the look of love is in your eyes

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Hi, I love your composition in your arts. They're amazing! How do create such interesting composition ideas so that your when people look at it, it holds your focus and draws your eyes around the art?

Hi!  When I draw, I try to create a ”flow” in the artwork. First, I decide what the main object of the artwork should be (most of the times its the face of a character), and place it around the middle. Then I draw some long objects (ropes, plants, clouds etc. ) that leads to the main object. Its kinda like guidelines to show people where to look at. These lines create a natural flow in the artwork which draws people’s attention. Here are some examples. The circles are the main objects and the arrows are the long stuff.

[trans] Jonghyun - Blinking Game Lyrics

※ As always, lyrics are translated very liberally. Keep in mind that they’re not word-for-word translations. Do not re-translate into another language.

<Jonghyun - Blinking Game>

I don’t want you to withdraw your eyes that are looking at me.
I want our eyes to meet and do a blinking game for a long time.

*Dear, look at you reflected in my eyes
It’s beautiful
Please don’t be shy
I want to hold you as you are in my eyes

Oh, sometimes I get afraid to fall asleep
I have a foolish worry that maybe I will open my eyes in a different world


No one would have known that we would be in love like this
You would not know how big my heart is too
It’s obvious, it’s obvious that my heart is bigger
You say that you love more
No, I love you more


Dear, look at you reflected in my eyes
It’s beautiful
Please don’t be shy
I’ll hold you in my eyes

Second Chances Pt. 2 (Jeff Atkins X Reader X Zach Dempsey)

There is a part one to this so make sure to go read that first!
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

“Can you give me a second chance?” Zach stated. His eyes filled with hope. Before you could answer Jeff came out the doors.

“Y/N I’ve been looking everywhere for you! What are you doi—” He stopped his sentence after seeing who you were with.

“So Y/N will you?” Zach said again, you thought about it but before you could speak Jeff did.

“Will she what?” Jeff asked, while looking at you.

“None of your business.” Zach stated quite harshly. Jeff scoffed,

“Well it’s gonna be my business now because I’m not leaving her alone with the guy who broke her heart.” Jeff said while putting his arm around you.

“You know what, fuck this. I didn’t even want you back anyways. This was just a fucking joke. Obviously I wouldn’t want to be known as the guy who dated a slut.” Zach said.

“You fucking prick!” Jeff said, while punching him. Zach punched him as well and before you knew it it was a full on fist fight. You tried pushing them away but you were too weak. You ran back inside to call someone. You came out with Clay and Justin. Luckily they separated them. You took a look at both of their faces. Blood dripping from their noses, one of them with a busted lip while the others eye started swelling up.

“Bro what happened?” Justin asked confused as to why they were fighting.

“Your friend over here, he’s a dick.” Jeff said while looking at Zach with hatred.

“Jeff can we go home? I can drive just please can we go home?” You asked. Jeff nodded and you two walked towards his car. You opened the car door for him,

“I always open the door for my prince,” you laughed which resulted in Jeff laughing as well. But his ribbed started hurting so then he groaned. You drove back home, the drive was filled with comforting silence. Your parents weren’t home seeing as today was date night for them. You and Jeff walked in and you told him to go to the bathroom. That’s where the first aid kit was. He sat down in the toilet, and you began wiping off all the blood from is face.

“Why did you do it?” You asked.

“I did it because I never want anybody to talk about you like that. You’re not a slut, he never deserved you.” Jeff stated quietly. You were so careful when wiping off the blood. You didn’t know what parts of his face were bruised or not. He just looked at you the whole time.

“What are you staring at?” You asked while chuckling.

“The most beautiful girl ever.” He said, you blushed.

“You’re not too bad yourself, even when you’re covered in blood.” He laughed which led to him groaning because of the pain coming from his rib.

“Can you sleep over pleaseeeeeee?” You whined while putting away all the supplies.

“Sure, it’ll be like old times when I would always sleep over.” You smiled remembering all the memories.

“C'mon let’s go get ready for bed?” You said while walking to your room. You took out some pajamas for yourself and went to the bathroom to change. One you got out you peeked through your door seeing Jeff taking off his shirt.


“Like what you see?” He said while smirking, that took you out of your thoughts and you blushed. You just ignored the question and walked to your vanity where you would wipe off your makeup. Since Jeff would always sleep over he had a few clothes over in your house, he always slept shirtless with some sweatpants, so basically the only clothes he had over here were sweatpants.

“Why do you wear makeup?” Jeff asked.

“It makes me feel more confident and it makes me not look dead.” You stated.

“But you look so beautiful without it.” Jeff said. You smiled at him while thanking him. You tied your hair in a messy bun and walked over to your bed where Jeff already was. You two would always sleep on the bed so it wasn’t awkward. You hit him with your pillow.

“Do you know how many people would kill to sleep in the same bed with the shirtless Jeff Atkins and you take this as the opportunity to hit me!” He stated. You just laughed and put your head down.

“Go turn off the light.” You mumbled.

“Ughhh I always turn them off it’s your turn.” He said. You sighed and got up but as soon as you did he got up and ran to turn them off.

“I was just kidding I would never make you turn them off.” You rolled your eyes and laid down. He laid down next to you and wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Goodnight princess.” He said, which made you smile and get all cheesy and butterfly in your stomach.

“Goodnight love.” You said back, but little did you know that gave Jeff the same feeling it gave you. Because Jeff has had a crush on you for a while now.

Morning soon came and you woke up to Jeff just staring at you with a smile on his face.

“What are you looking at? Oh no is there drool all over my face?” You said while quickly wiping your face.

“No, you just look cute while sleeping.” He said. You smiled at him and got up.

“C'mon let’s go downstairs.” You said, the both of you went downstairs to see your parents drinking coffee. Your parents looked over and looked surprised when they saw Jeff.

“Jeff you haven’t slept over in so long.” Your father stated, which was true. Jeff would never sleep over while you were dating Zach because he would get extremely jealous.

“What happened to your lip?” Your mom asked worriedly to Jeff.

“Oh I was standing up for someone but I’m fine though.” He stated.

“Hey wanna go out for breakfast?” Jeff asked you. You asked your parents and they said yeah because they were too lazy to cook breakfast. Jeff went to go get ready and he said he’ll be back in a couple of minutes.

You went back to your room and you were about to put on makeup when you remembered what Jeff had told you last night. You smiled and decided not to put on any makeup. You quickly changed and fixed your hair and waited for Jeff downstairs. He rang your doorbell, you said goodbye to your parents and walked out to his car.
You got in and buckled up.

“Where are we going?” You asked turning up the radio a little bit.

“IHOP if you’re okay with it.” He said, you nodded telling him it was fine. The car drive was short and you guys soon arrived. It was a miracle that’ll wasn’t full and that they attended you guys quite fast. You guys ordered your food and waited for it to come.

“You’re not wearing any makeup.” Jeff said while having the biggest smile on his face.

“Yeah, I probably look dead right now.” You said, he shook his head.

“No you look beautiful.” He said while grabbing your hands across the table. You smiled. Your guys’ good soon came and you guys began eating. You grabbed some whip cream from your pancakes and put it on Jeff’s nose.

“Whoops I slipped.” You laughed. He just smirked. He got up pretending to go to the bathroom but instead kissed you. You froze.

“Whoops I fell.” He said. Your stomach filled with butterflies and so did his. You cupped his cheeks and brought him in for another kiss.

“Looks like we’re both falling for each other.” You laughed at that horrible pun.

“Oh Ms Y/L/N I’ve been falling for you since day one.” Jeff smiled.

“Atkins you have won my heart.” You stated, which made him have the biggest smile ever.

“So Ms Y/L/N would you like to be my girlfriend.” Jeff asked, he seemed quite nervous.

“Of course Atkins.” You smiled, while putting more whip cream on his nose. As you guys were eating your breakfast a couple sat on the table next to you guys. You looked to see Zach and the girl he cheated on you with. You tensed up and Jeff noticed so he reached for your hand. You looked over to him and soon enough he connected his lips to yours,

“Let’s go babe,” he stated, you could hear Zach scoff and Jeff smirked. You smirked and followed Jeff. As you walked past Zach you heard him mutter something under his breath which sounded like him saying “slut” you just rolled your eyes.

When you reached Jeffs car both of you burst out laughing,

“He was so jealous.” You said in between laughs. Jeff nodded and you both got in the car. Jeff gave you the aux cord so you played some random songs that both of you knew. Dont by Bryson Tiller came on and Jeff got excited, he loved that song. He knew all the lyrics so he sang to you,

“Fuck ‘em girl I guess he didn’t know any better. Girl that man didn’t show any effort. Do all I can just to show you you’re special. Certain it’s your love that holds me together.” Why did he always sing the most relevant lyrics to you?

“Left hand is steering the other is gripping your thigh.” As he sang that he placed his right hand on your thigh and looked at you while licking his lips. He looked so hot and you wanted to oh so badly kiss his lips, but you couldn’t because that would probably lead to you guys in a car accident. (THIS WAS NOT DONE ON PURPOSE I SWEAR)

You guys soon arrived to your house and before you got out Jeff kissed you,

“Thank you for giving dating a second chance and saying yes to me.” You smiled giving him another kiss.
There you go, a part two. Honestly thank you for the amazing feedback on part one!

Lines from Heathers: the musical that absolutely ruin me

-Don’t stop looking in my eyes
-Deep inside, I know your heart is good
-You’re not alone
-You are the only thing that’s right about this broken world
-If you could let me in, I could be good with you
-I’d fight the world for you
-Your love’s too good to lose
-“Let me come with. You know, for backup.”
-“Veronica was just leaving.”
-“I’m not strong like you are.”
-“Are you okay?” “What about you?”
-You know, you’re beautiful.
-Let them drive us underground, I don’t care how far
-I wish that I could hurt the ones who hurt you
“I don’t deserve to live” “I respectfully disagree”
“I destroy everything; I’m just like my dad.”
Say Hi To God :-)

voyager, chapter 36

“Ye came back then,” he said softly. “I knew you would.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but he was still talking, eyes fixed on my face, pupils dilated to pools of darkness.

“My love,” he said, almost whispering. “God, ye do look so lovely, wi’ your great eyes all gold, and your hair so soft round your face.” He brushed his tongue across dry lips. “I knew ye must forgive me Sassenach, once you knew.”

Once I knew? My brows shot up, but I didn’t speak; he had more to say.

“I was so afraid to lose ye again, mo chridhe,” he murmured.

“So afraid. I havena loved anyone but you, my Sassenach, never since the day I saw ye — but I couldna… I couldna bear…”

His voice drifted off in an unintelligible mumble, and his eyes closed again, lashes lying dark against the high curve of his cheek.

I sat still, wondering what I should do. As I watched, his eyes opened suddenly once again. Heavy and drowsy with fever, they sought my face.

“It willna be long, Sassenach,” he said, as though reassuring me. One corner of his mouth twitched in an attempt at a smile.

“Not long. Then I shall touch ye once more. I do long to touch you.”

“Oh, Jamie.” I said. Moved by tenderness, I reached out and laid my hand along his burning cheek.

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Hey! I had an idea, could you write something where Jughead isn't sleeping well (looks more tired than normal) and Betty notices so she takes him somewhere quiet like to her house or to the blue and gold office and he falls asleep in her lap while she's playing with his hair? Or something cute and fluffy like that - I love your fics so much they always brighten my day :)

That’s cute! I’ll give it a go, I mean we’ve all noticed how much more prominent Jugheads bags have been getting

She propped her chin up in her hand, leaning her elbow on the cool metal of the cafeteria table, she didn’t mean to stare, her mother had always told her it was rude but this was her kinda/ sorta boyfriend, she figured she had a pass. Jughead looked so tired, the dark purple bags under his eyes, the way he was almost always yawning, and now the way his eyes were drooping slowly, Betty couldn’t look away.
She knew what he was going through, she knew the way it kept him up at night, worrying about his father, worrying about his mother, his sister, sometimes even about herself, it made her heart hurt to see how all of this emotional baggage was eating away at the boy who had snuck his way into her heart.

Suddenly cloudy blue connected with her own piercing green and his eyes were looking directly into her prying ones, raising an eyebrow and smiling lazily. Jugheads lack of sleep was a fairly popular conversation between the pair, Betty was worried and she brought that up more than not.

“You need to sleep Jughead, just rest.” She would beg, as they lay together on his blowup mattress situated on Archie’s floor. He simply shook his head, the bed wasn’t comfortable and he claimed he felt on edge in Archie’s room, almost like he was invading on someone’s privacy, not to say he wasn’t grateful, of course he was, this just wasn’t… it wasn’t a great space for him.

Back to her current scenario, Betty raised a teasing eyebrow at his sleepy face and stuck her tongue out, making the beanie wearing boy chuckle and relax his shoulders, she loved that she could make him feel at ease, make him comfortable, that’s why the plan she had been cooking up all month was probably one of her best. She would bring it up to him after the final bell.

Lunch went by quickly and they all headed off to their final two classes, Jughead dropping a secret kiss to her forehead before strolling off. When the final bell rang, signaling the end of the day, Betty skipped up to Jughead in the hallway and took his hand in hers, looking up at him with excited eyes as he smiled down at her, gently resting a palm to her cheek

“What’s got you so excited Bets?” He asked with a snort as she tugged him down the hallway.

Betty stopped in front of the gym and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Pack a bag for two days and meet me in front of my house today, I should be done with cheerleading around 5? Meet me then?” She asked without really leaving much of an option as she practically sprinted into the gym, leaving him nodding and confused as he headed to Archie’s.

5 o clock came fast and jughead found himself, duffel bag swung over his shoulder, standing on Betty’s front porch while she walked up her sidewalk and leaped beside him, placing a finger up as he went to ask a question. Dramatically opening the door, she walked in before him, ushering him inside as he stared at her questioningly

“Welcome to your new home for the weekend, come on I’ll show you where you’ll be sleeping!” She giggled at his confused expression as she pulled him up the stairs and into her bedroom
“I tell ya best beds in all of Riverdale” she tugged him down to her plush, soft mattress filled with warm blankets and pillows, he practically melted into it. He had always loved Betty’s bed, but with Alice around he was never not on edge.

“Bets…” he explained slowly “this is your bed, in your home.” He smiled at her with a roll of his eyes.

Betty shook her head “no this weekend, it’s our bed, and our home.” She explained back, leaning against her bed frame “mom went away for the weekend with Polly she won’t be back until late Monday night, therefore we have the whole place to ourselves! You need a good nights rest Jughead, you need an actual bed with an actual pillow, those living arrangements are killing you.” She said softly, grabbing his hand as he looked deep into her eyes “let me help you. Just this once, let me take care of you. Please” she whispered.

Jughead loved Betty Cooper, she was the best thing to ever happen to him and if he didn’t know it then, he most definitely knew it now. The way she cared for him, the way she saw things no one else did, it never failed to amaze him. Nodding slowly, not trusting his voice too overcome with emotion, he just let her wrap him up in her arms and fall into the soft mattress.
They stayed like that for a few minutes before he felt her remove his hat and run her fingers through his hair, he was out before he even had the chance to say her name.

On Monday morning, as the pair walked into school together, the whole school was in talks about how good Jughead jones looked. A great nights rest and a girlfriend who loved to cook for her boyfriend could do wonders for an emotionally damaged teen. And so when Archie saw Jughead climbing Fred Andrews ladder into Betty Coopers room atleast twice a week, he never said a word, grateful for the change in his best friend. It was the Betty Cooper effect, and you couldn’t buy that for all the money in the world.

Private Moment- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by laurafortino

Ok so I went a little angsty/upset, with the cute picture and Mitch you know… being Mitch so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Warning: Cussing, anger

Anon Request: I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU WRITE SO MUCH And I love you 💞 could you do one where someone on the team posts a really cute and intimate picture of you and auston?


              You were definitely not expecting your phone to blow up.

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Rise and Shine

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader based on the following prompts:

#17 - “Stop it! It tickles!”

#22 - “You can scream if you want.”

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

There’s no better place to wake up than in the arms of the man that you love. You look up at Jax, his mouth slightly parted as he sleeps peacefully, the sight of him so relaxed such a rare one to see.

The way his eyes flutter slightly as he dreams, the way his arm continues to stay wrapped securely around you, no matter the fidgeting you do throughout the night.

You press your lips gently against his chest, the simple motion making him stir, his high level of awareness present even as he rests. His eyes open, a groan leaving his lips as he adjusts to the sunlight pouring in through the blinds.

“Morning.” you whisper, your fingers creating invisible swirls on his chest as he looks down at you, a smile of contentment on his lips. “Sleep okay?”

“Always do when you’re with me.” he replies, running his digits through your hair, the feeling making you sigh. “How ‘bout you?”

You nod. “You’re always so warm. Sends me straight to sleep.”

“That your way of saying I’m hot?” he teases, running his hand down your waist and squeezing, the action making you jump. You try to get up, knowing what’s coming next, but Jax holds you in place, a chuckle slipping from his lips. “Where do you think you’re going, baby?”

“Don’t tickle me please.” you beg, laughing as you struggle to escape, Jax flipping you onto your back and hovering over you, your body pinned securely under his. “I’ll scream.”

“You can scream if you want. M'sure the neighbours are used to it by now.” He nestles his head into your neck, nibbling your sweet spot just to prove his point. His hands run up and down your sides, you flinching everytime he does so.

“I doubt it.” you say, trying to roll to the side, your attempts futile. Jax cocks his eyebrow, a smirk on his lips. You shake your head, regretting your words. “Jackson-”

Ignoring your pleads, he squeezes your waist, his fingers tickling you ruthlessly as you squeal, begging him to stop, though your laughing makes it hard to talk. From above you, Jax enjoys the sound of your humour, your laugh like music to his ears.

“Stop it! It tickles!” you shout breathlessly, trying to wiggle out between his legs but he keeps you pinned in place, your stomach hurting from laughing so much.

“Tell me how amazing I am.” he says, grinning as he temporarily pauses his torture. You roll your eyes, squealing as he once again begins to tickle you. “Your choice!”

“Okay, okay! You’re the best boyfriend ever and I’m so lucky to have you.” the words come out between breaths, your body filling with relief as Jax gives up his torment, obviously satisfied with your answer as he takes your lips with his own, his hands resting on the pillow on each side of your head.

“Aw, thanks babe. So kind of you to say.” He feigns embarrassment, placing a single kiss on your nose before dropping back down beside you, your heart rate beginning to slow down. “You want some breakfast?”

You hum in confirmation, turning your head to the side to look at your boyfriend. “Please. I’m gonna hop in the shower.”

“Alright, I’ll get it sorted.” he says, grunting as he gets up from the bed. “Unless you fancy some company.”

“We’ll be in there all day with your wandering hands.” You say, moving to the edge of the bed and resting on your knees, watching as Jax ties his hair back, wondering how you got so lucky.

“Thought you liked my wandering hands.” he mumbles, slipping his arms around your waist, yours locking behind his head. “You never usually complain.”

“Of course I do, but I also like food, and right now my hunger is winning.” you say, a rumble coming from you stomach as if to prove your point. “But after that, I’m all yours.”

“You’re always mine, darlin’. Don’t you forget it.”

A/N - Hope you guys liked this! Thank you for sending in your requests, hopefully it’ll help me with my block!!! Love to you all ❤

Just Because

A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the Reader’s three year old daughter asks Spencer why he fell in love with her mommy. :D @coveofmemories


As you walked around the kitchen making Spencer’s birthday dinner, Spencer watched as your three-year-old daughter, Lily, ran down the hallway and into his lap. “Happy Birthday, Daddy,” she said, wrapping her little arms around his neck before plopping down into his lap.

“Thank you, my sweet girl,” he said softly as he looked across the living room to where you were dancing around. You didn’t like to cook all that often, but when you did, you tended to go all out, especially for a special occasion. “Mommy should be done with dinner in a little while. You want me to tell you a story while we wait?” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you smile softly. You always loved hearing him tell your daughter stories.

“Yes,” she hissed happily. Saying S-words was especially hard at the moment considering she had a loose tooth. Normally, she didn’t have a preference, but today was different. “Can you tell me why you fell in love with mommy?” She looked between you both and then situated herself more firmly in his lap. 

She was probably expecting a grand and lavish story that turned their love into a fairytale, but in Spencer’s mind, it was the small things you did and said that made him love you - the little things were more important than where you went on your first date or how you looked on your wedding day. “Well,” he started, leaning back into the couch, “I fall in love with mommy over and over again. All the time.” You turned around and blew a kiss in his direction. 

“How do you do that?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with questions still unanswered. 

There were so many reasons he loved you. Where was he even supposed to start? “One reason I love mommy is that even though we work together, and she knows what goes on in my day all the time, when we get home, she still asks me how my day was,” he started. “That makes me realize that no matter how close or far we are away from each other, she still wants to know how I feel at the end of the day. It means she cares about what’s going on in here.” He pointed to your daughter’s heart. “That’s one of the many reasons I love mommy.”

“Tell me more,” she said, bouncing up and down on her father’s lap. “I wanna know all the reasons you love mommy.”

“All of them?” he asked animatedly. “That might take a while.” He’d be talking forever if he truly tried to recount why he loved you so much. Lily didn’t seem to care; she just sat back further into the couch and stared wide-eyed up at her father. “Ok, well another reason I love mommy is because she laughs at all of my really bad jokes.” On your first date all those years ago, you’d told him how much you loved bad puns, and he’d insisted he could tell you one that would make you groan. But it never happened. Your personal favorite was ‘what do you call an educated tube?…a graduated cylinder.’ It was so bad, but that’s why you loved them, and the way his face lit up at your laughter was enough of a reason to continue laughing.

Lily seemed to understand. “You do tell really bad jokes,” she replied with a smile. “But I still love you, so I guess that makes sense. Tell me more.”

As you continued cooking his birthday dinner, you listened in, falling in love with how he was describing the ways you loved him. His voice had an ethereal quality to it that just made you love him more. He told your daughter that you always snuggled up to him first thing in the morning, putting your head in the crook of his neck. Despite the jobs you had, that always made him feel grounded to the good in the world. Continuing, he told Lily how much he loved the messy bun you always put your hair in, how much he enjoyed watching you dance around the kitchen when you thought no one was watching, how he was grateful that you would eat at his favorite restaurant even though you hated it. There were so many little things you did for each other, he began to lose track. 

“Mommy is the most amazing woman in the whole world,” he said, placing Lily in his lap and looking toward you in the kitchen. “She listens to my stories even when she’s tired. When she reads to you, I love hearing her voice do all the different characters voices. I love the fact that at the end of the day, it could just be the three of us and I’d be happy forever. There is so much I love about your mommy.”

Lily looked enthralled, like she could listen to her father recount every single reason he loved you until the end of time. “What’s the biggest reason of all?” she wondered. 

He’d never thought about the biggest reason. It was just so cumulative. But there was one thing. After his father left, he always had this fear that no matter what he did, no one would ever be proud of him. After all, if his own flesh and blood wasn’t proud enough of him to stay, then how would anyone else be proud of him - all of him. He glanced your eye, not breaking eye contact as he spoke. “I think one of the biggest reasons I love mommy is because she’s proud of me. Even if I ramble on about things, or I get a little mean because I’m stressed out, mommy is proud to call me her husband.”

It had been quite a few minutes since you’d paid attention to making dinner. You were too enraptured with Spencer’s voice. “I am always proud to call your daddy, my husband,” you said, walking across the room to sit next to him and your daughter. You leaned over, giving him a soft peck on the lips as Lily looked on.

“Why do you love Daddy?” she asked you. 

Without looking in her direction, you spoke to Spencer, gently grazing his hand with your own. “I love Daddy because he loves me for exactly who I am. I’m a little hot-tempered. I’m a little weird. I like wearing sparkles and the color black. I’m a whole mess of different things, but no matter what I feel like on any particular day, I know that Daddy loves me regardless,” you said, smoothing back your daughter’s light brown hair. “I fell in love with Daddy just because.”

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Could you write something where one of them accidentaly calls the other one babe and then the others reaction? something fluffy :) love your writing btw <3

Cute! This one might be a little short!

Jughead balled up his empty chip bag and tossed it in the trash, he had just eaten two sandwiches, Betty’s bag of Oreos and a fun size bag of Fritos, how was he still hungry?

Sighing dramatically, he dropped back down at the lunch table placing his forehead on the metal table and groaning
“I’m still famished.” He declared, avoiding the eye rolls and chuckles of his friends, looking to his girlfriend, he pouted, he knew Betty and Betty hated to see him pout, she had said
“It makes me sad when you pout, I’ll pretty much do anything you want. Use those lips wisely mister.”

“Bets…” he started, she was working on her physics notes and he had to physically shake a hand in her face to get her to pay attention to him.

“Hmm” she hummed, finally dragging her eyes away from the notebook and frowning when she saw his extended bottom lip

“I’m still hungry and our friends refuse to help my cause.” He explained, shooting a teasing glare in Veronica and Archie’s direction.

Kevin spoke up
“He won’t even ask me, he knows all I have is celery. I’m watching my weight.”

Betty giggled heartily at her silly friend.

“Anyway..” Jughead continued, draping an arm over his girlfriends shoulder “you always have snacks in your bag, care to share with your favorite boyfriend?” He smiled goofily, nudging her shoulder gently as she smiled back at him and went to dig in her bag finally pulling out a bag of cheesnips, handing them to Jughead she patted his knee.

Jughead grinned and bent down to drop a quick kiss to her lips “thanks babe, you’re the best.”

Betty’s eyes widened as she looked up at him, her lips breaking into a beaming smile “babe?” She questioned, stealing a tiny cracker from the bag.

Jughead shrugged sheepishly
“It just kind of came out, felt natural” he blushed

Betty giggled reaching up and pressing her lips to his cheek
“I like it.”

He smiled in relief, before an evil glint came to her eyes

“Pass me that water bottle…cupcake.”

His eyes narrowed and he shook his head
“Oh no, we are most definitely finding a better nickname for me.” He stated defiantly

“Okay” Betty smirked “snookums.”

Jughead dropped his head to the table again, this was the start of a very long week.

Give It A Chance - Derek Hale

Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Reader.


Originally posted by berezneva-tw

“I just don’t get it! Why won’t you see my side of things?” Derek shouts at you from across the room.

You sigh and throw your hands up. “Because I have seen your side of things, I’m tired of only seeing your side of things! You don’t think I have opinions too? All we ever do is whatever Derek wants to do.”

He crosses his arms. “Y/N, you know that’s not fair.”

You walk up to him, looking into his eyes. “What’s not fair is you pressuring me into having a baby.” You say calmly. You back away, your eyes locked before you go into your shares bedroom. You slam the door and lock it.

Why was he so stubborn? It’s not that you didn’t want kids, you loved kids, it’s that you just didn’t want kids right now. You and Derek weren’t even married, hell you weren’t even engaged. You’d been together for awhile and you talked about getting married, you just never thought it was important. You both said it was just a piece of paper validating feelings you already knew you had.

You laid in your bed, feeling tears slide down your cheeks. You fought about this every other day and Derek never budged on his feelings of wanting a baby immediately.

You were woken by knocking. You must’ve cried yourself to sleep. It was at the front door. You sigh and get out of bed, checking your makeup before answering the door.

“I knew you wouldn’t answer the door if you knew it was me…but I’m sorry.” You sigh in defeat, seeing your masculine boyfriend standing in the doorway with flowers.

You wave him inside, leaning up to kiss him. “I’m sorry too…I love you.”

He smiles and kisses your forehead. “I love you too.” He hands you a bouquet of your favorite flowers and he sighs quietly. “We have to figure something out, you know.”

You look at him and nod. “I know, babe.“ You walk over to the kitchen counter and put the flowers in a vase. “Let’s talk about it.” You look up at him and he nods.

“Okay, let’s talk about it.” He smiles.

You take his hand and lead him to the living room, you sit on the couch and look at him. “Why are you so fixated on having a baby right now?” You look at him, pulling a leg to your chest.

He shrugs. “I guess it’s kinda stupid, since we aren’t even married…I just..we’ve been together so long, I’m just ready, y'know? I’m ready to have a house full of kids with you.”

You chuckle and take his hand. “We already have that.”

He laughs and shakes his head. “Not Scott and Stiles.” He squeezes your hand. “Why don’t you want kids right now?”

You sigh and look up at him. “Derek…I..I just don’t want kids right now. It’s not the time.”

“When will it be the time then?” He sighs.

“Babe…just give me a little bit of time. Please.” You plead.

“It can wait. As long as I have a family with you and only you…it can wait.”

It’s been three weeks since your talk with Derek and things have been great, no more fights. You both have been more understanding of each other.

“Babe, can I talk to you?” You pad into the kitchen, Scott and Derek sitting at the counter.

Derek’s head perks up, following you to the bedroom. “What’s going on?” He smiles and looks at you.

“I want to have a baby.” You smile, looking into his eyes.

He grins. “What? Really? I thought you said you wanted to wait.”

“I think three weeks is a long enough wait.” You smirk.

“Well hell, we better get started.” He scoops you up into his arms, kissing you. You squeal, giggling as you kiss.

You hear Scott approach the door. “Should I-”

Derek pulls away slightly. “Get out, McCall.”

You laugh and pull him back to you. “Let’s make some babies, Mr. Hale.”


“I don’t get it.” You sigh, tossing another pregnancy test into the trash. “Maybe we should’ve started trying earlier.” You look at Derek and cross your arms.

“Just because you can’t get pregnant right now doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant. Maybe you are pregnant and it’s just too early.” He smiles hopefully.

“Yeah maybe.” You wash your hands and leave the bathroom, immediately Googling fertility options.

Derek sneaks up behind you and grabs your phone. “Stop. We’ve only been trying a couple months, we can look into that if we’re still trying in a couple years.”

“What happened to you wanting a baby immediately?” You ask.

“Time seems kind of irrelevant now. We’ve started trying and that’s what matters.” He shrugs.

“Wow. That’s so deep.” You snatch your phone back and go to the kitchen. “Let’s go talk to Scott’s mom. I mean, she is a nurse.”

Derek looks at you for a minute. “Okay.” He grabs his car keys off the counter.

“Wait really? I thought you’d fight me on that.” You run after him to keep up, as he’d already started walking out the door.

You arrive at the hospital and Melissa is sitting at the front desk. “What’s wrong? Is Scott okay?” She asks when she sees you.

“No he’s fine, we’re actually here to talk to you.” Derek says and you smile.

She stands up and leads you down a hallway. “We can talk in conference room B.” She unlocks the door and you all go in and sit down. “What’s up?” She smiles.

Derek waits for you to talk. “Derek and I are trying to have a baby.” You smile and she reaches over and rubs your arm.

“That’s great! I’m so happy for you.”

“We’ve been trying for a couple months..and we just don’t know what to do anymore..I miscarried last year and I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with that.”

Melissa shakes her head. “Are you guys on a schedule? Waiting for ovulation?”

You nod. “Yeah, isn’t that the best way?”

“Look when Scott’s dad and I decided we wanted to have a baby it took us years. I got fertility shots, I took pills, we were on a schedule, and nothing ever worked. We’d just given up on the idea of a baby when I got pregnant. And you know how it happened? We didn’t plan it. I know it’s cliche, but just stop trying.” She smiles.

You look at Derek and he shrugs. “Sounds a lot less exhausting than watching her ovulation calendar.” He laughs and she nods.

“Trust me.”

You’d stopped trying like Melissa had said. You only had sex when you felt like it and it felt a lot less like a job.

Derek had gone out to grab groceries for dinner and you were by yourself. You decide to take a pregnancy test for the hell of it. You peed and you were waiting. When you glanced at the test it looked blurry. You shook it and dropped it when you saw the results. Your shaky fingers dialed Derek.

“Hey, baby girl. Did you forget to add something to the list?” He sounded happy.

“Derek, I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant!” You shriek.

“What? Are you serious? I’m coming home right now.” He hung up the phone and you picked the test up, jumping in excitement.

When he arrived you were waiting at the door. He picks you up and kisses you. “Are you serious about this?” He grins and you nod. You pull the test out of your back pocket and flash it at him.

He puts you down and looks at the test. “Y/N, we’re having a baby!”


Peter Maximoff x Reader

Prompt: Peter distracting reader from studying

Requested By: anon

Warnings: Reaaaalllly bad chemistry jokes/pickup lines

A/N: Just a short little piece (literally it’s under 600 words) where I took the liberty of being an idiot

“C’mon, Y/N, it’s five minutes. Just five minutes.” His grin was wide and playful as he looked at you, his dark eyes filled with mirth. He wanted your attention - and knew exactly how to get it, too - but unluckily for him you were on a mission.

“Peter, stop, I have to study!” You glared at him out of the corner of your eye before turning your attention back to your chemistry textbook. You had to pass this exam; chemistry was your worst subject and therefore was the one you needed to study the most, and you knew that if you allowed Peter to pull you away you were doomed.

    You focused on the page in front of you, trying to ignore Peter as he made attempts to pull you away from studying. He did everything: begging, pleading, poking you, messing with your hair, trying to take the book, even dirty talk in your ear. You made it all of five minutes before you had to pause again.

“I’m serious, Pete, I have to pass this exam.” He grinned at you, leaning back in his chair.

“Don’t you already know everything you need to know about chemistry? We do it on a table periodically, isn’t that enough?”

“Peter!” You smack his arm, but you’re grinning. Shaking your head, you turn back to your book. He grins, leaning his elbows on the table and resting his head in his hands.

“Well how about this: according to the second law of thermodynamics, you’re supposed to share your hotness with me.” You ignore him, biting your lip to keep from grinning while your cheeks flush red. “Or that everyone knows that it’s not the size of the vector that matters, but how it’s delivered?”

You make a point of pulling your textbook into your lap and turning your back to him, but it only eggs him on.

“Hey, are you an alpha carbon? Because you look susceptible to a backside attack!” You swear internally as your ears heat up, but you keep your head down.

A catalyst is a chemical element or compound used to speed up a reaction, but is-

“Hey Babe, if I was an endoplasmic reticulum, how would you want me? Smooth or rough? Because I have a smooth endoplasmic reticulum, but I know that you like it ro-” You whirl around, chunking the heavy textbook at him. He merely moves out of the way, leaving the book to crash to the ground at an odd angle. Grinning, he crosses his arms. “I bet you’re like a calcium bicarbonate - if I get you wet, the reaction will be explosive!”

“You’re a little shit,” you mutter, moving to collect your textbook from the ground. Peter, however, beats you to it. “Just because you’re my dork boyfriend and your brain - and everything else about you - moves faster than me-” you stop mid-sentence as Peter holds out your textbook, offering it to you. You grab it, eyes narrowed. There’s a wolfish look in his eye, a deviousness to his grin, that you don’t trust. “What are you planning?”

“How about,” he says, walking over to you and wrapping his arm around your waist, “I help you study for Chemistry.”

“Peter-” the warning in your voice is cut off as he kisses you, grinning like an idiot.

“After we form a covenant bond.” You smack his shoulder, suppressing a grin.


“I didn’t hear a no.”

“Fuck you.”

“You know there’s a scientific-”

“Shut the hell up and kiss me.”

this-plan-is-dangerous  asked:

So, what are your favorite canon to you moments?

Ah. Well.

Lumiere and Plumette growing up is this constantly unfurling drama in my head, like a movie about the length of the entire “Lord of the Rings” extended director’s cut that just barely includes all the important moments in their relationship pre-curse. but you know a few moments in that movie that i forget weren’t in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast that everybody else watched include:

  • Lumiere never once does not recognize Plumette, despite her peacock-y form. Right after transformation, everybody else is in confusion as to who is who—but not him, when he sees her. He looks right in Plumette’s eyes and recognizes her immediately. And it never, ever crosses his mind to not be in love with her
  • Why would it cross your mind to give up on everything you are?
  • Everything he is is in love with her
  • they struggle to learn to dance, in their new forms. He’s lucky, has human-like legs (too lucky—he looks at Cadenza and Cogsworth, weighed down, and feels for them), but Plumette keeps flying off the ground (I am too! damn! light! she yells, and he says yes! ma cherie! you are light itself!), and the wings are a little awkward, but hey: “at least the witch kept the height difference,” says Lumiere, and Plumette raises one eyebrow and playfully hits at him with the wings, and after he laughs they don’t seem so awkward
  • lumiere stages ‘be our guest’ to keep himself busy. i have more theories about this but i’m saving them for another fic
  • at first plumette is resentful toward the beast, as she was when he was a spoiled prince who mocked her makeup and made her life harder. as the curse goes on, she softens to him. she might call him friend.
  • lumiere frequently sets things on fire in the first few days of the curse
  • this isn’t really headcanon but i have to add in here that when belle and the beast are sitting out in the snow, reading, and we hear the servants laughing in the background, i was REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATED because I wanted the camera to take me away from belle and adam and over to the servants and whatever they were doing, because i wanted 100% more servant time.
  • lumiere and plumette have a lot of fun as objects. like, yeah, it really sucks, if they stop to think of the smell of fresh-baked bread or how much they miss stepping on each others’ toes it sucks, but they leech genuine fun out of everything. like remember that episode of the office where they hold super pointless olympics? that’s what i’m thinking of. there are fun parts about being tiny and light and they run after them like their lives depend on it
  • thanks to @fandoms-and-bullcrap for this one, but Plumette is really smart.
  • following the curse plumiere go over board in embracing sensory things. they can feel things when they touch them!! they can SMELL?!?! how did i ever forget what taste was like, says lumiere, his face stuffed with cheese-fried bread dipped in onion soup, i have no idea says plumette but we were utter dunces, please pass the brined cucumbers and her face is stuffed with dates and buttered toast
  • the above creeps out normal human people but they don’t give a DAMN cuz everything is delicious
  • it is definitely canon in my head that they keep some attributes after turning human again. Cogsworth can tell time. Mrs. Potts is never burnt; Chip never seems to break his bones. Cadenza snores musically. Garderobe casually drapes fabric on a form and it ends up a dress, no sewing required. Plumette doesn’t seem to be particularly magic at first, and nobody is really disappointed, but then one particularly happy day when Lumiere and her are walking in the rose gardens, she lifts off the ground—just a little, just a second—floating with joy. Her little flights only take her up inches, but Lumiere overreacts exuberantly every time and can’t get over how amazing his girlfriend is
  • i have many more but i’m dead inside and need to stop here. but, like, guys….trust me when i say i’m redoing the whole movie in my head to be Plumiere-centric

I’m going through one of my original stories again and every time I do, I laugh at how my female protagonist likes to remind the male protagonist that she finds him attractive. It’s almost like it’s the only reason she keeps him around.

(1) “Besides, you’re handsome. I like good-looking things. What do you say? Want to work together?” 

(2) “I don’t care if he wants to destroy the world with it. At least I would have the pleasure of knowing you went down with it.” She turns to me and grins. “Besides, he’s been a lovely companion so far. Pleasant on the eyes.”

(3) “You’ve been plenty useful.” She says with her voice slightly muffled. “Looking at your handsome face gives me energy.”

(4) “Don’t look so serious. You’ll ruin that good face of yours.”


This is Part Eight in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1056

Read “Needy”
Read “Deserving”
Read “Loving”
Read “Vacation”
Read “Try”
Read “Remember”
Read “Telling”

A/N: After “Together” and “Our Girl” are finished, I will no longer be doing poly stories.

         You were sitting in your chair on set, messing around on your phone when you felt hands on your shoulders. You knew they were Jensen’s without even looking.

           He brought his mouth to your ear, “Have I told you today how beautiful I think you are?” he asked.

           You giggled, “You mentioned it when we woke up,” you said.

           “Well, then it’s been too long. You are absolutely gorgeous.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Thank you, J.”

           “What?” he asked.

           “You’re just funny,” you said.

           “You don’t agree with me?” he asked, walking around to stand in front of you, “Are you disagreeing with my statement?”

           “Of course not,” you shook your head.

           Jensen kissed you softly, “I love you. And you really are gorgeous.”

           “I love you too. You’re not so bad yourself.”

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This isn't exactly random, just my rare pair: Sybill x Regulus, Marauders Era :)

“Let me check again.” Sybill said and held her hand out. 

Regulus sighed and laid his hand in hers, palm up. She bent low over it and ran her long fingers gentle over the lines. As she studied his palm, he studied her face. Her wild curls were held back by a scarf she had tied like a headband and her long lashes hid her dark green eyes from his view. 

“I think I see a new line, just here. I’m sure that means something has changed.” 

“Sybill.” he called her name softly

“Maybe if we consult your chart again-” 

“Sybill.” He cut her off, his voice firmer. His hand was still cradled in hers, she refused to meet his eyes. “Sybill, love, look at me.” 

She took a deep breath and met his tender gaze. Tears clung to her eyelashes, making them clump together and the red in her eyes made the green all the brighter. “We can change it.” her voice trembled. 

Regulus cupped her cheek and she leaned into the touch. He didn’t say ‘Of course we can’ and he didn’t say ‘I’ll never leave you.’ and he didn’t say ‘I’ll make it out of this alive.’  Instead, he looked deep into the eyes of the woman he loved and said, “Marry me.” 

I believe you can see a lot
in people’s eyes
You can hear what’s coming out of their mouths
But you can see how they truly feel when they look at you
Maybe that’s why it broke my heart
Whenever I saw you over the years
Your smile never quite met your eyes
It was strained with everything you wanted to say
I could see the love you still had in your eyes
Torn between sadness and regret
But the thing that got to me the most was that they looked so haunted
The ghost of memories and what could have been
Lingered there
Its always been burned in my memory
And if you really looked in mine
It was like a mirror
That everything you felt
Was staring right back at you

Why I didn’t believe you when you said you loved me?


If you truly love someone, their arms around you feels like home and not a cage. Their presence alone, soothes your soul and tamed your mind from uncertain thoughts. When you tell someone you love them, you must prove it by your actions, cause one of your top priorities–to see that person happy. And when you touched and kissed them, your completely surrender your being for that moment, your mind goes completely fuzzy and you forget your name. You love someone when being with them, effortlessly completes your day. You can tell, that you love someone, for just hearing their voice makes you shiver, and when you looked into their eyes, you’ll see how perfectly-imperfect they are, and you still love them. Seeing them crying, even it’s your fault or because of someone else, will rip your heart hundred times than the person you love. You love someone if you make time for them, rather than throwing some nonsense excuses. In all kind of relationships time is the most precious gift you can give to someone, it can’t be withhold neither returned, that one fated day will just be forever cherished. Saying you love me, doesn’t mean you truly love me, maybe… you just need me. I’m the one who loves you more than what you deserved and what you asked for, yet you make me feel, it would never enough- I’ll never be enough. So don’t justify your feelings by just saying you love me, cause your actions contradict your own words.

I didn’t believe you when you said you loved me because when I looked into your eyes– your eyes hesitated a bit to stare a little longer. When the night you told me that you love me your eyes were contradicting your words, how can I believe that? I tried to believe though because when you embrace me and didn’t hear your heartbeats screaming my name, I just took it as if I didn’t get hurt because maybe, just maybe, it’s just hard for you to express but then until I hear your silent sigh you thought I didn’t hear. How can I believe you that you loved me when our lips collide, in the midst of our hungry lips, you will suddenly stop and tell me that you are not feeling well– when our souls collide, the love wasn’t there because the moment you touch me, I never saw you staring into my eyes and tell me that I look beautiful in my birthday suit. Tell me, tell me how am I supposed to believe in your words?– words that never shown in actions.

—  A collaboration with @lunaloveswolf