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Much Ado About Nothing - Dance of the Tennant Edition


↳The Flash Family + tumblr text posts 

[caption: seven different images of DC comic panels with a screencap of a Tumblr text post placed over them. For all but the 7th image, click on them for a more detailed caption. 

Image #7 is a panel featuring several Flash Family speedsters together, looking like they’re preparing for a fight. The text post over it reads: “I like the idea that there are no longer such things as casual groups of friends. No, you’re in a squad. Weaponize your friendships. Battle other squads for social dominance. Who wants to fucking fight.“]

“I was a good person once,“ she says, bitterly. "I know that’s hard to believe. Maybe… maybe I just thought I was a good person, maybe it was all self-delusion. Sometimes it’s hard to remember. But.
I’ve seen this happen too many times before, and I don’t want it to happen to Reynard. I want him safe.”

Never a Lovely So Real by @kaesaaurelia

Because I’m stalking tags like the creep I am and @randomthunk has a pretty good headcanon there.

“I need a new bed,” Clara complained angrily as she came stomping into the TARDIS, “So today’s adventure will start with IKEA.”

The Doctor, still fiddling with several buttons on the console unit, turned his head around to look at her, eyebrows raised. “No,” he stated plainly after observing her for a while.

“Yes,” she countered, stepping closer until she was standing right next to him, “Because it’s your fault I need a new one in the first place.”

She gave him a little jab with her index finger, but the Doctor only scoffed.

“I haven’t done anything to your bed, besides,” his face lit up when he looked at her, obviously thinking he had found a way out of going to IKEA, “You have human friends. And your human friends love that silly, little shop. Go with them.”

“Yeah, except my human friends only have cars. Small cars. You, on the other hand, have a time machine with infinite space inside. Certainly enough to transport a bed back to my flat and send the old one into outer space because I have no intention to pay for the scrapping.”

The Doctor glared at her in reply. “The TARDIS is a time machine, not a van.”

“And it’s still your fault that my bed needs replacing,” Clara argued. She was going to make him take her to IKEA, no matter how long it took. “Remember that bar on Venus and the space cocktails? How you tried to land your TARDIS in my bedroom afterwards and… well… missed?”

Some of the colour was suddenly drained from his face and Clara knew very well that he hated it when she brought up that particular, slightly embarrassing incident.

“Fine,” he hissed and pulled the lever, “But make it quick.”

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Knowing that Rey fell in love with Finn... Made that kiss in the end sweeter. For her to never kiss anyone (assuming this because she's been left on Jakku), when she kissed Finn feels more genuine. A childhood kiss where it's the same feeling when Poe told BB-8,"I'll come back for you." 😭💕✨

AGREED!!! like, look at her face and tell me she doesn’t love this man, this incredibly brave and kind-hearted and selfless man. go ahead i dare you

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like let me see you try because i can guarantee you, they love each other, rey loves him so much and he loves her too

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she has been falling for finn since the moment they met (+ rey my gurl i see you checkin him out, i see you)

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like honestly this is love at first sight and no one can tell me otherwise. also see below for further love at first sight evidence

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look at how happy they look and how excited they are and how impressed they are with each other like right from the get-go!!! i’m so glad that JJ confirmed what we all knew all along and i need to watch TFA again soon so i can watch it again now knowing i was right for thinking Rey totally had the hots for Finn the second they met and she was all, “So you’re with the Resistance?” and so i can ugly cry when she kisses his forehead at the end

Oh, I am very excited. We get little hints and teases of her face all through the season. Damon’s memories of her play a big part of the season, and I was just looking at a scene yesterday and being able to see her face brought back so much emotion and nostalgia and sweetness. It’s lovely to have her in the narrative in the way that she is.
Karma is a b*tch


They had fallen asleep on each their side of the bed, though during the night Collin had rolled over and cuddled up to Harley. When (s)he woke up, something didn’t feel quite right, however, it didn’t seem like the other had noticed yet. Carefully lifting up in the covers to look down their bodies, she tried not to panic at what she saw. Untangling their legs, she rolled over on her back, and stared up at the ceiling. This wasn’t possible, there was no logical explanation for this. It couldn’t be a dream since she was wide awake. After having stared at the ceiling for a while, she cleared her throat. “Uhm.. Babe..” Her voice was a whisper, and she licked her lips before finally looking over at Harley’s face. “I think you have morning wood..”

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@nemhaine42, here you go!  Please be kind - this is the first time I’ve ever written Loki, so I hope he works for you. :)


Darcy fully admits she’s had a couple of drinks, but nowhere near enough – and none with hallucinogenic properties – for her brain to start seeing things that shouldn’t be there. Halloween is always a time for mysteries and the darker side of life, but that still doesn’t explain why the guy standing next to her at the bar that she’s been trying to shake off for the last few minutes is now slapping at his arms with a look of horror on his face.

When Darcy looks a little closer, focusing her eyes on what she knows isn’t there, she can see the shimmering traces of what looks like thousands upon thousands of crawling bugs, centipedes and the like, scurrying up and down his body in a frenzy.  She swallows roughly, eyes going wide, and takes a hasty step away from the man.  Then there’s a hand at her back, a cool palm that rests between the low dip in her dress and her skin (she’d gone for glamour instead of costume this Halloween, rich emerald satin covering her fully on the front with an exposed back that goes almost all the way down her spine).

“Come along, darling,” Loki says in a low, smooth voice, gently turning her and leading her away.

And while the sentiment there is proper, she knows, there’s enough slickness there that it makes Darcy grate her teeth together.  “I could have handled myself, you know,” she says.

“Yes, but where’s the fun in that?” Loki replies, glancing over his shoulder with a twisted smirk as he sees the man collapse to the floor, shouting hysterically and still scratching at his arms.