the look on his faaaaace


every westallen scene ever (62/?)

Hi, this is me in a bathroom stall, which is where I was when I saw that @carolynrunsthisphd had tagged me to stop, drop, and selfie.

I went on a lovely trip to a beautiful gulch down in canyon country a few weekends back, and I had what can only be described as the worst migraine in the history of everness. It lasted 15 days and included symptoms so alarming my PCP ordered an MRI and an MRA. They both came back clear (thank GOODNESS), so I’m just really special and have outstanding migraine events. Because of course I do.

I had to cancel a trip to LA, and I’ve not done much other than watch House of Cards, X Files, and True Blood in the past few weeks.

My brain is mostly functioning now. Enjoy my face.

@beachyrunner, @danielleruns, @bizzyinindy, @learningthingsisfun, @gilliansquirtle, @thisfearlesslife – your faces would delight me.