the look of joy in his face is priceless

King of the Nerds

King of the Nerds

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluffy, steamy, Jensen being fake moody (yea, it’s a warning), suggestive smutty stuff, language 

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic ELEVEN. The line requested was, “I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes.” It was requested by @starswirlblitz  . It will be highlighted in the fic. Thank you so much for celebrating with me. I am combining it with two gifs submitted by @torn-and-frayed. Hope you like it! This one was fun to write. I don’t usually write Jensen like this, but we all know he can get a little moody sometimes. It’s hot as fuck.

Feedback Appreciated

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Congrats, Rami (Rami Malek x Reader Smut)

Requested by @purplezebra68​ : Hi! Could I please request a smit where after the show the reader “congratulates” Rami on his Emmy?

A/N: I must admitt I’m not very experienced with writing smut, but nevertheless I hope you like it. Sorry for grammar mistakes! Enjoy !

Word count : 1,868

Today was the day. The awarding of the Emmys. You had been so excited for your boyfriend who was nominated for the best dramatic actor. Rami was nervous the whole day, doubting that he would ever win. You tried to cheer him up and told him that no matter what would happen today, if he’d win or not, he would always be the best actor in your eyes. At least, his mood changed a bit and he became calmer. “Thank you.” he said as you helped him getting into his expensive Dior suit.

“I wished you could be there, too.” He murmured. You smiled at him while fixing his bow tie. “I’m fine Rami.” You assured him. “And you know how much Mary wanted to come. She was practically begging for it.” His mouth curved into a smile as he remembered the day his cousin almost went down on her knees and asked for permission. “I’ll be with your parents and Sami, babe.” You said. You would meet his family to watch the Emmys on television together. Then, someone knocked at the door and Rami’s manager told that it was time to leave. You hugged each other tightly before he stepped out of your apartment. “Good luck babe! I love you!” You called after him.

Two hours later, his parents and brother arrived. You noticed that they were also nervous and very excited for Rami. You prepared some snacks and Sami came into the kitchen. “Excited?” He asked you. “Totally! What about you?” He nodded his head.  “Same here, girl.” After a little small talk, you joined his parents in the living room and right then, the Emmys were broadcast.

The atmosphere in the living room was tensed. Your whole body shook and you fiddled with your fingers as the nomination for best dramatic actor was the next. “Please, say Rami, say it.” You whispered and hoped your boyfriend’s name would be mentioned. Rami’s face appeared on the screen. He looked hopeless. You knew exactly what he thought right now. He definitely thought that he would never win this emmy.

Then it was time. And the winner was… RAMI MALEK! You screamed in joy as his name was announced. You knew it! And Rami’s face was so priceless. His expression elicited a laugh from your lips. Also his parents and brother cheered and applauded happily. You could see the pride in their eyes.

Rami went on the stage, his shocked expression was still on his face. He received his emmy and stared at it a while, before he began his speech. “Please tell me you’re seeing this too.” He said unbelievingly, making you and his mother laugh, while a grin curled up on Sami’s lips. The next few minutes, Rami thanked to everyone who helped him getting this award. In your opinion, this was the best speech that he ever had. “I want to honor the Elliots. There is a little bit Elliot in all of us.” He concluded before he finished his fabulous speech. Everyone in the audition clapped their hands and Rami went down the stage.

“I’m so proud of him.” You said already the tenth time this day. His parents and Sami were about to leave. You gave his mother a loving hug. “Me too, sweetheart, me too. We all are so proud of him.” They stepped out of the apartment, but Sami turned back. A smug smile was plastered on his lips. “Oh, by the way! Have fun tonight.” Then he turned around and left, leaving you back with red cheeks on your face.

You closed the door and began to clean up the living room. Of course, you decided to congratulate your boyfriend in a special way, but the fact that his brother exactly knew this, was embarrassing enough. Hopefully, he wouldn’t tease Rami about it. After everything was cleaned, you went to your living room. Then you moved to your wardrobe and searched for the best lingerie you owned. Taking them, you changed your clothes and after putting the laced black bra and panties on, you also got into your night gown. Spraying his favorite perfume on your neck and on your wrist, you brushed your teeth and combed through your hair. You lighted some candles and spread some rose petals on the ground to create a romantic atmosphere. Now all you had to do was waiting for Rami. Your winner!

You heard the front door being unlocked and the low and raspy voice of your boyfriend calling for you. Your heart skipped a beat and you exhaled nervously, trying to calm down. With tiny steps, you went to the hallway to greet your boyfriend, who was taking off his jacket. His eyes widened as he saw you standing in front of him, half naked and with a see-through gown.

“Congrats, babe.” You murmured. Rami came closer to, holding his award in his hand. “Thank you, love.” He said and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his body. “I’m proud of you, Rami.” You smiled as you had a look at this huge, golden object in his hands. “I told you, you would win, didn’t I?” You teased him. “Indeed. I’ve never expected this to happen.” His eyes went down body, reflecting a hint of burning desire. “So…Uhm… what is this all about?” He asked.

You took the award out of his hand and lead him to the bedroom, where you carefully laid the object on the cupboard. Rami whistled as he saw the view in front of him. Candles were burning everywhere and there was a scent of vanilla in the air. “I thought we could celebrate your win in a special way.”  You moved closer to him.

“And that would be?” His eyebrows rose and he smirked at you, already knowing the answer. “I’ll be all yours tonight.” You whispered seductively in his ear. As you pulled back, you saw his eyes burning with lust. He drew his lower lip between his teeth and observed you from your head to your toes. “Like what you see?” You asked him playfully. He nodded his head. “Absolutely.”

And in the next second you smashed your lips together, kissing each other with hunger and passion. He brushed your night gown off your shoulders until they fell down to your feet. The sudden contact with air made goose bumps rise up your skin. Rami pushed his tongue into your mouth and you both fought for dominance.

You led him to your bed and carefully pushed him down, climbing onto his lap. Still kissing him, you slowly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his well-toned and muscular torso and took off his tie. You let go of his lips and started sucking on his neck. “God, woman!” Rami moaned delicately. “What are you doing to me?” You continued licking and biting on his soft skin until there was nothing left but a big, red mark. “Relax, babe.” You panted. “Let me take care of you.”

You slid his opened shirt down his shoulders. You kissed him once more, never getting enough of his plump lips. If there was anything you loved about him except for his beautiful green eyes, then it was definitely his lips. They were always so soft and kissable. Your hands trailed down his stomach to his dress pants where you unbuckled his belt, sliding them down his ankles. You could see the outline of his erection through his boxers. You started to rub him through his boxers, making him rolling his eyes in pleasure. “Holy shit! (Y/N)!” He moaned.

“Tell me, babe. Tell me what you want.” You offered to him. But he was too much occupied with dealing the pleasure you gave him. “Something but you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.” You sang into his ear. Suddenly he covered his eyes with his elbow, bursting into laughter. You joined him. In some moments it felt good to tease each other and laugh before you went for more. “Sorry!” He laughed. “Don’t worry, Rami.” You assured him.

“I want you to ride me.” He answered then. “I guess we haven’t done it such a long time.” You nodded and got down his lap. “I need condoms, babe.” He pointed to his cupboard. “Have a look there.” You did as he said, taking out a condom and went back to him. Meanwhile he already took of his boxers, and his member was revealed to you. You blushed a little bit at this view but at the same you couldn’t wait to feel him inside you. “Come here, (Y/N).” He said softly. You gave him the condom and together you rolled him over his erection. He placed you on his lap again, started to kiss your neck. You nibbled on your bottom lip as he unclasped your bra and slid them off your shoulders. Carefully, he squeezed your fully breasts, taking your nipples in his mouth.

“Rami…” You sighed satisfied and he continued pleasuring you with his amazing mouth. After pulling your panties down, you stared amorously into each other’s eyes. He pecked your lips, saying “I love you, (Y/N).”  “I love you too, Rami.” You said. “So much.”

Slowly, you eased yourself onto his member, feeling him stretching your walls, filling you completely. Body’s pressed against each other and your souls united, you began to move. It had been a while since you had sex together and it felt good to feel him again. To be so close to him. Rami’s hands trailed up your belly to your breast where lingered. You closed your eyes, moaning and panting. Like always he found the spot you were craving for with no difficulty, making you screaming his name. You put your hand over your mouth to muffle your moans and not to disturb your neighbors, but the pleasure was so intense, you didn’t succeed.

Clawing your nails into his back, you buried your face in the crook of his neck. Not for long and your body would explode. You quickened your pace and moved faster. Rami supported you while he was thrusting harder and deeper. “O-oh…R-Rami.”

He then started massaging your clit and soon you felt something built up in your stomach. “I-I’m close baby.” You groaned. “So close.” He put more pressure until your orgasm approached.

“Let go, (Y/N). Let go baby.” His deep and raspy voice was all you needed to come undone. “Rami!” You screamed his name, arching your back and curling your toes. Rami needed a few more thrusts and finally found relief himself.

Your bodies were covered with sweat and you breathed heavily, but nevertheless you were happy. Rami was so kind, he covered your face with his kisses, making you giggle. He turned you over so you laid beneath him. Pulling out of you carefully and stripping off the condom, putting it in the trash can, he blew out the candles around you. Then he slipped under the blanket. You didn’t mind being sweaty right now. You were too much exhausted and wanted to sleep in Rami’s arms.

Before you both peacefully drifted to sleep, you mumbled, “My winner, my champion. My man.”


Requested: Dad Shawn 💕       

Shawn Mendes x Reader

words: 582

Shawn and you had been engaged for some time and your daughter Olivia was already 5 years old. She was a very happy and open-minded kid and nearly as much into music as her father. Olivia meant everything to him and he would never put his career before his daughter, but of course, he still loved his music and his fans. He never stopped working on new songs or a new album and he also went on tour again.

It was at the end of the tour, there were only a few shows left when Olivia couldn´t sleep because she missed him so much. “Can we visit him again? I know he´s coming back soon, but I can´t wait. Please mum.” she cried while lying in your arms. You two had visited him once before, but it was already a few weeks ago and it was just not the same to talk to him only via facetime. You missed him also very much and you hated to see your daughter like that. You thought about it and came to the conclusion that it would be a great surprise for Shawn at the end of his tour. You nodded “Okay! I will book us a flight,” you said with a smile and kissed Olivia on the head.

After you two arrived, you called Andrew, Shawn´s Manager. You had told him about your plan and he told you where to meet him so he could get you backstage at the show. Olivia was very excited, she couldn´t wait to see Shawn again but the show had already started when you two arrived.  “Where´s dad?” Liv asked with shining eyes while pulling nervously on your hand. “He´s on stage” and before you could say anything else, she was already on her way. “Olivia! Wait!” You ran after her but she was too fast.

He just finished a song, and soft murmurs went through the crowd when Olivia ran towards Shawn. The look on his face was priceless. At first, he looked extremely confused, but then there was nothing except joy. “Dad!” she shouted when she finally jumped in his arms. “Liv, what are you doing here?” he let out a laugh. “Surprise! We´ve missed you way too much to wait any longer,” she said while hugging him as tightly as she could, her arms and legs around his upper body. “I´ve missed you too, this is the best surprise ever, thank you.” He kissed her on the cheek.
“Do you want to stay on stage for one song?” he asked. Olivia nodded wildly. A man brought a stool onstage and Shawn sat down, with Liv on his lap. “Okay, apparently we´ve a little guest onstage,” he told the crowd, with a big smile. “My beautiful daughter Olivia.” He introduced her to the crowd. “What´s your favourite song Liv?” he asked her through the mic. “Never be alone” she answered after thinking for a second, and the audience cheered. Shawn smiled knowingly, when the tour began he told her to listen to that song whenever she´s missing him.
“This is Never be alone. For you Olivia.” He kissed her on her hair and began to sing. Almost everyone sang along, Liv also, hardly audible for the crowd, but Shawn heard it and it was the best feeling in the world for him. Singing together with his little daughter, ahead of thousands of fans.

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Drunk Nyx getting jealous of someone flirting with his s/o 😱😱😱

Tagging: @lady-asuka, @fortheloveofeos, @warnjai-17, @dlb113, @moonfire810, @joker-tracey, @sweetstrawberrycandy

(idk why Dean Winchester works so well for this… but he does hehe.)

  • Drunk Nyx is rather quiet, he typically keeps to himself if he is out at the bar drunk, whether he is with you, friends or alone. 
  • You part ways with him briefly to go to the bathroom but as you come out you get stopped by someone.
  • You talk with them a bit, Turns out they are an old work buddy. You two reminisce, however you pick up on the subtle bit of flirting they are giving to you. (shoulder touching, moving closer to you.)
  • You don’t reciprocate in the flirting as you already are in a relationship, but you don’t want to seem rude.
  • Meanwhile Nyx is eyeing you in silence from across the bar. Now downing his beer even faster, all while glaring at this mysterious stranger talking with you, trying to figure out what you two are talking about.
  • The first thought in his mind is that you have loss interest in him. That you are moving on and just haven’t told him. Regardless of the fact that previous to these events you have shown no sign of wanting to end the relationship.
  • Nyx won’t approach you two, he just waits. Wait’s to see if you will return to him.
  • He is used to loss, and honestly deep down believes that he doesn’t deserve anyone.
  • A conflicting thought comes to him when he sees you two, that anyone he does get close to ends up leaving him. So its easier for him to just distance himself from people. But with you its different.
  • When you do come back to him, he says nothing.
  • Nyx has some serious actual resting bitch face when he is jealous, and even more so when he is drunk.
  • Just a look of disdain fills his face as you start to tell him that the stranger was an old work friend who recently moved into the city.
  • You mention things like : “Yeah he just moved into the city. He was hoping I could show him around.”
  • Nyx will gives some passive aggressive answer like: “Oh, okay, that’s cool. It’s not like he’s a full grown adult, but that’s nice of you.”
  • But internally he is screaming and thinking about beating the shit out of the dude for even asking you to help.
  • He wont admit his jealously to you right away. You’ll question him, asking if he is but he either ignore it or try to change the subject.
  • He’‘s not letting you leave his side at this point, he will pull you closer to him.
  • After finishing his beer he stand up and take you hand and lead you to some quiet area out of sight from others. Maybe he just wants to talk...
  • Yeah…. no. Nyx isn’t good with words, but he is good with action. He wants to show you how much you mean to him and how much you are his as much as he is yours.
  • Before you know it he has your back against the wall, you don’t question it though this has happened before. You just let it happen as you whisper sweet things to him to reassure him, all while looking out making sure no one is watching.

  • Later at home round 2 starts up.
  • Nyx will be softer in his touch and movements.
  • Talking things a lot slower and more asking of what you want. He feels bad for his impulse move earlier.
  • He will want to make it last, the thought of you leaving him drives him crazy, and he wants nothing more than to be at your side.
  • There is just something about you being around other men that makes him insecure.
  • You’ll ask if he’s okay, and he will open up to you about how he didn’t like ‘that fucker at the bar’.
  • Nyx will admit his jealousy, but quietly under his breath. He doesn’t like proving himself wrong especially when it comes to his emotions, and when you have that smug look on your face.
  • You reassure him letting him know that you will never leave him. These simple words give Nyx so much hope and joy, more than you’ll ever know. He has lost so much and the thought of him loosing you is something he try’s to keep out of his mind.
  • When he opens up to you about things like this you try your best to let him know on occasion that you are not going anywhere and that you will always be here for him.
  • The smile you receive  from him when you do this is priceless.
in-universe ninja ship party drabble!

holy shit this turned into something huge,, i hope you like it @skyhillian!!! :0 

Prompts: (i ended up writing all three of these into one whole thing lol)

Ninja Brian was never in a good mood.

Like, ever.

As long as Danny had known him, which had been for decades, he couldn’t ever recall seeing him smile even once. And even when Brian was in a decent mood, he’d still snap Danny’s neck in a split second over nothing. But no matter what mood he was in, he never smiled. Ever. It was something about not showing weakness or some bullshit like that, Danny remembered Brian signing to him once.

But today, Brian was really fucking pissed. Why?

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Sock thought it would be a funny prank, anyway. When Jonathan had moved in with him, he knew already of Sock’s homicidal tendencies, so Sock knew he wouldn’t be able to prank him hard enough by simply just killing an animal. No, Sock needed to take it a step further…

He figured if he played opossum, that would make Jonathan terrified enough to practically pee his pants! Sock needed blood and a lot of it, but thankfully, Lil was a specialty in giving random things at the right time. She had fake blood from the last play she helped out in: Romeo and Juliet. She wasn’t allowed in school plays anymore due to her rather sinister productions.

Anyway, Sock put to good use of the fake blood by splattering himself in it as well as the bed(he made sure to buy cheap sheets they could throw away once the prank was over). Posing the knife at the perfect angle to look as if he stabbed himself, Sock waited.

Jonathan had class that day, working to get a degree for art, though he still considered himself bad at it. Contrary to his own opinion, Sock always said he was like Leonardo Decaprio(Jonathan didn’t have the heart to say that the artist, Leonardo, was not the actor Sock loved to watch die in Titanic.

Anyway, Jonathan walked in, absolutely exhausted and wanting nothing more than to sleep in cuddled with Sock for the night. “I’m home!” he called as he set his things down. No answer came. No call of a sexual innuendo or an evil laugh met his ears. Jonathan raised a confused brow, “Hey, Sock?”

It was odd. Sock never went anywhere when Jonathan was gone. Jonathan always permitted his boyfriend from doing so since he knew he had the attention span of a two year old and would most likely get hit by a car before he even left the front of their home.

“Sock?” he called again, more worried as he looked around. The place looked practically vacant. Finally deciding to look in their room, Jonathan glanced in and felt his heart drop. “S-Sock!”

He ran over, his pale skin paling even more as he crawled on the bed, not caring if he got himself dirty. “Sock? Sock! Sock, please answer me!” Jonathan caressed the side of his face, tears prickling his eyes. Jonathan knew Sock’s killing needs were major and hard to control, but never did the apathetic teenager think he would take his own life. His heart felt like it was about to fall out of his chest.

“Please, Sock…” Jonathan whimpered.

Finally, a loud laugh ensued and Jonathan jumped back in horror as Sock began to move, cackling to the point he was crying himself, though of joy. Holding his stomach, the auburn boy turned to his boyfriend. “Man, Jonny! I got you good! You should’ve seen the look on your face! Haha! Priceless!”

Jonathan backed away, his eyes slowly narrowing. “This was a prank?”

“Well, yeah! What’d you think, dummy?”

Jonathan glared, standing and leaving the room without another word. It was Sock’s turn to look confused. “Jonathan?” He moved to follow him.

“Jonathan, what’s-”

“You! You’re what’s wrong! Jesus Christ, Sock, what made you think faking a suicide is okay? I was about to literally take the knife myself! Was it that big of a laugh you had to toy with my feelings like that?”

“Jonathan, I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry…” Sock said, realizing his mistake.

“I don’t care. I’m sick of you thinking me showing emotion for once is funny,” Jonathan shook his head. “I’m gonna take a ride…”

“Jonathan, wait!” It was too late. Jonathan had already grabbed his keys and walked out the door.

Marry Me For Christmas? // Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: What matters most about Christmas is the appreciation of the love we’ve found in the years we’ve had. Sebastian’s realized that this year he was going to make sure he gave the best present of all to you…

Warnings? None 

Characters: Sebastian / Reader

Enjoy! (Send in requests! Doesn’t matter whether it’s detailed or not! Whatever floats your boat I’ll cool with it! :)) 

Every year I spent with Sebastian was just extraordinary. No present or gift would compare just to be able to see the sight of him asleep in the morning light, with the sound of taxi cabs and people bustling down below us, it was New York waking up, and I couldn’t love it more. Hearing the muffled voices and beeps of the rushing business men and women were always drowned out by opening my eyes to the beauty they say only God’s possess. If that is so, then I was dating fuckin’ Zeus.

His long eyelashes hid those blue eyes that sparkled in the sun’s passionate rays. His hair, which stood about a foot high in the morning and was all askew, just begging me to run my fingers through it. Always gentle so I didn’t harshly hit any knots that came from his constant rolling around in the night.

“Are you staring at me again?”

His raspy morning voice made my heart skip a beat and my cheeks turn into a soft rose colored blush. I didn’t take my eyes off of him, though, I just continued to stare at his face, focusing my eyes on his jawline. I raised a hand from where it laid on Sebastian’s chest, giving the scruff that was formed on his chiseled chin, a loving touch, lightly gliding my hand to and from his right side jaw.

“Can you blame me? I get to wake up to this in the morning…” Moving slowly to his lips, I gave a tender kiss, to which I happily felt reciprocated by the sleepy man that I was hopelessly in love with. With a slow tug of our lips naturally sticking together, I let them part to open my eyes and see those dazzling blue eyes sparkling just like they did every morning I blessed to see them.

“I’m the lucky one here, baby.” His toasty hands ran their fingers through my messy hair that had fallen out of its bun while I had been sleeping apparently. A doting smile was plastered on his face, and I couldn’t help but give one back. “How did I get so lucky?” Sebastian asked quietly. I gave a small shrug and let my head fall to his chest, snuggling itself into the gap Sebastian left in the nook of his neck and shoulder. Kissing his neck as I snuggled back into the arms of my love. “Are you gonna be miss sleeping beauty all day?” Purring into his neck, I signified that I had no intentions of leaving his arms today.

I murmured into his neck and felt his chuckle rumble slowly in his chest where my arm was laid across.

“Eh chri-mah, bae-bee.” His cold lips pressed against my heated forehead, giving me a long kiss before pulling away and letting a breath of his fortunate life in the present sink in. “Don’t you wanna open gift’s honey?” I grunted a ‘no’ and didn’t hear a reply back, just a tightening of his grip on my waist, pulling me closer to him as he wrapped his other arm around me, enclosing me in an embrace no one else could ever give me. It was the embrace of a man in love. A man in love with me.


His head was resting on the top of mine, looking out at the snow falling down onto the terrace our New York apartment had in the master bedroom. It was a walk out terrace and Sebastian could see the outdoor furniture starting to become camouflaged with billions upon billions of white snowflakes. He’d heard that every snowflake was unique, not one had the same pattern as any other.

That was what you were to him, one small, minuscule snowflake that he could proudly say was all his, unique and one of a kind. Not once, did you complain about his life’s never ending unpredictability? Or the fact that his job involved potentially kissing other women, changing his diet drastically and going to the gym almost for four to five hours a day. You never let one rumor spread about you touch your velvety skin or the words people wrote about you online. Nothing broke your skin, penetrating your heart with the hate that sometimes seemed almost too overwhelming for him.

“I love you. So much, dahlin’. I feel like my heart’s gonna explode sometimes when I get thinkin’ about how much I love you.”

You didn’t unravel yourself from Seb, but you did lift your head just a bit, so your lips were right next to his ear. It caused shivers to run down his back with your soft morning lips lightly touching the bottom of his ear, “There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t thank the heavens above for you, Sebastian. I don’t think any present will ever make me happier than when I’m here with you.”

His heart pounded and his temperature rose while he removed one arm from your warm waist that was hidden underneath the mountain of blankets you two had piled on. The heating system broke and since it was Christmas week and then New Years, the guy to fix the system wouldn’t be here for another two weeks.

You were getting sick of the bitter cold inside the apartment, and every day that passed New York seemed to condemn us both with more and more snow, aka, less heat. We had a plug in heater in the living room and a fireplace that was hazardous considering the two stockings that hung dangerously close to the licks of fire that crackled in the scalding hot wood and coal.

It was only two weeks ago when you had been out with your mother and sister, shopping for Christmas gifts, that Sebastian himself, snuck out of the house; on a determined mission to get to the place that made him sweat with anxiety. The thought of what he was to do in that place him petrified with fear.

But two weeks ago he somehow summoned the courage; it was after you’d left him asleep, slipping out of the house to catch breakfast with your mother and sister for shopping. Even though you’d be gone, he still awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of soft piano music playing in the open living room and kitchen.

When he saw what you had done, leaving him with some warm coffee and gentle ambiance to wake up his senses, that he realized there was never going to be another woman like you in his life, never ever.

You went out of your way for the man who was gone from two to six months out of the year and took the time to set up the record player and brew his coffee so he’d wake up in a peaceful daze.

That’s what made him rush down to Tiffany’s and grab the ring he had his eye on ever since he’d taken you there on one of your very first dates. Your favorite movie was Breakfast At Tiffany’s and so coming to New York made you feel almost entitled to at least stop outside of the store and see the legendary jewelry store in all it’s morning glory.

“What’s wrong, gălușcă mea de dolofan?” my chubby dumpling. 

Sebastian didn’t even know that his hand was holding the cold ring in a tightly balled fist until you put your hand lightly over his, touching the tips of your fingers to his white knuckles.

A smile graced his lips and before he could even think, he turned his head to face yours. Concern knitted through your eyebrows and eyes gleaming so bright he’d never thought you looked more beautiful than you did in that moment, his white sweater covering your freezing figure. Hair all askew just begging him to run his fingers through, gently, though. So he didn’t pull any strands too hard if he hit a knot. Face clear of anything but your skin. Flawed and yet it was perfection. You were it for him, the one he wanted for the rest of his life. He hadn’t even known he had his palm around opened and the ring just sitting the sweaty palm of his hand. You know did not look in the least bit worried, you looked like you were thinking, wondering perhaps.

Wondering why he hadn’t spoken the final words that would start the rest of your life with him.

“Vrei să te măriți cu mine?” Will you marry me?

You looked as if you had no clue what he’d just said, but by the gleeful tears forming in your eyes and coloring of your face turning into a soft baby pink blush he always loved seeing on your face, you must’ve had a good hunch. Too excited to lay down anymore, he held you as you two sat up in bed.

The only sound was the beeping of horns on the snow covered streets and the soft beats of Stevie Wonder that was playing on Sebastian’s phone in low volume.

“Yes, Sebastian. Yes, yes, yes.” Your hands held his head as you pushed your lips onto his in such a force he hadn’t felt before. Pulling away, a tear slipped out of your eyes that glistened with joy. A joy he gave you, the look on your face was precious, priceless, and simply perfect.

Your shaking voice made his brain become unfuzzy. Suddenly he realized he had done the thing he’d feared the most: Asking the woman of his dreams to marry him. 

“Merry Christmas, my darling.”

There’s a Christmas-y one for you guys! Sorry, it was so late since it’s literally 3 days away lol. But I hope you liked it! :) 

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Save Me (A - Jimin)

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Request:  “Save Me” w/ Jimin💙

Worrd Count: 1,608 words

Warnings: Mentions of death, suicide

Give me your hand save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall
Give me your hand save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall

Just imagine.

Your body completely submerged in water. The cold temperature chilling its way through your bones. The fabric of your clothes floating as if it was suspended in mid movement.

Slowly sinking into the deep blue sea, the light of the surface fading in and you senselessly grasping. Praying, hoping that you would reach the top. That you would make it out.

But you–

“Jimin?” You looked at him in worry; your iridescent eyes making his voice get caught in his throat. He could remember it now, your soft beauty always captivated him. The way you spoke, the innocence your eyes always seemed to hold, the gentle smile you gave him when his eyes met yours.


“Are you alright? You were just staring into space when I got home.”

“I was just thinking about what we should do tonight..” You sat next to him, resting your head on his shoulder and your arm linked with his.

“Hmm. I got an idea, rollerblading.”

“Rollerblading? How did you come up with that?”

“It was always something I’d love to do.”

“Why not?”


You were ecstatic, running out the car and pulling him inside the roller rink. It was dark with strobe lights of a variety of colours going off. There were people playing by the arcade games, cussing and kicking the machine when they lost. Benches with couples that aren’t interested in actual rollerblading.

“Jimin, come on.” He followed you along as he continued to scope the room. The stingy counter that contained a man with the cash register and skates behind him. It felt more like a bowling alley but he wasn’t going to let that sweet smile on your face disappear with the sound of disapproval.

“Hey, cutie.”

“Thanks for the compliment, dude. But I think my girlfriend would be a bit jealous.” You rolled your eyes at his lame attempt to get the man to let you be and he scoffed at him.

“What size are you both?”



“That’ll be 15, enjoy your rolling.” You took your pair and his while he took the keys for a locker, finding an empty bench to put on your rollerblades and locked up your shoes.

“Are you sure you want to try this, we could–” You cut him short, pulling him along to the actual rink which was sparse with people. He was surprisedly wobbly on his feet, having trouble balancing while you managed. You rolled around him while he stayed by the border of the rink, watching you gaining speed and finding better balance.

“Come on, Jimin. You can do this.”

“Y/N, slow down, you’re going to–,” he tripped over his foot, planting a kiss to the floor while you stopped to roll over to him,“fall.”

He looked up to see you trying to stifle your laughter while he struggled to get up, curse these blades. You finally burst into laughter, helping him out and he pouted at you.

“Babe. It’s not funny.”

“Aww, Jiminie. Are you alright?”

“No, my feelings hurt.”

“You can’t lie, the way your face looks like when you fall is priceless. You have this little cute worried look and it makes me laugh.”

“My pain brings you joy.”

“Don’t be so dramatic. Come on, I’ll teach you.”

“I thought this was your first time too?”

“It is, well since I was 4.”

“Help me.”

“Just grab my hands.” He did so, you guiding him while you both rolled around the rink. Your hands made him calm and he soon found his balance, eventually being able to roll laps with you.

“See, Jimin. I knew you could do it.”

“Thank you.”

“Any–”You tripped over your feet, him fast enough to catch you before you fall. Your hand on his biceps, your hair cascading down your back, your eyes large and unmoving from his eyes. “time.”

“I told you to slow down.” He pulls you back up, your body close against his. Your hands fisted over his shirt and you didn’t break from this close proximity, rather embracing it. He leaned into your kiss, capturing your lips in a sweet, chaste kiss and you gripped his shirt. His hand rested on your back, your arms snaking around his neck, your soft rouge lips synchronized with his lips and he had to resist his cravings.

“J-Jimin.” You whispered as he pulled away before he gave into his sinfully delicious desires.

“Come on.” He weaved his fingers between yours and rolled along with you around his arm.

“I love you.”

The memory was etched into his heart as a tattoo. The reminder for the rest of his life. As were these.

“Come on, Jimin. You’re moving too slow.” You had come home, wanting to show him something ‘cool and interesting’ and he had no reason to say no. Now he was wishing he had said no, this walk was too long.

“You have the energy of a 5 year old.”

“It’s because I’m young.”

“You’re only a week younger!”

“And yet, you whine more than a 5 year old.”

“Babe, where are we even going?”

“Wait. Let me lead you.” You covered his eyes with your hands, leading him to wherever you wanted to take him.

“Are your eyes covered, Jiminie?”

“Does it matter, you’re covering my eyes anyways?”

“I’m just making sure you don’t peek.”

“What you have to show me can’t be that interesting. Don’t pout at me.”

“Are you seriously peeking, Jimin?”

“No, you’re really predictable.”

“I’m hitting right after we get there. Okay. Open your eyes.” The first colour he picked was yellow, then the green faded into his view. You stood in front of him with a silly grin on his face, knowing he had the same on his face.

“It’s beautiful, right?”

“Not as beautiful as you.”

“Always a flirt, aren’t you, Jimin?”

“What kind of flowers are these?”

“You don’t know? They’re–”


It’s how he remembered you. The sweet yellow flowers that gathered in a meadow. He could see you twirling in your favourite sun dress, telling him to keep his eyes on you.

The smell was you, the sweet scent perfectly complimented the sweet personality you possess.

Used to possess.

He looked out his window, the hard pounding of rain against his roof oddly calming and he hugged into his sweater. He was about to pour the remaining hot cocoa he had sitting on his stove when there was a knock on his door.

“It’s not true, is it?”


“She just tripped and her lips ended up on yours, right?”

“You know it’s not like that.”

“I want to give you a chance, Jimin.”

“I don’t deserve it. I cheated on you. I hurt you–”


“I don’t deserve you.”

“I don’t care, Jimin.”

“Come inside, you’re going to get sick.”

“I don’t care, I’m already sick of being without you.”

“Let me get you a towel.” It’s all him. He kissed her, he was tipsy but he had no real excuse. He kissed another set of pink lips that weren’t yours. He held a body that wasn’t yours close, he nuzzled his head into her neck. He could still smell her perfume, the rose breeze scent clench to his body and the smell overwhelmed his nostrils when you were around.

It didn’t matter. You were deserved better. You needed someone who wouldn’t have a moment where you weren’t on their mind. Every step they took would only lead to you. His hands would never touch anyone else the same way he touched you.

Someone that wasn’t him.

He poured the rest of hot cocoa into a mug, returning to you in the foyer. He placed the towel over your head and handed you the mug.

“This should warm you up.”


“I’ll drive you home in the morning.”

“Jimin, please.”

“I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Y/N.” He turned his heel, walking straight towards the bedroom and shutting the down behind him. The calming rain grew violent as he slept, loud roars of thunder and streaks of lightning filled the autumn night.

“Jimin, Jimin…”

“What..” He rolled over, wanting the voice to leave him quickly and allow him to return to slumber.

“Jimin, I’m scared..” His eyes open, focusing on your figure and seeing you as a child that was too afraid to sleep without their parent,


“I can’t sleep without you stroking my hair… Please?”

“I’m leaving as soon as you’re asleep.” He walked with you back to the guest room, crawling in bed with you and you rested next to him. His gentle strikes against your soft hair relaxed you through the violent night. He hummed to you, hoping it would help you sleep faster.

Your eyes begin to droop before settling in staying closed. He watched your abdomen rise and fall, indicating that you fell asleep. He got up, placing your hands off his sheets and into the sheets. You looked so beautiful, his hands reaching out to fix the pesky strand that rested on your face and kissed your head.


“Y/N! Y/N!”


“What the hell are you doing? Come here.”

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean, you can’t? Just come right here, in my arms.”

“You don’t love me anymore.”


“You can’t love me anymore.”

“That’s not true, I–”

“You don’t want me.”

“If this is about her, then Y/N we need to talk.”

“There is no words between us. Only actions.”


“I love you, Jimin.” You were like a bird that was learning to fly, falling through the air but…

You forgot to spread out your wings.

~Admin Blake

bartender!bts_yoongi (2/7)

based on this very important post (i’m gone)

whenever you needed a pick me up, this bar, the one you’re at as of now is the right place to go. sometimes, despite wanting to throw a pity party and drown in your tears and the weaved strings of stress trapping you in until you can’t breathe, you just need someone to pull you out, wring you dry and snap all of those webs of doubt away so your vision is cleared and when the air fills your lungs, it expands and reminds you you’re alive, you’re a fighter.

and that’s exactly what this particular bartender does for you.

though, you’re certain this isn’t in the scope of his job requirement, he does go out of his way to - “that’s enough, y/n. anymore and i’ll be seeing you to the hospital,” he snaps, gripping onto the shot glass and swiping it away into the bin and you whine, grabby hands at his way, “you can’t do that! i paid for that!”

he quickly glances around, noticing how everyone is intoxicated to not pay attention to whether he makes a bolt out before his shift ends. so instead, he tosses the rag aside, gripping onto your wrists to fold them in place before he leans in front of you, mirroring your stance, his eyes glued on you, “then consider it as your payment for my ears. i’ll listen,”

yoongi doesn’t know if it was the right choice or not when you start to pour out whatever that comes to mind. a part of him regrets making such offer in once in his lifetime because he doesn’t know which one is more painful. the hurt and agony swimming in your eyes or the fact that the tears are rolling down your cheeks faster than you can notice them as they fall to the black marble surface that reflects on the frown digging on his face.

he doesn’t know when he does it, but he does it. his hand meets yours, fingers squeezing in assurance that you’re not alone, stupid when you say you’re so lonely, the world is filled with people of blank faces who don’t care. i’m right here, he chastises when you’re sniffing with a whine of being no importance to anyone, a waste of space, another human lifelessly strolling through the realm of reality without purpose.

so what does yoongi do? does he dwell into this sob story or does he wipe your tears away?


“listen to me, y/n,” he gripes, yanking his hand from yours to grip onto your shoulders. he tightens his hold on you, the look in his eyes are so dark, you’re wondering since when the lights went out. but you manage to open your eyes to look at him properly, and ears, can’t forget the ears as he speaks.

“you’re going to get back out there and show those fuckers who they think they’re messing with. if you come here and drink and cry your heart out but the next day do absolutely nothing to prove them wrong, this all here? it’s all for nothing. so you’re going to leave this place and come back here. not to drink, but to celebrate that you’ve stood your ground and fight back to everyone who ever looked down on you,” he slowly lets you go, although reluctant, he does. he leans back and watches as the tears still fall from your eyes and it does pain him - fuck, since when did it hurt this bad? but he has to.

he does it for your own good.

and it seems like you’ve accepted it when you’re standing on your feet, albeit a bit wobbly but yoongi knows you can manage. he’ll have a bouncer to see you out and make sure you’re safe anyway. shit, you weren’t supposed to know. pretend you didn’t know that.

“i’ll… be back,” your voice is hoarse, but it’s filled with a new profound confidence and yoongi sees a glow striking from within. “i’ll be back.”

“i’ll be waiting, then.” yoongi smiles, and that’s the first time he did that night.

((”give me two of my regulars,” a voice orders and yoongi looks over his shoulder, rolling up his sleeves and he raises a brow, “y/n?”

“didn’t you hear me? two of my regulars. now,” you tap on the counter and yoongi sighs, as if he’s disappointed you’ve gone back to - “because one of it’s for you, the other for me.”

the look on his face is priceless, his eyes widening and his lips shaping into one of confusion but when he raises a brow and does a little head motion towards you, as if he’s asking did you…?

and you nod back with a proud grin, mini crescents out of joy and radiant cheeks that glow with purpose, yoongi knows all that he said didn’t go to waste.


Chat Noir selflessly sacrificing himself to save Ladybug from Timebreaker makes me smile...

Ladybug embracing Chat Noir in the same sort of “protective” manner after he saved her makes me love and appreciate this ship even more so than.

To me, this was the defining moment that truly highlighted to me just how much Chat Noir and Ladybug mean to each other. Sure they may flirt and sometimes become exasperated by the other’s attempts at wooing or one uping them (Ladybug mostly) however at the end of the day, they’re partners. They’re a team! They’re Ladybug and Chat Noir.

If one of them is put in danger, the other would not hesitate to do everything in their power to protect them because of their strong partnership.

I love this! This is what I love about this ship,

What made me love this moment even more was the look that Ladybug gave Time Breaker afterwards in the next shot.

Look at that face. Look at it.

Look at burning determination.
Look at the way her eyes glare daggers and her face snarls menacingly at the person who threatened the lives of her friends including her precious partner.

Look at the way she gently caresses Chat’s hair while her eyes glare daggers and her face snarls menacingly at the person who threatened the lives of her friends including her precious partner.

This isn’t just the face of a heroine…

This is the face of a heroine who’s about to kick some serious ass and cut a lifeforce draining, rollerblading, time-traveling bi-atch who had the nerve to go after her friends and precious partner.

This episode was perfect and for the most part I enjoyed it.

Here are some other things I enjoyed about Episode 4 of Miraculous Ladybug:

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“A moment. I find myself looking at you at this, but you tend to be there randomly, even when you’re not there. I find myself losing my mind in the middle of the day just to have you in it to bring the smile accompanied with a tear of joy… The smile that comes across your face when you’re laughing at the most priceless joke or when a memory of something stupid jumps across like a heart beat. That’s when that moment, even if brief, brings me company when I’m alone or hope when the odds are against me.”

We gave living together a test-run during his Break. Starting The 14th of May 2015, I will begin the process of moving to Germany with Pierre. He leaves the bed unmade and I suck at folding laundry and to be honest, It only makes me realize that it makes me remember why I am just fine with someday calling you the father of my children and the man that gives me cold feet. 

This is so wonderful. So if you don’t know the story, these two were both followers of this blog, and met over tumblr. Since then they’ve fallen in love with each other with a love that crossed oceans and borders, and stole our hearts in the process. They’ve both been so wonderful, and I’m just thankful to be able to share their love with you guys!

the two of you are just so wonderful and you’re going to love this adventure life has given you.

~Hugs and Love

I Can Sense It // Obi Wan x Reader

You’re obi Wan’s rebellious Padawan and he’s afraid that you’ll end up like Anakin but you bring him back to the light side and obi wan will never be able to thank you enough and when he figures out you brought Anakin back he runs to you and let’s his feelings take over and has to admit his feelings?

He was afraid. He wasn’t supposed to be, but he couldn’t help himself.

You were a rebellious padawan. You did what you wanted, no matter how perilous it was, no matter who told you not to.

Obi Wan was afraid that you would end up like Anakin. After he and Anakin had that fight on Mustafar years ago, it killed him to let him go. Anakin was his brother and he loved him dearly.

You on the other hand? You were his world. He loved you more than anyone else. You made his day brighter and made him drop whatever he was doing to give you his full attention.

One day, when he woke up, he walked to your room to wake you up to start training. “(Y/N), time to wake up. We have a long day ahead of us.”

He waited for your response. But there was nothing. He repeats himself, “(Y/N), come on. I know it’s early, but we have to go.”

Still nothing. He slowly becomes concerned. Opening up your door, it is revealed an empty bed. Walking through your room, it is abandoned.

His heart starts to race as he starts to check the whole building for you.

“Master Windu! Have you seen (Y/N)?” Obi Wan asks, hoping that he’ll say he has.

“Actually, I have come to ask you that question. I have been searching the whole building for her,” he tells him.

Obi Wan’s nerves are worked up even more as he hears that. “As have I. I’m started to become worried,” he reveals to the fellow Jedi.

“Now, Obi Wan, we must stay calm in these situations. If we get ourselves worked up, the situation can get more complicated than needed,” he warns Obi Wan.

He nods his head knowing that Master Windu was right. All he could do was wait for you.

You were still gone. Nightfall was coming soon and he was worried that the chances of you returning were slim to none. Obi Wan waited by the launch pad for your arrival as Master Yoda comes up to him.

“Worry, you must not. Sense her presence, I can,” Master Yoda tells the nervous Jedi. Obi Wan looks up at the wise Master with a sly smile. “Fear in your eyes, I see.”

Obi Wan nods his head, “That I am, Master. That I am.”

It was around one o'clock in the morning and Obi Wan was fast asleep in a chair, still waiting for your arrival. But he is awakened when he hears a ship land. Slowly he peels open his eyes to see a ship landing there and a familiar figure walk off.


Joy is rippled through his body as he runs over to you.

“(Y/N)!” he calls after you, you seeing your Master run over as your heart flutters.

“Obi Wan!” you walk over to him and pull him into a tight hug.

Obi Wan hugs you tightly, scared that you are going to leave him again. He speaks his thoughts, “I thought I was going to lose you and I got so scared.”

You slowly pull away from his grip with a puzzled look on your face. “Why would you think that?”

He sighs and decides that he should finally reveal his feelings for you. He opens up his mouth to talk, but he notices a male figure behind you and his heart stops. “A-Anakin?”

Anakin turns around with a small smile. “Hello, Master.”

Obi Wan looks at you, “How-I-Don’t-How?”

You laugh and tell Obi Wan, “I felt in the force that he was incredibly upset. So, through it, I was conversing with Anakin as we devised a plan together. Today, I left to go retrieve him and bring him back.”

The look on Obi Wan’s face is absolutely priceless. He is overwhelmed with joy as he runs to his brother embracing him in a hug. Anakin is taken aback then hugs him back with just as much power.

“I’m so glad you are back, brother,” Obi Wan whispers to him as Anakin laughs.

“I am, too. Now I should go to the Council to state my business,” Anakin composes himself, before tapping on his Masters back. “I’ll see you later. Oh and um, you should really tell (Y/N) how you really feel because uh, she feels the same way.”

Anakin winks and walks away as Obi Wan stares at him in awe. Looking you, you stand before Obi Wan.

You look beautiful; your hair pulled back into a ponytail, face glowing under the moonlight.

Obi Wan walks over to you, taking your hands. “(Y/N), I understand that you are my padawan. But, I can’t help feeling what I’m feeling. Every time I look at you, I just get so happy and you light up my world. I’m just. I-I don’t know how to say this, but I-”

You cut off his stuttering by grabbing his face and kissing his lips. “Yes, I’ll be yours.”


When she was eight her mother told her to stay away from the kinds of boys with the charming smiles. She told her that, when the words filled with charm rolls off his tongue that’s when you run. Liz told her, over and over, that charming? It’s not to be trusted. The one who has all the charm, knows all the right things to say is the one that’s said them too much. Used them on too many women. And sweetie if you do one thing for yourself, pick the guy that stumbles a bit when he compliments you. Or blushes as he says he loves you.

When she was twelve, she learned that boys with blue eyes, dimples, and tousled hair were certainly not to be trusted. And nine times out of ten they would end up pushing you against a tree. Your clothes would end up ripped, your knees scraped and he and his friends would laugh as you ran home crying to your mother.

When she was seventeen, the boy she ended up falling for had deep brown eyes, dark hair and he most definitely wasn’t charming. His hair wasn’t too unruly. His words not too easily said. Tyler Lockwood was her first real love. And to top it all off her mother loved him. And for awhile, they were happy as they could be–without all the added supernatural drama. 

That was until he came into the picture. 

The first time she saw him he was sauntering into one of the biology rooms at her school. He walked in like he owned the place and she guessed that he’d been around long enough on this planet and he was entitled to a little bit of ownership. As long as it wasn’t on her turf. 

He strode in, all five foot eleven inches of him, his hair a mess of blonde curls on the top of his head, eyes blue and sparkling, a smirk on his face showing off a set of dimples. And she wasn’t surprised to find that, when he spoke, it was as if he had practiced it a million times before. 

He was everything she hated. Everything she had been warned against. And the second she saw him she hated him. She hated everything about him and that hatred, for the longest time, burned like the freaking Olympic torch. 

She hated him when he made Tyler bite her. When he came to heal her. She hated him when he made Tyler leave, leaving her alone, without her one true love. He single handedly brought an end to her entire epic love story. She hated how he always knew exactly what to say, exactly the things that she imagined a guy saying to her when she was 8. She hated that he always had those dimples, or that he genuinely seemed to want to know about her. She hated how he adapted to the roll of her savior even when she didn’t want him there.

She hated how he proved her right. And how once again the boy with the unruly blonde hair had her thrown against a tree, her clothes ripping and her knees bloody from the force of which he took her that time in the forest. She hated how once again she had gone home to her mother, crying. And most of all, she hated that it was because she wouldn’t see him again. 

It wasn’t until years later, that the hate for him she had held onto so long turned to nothing but a dull ache in her heart that she realized that she’d never known hate when it came to Klaus Mikaelson. No, no when it came to Klaus Mikaelson there was something much, much deeper going against her. Something that had been written since the beginning of her life.  Some kind of destiny, Bonnie had explained when she asked, more than a link or a sire bond. 

Caroline–although she’d been with Tyler for over a year of her life, helped him through many transitions and seen him through the entire werewolf beginning phase–knew next to nothing about wolves and their mates. Or the process. Apparently, Stefan informed her one day when she had finally cracked and let spill what she was feeling, the male wolf feels the bond first. Its not like a crack of thunder, or lightening to the chest when he sees her but more of a unquenchable curiosity. 

He would want to know her. Want to protect her. He couldn’t let her die, or hurt her no matter how badly he wanted to. And she would be the one to decide, see the witches or the gods or whoever had made this kind of thing for the wolves hadn’t wanted anyone to get cornered. And apparently the bond had to go both ways. And once it was…consummated then the more well known effects would set in.

Loneliness, aching for the other half, an insatiable hunger for them. The longer the list went on the more Caroline realized that she was fucked. Almost quite literally. And that unless she wanted the rest of her life to be lived drowning in sadness and agony over losing her mate she had to get to Klaus. And like, STAT.

So when she was 48 in human years and still looking as if she was in high school she pulled into his driveway, strode up to his door, raised her hand and knocked. When it swung open to reveal none other than the hybrid standing there her heart pounded in joy while her lips turned down into a frown. 

“Apparently,” The words left her lips before he could interrupt her, “We’re mated now." 

The look on his face was priceless.