve been a normal child with a normal life, but you and Joker-“

„Don’t speak like that about him. He cared about her more than anyone could imagine. And he was a better father, than you“, I said with tears in my eyes.

„What have I done wrong, that you describe me as such a horrible father?“, Batman said.

I could here the pain in his voice, after those hard words.

„Dad!“, I cried out in disbelief.

How couldn’t he see what was wrong all the time, as I was little.

„You weren’t there for me all the time, I needed you. I was always alone, the only one I could talk to, was Alfred, because you were at Work, day AND night! I had big problems, but you never listened to me, because you were too busy, with this fucking city and this ugly costume. That was the reason I decided to leave home. And you wanna know, who listened to me in the end? Yes, right. Your arch enemy. I met him a few weeks, after I left our house. He was in his club and I didn’t know that it belonged to him. He saw me at the bar and asked why I was so sad and that I would look beautiful with a big smile on my face.“

„Quit it!“, he yelled at me.

„Too bad I’m too old for grounding me, right dad? Instead of that you send me back to Arkham, like always. Does it bother you, that you caught me so many times, not knowing that it was me, all the time? Cause I always wondered about it, that you didn’t realize your own daughter was under this mask.“

„I could help you …“

„Like you always helped me? No, dad. I’ve chosen my way. And I can’t be the girl again, I was, before everything got out of control. I like being what I am now, even if no one could ever understand it. I have a man who loves me, and I have a wonderful daughter. We’re not a picture book family, we will never be perfect. But that’s why I love my life so much. Nothing is perfect, but we’re as happy as we can be, ‘cause we have a lot to laugh about.“ 


„When do we get her out of this, we waited two weeks now. What if they’ve done something to her?“, you said again.

Your father got more and more imaptient with you, even if he loved you.

„(Y/N), be so kind and shut the fuck up just for three seconds. I already have a plan. I will get her out tonight and you will wait here, till I brought her back“, he said.

„What? No! I want to come with you, dad!“

„No“, Joker said with a strict voice.

„Why not? I’m good at shooting people and you know that! You’ve seen me the last time“, you comlained.

He rolled his eyes.

„Yes, and I’ve also seen how you got caught, before I rescued you. You are good with guns, pumpkin, but you’re not good in escaping. And I can’t be responsible for getting your mother out, but instead you will be sent into this hell hole.“

„Someday you can join me or your mother at those things, but by now, you better shut up and play with your guns at your room.“

You were full of rage as your father pointed his hand at your room upstairs.

„I HATE YOU! WHY CAN’T YOU LET ME DO WHAT I WANT?“, you screamed at him.

He grabbed you by your shoulder and pushed you rough into his desk chair.

„What are you doing?“, you asked a little in fear, as he pointed his gold and purple gun at your temple.

„So pumpkin. If I would let you do what you want to, you would get shoot from the police, right here“, he growled.

„And maybe here. Here. Here, and here“, he pointed at your chest, at your forehead, at your ribcage and at your heart.

„And would mummy or daddy be happy about it? No, they wouldn’t. Because the joke, little (Y/N) wouldn’t be only on you, it would be on us too. You understand?“

„Yes …“, you whispered with tears in your eyes.

„Now, go play with your guns. Daddy will bring mummy back“, he said and carried you to the stairs.

Why must he always be like this?

Yes, you weren’t an easy child too wild and stubborn, but he was way too rough sometimes.

That’s the reason you wanted your mother back and of course since you love her.

She was calm with you, no matter what your pighead wanted to do next.

You loved your dad, but sometimes you couldn’t handle his swinging moods and his aggressiv cautious, you always wondered how your mother could handle this for nearly twenty years now.

She loved him, unconditional.

„Pumpkin, I’m going now“, your fathers voice said suddenly a bit more calm, this time.

He was standing in front of your door.

„Okay … good luck“, you said.

„Hey, don’t be mad at me, I just don’t want you to get hurt. Come on, give daddy a big smile“, he said.

You smiled at him.

He always made you laugh again, even if he wasn’t that nice to you sometimes.

„That’s my girl. I will bring her back, save, I promise“, he said.

„I know.“

He walked out of the hallway.



„I love you.“

„Yeah …“, he said slowly.

„Dad“, you laughed.

„Love you too“, he respond a little more quite this time.

He loved you, but it was awkard for him to admit it, because … he was the Joker, what else could you expect?

But that made you love him even more, he was a great father, even if he was too rough sometimes and even if he couldn’t really say I love you, he cared about you and he showed, that you and your mum were the only people in his life he really needed.


Mum’s POV

Two weeks now.

The food was the worst, like always and everything started to get boring when I was here.

No people to talk.

No J, who cheered me up, no little (Y/N) that bothered me with her cute pighead.

It was late at night and I couldn‘t sleep.

All I thought about was J and (Y/N).

Suddenly the alarm started to rang loudly in my corridor.

The red light reflected on the pane of my cell and gun shots filled the air.

I stood up from my bed to look who wanted to get out of here, but instead of seeing someone who brokes out, I saw people breaking in.

And a few moments later a big smile appeared on my face.

„What took you so long?“, I asked and fell into his arms, after he unlocked the cell I was in.

„Our daughter, drove me crazy“, he said and wrapped his arms around me.

„I’ve missed you.“

„Missed you too, doll.“


 „Mum!“, you shouted in joy as you saw your mother passing the hallway in front of your father.

„(Y/N), honey. I missed you so much“, she said and hugged you.

She looked beautiful as always.

And you were so glad she was alright and nothing happened to her at the Asylum.

„I’m so glad you‘re back“, you whispered.

„Missed my calm way to handle your pighead, huh?“, she asked and you two started to laugh what even your father found quit amusing.


Carrie Coon accepts the Best Actress in a Drama Series award for ‘The Leftovers’ onstage during the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica, California.

Serial Killer Pt.1

This AU is based off of @refrainbow wounderful drawing! (reblogged already as a heads up!) 

“Another one!” Yoongi slammed his hand down unto the table. The mug filled with coffee spilled a little, little droplets landing onto the newspaper. The headline read; “The Salingja strikes again, Police do nothing!”

“The press is making us seem like fools,” he sighed, rubbing his forehead.

“Should we ask Taehyung to weigh in?” Jimin asked, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Yeah. This is the 5th body, call him in. Hoseok go pick him up,” Yoongi said, looking at the black and white pictures of the newspaper. The body of the victim was mangled, and bloodied. The pictures had blurred her face, but not her body. The clothes were torn, her flesh slashed in many places, huge chunks of it missing from her arms and legs. Though it didn’t seem like it there was a pattern to the cuts. Jin had concluded they were to hide the small wound in the back of the neck that was the cause of death.  He sat back down, watching his officers run around. Jimin was tapping quickly on his keyboard trying to find answers. Hoseok grabbed his helmet, running to get Taehyung. Jungkook came running up to his desk, skidding to a stop.

“Any leads?” he asked the young officer.

“Ah, nothing,” Jungkook said, Yoongi scowled. “B-but! Here the analyzed samples from Dr. Kim.”

The officer handed his commander a manila folder with the police emblem stamped on the front. Yoongi took it and began to thumb through it, his sharp eyes scanning the paper.

“Welcome to the Jangmi hotel,” Namjoon bowed, smiling. He opened the door watching the couple walk through the door. He watched the woman laugh as she held onto the man’s arm. Her fur coat glistening slightly in the warm light of the lamps. Her auburn hair was piled up, held in place by gold glittering bobby pins. Her heels clicked on the marble floor. He licked his lips, watching them out of the corner of his eye. Another guest flicked the newspaper, the sound making his eyes flcik towards him. Namjoon hide a smile when he saw the headline.

“Hello, thank you for your stay,” he said bowing as girl left the hotel, a suitcase clutched in her hand.

“Y-yes, thanks,” she muttered distracted. Namjoon smirked. The girl couldn’t have been much older than he was. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun, her eyes flicking from place to place, her sneakers were worn.

“Have a nice day miss,” he said.

“She is just my type,” Namjoon though watching her walk away.

A/N: Okay! Starting 2 AUs and a mini series… just before school starts. I AM SO FLIPPING SMART WHOOOO FOR ME! Enjoy this AU as well. 


Solim Couple’s LAST Mission Card.

“Your virtual marriage will end today. Please spend your last moments together as a couple in this newlywed house that is full of your memories..”

Imagine going to an alumni party at Hogwarts and accidentally telling Draco you had a crush on him

Draco’s eyes widened in surprise but besides that his face remained a calm mask of indifference. “You have a crush on me?” He asked, one eyebrow raising up. You shifted some in embarrassment and shrugged. “Had.” You pointed out and took a sip of the drink you had in your hand. You looked away from Draco’s face, not being able to handle his intense stare. Maybe you should stop drinking. You were only buzzed but your mouth just opened and spilled out secrets you had tried hard to keep hidden. Now he knew you had been crushing on him hard since 5th year. You stepped back and raised your drink some, peaking up at his face once more. “Well good to see you. ” You murmured and went to turn. You were stopped in your tracks as Draco’s hand clasped around your wrist. “Y/N…don’t you want to know if I have a crush back on you?” He asked, humor in his voice. Your cheeks rose in color, thinking he was making fun of you. “I said had. I obviously don’t have a crush on you anymore! Why would I?” You said harshly, your voice raising to a wry tone. You refused to look back at the man, not wanting to see the humor on his face as he looked down on you. “Well that’s rather harsh now, isn’t it?” He chuckled and gripped your waist with his other hand, spinning you around. Your drink sloshed and spilled on the front of your dress, leaving a dark stain. “Hey! Don’t just grab me like you know me. You even stained my dress!” You snapped, now fully annoyed at the blonde handsome man. His smirk was still ever present on his face as he chuckled. “I have a crush on you as well, Y/N.” He purred and your jaw fell open as you tried to process what he just said. He held your waist firmly, pulling you closer and taking the drink from your hand. “Now here I am, confessing my feelings. What say you?” He asked, looking straight at you, no nervousness present on his face. You pressed your hands against his tuxedo clad chest and looked up at him. “I…kind of still have a crush on you.” You murmured, embarrassed by the childish term. His smirk stretched into a grin and he leaned in and kissed you. “Good.” He murmured.

Good girl

Um Damian Wayne one shot with the song Good Girls by 5 seconds of summer? - @too-many-fandoms666



“-tt-.” He said as he watched you wiggle back into your room at 3am.
“Good morning.” You grinned at your best friend as he sat on your bed.
He had just finished his shift as Robin and had come to visit you, you weren’t sure why he was here but you weren’t complaining.

You looked at your friends face of discomfort and frowned, you’d met him in class and you both were top of the classes by far and were frequently paired together, just due to alphabetical placement. After the 5th time you had been been placed you decided it was about time you knew more about him.

“I’m not covering for you anymore.” He said quietly as you wiped the makeup off your face and threw the wipe in the bin.

“I never asked you to.” You said simply “I don’t need your help.”
“Y/N, i can’t protect you and your boyfriend at stupid times when your going out of your way to lie to everyone.”  He said harshly and you glared back.
“I never asked for your help or your protection Damian.” You argued back  “I’ve only ever asked you to forget what you see.”

He frowned in response, he didn’t like fighting with you, even though it was a frequent thing. Whether it was over sources, to opinions on cheese, there was now a disagreement. Even though he bit his tongue after realising how his feelings were unrequited, he couldn’t anymore. Not after he saw you and your boyfriend, definitely not studying.

He wouldn’t say that he was jealous, no. Damian Wayne always got what he wanted except you. And yet, he knew that despite your cover as a good girl, a bad girl lurked underneath. He never got the chance to learn the darker side of you, and he was intrigued to see how far you could be pushed.

A good girl would never accept what he was about to do, but he wasn’t dealing with one. A good girl certainly wouldn’t accept his lips on hers, and a good girl certainly wouldn’t be pulling him closer to deepen it. He grinned as he tasted the chapstick you had reapplied to your previously chapped lips and ran his fingers through your hair.

He wasn’t sure what exactly came over him to do this, but he quickly pulled away and jumped out of the window, returning back to his sanctuary and to his thoughts, to dwell on his actions. Why didn’t he feel bad? Of course you could carry one more secret than you already did. Climbing into the window of his house, he laid in his bed and pulled out his phone to distract himself. His fingers tapped away absentmindedly and he was quickly brought to your Facebook page.

Perhaps a bad girl was nice change for once.

Dating Jeon Wonwoo Would Include-

- you’re basically best friends with mingyu tbh

- okay so you both met threw mingyu. he invited you over to his place to play video games or something and then he introduced you to wonwoo as his best friend and you were like all offended and hit him with the controller

- okay so anYWAY when you were like the three musketeers and doing everything together ok 

- wonwoo had said to mingyu you had looked attractive and then he got you guys together somehow but it just happened

- so anYWAY

- no pda in front of the members (maybe a slight hug around mingyu tho)


- good night texts

- literal sweet heart and tries his best to be a good boyfriend like omg date this child

- your first kiss was cute and stuff like aww. ok it was on your about 5th date

- he was so shy and covering his face and you were like wONWOO sTOP MY HEART yOU’RE KILLING ME

- you listen to music a lot with him and sometimes mingyu gets jealous and hes like hE’S MY BEST FRIEND!!!

- and you’re just left like ???? wasnt i your best friend too


- basically mingyu came over to your place and he was like “okay so cook ramen and put on scary movies get blankets and such and-”

- you had to cut him off and you’re were just like ??? mingyu how did you get in my house

- basically if you got scared during the movie he would wrap the blanket u had around you both and just cuddle into you lksdflskjdfsjhf it was cute ok

- mingyu ships you guys a lot 

- “omg when r u guys moving in together”

- okay anyway onto small details

- he likes it when you raked your hands through his hair

- it helps him when he cant sleep when he stays over at your place

- when he’s in a playful mood he’ll steal quick pecks from you when the members aren’t looking

- he honestly tries his best to be the perfect boyfriend 

- and thats just adorable



- okay but he likes it when you wear blue

- doesnt matter if you dont suit it but he thinks you look sexy ok just wear blue for him

- hes honestly such a sweetheart and cares a lot for you and tries his best and you’re just like wHO BLESSED ME WITH SUCH LUCK and just he tries really hard and how can u not love him

Dating Series Masterlist

Arguments and cuddles

Inspired by my dearest best friend Ambs, ily


You’d once again sat up until 2am awaiting the arrival of the young genius that was your boyfriend, although you knew that him working at the BAU would involve irregular hours but when he didn’t answer any of your calls or your texts you started to get a but irritated. 

He knows you worry, it’s not hard to when the person you love is face to face with serial killers on a daily basis. You let frustrated tears fall down your face as you reach his voice mail for the 5th time tonight. In the back of your mind you knew that Hotch or Morgan would have called if anything happened to Spencer but he’d been away for a week and you needed his voice of reassurance.

As you wiped your eyes on his jumper sleeve your heard the apartment door slowly crack open, revealing the tired and warn out face of Dr. Spencer Reid. Granted it was now quarter to 3 in the morning, but he looked overly tired. You knew something was up, but first things first you needed to settle why he had you worrying all night. 

“Finally home, are we.” You attempted to sound stern, but still leaped up to make him a coffee in his favourite mug. 

“Paperwork.” He replied bluntly, throwing his satchel down before sitting opposite you on your breakfast bar. 

“Paperwork until 3am?” You questioned, raising your eyebrows slightly whilst adding sugar to his mug and pressing the kettle on to boil. 

“Lot of stuff to cover.” He sighed, his brows kitting together slightly as his eyes studied your face trying to find where the annoyance in your tone was coming from, you tore your eyes away from his quickly. 

“Bad case?” You muttered, stirring the now scolding water into the coffee and sugar at the bottom of the mug. Your hand slipped from your tired state and water spilled onto your hand, causing you to hiss in pain. 

“Here, I got it, run your hand under cold water.” Spencer spoke, quickly escorting you to the sink. 

“Now you care.” You mutter, and that’s when Spencer lost it. 

“Now I care?” He shouted, you felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand as his stare shot straight through you. “What do you mean?” 

“Keeping me up until the early hours of the morning Spencer, never answering your phone, you know I worry so much and you just don’t seem to care enough to try reassure me!” You finally let out your feelings, and the tears from the mixture of your hand hurting and your feelings finally being revealed just kept running down your face as your tried to mask your sobs. 

Spencer stood there, his eyes burning into your own as you continued to cry, you could see rage building up as he watched you break down. 

“You might worry but my job means more to me than anything, I love what I do and if you can’t handle that then maybe we just shouldn’t be together any more (y/n)!” Spencer shouted, before his eyes grew wide at his words and you felt your breath hitch in your throat, allowing yourself to fall from the sink down the cupboard and onto the cool tile floor. 

“Maybe we just shouldn’t be together.” You echoed his words, his hands running through his hair as you saw his own tears forming. 

“You know I didn’t mean it.” He finally spoke, salty tears burned your eyes as you looked up at him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look into his eyes. 

Swiftly he slides down next to you, but you don’t move away from him. You wanted so desperately to grasp onto him, but you forced yourself to sit perfectly still. 

His index finger moved to your chin, before you knew it your (e/c) met his own hazel ones, your thumb instinctively found its way to his cheek before you wiped away his tears and moved his hair from his face. Spencer’s own thumb wiped your tears as he stared at you. 

“I’m sorry.” He breathed, his eyes becoming glossy again.

“Shh, Spencer.” You cooed, “You never meant it. I worry a lot, but it’t what girlfriends do. You’re amazing at your job and I wouldn’t want you to give it up for the world.” You spoke, before pressing your lips gently against his own. 

 “I love you.” He mumbled as you pulled away, you smiled and nodded. 

“And I love you.” You said, before nuzzling into his chest. He pulled you onto his lap and you wrapped around him like a koala. He softly played with your hair as you breathed in his sent, that smelt 10 times better on his skin than on his side of the bed. You drew shapes against his back and he stroked his hand against the knuckles of your burned hand, bandaging it. 

Cuddling on a kitchen floor at 4am isn’t a typical activity for most couples, but it was your relationship and you wouldn’t change it for the world. 


One of my favorite things about this episode is how fucking scared Slade looks here. He’d just been curb-stomping 4/5ths of the Teen Titans, and then, all of a sudden, Raven comes in ready to beat his ass six ways to Sunday. Now, he knows that he can’t hurt her (per Trigon’s orders), so he tries to leave. But Raven, as she stated beautifully, was not finished yet. She pulls him back up out of the ground, at which point Slade truly begins to freak out. Slade, the most calm, clinical, and unflappable villain the Titans have ever faced, shows his first ever hint of fear when it dawns on him just how big of a mistake it was to piss Raven off. (Not that he’s wrong to be afraid. Raven was raised in a society that was pacifistic to a fault, and was taught to keep her emotions under control. The fact that she’s this angry means he done fucked up real bad.) He’d been toying with this girl, had her running scared ever since he reappeared on her birthday. But, here, I think, is when he realizes she wasn’t just a girl, or even a Titan. She was the daughter of Trigon, the demon who Slade fully admits was too evil even for him. Having someone like that out for your blood is more than enough to send anyone running. And, after being on the receiving end of a brutal thrashing, that’s exactly what Slade did.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (October 5th, 1961) // “My dearest little girl, I have loved you knowing you were not as others. But conceive of my despair upon discovering in such a brutal and public style, how different you are from the manner of woman a man of my position could hope to make his wife. I grieve for the disgrace of your present circumstances, and I do not find it in my heart to add my condemn… to the condemn that surrounds you. So I hope you will find it in your heart not to condemn me. I have my family to protect and my name and I am a coward where these institutions enter. Forget me, beautiful child, and may God be with you. Jose." 

Ok it’s only been an hour since B.A.P released the cover art for their 5th mini album but I’m already ob-freaking-sessed with it. First of all, I love that B.A.P always use their Matokis for their album covers (although I’d love to see their beautiful faces on it, the Matokis are also baes af) but yo can we just talk about each Matoki for a minute?

They got Shishi driving around like a madman looking gangster af but we all know in reality Yongguk aint drivin around nowhere because he still doesn’t have his license lmao.

Just look at Joko. Joko looks pissed as hell that Shishi’s driving, cuz u know he wanna take charge instead. He’s just like “biiiiiitch lemme drive”. Typical Youngjae tbh.

I’m pissing myself rn at Dada. DADA AND JONGUP ARE THE SAME PERSON ISTG. Look at him not gving a single flying FUCK about hanging on that bar. You know why he dont give a fuck? Because he’s a part of B A MOTHAFUCKIN P, HEAVIER THAN DUMBBELLS BITCHES WHATS GOOD.

Keke is me every time my mom says we can go to McDonalds. This bitch is so excited he doesnt even give a shit where Shishi is taking them. He’s just like “woohoo.” He probably thinks they’re goin out for ice cream or something lol.

Tats is honest to God Himchan. Look at this sassy moth-a-fucka. That hand tho, he boutta slap bitches like they’re newborn babies or some shit. I got mad respect for Tats, u do u boo.

Omg Toto. This kid. Istg. This kid is boutta be the death of me. This baby, when is he gonna grow up. You got this robot child hanging on for dear life while this crazy mofo Shishi tearin up the road.

The consensus for Carnival: it’s lit.

“Sonny?” Knocking on his office door, Royce waited until he called her in before stepping into the room. Clearing her throat as she closed the door behind her, she walked over to his desk and sat in one of the chairs facing him. Looking up into the face of the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, Royce’s eyes watered at the fact that there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to give him kids. Wiping away the tears before they could fall, she looked down into her lap and sniffled. “It was negative again…” she told him in reference to the 5th pregnancy test she’d taken.



It was your 5th anniversary with Aleks. You couldn’t believe that you had been together for so long. When you woke up you realised he wasn’t at your side but there was a note on his pillow. ‘Go on YouTube and look at my latest video’, it read. You had a puzzled look on your face and no idea why but you did as you were told. When you saw the video is was called ‘To My Beloved’, you chuckled as he was being cheesy as usual. After watching the video you couldn’t help but have tears in your eyes. “Did you like it”, he says and you turn around to see him with flowers in his hands. He run up to him, hugging him, “I loved it”.

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For @ly-canthr0pe…I’m setting this during the 5th book, enjoy

“Quit it, Harry,” you said as you pushed your best friend back, “I’m assuming those came from Fred and George?”

The two of you were standing in a corridor between classes. Harry nodded as his face morphed from an elephant back into his own. He was laughing as well.

“Wanna try one?” he asked while holding the box out to you.
“No thanks,” you laughed while looking down, “I like my head the way it is.”

You glanced toward the clock, noting the time. Eyes widening, you grabbed Harry’s wrist and started walking through people. Unbeknownst to you, Harry ate another gummy from the twins.

“Oh, bugger. We’re gonna be late.”
“Y/N, Harry,” another voice called-Hermione.

You turned back to try and face your other friend. Your face broke into a grin as you saw Harry’s head had morphed into a hippogriff. A loud burst of laughter broke past your lips, causing your friend to grin. Hermione took note of the exchange.

“Harry,” you chided with a chuckle.

You stopped your walking and waited for Hermione, not realizing you were still holding his hand. The brilliant witch soon caught up to you. She raised a brow at the boy who lived. She let out an exhaustive sigh as his face returned to normal. Her eyes brightened as she saw you holding his hand. They widened even more as she noticed Harry staring at you.

“I knew you two were dating,” she exclaimed.

Both of your eyes widened as you blushed. You pulled your hand from Harry as the two of you began to stutter. Harry gulped as you shook your head. Hermione smirked.

“N-no. We’re just…”
“Mates,” Harry finished nervously.
“Yeah, just mates. Uh…”
Harry gazed at the floor. “Well, I’ll see you in class.”
You nodded quickly. “Right.”

Harry left, leaving you and Hermione alone. You raised your sheepish gaze to meet hers. She was grinning slightly.

“What?” you murmured, “We’re just friends.”
“But ‘just friends’ don’t look at each other like that,” she replied as her grin broadened.

Blushing a darker shade of red, you turned from her and hurried down the corridor. Hermione laughed to herself before continuing on. She was right about Cho, why wouldn’t she be right about you two?

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