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“Have you seen Betty?”

Kevin looked up from his cellphone to see the dark haired James dean lookalike staring at him expectantly.

“Are you kidding me? That’s the third time you’ve tracked me down to ask me that question , I’m flattered Jughead, really, but if you put half as much time into looking for Betty as you do asking me where she is, I’m sure you would actually find her.” He smirked cockily from his seat in the student lounge.

Jughead rolled his eyes and quirked an eyebrow as Kevin placed his phone down.
“It’s the third of the month, she’s were she is on every third day of every month.” He explained plainly. Clearly Jughead was missing something.

“And where would that be?” The beanie wearing boy asked patiently. Kevin finally looked up at him and frowned confused
“You mean you don’t know? You guys have been dating for three months, haven’t you ever wondered where she goes every third day of the month?” He asked.

“I never noticed, things have been pretty hectic, now that you mention it… so where is she? Where does she go?”

Kevin scratched his neck suddenly nervous and uncomfortable, it wasn’t a secret that Betty hid from anyone but it was a personal story, one Kevin was nervous to share. Jughead sensed Kevin’s tension and nodded encouragingly
“She’s my girlfriend dude.” He said slowly.

Shaking his head Kevin began the story

“On the third day of every month Betty heads out to the poppy fields over in Pembrooke, she spends pretty much the whole night there. She umm… it was her and her brothers special place. Do you remember Chick Cooper?” He asked

Jughead nodded, Chick Cooper was Betty’s older brother, he left Riverdale one day and never came back, everyone assumed he was in college and didn’t have time to make visits.

Kevin continued
“Chick well… Chick was killed a few years back, he was killed in combat. That’s why Betty took that huge break from school. Well anyway, Chicks ashes are spread in the poppy field and Betty goes every month to talk to him, when they were kids they would get dressed up and spend hours out there. Betty continued the tradition on the third of every month, she left school early today to head down there.” Kevin trailed off as his phone began to ring “oh that’s Joaquin! I have to take this” with that the excited boy ran off leaving Jughead alone with his thoughts.

What kind of a boyfriend was he that he didn’t know that about his girlfriend? Her brother, her best friend, he was dead? She never brought it up, never mentioned it. Was she holding all that pain in this whole time. God Jason blossoms murder, that must have hit home with her, that’s why she was always trying to help Cheryl, giving her the benefit of the doubt, he could still remember the soft way she had reminded Veronica

“Remember, She just lost her brother.”
He should have noticed how sad her eyes were, how she seemed to go to a distant place in her mind. She was always there supporting him, confiding in him, and he didn’t even care to know her family story?
Suddenly an idea rang through his mind, hopping over the couch, he ran through the halls before finding Archie in a towel in the boys locker room

“Hey jug! What’s u…”

“I need to borrow your white button down, you keep an extra in here for emergencies right?” Jughead asked digging through Archie’s gym locker.

“Umm yeah sure, why the desperate need for a button down” Archie asked confused.

“I’ve got a date with Betty and her brother.” He stated simply, smiling and holding up the white shirt in victory.
Archie looked confused
“Jug, Betty’s brother, chick.. he’s..”

Jughead ripped his shirt off and pulled Archie’s over his shoulders

“A little big, but it’ll do. Thanks pal, see you tonight.” He slapped a hand to Archie’s shoulder and headed outside towards Fred Andrews old truck, Archie’s dad let him drive it almost all the time, it was crazy having someone who cared about you, it still made Jughead stop and slow down a little, maybe one day he’d get used to it, but for now he was just grateful.

He arrived at the Pembrooke poppy fields in record time, casting a quick look in the mirror, he decided to leave his hat. He didn’t want Chick thinking he was a weirdo, ghost or not.

It was easy to find Betty, she was sitting crouched in the flowers, her long blonde hair left loose just like Jughead liked, the gorgeous black, flowing dress was a dark contrast to the brightly colored Flowers and Jughead was almost certain he would never see anything as beautiful as this scene for the rest of his life. He made his way to her slowly as he heard her talking into the air

“…but Polly is certain it’s a boy, even though the doctor says it’s twins she doesn’t believe him, I’d love a niece but then again having another guy In the house might be nice, ya know with dad not living at home anymore.”

Jughead took that moment to step in
“Hey, what am I chopped liver?” He asked with a small smile, laughing as Betty jumped up, her eyes going wide when she first saw him.

“Juggie?! What are you doing here?” She moved to touch his arm, a gesture she had adopted to let him know she was happy he was here.

“I told you that it’s important for me to meet your family, I meant your whole family.” He finished softly, cupping her cheek with his palm as her eyes filled with tears

“Juggie.” She choked out.

“Plus I get to see you looking like the blackbird of my dreams” he smiled goofily as Betty gave a watery laugh, tugging him by the hand to sit beside her in the poppys.

“Chick loved flowers and he loved photography, I think you two would’ve really gotten along.” She smiled sadly, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Well Chick, I’m sorry I never got to meet you, I’m sure you were an amazing guy. And patient too, living in a house with all those cooper girls.” He smiled as Betty snorted beside him
“I love your sister, I’m going to take care of her okay. You don’t have to worry about me hurting her, I won’t.” He looked down to see Betty staring up at him, her dark green eyes shining with love
“Also.. I know you would be giving me a really painful pat on the back, so take comfort in the fact that I appreciate the sentiment.” Jughead said up to the sky.

Betty and Jughead sat in that yellow and orange field for hours, talking to each other, talking to her brother and occasionally losing themselves to fits of giggles. This world was filled with sadness and the darkness tended to overwhelm the light these days, but in a poppy field on the third day of the third month, two damaged small town kids found love in each other and that was something to hold onto.

“I came up with a new game-show idea recently. It’s called The Old Game. You got three old guys with loaded guns onstage. They look back at their lives, see who they were, what they accomplished, how close they came to realizing their dreams. The winner is the one who doesn’t blow his brains out. He gets a refrigerator.”
Dead at 87, Chuck Barris

sodapop curtis sex/relationship headcanons;

▽ sex, sex, sex, sex did I mention sex?

▽ nothing makes soda more happy than recieving blowjobs. 

▽ will do any position and does.

▽ likes it in public — any time, anywhere.

▽ teases you 25/8.

“Ah, Stevie, is the break room —”

“Go,” he slowly closes his eyes and  points in the direction of the room. “Just go.”

▽ is your living, breathing dream guy.

▽ likes baking with you and making s'mores.

▽ likes running around with you at night.

▽ loves holding, cradling your waist.

▽ enjoys pretending he doesn’t mean to touch your chest.

▽ brags about you when he’s drunk “off life”.

▽ makes out with you in front of people until you blush and pull away.

▽ you guys are like the hottest couple of Tulsa.

▽ loves spanking you when you wear skirts.

▽ likes the classy look you maintain.

▽ drives biting his lip, when you ask him why, he always says it’s bc of you.

▽ keeps pictures of you under his pillow.

▽ pony catches him getting off to them way too often yikes.

▽ soda has long talks about you to darry.

“what’s it like being in love with y/n?”

“it’s amazing, pony. She ain’t like all the other girls. you find a girl like her, and you keep her.”

▽ apology after fight, average time : 2 days.

▽ when he apologizes he buys roses, and if you don’t answer the door he’ll wait outside.

▽ once, he brought a tent and camped outside your window.

▽ gets happy when you dye food. ie; cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

▽ sometimes comes with you to buy clothes.

▽ totally got you a job at the DX.

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The Legacy Continues.

Pairing : Sam x Plussize!reader, Dean
Word count : 879
Author : Mel
A/N : Re-reading ‘Who Are You’, I needed to write this. I’m just lucky I’m awake stupid early and have the time.

Addition to Who Are You.

You were in the kitchen making dinner when you heard the front door open and shut. Smiling to yourself, you waited for the screech of your toddler seeing her dad for the first time in two weeks. You heard the boot falls making their way into the house and could almost see her standing on the couch to turn and look into the hallway. She had been playing on the couch and watching Word World.


You flinched a bit, with a smile at how loud she was. Then it registered what she said. Uncle Dean. You only heard one pair of boots. Where was Sam? Panic started to set in as you put the knife down and washed your hands quick.

“Hey, little Princess.” You could hear his smile, then a groan of pain as she ran into him. “Careful, Uncle Dean is pretty sore today.”

“BooBoo?” You walked out just as she looked up at him with her beautiful, big round hazel eyes.

“Yeah, I got a few booboos.” He chuckled.

“I help! I make better!” She let go and ran for the bathroom. “Mama! Unca De here.” She grinned as she ran past.

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lov-lymj  asked:

what were your thoughts on 117 do you think our ship sank permanently? I mean I expected Pin to reject her and not giving her any "wait till you graduated" hopes, but still a part of me just died. Pin is really one hell of a good complex character, a insight chapter would do wonders haha.

Thank you so much @lov-lymj for reaching out to me about my thoughts! I agree that a chapter from Pin’s perspective would be the best thing ever (actually can we get a whole spin-off series of Kimi ni Todoke from his point of view? Please Shiina?). 

I’d been meaning to write out my thoughts on Chapter 117 for a while, but then I thought the moment had passed, so thank you for giving me a reason to get everything out. Unfortunately, you asked someone who LOVES to talk, so your answer is about 4 pages worth of word vomit and feelings.

Still, I hope you and any other ayapinners who are worried about our ship sinking will find some encouragement in my analysis. Obviously these are just my opinions and interpretations, and you are totally free to disagree.

Let me start off by saying I also felt like a little part of me died when I first read the chapter summary for 117, and based on what I was seeing in the Japanese forum I follow, a lot of people felt let down or disappointed with the outcome. Like you, I wasn’t expecting him to “accept” her feelings in this chapter. I thought he would probably reject her, but that we would be given at least a hug or some sort of real indication that they’d get together in the future. When I was reading the Japanese summaries and poring over people’s comments, there seemed to be very little hope.

But then I saw the chapter.

Our ship, far from sinking, has new wind in its sails.

The big event in Chapter 117 is Ayane’s confession, and Pin verbally, formally, rejects her. He says to her roughly what he said to Kurumi at the beginning of the manga, that she’s too young (paraphrasing), and deflects her attempts to draw out his true feelings. Ayane thinks to herself that she’s been utterly defeated, and resolves to make the best of things and move forward; while her eating the cough drop and resolution to become an adult that Pin will be proud of are preferable to seeing her broken and devastated, they do seem to give an impression that things are finished for ayapin.

If we only look at this course of events, it is easy to believe that we have witnessed the bittersweet end of a doomed pairing that, nevertheless, had lovely development.

But there’s a lot more to the chapter than Ayane’s confession. I would even go so far as to say this chapter invites us into Pin’s perspective for the first time, and that if we look closely at that, there’s so much going on under the surface of his rejection.

When Pin thinks she failed, he bends over backwards to comfort her however he can; he makes them coffee, he very gently places her mug in front of her (before carelessly slamming his own on the table), he prioritizes her feelings over his own health, he compliments her efforts and encourages her (using a variety of tactics), and he is visibly distressed when she starts crying (he even moves closer to her while she’s inconsolable).

Then when she tells him she passed the exam, he gets so riled up that he nearly tells her he was waiting for her all day. His reaction as he cuts himself off is very interesting – for some reason, he doesn’t want her to know that he was waiting for her. He almost gets carried away with his feelings, but pulls back at the last second; he then denies it with an immature expression. When he finally admits that he was waiting for her, he doesn’t just say, “Yes I waited a while” or “Yeah I waited a little, I guess” – he fervently declares that he was waiting for her the entire day. This poignant moment is filled with tension, and from the shading and his expression, it seems to be one in which he is releasing very pent-up feelings (kind of a confession in its own right).

The next moment is equally revealing. When she cries again, there are sparkles around her (in fact, there are sparkles around her almost every time she cries in this chapter) – and we seem to be seeing her from Pin’s perspective. He smiles at her affectionately (which she doesn’t see), but his face is partially obscured; the panel has an air of mystery, and is reminiscent of certain panels of his in other chapters (87, 93, 97, 112). I get the sense that something is hidden from us in moments like these. During the toast, her tearful smile really surprises him, and in the next panel he is at a loss for words; I don’t think it’s making too big a leap here to say that, if he hasn’t already (he totally has), this is the moment when he thinks, “She’s cute.” He frantically leaves the room to dry his hair, despite the fact that they were in the middle of celebrating…

(Aaah, nothing like a lot of hot air blowing in your face to deflate the sexual tension!)

When he comes back and notices the box, Ayane asks him if he knows what day it is. Pin, the guy who is always very conscious of Valentine’s Day / romantic holidays (and how popular he is), says, “It’s the day your results come out.” He has been so focused on Ayane Ayane’s exam result that he has entirely forgotten Valentine’s Day! That’s huge!

And during her confession…

He gives her an out. But she refuses to take it. Even knowing that she won’t be accepted, she is completely honest about her feelings.

His expression when she looks him in the eye and tells him she loves him is probably my favorite in the chapter, and maybe even the whole series. I honestly don’t know how Shiina got the lines so soft…He is completely blown away by her. Pin knows Ayane better than any other person in this series; he realized her feelings at Christmas, but he probably never expected her to admit them. He thinks very highly of her, but I think he believed she would always keep her feelings to herself, because that’s what she’s done with her emotions throughout the story. He isn’t allowed to return her feelings while he’s her teacher, so he tries to spare her any added embarrassment by discreetly letting her know that he already knows. So to see this girl he thought he knew so well bravely and defiantly confess to him, to witness her fighting for him despite her fear – there’s such a beautiful sense of wonder and surprise on his face.

And his answer is far from straightforward, despite his line about her being “10 years early” and “out of range”; even though he verbally rejects her, he eats every last chocolate in the box. Not just one out of pity, or two to appease her. The man who makes a point of complaining about how much he dislikes sweet things eats them all, and even says they taste good.

I believe that in eating all of the chocolate, he is actually accepting her feelings. He can’t return them at this moment (concern for her future, age gap, professionalism, all of the above, whatever it may be), but he can accept them in his heart. After eating the chocolate, there is a heavily shaded partial close-up of Pin’s face, and he doesn’t speak to her immediately. He seems to be considering something… If he didn’t have any feelings for her, I don’t think he would need such a long time to formulate a rejection. I don’t think he would keep her waiting in suspense that long for no reason. And he stares at her so intently. In these panels, I see an inner struggle – he wants to formally accept, but more than his own happiness, he wants her to be free to pursue her dreams without a guy (who will probably always live in Kitahoro) holding her back.

So he gives her a genuine smile and tries to reject her with as much levity as possible.

And if we were still in doubt that he’s holding something back, Shiina goes out of her way to give us another telling moment.

When Ayane asks Pin if he ever thought she was cute, he is initially surprised. Looking at her eager, hopeful expression, he seems somewhat wistful, and his face has that meaningful shadow. We know that he thought she was cute in this chapter (before he left to dry his hair), and there have been moments in other chapters when he might have; but he playfully taps her head and denies it with a smile. So what we can infer is, if he’s holding that back, what else is he hiding from her?

The praise he gives her as she’s leaving is also, to me, a sort of confession. We learn that he hasn’t forgotten about the time she gave him chocolate in Chapter 45 – the moment that has been of recurring importance to Ayane throughout the series has not only been remembered by Pin, but treasured. He tells her he was happy when she did that, and showers her with praise for her kindness and personal growth. To me, it sounds as if he’s telling her all the reasons he loves her without being able to use those words.

And that’s what I think this chapter confirms. Pin does love her, and has for a long time, whether he fully realizes it or not. And I think Shiina is telling us not to give up hope, even if the timing is not right at this particular moment.

Looking at the chapter from a narrative point of view, it makes no sense to show us so many reactions from Pin if this really is the end of the line. We see him worry and get flustered over her – what would be the point if this was it? In fact, if her only intention was to give Ayane a bittersweet first love, I don’t think she would have so carefully and gradually built up all of their moments together. Why show us any reactions from Pin at all? He’s technically a supporting character, their chapters are always in Ayane’s perspective – if she was planning for an ending where they can’t ever be together, why have so many scenes that illustrate their mutual closeness? She could have just had Ayane pining for him and shown us a kind but disinterested Pin. Their interactions do not resemble those of Chizu and Tohru early on in the series, where there is a large degree of distance on one side and a childhood crush on the other. Pin clearly cares for Ayane deeply, and time and time again we see his very personal investment in her aspirations and feelings.

As far as what will happen between them going forward, I’m really not sure.

I’ve strongly believed for a while that we will get a pretty heart-pounding interaction between them after graduation, and I’m still hoping for one (why not? lol). Again, thinking about things narratively, and keeping in mind that Shiina loves her ayapin foreshadowing: why have Ayane’s results come out on Valentine’s Day? Why have Ayane confess on Valentine’s Day? She’s given Pin chocolate on the last two, so it rounds things in her arc out nicely. But I think it’s more than that. If her confession happened any other day, there wouldn’t be a follow-up…but what if White Day happens to fall after the graduation ceremony? Pin is, at the very least, “obligated” to give her something in return for the Valentine’s chocolate he accepted…and if it’s after graduation…well, maybe they won’t date, but I’m hoping we get some sort of encouraging interaction since he’ll no longer be her teacher (maybe he’ll give her his number and tell her to keep in touch, or finally admit that he does think she’s cute). I really do believe we’re in for a surprise after graduation, and that some of the depressing “finality” in this chapter is to mislead us so that we’re really surprised later. I think Shiina is building us up for a sweet, unexpected pay-off down the road…

I also think the graduation photo album could have an impact on Pin at the ceremony – in Chapter 115 Chigusa mentions that she’s taking pictures for the album, and Shiina might be foreshadowing a slideshow or something. That picture of them having a great time together really affected Ayane, so maybe it could make Pin realize something too…

And if that doesn’t happen, I’m 95 percent sure we’ll see them either dating, married, or running into each other and connecting in a 10-years-later epilogue (even Pin’s rejection hints at this). I would love to see one of the first two options especially (because after waiting this long it would be great to see them finally together as a couple), but I could also see Shiina doing the classic “What?! It’s you, Yano?!” mix-up (slow-burn til the end, haha).

Having said all of that, I could be wrong. There’s a new chapter coming out this week that may render all of this analysis completely irrelevant, or we may find out in a few months that this chapter was indeed the end for them. But until Shiina is done with this wonderful series, I think we should keep our heads up, because anything could happen.

I personally believe she won’t disappoint us. Ayane and Pin are always featured with the other two couples on magazine and chapter covers (115 spotlighted the 3 couples a ton even in the chapter itself), and after 12 years of slowly and carefully building their relationship, I can’t imagine Shiina just throwing ayapin away at the end; if this were a one-shot manga or a story that had only 50 chapters, I would be a little more concerned. Plus, Ayane has been through so much and endured and grown – I think Shiina will give her a happy ending, ultimately, because she really, really deserves one. If the other two couples are still together in the final chapter, I think Ayane and Pin definitely have a future together.

This was a very long way of saying to you and all ayapin shippers, “Please don’t be discouraged or give up hope!” I’m also anxious to see what will happen, but given the way their relationship was portrayed in this chapter, I’m inclined to believe that this is only the beginning for them. :) 

Eheheheh! Well, this is the Kisame blog after all, so I accept this challenge! And, if anyone has additions, I encourage them to share~!

KISAME HOSHIGAKI. Goodness me, what a lovable character! Let’s start skin-deep: Are you an artist who struggles with consistency? Or, have you ever looked at a character and thought “seems cool, but I wish they were drawn differently?”

As a character who varies from frame to frame, Kisame has you covered! Just pick the Kisame you like best and roll with it. No one can question why you keep drawing his hair different lengths, or why you describe his skin as “washed-out turquoise.” Wanna make him wall-eyed and draw his nose like a peen??

Go for it! It’s canon!!

And hey, do you enjoy happy characters? Look at this man! He may die, but that grin is eternal! Darn-near everything makes him smile, and that makes me smile. He’s also one of the tallest characters in Naruto, if uhhh *ahem* that sort of thing appeals to you.

More substantively, the juxtapositions of his character mean there are plenty of valid angles to view him from. Wanna write about a brutal massacre that dyes the streets red? Kisame can do it. Wanna draw someone painting their nails purple to match their pants? Kisame can do it. Writing fluff about someone caring for a terminally-ill blind boy? Kisame.

Seriously, this man is have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too. A beefy tower of sadism and villainy, and also a squishy goof who compliments everyone who makes eye-contact with him. Super important to the story, but doesn’t shove repeated flashbacks or filler episodes in your face. Not to mention, his sexuality and love life are totally up to interpretation, so ship as you please!

To recommend him from my own personal perspective, listen… listen. He lived and died for the dreams of some guy who barely looked sideways at him. He thought he was a strangely-colored terrible person who didn’t deserve anything, but along the way he became Itachi’s AND Obito’s closest friend, a legendary warrior of god-tier abilities (HE CAN JUST… MAKE OCEANS. JUST FLAT-OUT CREATE OCEANS), and one of the most model-shinobi ever to exist. This all hits me deep, man. AND IT ENDS WITH KISAME ACCEPTING THAT HE’S A MORE COMPLETE HUMAN BEING THAN HE EVER GAVE HIMSELF CREDIT FOR. Ugh, bittersweet *clenches chest* my favorite flavor.

In essence, Kisame is a Choose Your Own Adventure of reasons to love him. He’s complex and multi-faceted, but also straight-forward and relatively transparent. There are a lot of good things to say about him, but he isn’t a bland white ray of moral purity. Over a decade later, I’m still never bored by this amazing sharkman!


‘In the streets of new york, they say dreams come true, but here i am, still searching for you, just another dreamin’ guy down on his luck, in new york city, god its hard to make a buck, when you look a little tanner, then the average broadway man, but i’ll keep singing and dancing till i run straight head first into you’ -20’s era lin walking home singing about love and fame….

(This photo reminded me of lin being a like 20’s writer waiting for love, walking the streets of new york with out a penny to his name or a dollop of fame, working in a theater, watching stars live there dreams while he sits up in the like sky deck thing, dreaming of love and the day his play is shown…look i have a thing about lin being in a west side story era thing, like 20’s era lin dancing in the streets of his home town, people calling him crazy for having his head in the clouds of the ‘white man’s’ fame, *sigh* look that era is part of my secret theme)

1. Thank you, @killerwithashotgun, this is awesome.

2. @musicalmiranda The 1920s New York writer vibes made me think of you.

PD101 S2 Imagine: Daniel Kang

Genre // Fluff // Romance

Plot // Visiting your boyfriend on the set of PD101

Y/N // Age: 19 

Note (for myself): Daniel is from MMO with the other boys (Yoon Jisung, Choi Taewoong, Kim Jaehan and Joo Jinwoo) He also has a soft spot for Lee Woojin

 Narrator POV

It became a habit to check your phone every morning, reading the sweet texts from your boyfriend, Daniel. Sometimes, he’d throw in a joke or two. You always reply with a kissy, heart, or laughing emoji. Today was special, though. You were going to visit Daniel on the set of PD101. Your cousin also happens to be a stylist for the boys, so you’ll be meeting her there. 


The cab driver smiles politely as I close the door and start walking toward the set. When I spot my cousin, I wave and she grins while running over to me, engulfing me in a hug. 

“Hey Y/N! Daniel’s over there~” She croons while pointing. 

“I see, I see,” I laugh while looking over at him. He’s smiling while messing around with Jisung, the two of them laughing. “Are they going to start filming soon?” 

“They already filmed a little, but they’re taking a break right now.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Go say ‘hi’~”

“Ah, but I don’t want to bother-”


All of a sudden, Daniel and his friends are looking back at me. Daniel’s eyes widen as I grin and playfully punch my cousin’s arm. She giggles and runs off as Daniel seems to be taking in the fact that I’m here. I wave as he keeps staring, still amazed. 

“Yah, Kang Daniel, if all you’re gonna do is stare at me, I’m going to leave,” I say while walking towards them. 

“HI Y/N!!!” Taewoong greets while waving excitedly. Jisung and Jaehan wave super obnoxiously with goofy grins while Jinwoo smiles as a greeting. 

“At least Taewoong and the others are happy to see me.”

I hold my arms out for Daniel as he gets out of the chair he was seated in. He embraces me and I smile while embracing him back. I feel his lips press on the top of my head.

“I missed you so much, Y/N,” he whispers. 

“I missed you too,” I tell him while pulling back to look at him.

He smiles brightly and I smile, too. His smile always has a way with my heart. I caress his cheek and ask if he’s okay. He nods and I hear a few snickers behind Daniel. I glance at the guys and Taewoong just smiles innocently while the others are teasing us.

“Please kiss somewhere else,” Jaehan says, laughing not long after.

“Aish, do you guys want to die?” I say while glaring at them.

They all mock being afraid and Daniel slips an arm around my waist while kissing my temple. “Don’t mind them.”

“When are you guys going to start filming again?” I ask him.

He frowns. “In less than 20 minutes, but I want to be with you for the rest of the day. I’m thinking about just leaving with you right now.”

“What? No, you have to stay here and film babe. Don’t worry, I’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure? We haven’t been on a date in a while… And I want to spend time with you.”

I sigh and look around. The staff roamed around, talking to the other PD101 boys. I finally look at Daniel and sigh.

“I want to spend more time with you too, but you can’t leave. This is important. I can wait. I’ll always be here for you.”

Daniel frowns and takes my hands, gently rubbing circles on top of them while biting his lip in thought. He sways our hands a bit and I try to catch his eye. He finally looks up at me.

“Fine… If it makes you happy,” he tells me.

“It does. I don’t want to ruin your dreams of becoming an idol, Daniel.”

 “You won’t ruin anything okay? My dream of being an idol is important, but even bigger than that is living my life with you.”

Daniel pecks my lips and smiles. I feel my face heat up instantly and I shyly smile. He chuckles and pulls me in for a hug again. 

“I’ll just hang out on the set and watch you have fun with the guys,” I tell him. “Enjoy yourself, babe.”

Daniel sighs as someone calls out for him to get onto the set. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too.”

We hug again and he hurries off towards the staff, who are also prepping the other boys. I notice a few guys walking towards me. 

“You’re Daniel hyung’s girlfriend?” One of them asks. Oh, I know who this guy is. Samuel Kim, the kid that used to be with SEVENTEEN.

I nod in response, and then the one in the middle suddenly introduces himself. 

“I’m Lee Daehwi. Daniel talks about you all the time.”

Daehwi… The kid who looks like Chenle and Taeil. His statement makes me blush and I ask them what he says about me.

“Only good things,” the last boy replies. 

“And you are… Lee Woojin, right?”

The boy nods cutely, and I giggle. “Well, you guys should get going. Filming is going to start soon.”

“We will, we just wanted to meet you~” Woojin says cutely, making me smile even more.

“Your name is Y/N, right?” Samuel asks. 

“Yeah it is. I’ll be here after to hang out, so I’ll see you guys later.”

“Bye Y/N~~” Daehwi and Woojin call out while going towards the set and waving.

I laugh and wave back, looking for Daniel. I spot him talking to Jisung, who is being a meme, as usual. When they start filming, my cousin strides up beside me and smiles.

“So, how was it?” She asks, glancing at her phone.

“Good, but then he got a bit upset because he wanted to spend time with me,” I reply. “I told him I’d always be here and that he would never lose me.”

“Aigoo, you two are so cheesy.”

“Oh my lord, please, you’re into that kind of stuff like in those k-dramas.”

“Why do you always have to expose me?”

“Why else would I be your cousin?”

She rolls her eyes and focuses on the boys. For a moment, she’s completely silent, but then she’s smacking my arm.

“What the hell are you doing?” I whisper so no one around us pays any attention.

“Daniel. Daniel. Look.”

I look up and spot Daniel smiling at me, and suddenly, the director and producers are calling out ‘cut’. 

“Daniel, are you okay?” Somebody within the staff asks. 

“I’m fine…” He replies.

“No goofing off right now.”

“Yes sir…” 

Daniel gives me a quick glance before they start filming again.

“Nice job,” I tell my cousin, jabbing her in the ribs.

“Y/N, I was just pointing him out for you because you seemed focused on somebody else.”


“Let me see your phone.”

I hand her my phone and a couple of people from the staff look at us. I politely smile and they just turn back towards the set. So much for being polite.

“I knew it.”

I turn to my cousin, who mocks surprise on her face.

“You like Park Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Kenta, Justin, and Ong Seongwoo?”

I feel my face flush and snatch my phone back. “Don’t tell Daniel.”

“So much for a lasting relationship.”

“Oh shush.”

For two hours, they filmed bits and pieces for the next episode. During those 10 minutes the boys got for a break, I only saw Daniel once out of those five breaks. He hugged me and we talked for a few minutes before several stylists whisked him away. I even saw the other MMO boys more than him.

“Don’t worry,” Jaehan told me during their last break. “We’re done in half an hour. We get to go where we want to for tonight, but we have to return to our dorms by tomorrow morning.You and Daniel can go out on a date then.”

“Thanks Jaehan,” I said, smiling a bit. 

Although I wasn’t able to see Daniel much, I’m happy with the comfort from my cousin and the other boys.

Finally, filming was over. The boys dispersed, leaving me searching for Daniel. I spotted Taewoong and said hi. I accidentally run into somebody, and out of all people, it’s Ong Seongwoo. I quickly apologize, and he tells me its fine. 

“Are you looking for Daniel?” He asked me.

“I froze and for a moment, just stood there. Then, I nodded. Seongwoo points towards the back of the building, where the waiting rooms were. I quickly hurry over there and check in each waiting room. When I pop my head into one, I spot his head of newly dyed hair. He looks up at me and gets out of his chair. 

I take a step and he’s already scooping me up into his arms. 

“Let’s go,” he whispers, leaving a kiss on my cheek.

“Where do you want to go?“ I ask him, burying my face into his chest. 

“Let’s go to your place… I miss cuddling with you.”

And so, the night led to cuddling on the couch, watching reruns of Hello Baby, Running Man, and Hello Counselor. Later on, Daniel had set his alarm for early in the morning so he could get back to his dorm. During an episode of Weekly Idol, he fallen asleep, and I let his head lay on my chest as I played with his hair. Before I let my eyes close, I turned the TV off, kissed his head, and whispered, “I love you, Kang Daniel.”

I let my head rest against the couch and just before I fall asleep, I heard him speak softly while taking one of my hands.

“I love you too, Y/N”

A/N: @sparklingpurifying GAHHHHH I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!!! T^T But I hope you enjoyed it because I have slowly fallen for him :) This is a special PD101 request (even though I am an SF9 acc.). I may be writing one for another PD101 member for my best friend :)

thirty days of skam fic: day six

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


One time Even and Isak get high with their friends as they move into their new home, and one time Even and Isak get high just the two of them, watching the sunrise.

Isak had mostly been joking when he snatched the weed away from Even at the Christmas party.  He worried, sure, especially after what Sonja had said about smoking being bad for Even – but at the same time, taking Sonja’s words for granted was something he knew he shouldn’t be doing anymore, and Isak had read a lot about bipolar disorder since Even’s episode; he knew there were some bipolar people who actually found weed really helpful medicinally.  And anyway, if it was bad, it wasn’t Isak’s place to control what Even did.  If Even wanted to get high once in awhile, Isak didn’t have any moral high ground to tell him he shouldn’t.

It did seem like Even was cutting back, which made Isak happy.  But he joined the guys to smoke in the bathtub at a couple of house parties they all went to together over the next few months, and on the day Isak and Even finally move into their own flat, with all the guys helping, nobody is anything but pleased when Jonas pulls out a joint halfway through the unpacking.

“Screw this fucking Ikea dresser, man.  Maybe if I get high I can become one with it and finally figure out where these stupid half-screws are supposed to go.”  Jonas flicks one of the loose screws across the floor, where it careers along the floorboards and bounces off Isak’s toe.  

“Yeah, and you guys have way too much shit to be doing this sober,” Mahdi adds, as he throws a couple of empty bags across the room.

“I had like, three boxes!” Isak protests, but he’s already settling himself down onto the bare mattress on the floor, immediately discarded the half-unpacked bag of clothes he’d been sorting through for the last half an hour.  “Even’s the hoarder, take it up with him.”

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Too Fast - Part 1

Words: 2699
Dean x Reader
Based on this imagine!
Summary: You meet Dean when you are both in the hospital and feel a connection to the handsome stranger, knowing nothing about what he does for a living…

Warning: some language
This is Part 1 of a series! More to come soon! :)

Your name: submit What is this?

You dragged the metal stand on wheels along beside you as you hobbled down the hallway. You looked at the bag of IV fluid hanging there with the line connected to your arm and scrunched your nose at it. Livin’ the dream, you thought to yourself.

You heard a crash down the hall and saw a guy about your age, stitches on his forehead, getting up out of a wheelchair and looking around to check if anyone was watching him. There were hospital supplies all over the floor nearby.

You made your way curiously over.

He was bent down shoving the supplies back onto the cart they had fallen off and didn’t see you.

“Hey,” you said.

He jumped and turned around. “Oh. Hey. I thought you were that crazy dictator nurse,” he said, looking you up and down, and giving you a sheepish smile.

You gave him a weak smile. “You have Nurse Michaels too?”

He nodded. “She kinda scares me.”

You gave him a conspiratorial look. “Me too,” you whispered. He smiled at you. “So, uhh what happened over here?” you asked, gesturing to the cart and spilled supplies behind him.

“Heh,” he gave you a boyish grin. “Wheelchair wheelie gone wrong.”

You laughed and nodded. “Ahh, we’ve all been there,” you replied smiling at him. “I’m Y/N,” you said extending a hand.

“Dean.” He grasped your hand, which felt small in his and gave you another smile. “So, what are you in for?” He asked, slipping his hands into the pockets of his standard issue hospital pants.

“Gang fight.”

He narrowed his eyes at you, knitting his eyebrows together, and opened his mouth to say something only to close it again.

You laughed loudly. “I’m kidding. A drunk driver hit my car.”

“I was gonna say—you don’t look the type. Drunk driver huh? What a douche…You’re gonna be ok though?” He said, starting to walk with you back up the hallway.

You gave him a small smile and nodded. “What about you? That looks like a nasty cut you have there.”

He pursed his lips and considered you for a moment, nodding absentmindedly. “Hunting accident.”

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My Idol: Chapter Twenty Two

My Idol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 -
Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23

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edgykeith replied to your post “Keith is literally responsible for the clothes on Shiro’s back. Where…”

?!!!!?!?!? Okay but keith paying for shiro to go to the garrison and get his education?? Or au where Keith buys all the latest robotic enhancements for his baby’s arm. He pays for his hair appointments because he wants his hair to constantly look like that windswept dream.

IT’S PERFECT! Seriously though maybe Keith comes into a lot of money because his mother was an alien and fuxed with the stock market? I don’t know what aliens do on Earth. Or maybe there’s oil under his desert shack, why else would anyone live out there with no air conditioning, and suddenly, a guy who’s completely happy living in a desert shack with no air conditioning has more money than he could spend in two lifetimes, and he just stares at it, and stares at Shiro, and watches as Shiro stares at the one shirt he owns and sighs.

Shiro is like “what are you going to do with all this money?” Because Keith is accustomed to living in orphanages and dorms, and then alone in a shack… Shiro thinks he’s probably going to start living in luxury and buying everything he ever wanted… But Keith stays totally the same he just instead is like “I don’t know, what do you want?”

(I think Keith buys himself a really expensive, super fast motorcycle and says ‘good’ and never uses his credit card again; except to buy new curtains for his shack.)

ALSO OMG. It’s not even entirely intentional. One day, he buys Shiro a shirt, and it’s nice, and Shiro thanks him, and Keith remembers that Shiro was the only person who ever bought him Christmas presents at the Garrison. The next day he buys Shiro two shirts.

All the shirts are a size too small, and Shiro is to polite to say anything. Keith maybe did that intentionally, he doesn’t remember anymore because Shiro is flexing Keith might not remember his own name.

It becomes a habit. Bless.

A habit that ends with Shiro bent over a brand new hovercraft in a leather jacket and no student loans.  

(Or maybe rich, bored, young prince-like Keith of some rich powerful family who has too much money and no parents decides to have fun with the hardworking boy trying get by? I like it all.)

4th on the Lake


“Imagine: Jack could be my boyfriend and he got jealouos of something…!? Surprise me please”
“Will you relax baby?” I press my hands lightly on Jack’s chest. “You are smart, sweet and handsome. My mother will love you and my dad has seen worse, so take a deep breath” We just landed and are waiting for my best friend growing up, Hunter, to pick us from the airport. Jack is all adorable and nervous because he hasn’t met my parents before because they hate flying and Jack’s parents get upset if he isn’t in Omaha for the holidays. We finally caught a free week in the year we’ve been dating, so here we are in New England. “I can show you where I grew up and there are the cutest little buildings around the lake. I am so glad we finally made it out here” I hold his hand in mine and rub it, my go to move when Jack is nervous.

“You two looking for a third for the night? I’m cheap!” A loud voice says as a truck pulls up the to the curve with the windows rolled down.

“Hunter!” I run to the window and throw my arms around my giant best friend as he steps out of the car.
He picks me up, “Hey beautiful” he turns to look at Jack. “You must be the, and I quote "most incredible, cute, fucking sexy guy she’s ever met.” Hunter holds out his hand and does a bro hug with Jack. Jack smiles nervously, but we both blush over the comment and smile at each other.
“He’s a little nervous about meeting my parents.” I explain.
“Eric and Nancy are the sweetest, and from what I hear you’re perfect. So, don’t sweat it bud” Hunter opens the car door for us and we slide in next to each other. “Off to the Lake Castle” he smiles and blasts country music from the radio. “Welcome to New Hampshire, Jack”
We arrive to the lake house quickly. My mom has gone all out for the Fourth. There are blue and red flowers and streamers everywhere. We pull up next to the open garage and I can see my dad has collected his usual conglomerate of fireworks. I hop out of the car. I haven’t been home in almost a year, because I spent this past Christmas and Thanksgiving with Jack. I take a deep breath. Nothing smells like the air by a clear mountain lake. Jack slowly gets out of the car, amazed. “This is incredible babe. Why did you ever move to LA?” He puts an arm around me and I am about to retort about the lack of recording space around here, when I hear a clambering from the kitchen and the front door flies open.
“My girl is home!” My mom wraps her arms around me. “Eric!!! Your daughter, Jack and Hunter are here!” She turns back towards the three of us. “Now this handsome man I recognize from pictures. You must be Jack. She doesn’t shut up about you on the phone, Mr.” My mom pulls my boyfriend in for a hug. “And he smells nice too. How did my girl ever find such a catch?”

“Mom!” I smirk and put my hand on Jack’s back.

“Nancy, no one is too good for my girl, you know that” My dad comes bounding up the stairs from the lake. He hugs me for a it then pulls away and faces Hunter. “Thanks for fixing up that engine; Hunter. The pontoon is back up and running”

“Glad to here it Ric” Hunter says.

“Now where is this fancy LA, music producer?” My dad whips around and faces Jack.

Jack nervously puts his hand out. “Nice to meet you Mr. Y/L/N. Jack Gilinsky, sir”

“So are you ready to spend a weekend with real men rather than those LA fairies you’re used to, Jack? Hunter here and I spend most of this weekend outside cooking steak, driving boats and blowing crap up with my sons, who I believe you met when they went to Y/N’s concert”

“Yes, Kevin and Mike. They’re both great.” Jack nods and looks at his feet.

“Jack’s actually from Nebraska, Dad, not LALA Land. He loves being outside. Our second date he took me out to Joshua tree for a hike” I say, trying to get my dad to relax.

“Do you remember all those crazy camping trips we used to go on? We would ride the canoes out to an island on the lake and stay up all night, telling stories and taking turns jumping in the lake” Hunter says and I laugh, thinking about some of the weird stuff we did.

“Of course I remember!” I say and smile. “Jack, Hunter always kept me on my toes”

“Awesome” Jack says and half smiles.

My dad goes inside with my mom to help with dinner and later, Hunter, Jack and I, and Mike and Kevin are all hanging out on our huge front porch overlooking the lake. We are all laughing over old memories. Mike pipes up.
“Do you remember when you and Hunter got drunk at that Grad party here and made out? I think I’m sitting in the chair.”
Kevin chimes in" You had the biggest crush on him Bud" I burry your face and giggle.
“I did, ah god that was embarrassing”
“Hey!” Hunter laughs.
“Just kidding Hunts. you know I love you.” I pat his leg.
Jack looks over at you and his phone rings. “I’m going to take this.” He says and seems annoyed. The boys go off in the canoe and I decide to go check on my boyfriend. I catch him right as he is getting off the phone.

“Are you okay, Bunny?” He looks up, leaning on the railing.

“Are you happier here? Without your shiny, well groomed LA boyfriend who doesn’t fit in?” He meets my eyes.

“No baby! Not at all. I love you” I run over and put my arms around him. “What’s bugging you?”

“This place is you. Your family loves you, you should be closer to home. The pine and the cool water smell like you. You’re breathing better. And don’t even get me started on all the things you have with Hunter” he looks out over the Lake.

“Babe. I had this, this was my childhood. This place will always have shaped me, my family and friends from growing up will always be a part of me and I will always love them. But, you, Jack you’re my future. You’re part of my dream that I get to live everyday. That is even more a part of me.” I rub his back and kiss his cheek. “You also shouldn’t worry about Hunter” I smile. “I only have eyes for you.”

“But you guys have so much history, so much in common. You used to have a crush on him for Pete’s sake!” He exclaims, still frustrated.

“Jack. Hunter could not be more gay” I laugh.
“Even if I wanted something to happen, I would need a few renovations to be his type”

Jack raises an eyebrow. “Oh, really? My bad” he chuckles. I nod and grab his hand.

“Don’t worry about it, it clearly took me some time to figure out too.” I shake my head. “Now let’s relax and you can show my Dad that you can cook a damn steak because you’re from Nebraska and bbq is a pastime all over the mid-west.” I grab his arm and we walk down to the porch where my dad is grilling. Jack kisses me softly.
“I love you. Thank you for bringing me to such a beautiful part of yourself”

“Thank you for being a beautiful part of myself, sexy” I smirk and we get grilling as my dad emerges from the boat.
“So he can cook!” He sounds shocked.
“Jack is full of surprises” I say and tug on his arm.
Things started out funny, but I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing weekend.

Super Stupid Weeb daydream

god stupidest daydream that just had me laughing like hell, cause it was a situation where adriens super weeb powers saved the day. A huuuge anime fan got akumaized because like, it was a pretty genuine reason she was so angry that people where making fun of her and telling her that attachments to fictional characters were meaningless and there were no lessons to be learned from cartoons or anime or any kind of animated materiel and she just wanted to show that they had depth and mattered to people cause sometimes cartoons and anime help people deal with stuff.

i digress

so, surprise surprise, she uses famous attacks from various animes and uses anime/cartoon characters as her lackeys. imagine the heroes surprise when they show up at the scene to a very strangely dressed akuma and then like out of nowhere she’s like “my friends will teach you a lesson” and freaking like Goku pops the fuck out of nowhere and adrien is like “what thE FUCK OH MY GOD” and has to dodge this super OP attack. and as hes running hes like “NO FUCKING WAY THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW” 

he is simultaneously extremely entertained and scared as hell cause each character seems to be true to form, so like they are just as strong but also COMPLETELY in character. So as him and ladybug are running like hell he is trying to remember every anime he’s ever watched and figure a way out of it. he’s shouting shit like “thats saitama DONT LET HIM HIT YOU. THROW SOME FUCKING COUPONS AT HIM, THROW GOOD COUPONS TO DISTRACT HIM AND RUN” Their plan is mostly freaking run because crazy ass attacks are wrecking everything and if they get hit they are screwed. Luckily the akuma is mostly summoning good guys, since as a fan thats who she favors and they arent hurting civilians and in some cases actually save civilians from falling buildings and stuff. in one fantastic encounter LB and cat noir get separated and Cat gets backed into a corner when he hears “now I’ve got a fire in my belly!” and he goes freaking pale cause fuck he can NOT beat Natsu Dragneel in a straight fight he had a stick FML, but he loves Fairy Tail, he knows loads of shit about Fairytail and he can see Lucy trailing along behind him so he’s like “if they really are in character maybe i can fix this shit” and starts talking to them

“I’m not the bad guy!” he begs, “and i dont think that girl is either she doesnt want to do this shes being controlled by an enemy named Hawkmoth, he is manipulating her and her emotions thats how he hurts people! He waits until they are suffering and in pain them offers them a twisted messed up deal so he can use them like puppets! Thats WRONG and I know you agree with me!” he looks past Natsu to Lucy, “manipulating people is wrong, hurting people is wrong, and summoning people with real genuine emotions and using them to potentially hurt thousands of people in the crossfire of a gigantic battle no one wanted to have is WRONG”

he plays straight to their characters and they both look angry. Natsu looks at him and says “All those people, while they were running away. They were calling out to you right?”

he nods

“You’re their hero, and if an entire city like this trusts a kid like you then im thinking maybe you’re not the bad guy” Natsu grins, “so if you’re not the guy I should be hitting then who are we going for?”

and just like that Adrien starts making allies through the power of weeb knowledge and he gets to live out an absolute fan boy dream as he fights alongside all of his favorite freaking heroes to win the day and save the city

The End


for @donghyuckstudies hope you like it!! it was a challenge writing for haechan but i hope i did the cheeky lil donghyuck justice! enjoy :-) was inspired by ur username for the prompt LMAO

-the schoolbell rings and u rush to ur desk at the very back of the classroom

-class is about to start when the teacher says HEY GUYS STOP TALKING look we have a new student, dong-

-HAECHAN!!! this guy holding bunny ears up and the cringiest most forced smiley face uve ever seen corrects the teacher

-without further adue this annoying kid rushes to sit next to u at the back of the class

-u chuckle a little cause wtf just happened and get back to ur work

-but this kid taps u with a twinkle in his eye and just says HI

-and ur like uh hi and hes just winking at u nonstop like a meme or something

-u get back to ur work

-hey do u have a pencil

-hey do u have paper

-hey do u have an eraser

-ur just like omg here take my whole bag

-the next day this boy has the nerve to forget everything again so u give him everything bc hes harassing u and hes like thanks!!!

-during break he gets up bc everyones like OMG HAECHAN and you realize that hes become friends w everyone and they’re all snickering in the corner but when lunch comes he ditches everyone and comes over and begs you! to eat w him

-so he breaks you down bc hes attacking u with paper planes and making sound effects until you fly one up his nose and hes falls off his chair laughing w the plane in his nose…

-you two arrive and he pays for ur meal and you two sit down on a bench in the courtyard. ofc he grabs half of ur sandwich for himself and hes like u know i paid for it lol pay u back when im a rich beautiful kpop star!!! and starts belting fcking random operatic notes

-u ofc put the rest of ur sandwich into his mouth to shush him

-instead hes like omg chagi~ thanks for feeding me and stares at u lovingly

-u cringe too hard and turn away and this kid is ofc like OMG DONT BLUSH!!! and then u kill him

-one day he takes u to sm bc in his words hes a VIP and you should feel honored that hes letting u into his rockstar life

-donghyuck is actually serious and singing like an angel and dancing and sweating and repeating it again and again and you just watch bc you’ve never seen him be like this

-you see him troll his hyungs in between and chase them/randomly scream lyrics but as soon as the music drops hes immersed in the music and he actually looks… cool

-he’s so focused and after the hyungs leave he’s ofc like OMG BYEEE DREAM OF ME to them but you stay with him till ten pm and he just is practicing the same moves over and over again

-when he’s finally done you wait for him since you guys live in the same direction and he  bursts out I WAS COOL WASN’T I but it comes out like a croak bc he strained his voice from the constant practicing + trolling the members and you just laugh so hard but you also wonder how he manages to stay so carefree amidst all the work

-ofc you dont say this but instead ur like NOW IT CAN FINALLY BE QUIET and he smiles to himself

-suddenly you feel this weird rush of concern because you’re not used to seeing haechan differently. and now that he’s finally shut up it’s awkward and when he’s not making ugly ass faces he actually has the cutest smile?

-but you two just walk in silence and say bye but he mimes it bc he cant talk LOL and his mimes suddenly become charades??? so you push the idiot towards the direction of his dorm bc he needs to rest

-the next day he doesn’t come to school and ur wondering if he faked being sick or something. either way, the whole day is super quiet and u cant believe you miss his voice and bothersome presence..but u do

-so ofc after school you run as fast as you can to his dorm w a ton of shitty junk food (his fave ofc) and check to see if he’s actually sick

-you ring the doorbell and the other rookies are laughing so hard bc they see you holding a pizza and burgers and fries

-they go like LOL ONLY DONGHYUCK’S GIRLFRIEND WOULD bc ur literally carrying a feast with you and yuta and jaemin are just eating fries that are falling lol

-donghyuck comes out and he looks so shocked and his eyes widen and he just bursts out laughing and comes over to help you with all the crap you brought him

-ur so happy to see him and his laugh is all high and randomly ur heart just starts pounding like no other. YO WHAT KIND OF FATASS DO YOU THINK I- you cut him off and just hug him bc he’s okay

-except he’s not bc u feel that his face is super warm so maybe he’s actually sick? You let go and his whole face is red and this idiot is suddenly speechless

-UH STOP WITH THE GERMS—-but you hold on bc you would die if anything ever happened to him

-LISTEN IDIOT-just SHUT UP JEEZ-and you guys continue insulting each other while hugging… and the other members keep laughing bc u guys look so dumb

-you pull away after like what felt like an hour LOL and then you’re like.. eat all the food its cold now bc you dont know what to say and u feel all shy???

-so he just starts eating mindlessly and stuffing his face with pizza and burger

-suddenly he spits it out and is like. dude…. this is all cold

-and you guys just both stare at each other for like five minutes

-both u idiots start laughing bc WTF is this situation LOL


-and ur just done with his shit so ur just like YEAH I REALLY DID

-he wasn’t expecting that so he just reverts to this shocked face and he turns red and you just go up to him and squish his face and ur face is red too

-he inches a lil closer and gives u a lil kiss on the cheek before he cant take it anymore and yells UR WELCOME LOSER!!!!!! but u can tell hes dying inside and then he suddenly starts running around the dorm bc hes SO embarrassed and cant cope

-u tug him by the hood of his jacket to get him to stop but instead he pulls u with him and u both fall onto the floor (moral of story: u guys are both idiots)

-since then u guys are as per usual always together and constantly sending each other ugly selfies and making fun of each other

-when he does hold ur hand u he holds u so hard so that u cant escape and he just goes like MUAHAHAHAHA bc…. dumb

-and then u run and then bc hes holding ur hand he just… has to run with u and then u guys collide into each other LOL

-ur always there when hes practicing bc even though he’s sarcastic and cocky he’s the most hardworking boy you’ve ever met and u know he loves having u there

-when u sit there watching u just wonder how the hell u got so lucky to end up with this idiotic perfect weirdo

Grant & Konnor

If you haven’t read Grant Part one of ? Please do so my clicking here:

It was an uneventful Thursday night at the gym. Around the holidays I swear the place gets deserted. Apparently nobody has the drive that I do to get big. Except for Grant, and my new “friend” Konnor. (and your casual run of the mill gym-goers that have not a damn clue what they’re doing)

I saw Grant walking in the same time as I was. We both slid each other smiles and knew that after our workout there would be a much needed “release.”

Trying to keep my mind off of the inevitable happy ending. I MURDERED chest day. You know those days where you feel like your pecs will never NOT be sore again? Yeah, one of those days. It was cardio after lifting day. I parked on a treadmill a few rows behind my newfound muscle-stud ASS-TASTIC friend Grant. I pumped out 1.5 miles and decided to call it quits. On my way out, I noticed Grant wasn’t far behind me. “This dude knows what’s up” I thought to myself. Smirking.

As soon as I walked into the locker room I felt a hand on my ass. Turning around with a sly smile I go “keep it in your pants for a few more minutes man.” He returned with a wink. GAME. ON. Today was a definite steam room day. Grant and I (after our last encounter) had grown much, much more comfortable with each other and had our lockers right next to each other. We wandered to the steam room bare-assed and laughing and joking the whole way.

We must have been in there 10 seconds when Grant body slams me into the wall. “Dude what the fuck?” I say, not really pissed, more laughing. When the guy hooks me into one of the best lip-locks I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This dude was throat fucking me with his tongue. All over my mouth, hand behind my head pulling me in even more. Finally, I NEEDED to come up for air.

Grant had some sort of fire in his eyes that I don’t remember from our last encounter. At this point my dick was HARD, possibly the hardest it had ever been. So was his. We were BOTH leaking precum like a fountain. Grant grabbed my muscle stud cock and started kissing my neck (that shit will drive me over the edge almost INSTANTLY) he then moved down my pecs, then to my abs, then FINALLY (it seemed like FOREVER) he throated my 8” cock like it was nobody’s business.

“Dude you keep this shit up and I’m gonna end up cumming.”

“That’s the goal bro. Give it to me.” He looked up at me with the same fire in my eyes. This dude is fucking unstoppable.

“Dude. Gonna cum. Now. Where do you want it?”

“DOWN MY FUCKING THROAT MAN.” Grant commanded.

I let out one of the loudest moans I ever have in my life as this dude continued sucking the CUM OUT OF MY BALLS. There must have been not a damn drop left.

Grant got up, still smiling, and locked me into another forceful kiss. He made sure to give me some of my still-hot cum back.

“Fuck man. I must say. You cum, A. LOT.” Grant said, my cum still dripping off his teeth.

“So I’ve been told. Now it’s my turn to return the favor.” I said… Pushing grant onto the bench, I mounted him 69 style.

I immediately shoved all of his muscle stud cock in my mouth and cupped his full balls.

“Dude…FUUUUCK that feels so fucking good” Grant piped up in between moans.

My cock must have decided it was ready for round two at this point, because it was at FULL attention. And Grant quickly wasted no time and throated the whole thing.

At this point my hands decided they were going to make it to Grant’s muscle ass. He let out a moan as I brushed his pink asshole with my fingers. BINGO.

I eased one finger in, hoping it would send him over the edge. It did.

“Fuck dude I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuum” he said while pumping rope after rope down my throat.

“Me too dude, me too. Get ready.” I said with his hot cum still on my breath. “You pick where you want it.”

“My ass. On my ass.” Grant said with the biggest child-like smile on his face.

Grant got up, squatted down and spread his muscle ass cheeks and let me drop a load ALL OVER his hot fucking ass. LIFE. MADE.

(That’s load number 2 of the day in case you were wondering.)

Grant then got up to leave and said two words. “Follow me”

What the fuck was this dude thinking? The gym was dead, but I wasn’t about to go air my “dirty laundry” in public if you know what I mean.

Walking back to our lockers in the back corner of the locker room, I asked Grant what was going on.

“Dude. Trust me. I’ve done this before.” He said as he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mount for a third time.

“Sit down. Relax. Stop worrying, man!” Grant commanded.

Eh, what the hell. I thought to myself. So I listened to him.

It was just then I heard the door to the locker room open. Grant and I quietly got up so as to not draw attention to each other. In walked in a dude that I had seen before in the gym. He was wearing a black mesh tank-top, black ball cap, and short grey shorts that showed off his power quads. This guy was HOT.

“Ey, wassup Konnor?” Grant piped up.

Fuck. These two studs know each other?

“Not much man. Leg day. (it would explain why his quads were SWOLE as fuck.) They’re dead dude. Dead.”

“Haha I get you man I get you.” As Konnor walked over to the scale (which was in plain view of us and where we were standing) I was wondering why Grant wasn’t even covering up his hard-on.

“Hey Konnor man, this is my new buddy Christian. Not sure if you’ve met him yet.” Grant said as he walked over and gripped Konnor in a bro hug (fully naked and still hard, mind you.)

Now I was hanging about half-hard at this time standing by my locker when Konnor came over and bro-hugged me too.

“Nice to meet you Christian, I think I’ve seen you around.” He said, giving me the eye up and down. FUCK. This dude was checking me out TOO.

“You can call me Chris man, yeah I’ve seen you around. Definitely. You’re jacked as fuck man!”

“Thanks dude, you’re not exactly small yourself over here.” Konnor said as he looked me up and down, making sure I saw him looking at my cock. Game on. My cock twitched.

“Konnor buddy we were just about to hit up the shower back here, you in?” Grant said with the biggest child-like smile on, again.

Side note: For those of you that don’t know, my gym has a room with about 12 gang showers near the steam room and sauna, and back by the lockers there is a single shower room equipped with 2 shower heads.

“Dude, do you even have to ask?” Konnor said with a wink as he ripped of his tank. This guy was SHREDDED. I had to physically shut my mouth so I wouldn’t start drooling.

Walking back to the shower room, Grant kissed my neck (sending shivers down my spine) and whispered in my ear “looks like you came on the right night, my friend.”

“Dude I guess so.”

Just then Konnor stepped into the shower room and shut the curtain. This dude was HARD. Both his cock and his body. He stood 7” at attention and THICK. Apparently he knew what was about to happen.

I dropped to my knees and wasting no time, took all of his ripped shredded cock in my mouth.

Konnor looked at Grant and managed to let out (between moans) “Fuck I think I like this guy” with a wink (what can I say, apparently I can add sucking dick to my list of “special skills.”)

Grant piped up “Told you man.” As he walked over and started kissing Konnor’s neck and rubbing his nipples as I went to town on his cock.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell was happening. Did my life just become a living porn video? This is the type of shit that seemed to only ever happen in my dreams.

It was just then I noticed Grant applying a generous amount of soap to Konnor’s asshole, and his cock at the same time.

He is NOT going to do what I think he’s going to do is he? There is NO way.

Just then Konnor spread his ass open and Grant plunged all of his 6.5” into Konnor’s jock ass.

Well fuck I guess it was happening. I was literally sucking the dick of this dude while Grant was throttling his muscle ass. OH. MY. GOD.

“Are you sure this is ok?” I said while coming up for air after bobbing on Konnor’s cock.

“Dude this isn’t our first rodeo, we just have to be suuuuuuuper quiet.” Konnor said in between soft moans and grunts. And Grant looked at me with fire blazing in his eyes and a giant smile and said “Are you gonna come fuck this ass or not?”

Well, who am I to turn down a proper invitation? I ran over and soaped up my cock and made sure to grab enough to rub into Grant’s asshole. I knew myself that this was going to be a challenge, because I felt how tight Grant’s asshole was earlier in the steam room. My 8” long and THICK cock wasn’t going anywhere without some…persuasion.

While Grant was going to town fucking Konnor (I was amazed how quiet they were able to keep it. I walked over behind Grant and stuck in two fingers and started soaping up his tight asshole. He let out a long moan, and I knew it was time.

I stuck the head of my cock (tagged/me if you want to see) and about 2 inches when Grant started whimpering. This dude was TIGHT. Tighter than any girl I’ve ever stuck it in before. I was having a hell of a time trying to get my dick in this dude’s ass. (To his credit, most girls just usually yell at me to stop at that point. He encouraged me to keep shoving.)

“Dude, FUCK. ME.” Grant commanded.

“Easier said than done man. You’re so fucking tight it’s almost impossible.”

“Not the first time I’ve heard that before” he said in between grunts.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck dude I’m cumming. DUDE. I’M. FUCKING. CUMMING.” I hear Konnor moan as I looked up and saw the stud shoot one of the whitest, creamiest loads across the shower room and SPLATTER the wall. This fucker could have painted the wall white.

Just then Konnor stepped around and lip-locked Grant in one of the hottest dude-on-dude kisses I have seen to this day.

It must have been seeing then kiss, but at that point I decided fuck this “being gentle” thing and I pushed my fat cock in AS FAR as it could POSSIBLY go. Grant yelled “FUCK DUDE. OW. SON OF A BITCH.”

“Dude, this isn’t even halfway in. Are you sure this is gonna work?”

“Fuck it man, we can’t take that much time in here without looking suspicious. Let’s raincheck. But I PROMISE you, that dick WILL make it in my ass one day.”

“Sounds good to me man.” Grant said as he shoved me on the bench that was in the shower.

Grant bent over and took my throbbing cock balls-deep once again. This dude could suck dick. Just as I looked up, I saw Konnor put his finger to his lips, spit on his dick and bury his cock in Grant.

He laughed and said “Thanks for warming him up for me dude”

“Don’t mention it, I moaned out in ecstasy.”

I could feel the cum pumping up my dick. I told Grant, and wanting me to enjoy it, he chilled for a second. I enjoyed watching Grant and Konnor fucking like rabbits underneath the shower for a few minutes when I heard Konnor say “gonna cum man, gonna cum.” And Grant looked at him and said “Cum on Chris’s face.”

I willfully dropped to my knees and let that stud drop his load all over my face. Licking every last drop up. Seeing this must have sent Grant over the edge as well, because before I knew it, he pushed Konnor to his knees and dropped his GIANT load all over his face as well.

“Dude. Not gonna lie. This is THE single hottest think I’ve ever been involved in.” I said, smiling from ear to ear as I looked at these two studs glistening under the water.

“You think we are done with you, huh Chris?” Konnor said, laughing.

“I didn’t see you drop a load, and that’s NOT acceptable.” Grant said.

“You may think I suck dick good, but you should see this guy working a dick” Grant said, laughing as he slapped Konnor’s 6-pack.

Just then I had the bronze Adonis kneeling before me sucking worshipping each of my balls.

“Fuck dude, after seeing that, I’m NOT gonna last long.” I managed to let out between moans as Grant licked from the base of my cock to the head. All 8”. This dude knew how to work a cock. Seriously. He throated me with ease.

“Let me know when you’re gonna shoot man, I wanna savor EVERY drop.” Konnor said, coming up for air.

At this point Grant was rinsing off under the main shower watching us like a kid in a candy store. Fuck. I can imagine how hot it must have been to watch.

“Will do man, not far off. That’s for sure.”

Konnor was sucking my dick like a fucking Dyson. Seriously. Grant still holds the title of the best blowjob I’ve ever received, but hey I’m equal opportunity.

“Fuck dude, it’s coming. It’s coming. I’M COMING.” I said. And I felt the floor leave from underneath me. I was SHAKING. Fucking SHAKING. (if this is what an orgasm for a girl feels like then HOLY FUCK, I can now appreciate it even more.) He was cupping my balls as I was pumping my hot seed down his throat.

Still in a state of euphoric bliss, Konnor gave me a tongue-down throat kiss and let me taste load number 3 that had been dropped that day. (In an HOUR AND 20 MINUTES, FYI.)

We all rinsed off under the shower, for about 5 minutes and said our goodbyes.

“Not gonna lie guys, I don’t think I’ll EVER forget that. EVER.”

“That’s the point man, that’s the point. Looking forward to seeing you again.” Konnor said with a wink.

And just like that both their muscle asses walked out of the shower, leaving me (still shaking from the 3 earth shattering orgasms I had received) to finish rinsing off and composing myself.

Definitely looking forward to meeting up with these studs again, away from the gym.

So, there you have it. I basically lived a PornHub video. I am still in awe to this day that this happened.

What do you think guys? Let me know your thoughts via message or whatever.
Likes, reblogs, and submissions of you are ALWASYS appreciated.

Until next time Guys. ;)


Close As Strangers || Ashton Irwin

yasss, ashton is finally appearing! bless anon xx ((also not based on the song, i just like the name and the song. lol and i mentioned it but i mean))

I M A G I N E 

“I can’t believe you’re actually going…” You murmured, looking down at the airport ground while holding hands with your soon-to-be-departing best friend. 

Ashton Fletcher Irwin, your best friend since forever, was leaving you to pursue the dream he has worked for. Your favorite little drummer boy is no longer little, as he was going to travel all over the world spreading music with his best lads. And as happy as you were for him, you couldn’t help but feel the strong, jolting pain of his departure. Never had you imagined life without him, so to think that he would be across the world from you most of the time was frightening. 

“I can’t believe it either, Y/N,” Ashton breathed shakily, looking down at you with the hazel eyes you’ve had the pleasure to look that for countless days that you’ve lost count on. Who else was going to lighten up your day with his trademark-worthy smile and those beautiful hazel eyes with the hint of green when light hits them? Who else was going to provide you with such an odd, yet lovely and genuine laugh when you feel down? Who else was going to provide you a variety of happy gifts in just two, large hands?

“I’m scared for us, Ash,” you whisper, finding your cheeks tingle from overwhelming emotion. “What if we become those kind of best friends in the movies where they say they’re gonna keep in contact but actually drift off and end up being close as strangers?”

“Y/N, that’s not gonna happen,” Ashton tried to comfort, taking one of his hands to rub your arm soothingly. “We’re not a movie, Y/N; we’re real. You’re my best friend and I’m 110% sure that I won’t be able to breathe if I go a day without talking to you. We’ll be alright. We’re too cool not to be.”

“Right,” you respond, giggling while still concerned over Ashton’s reassurance. You appreciated his attempt to keep the both of you at ease and hopeful, but it was hard when Ashton was actually leaving and not coming back for many months. Suddenly, a robotic voice announced Ashton’s flight that was departing in just a few minutes. Bodies begin to move passed the both of you as they go to the line for the flight. 

“Th-this is it, Y/N,” Ashton said quietly, squeezing your hands tightly as he stared into your eyes. You were going to miss this boy more than ever. His face, his laughter, his smile, his curly hair, his entire existence– everything. “I just… wow. To not see your face in the flesh everyday is going to so weird and heartbreaking.”

“Ditto,” you croaked, having tears stream down your cheeks as you looked up at Ashton. He was beginning to get emotional, too, having those hazel eyes hide behind a watery veil. Ashton instantly pulls you into a firm, loving embrace, rubbing your back as you held him tightly. He then pushed you back by your shoulders and held them, looking completely serious in your eyes. 

“Y/N, I need to tell you something before I go,” Ashton breathes as more and people rush passed you two.

“Yeah, Ashton?” You looked at him with hopeful eyes, waiting for the desired answer to probably not even leave his lips.

“I–” before Ashton can even get to the point, Michael showed up and grabbed Ashton by the arm. 

“Sorry Ashton, but we will miss the flight if you extend this,” Michael said with a sad face. “Bye Y/N, we’re gonna miss you!” Michael wailed as he dragged Ashton into the crowd and out of your sight. 

“Goodbye…” you whisper, as the people kept rushing passed you in a complete hurry. 

It’s been 6 months since Ashton departed from your life and into a world of fame. He was meeting thousands of people who adored him just as much as you as you stayed home and watched. But, as he guaranteed, you guys were always in contact and almost inseparable when it came through the internet. 

The two of you would text every day, almost 24/7 with a series of calls every here and then. You two spoke through almost all the social medias the both of you own. Tweeting each other, putting each other’s photos on Instagram, all that sweet stuff. Ashton even Skyped you when he was desperately desiring to see your face in motion.

But you were needy for Ashton in the flesh. So you called up Luke and Michael to see if they can arrange some sort of plane trip to where they were currently for the tour. It took a bit, but the boys managed to pull through without Ashton knowing or finding out. It was gonna be a complete surprise you were ecstatic for. 

The day of the flight, you were in a pretty fair rush. Granted, you prepared 2 weeks before hand, but still. You just wanted to be incredibly ready to see your best friend again. To see his face and actually poke it and hug him. You missed his big bear hugs and affectionate being. To make the surprise more exhilarating, you began to ignore Ashton’s texts and calls. Little did you know that it was making him flip out. 

Landing was a breeze as you got your luggage and rushed out the airport. You scanned the place for a sign with your name, as Calum said he assigned a driver to pick you up. Finding the driver, you were led into a nice, black car and driven to the hotel where they were staying. Although you were incredibly pumped and excited, you were also rather anxious.

What if he changed a lot? From the sweet, nice boy to the conceited, asshole rockstar? What if he has a girlfriend? What if you changed too much? What if you changed for the worst and Ashton found you disgusting and didn’t want to see you?

These questions danced around your head before the car stopped and you were in front of a luxurious hotel. Thanking the driver, you take your luggage into the lobby and ask for Michael Clifford. The lobby man, though, was not taking it.

“Sweetie, there’s been about 100 girls before you asking for Michael Clifford,” the man said nonchalantly. “You’re not the first.”

“No, but see I know him,” you tried, hoping for the man to listen. “We’re very good friends, you know?” 

“No, I don’t,” the man said, yawning a bit before completely ignoring your existence. “Now scamper off. I don’t need children in my lobby.” He waved you off, making you immensely irritated. So you quickly texted Michael to get down. And as the saint he was, he came downstairs and found you.

“Y/N!” He cheered as he gave you a nice squeeze. You gave him a loving hug in return as Michael takes the handle of your luggage. “Don’t worry, she’s cool. I’ve known her since forever, we’re good friends.” Michael says, causing the lobby man to scoff.

“Alright, go on then,” the man dismissed the two of you. “I don’t need children in my lobby.” With that, the two of you got on the elevator and went to the luxurious suites at the very top of the hotel. 

“You guys are living the dream…” you breathe as you looked around the hotel in awe. Michael chuckled as we reached the top floor and exited the elevator. Michael tried to roll the luggage as quietly as possible so Ashton had no idea. He led you to a door and fished out a keycard from his pocket. Getting the door to unlock. Michael carries your luggage to remain silent as you quietly entered behind him and closed the door. Calum and Luke gave you silent hugs as the only noise to fill the room was someones singing in the distance. 

Ashton’s singing.

“May I?” You mouthed at the boys, getting a nod as you took off your shoes and began to walk on the beige carpet floor. Tip-toeing into the living room, you see your favorite drummer sat on a cajon (that acoustic drum box lol) while staring out the window. He seemed very concentrated to the outside as he held his phone. 

“It kills me thinking of you on your own,” Ashton sang. It was gorgeous, might you say, for a heartbreaking song. “And I wish I was back home next to you…” He looked down at the phone, clicking it on as to see if you had messaged him. But you hadn’t, and that made him sigh in sorrow. “Oh, everyday… you feel a little bit further a-way… and I don’t know what to say…” He began to stutter as he grew emotional. 

But it made you realize how much you love this damn boy. 

“Are we wasting time talking on a broken line?” Ashton said, stopping to look up at the ceiling and cry. You bit your bottom lip, hurting from watching him hurt. Taking another step forward to be just a few inches from him, you swallow and smile. 

“No, we’re not,” you say softly, causing Ashton to jump from his drum and turn around. When those hazel eyes finally landed on your being, the biggest smile appeared on his face. Oh, what joy it gave you to see that smile in the flesh. You also felt happily sad to see him so grown up. His hair was longer and much curlier. It seems like he got taller, though he was already such a large being when you met him and got to know him. Ashton seemed so different but so familiar at the same time. 

“I… I…. I…” Ashton repeated, seemingly in complete shock as he held his phone. You giggled softly before going up to him. You take the phone from his hand and put it gently down on the coffee table. Looking up at him once more, you wipe one of his tears away and smile. 

“Ditto,” you say before Ashton pulls you into his arms for a tight, loving hug. It was those kind of hugs where you haven’t seen the person for ages even though it was only a few months for you two. It seemed like the both of you said everything you’ve longed to say since the departure… Except for one thing. 

“I– Y/N, I really need to tell you something,” Ashton said, his voice turning serious as he held your shoulders and studied your eyes. “I was gonna tell you when I was leaving but Michael came and interrupted. Even then, we had to leave but, I just really wanted to tell that I um… I really like you. Like, in that way.” You giggled, grabbing Ashtons large hands from his shoulders to hold them in yours. 

“I really like you, too, Ashton…” you whispered softly. Ashton gave you a soft smile before leaning slowly to you. He seemed hesitant, but managed to touch his forehead with yours, the instant, yet gentle collision causing the both of you to close your eyes. And with that, Ashton found your lips and finally latched them on his. You practically melted, adoring it physically and the complete thought of it. His lips were just a bit chapped, but so soft and welcoming that you thought this was going to develop a new addiction. It was completely real and raw that you thought you were going to fall in love with just that concept alone. The two of you then detached and held each other in your arms. 

“Thank you for coming,” Ashton mumbled on your head as he gave it a light peck. You giggled against his chest as you squeezed his torso. You have never felt more happier and safe in his arms. It was almost overwhelming. 

“And where’s my thank you for buying the ticket?” Luke intruded with playful anger, making everyone giggle as Ashton held you close as your new boyfriend. 


also hey, not based on the song so pls

Booty Call

inspired by this vine (thanks to @captainwashbear) and subsequent conversations on twitter about how it’d be funny if levi met erwin for the first time after dropping a box of dildos.


The dildos weren’t his.

At least, most of them weren’t. Some of them. Just a few.

Okay, Levi admitted, they were his, all 12 of them.

It wasn’t his fault he had so many though, and it wasn’t like he’d bought them all at once. He’d lived down the street from a sex shop in college, and the clerk there had developed a liking for him for some reason. Her name was Petra and Levi managed to be friendly to her - especially once she started giving him a discount, which only made his spending habits worse - but he didn’t understand how she didn’t realize he was gay when he only bought male on male porn and things to put up his ass.

Either way, that was how in the span of four years he’d ended up with two drawers completely full of illicit items: dildos and vibrators, prostate massagers and plugs, all of various sizes and with a handful of other sex toys and pornography that would probably cause his sweet mother to have a heart attack if she found them in his possession.

After he’d graduated he’d moved away and stopped buying for the most part, but he never threw anything out. Three years had passed since then though and now Levi found himself in another new apartment - this one much nicer than all his others but unfortunately a bit smaller. That meant he had less storage space, and that was the reason he was currently carrying a box of sex toys from his collection up to the roof of his building - he’d had to clean it out to make room.

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Missed you(Derek Hale Imagine)

Request: imagine where Derek is your boyfriend and you haven’t seen him since he left after the beserkers and you’re sitting with the pack at Scott’s house and someone knocks on the door and it’s Derek and you just kiss and he says something like “I can’t stay long but I came back because I just needed to see you I needed to know that you’re okay” and like make it fluffy pleaseeee thanks XXX

 A/n: i’m back! Exam week is finally over!! And i hope you enjoy this!

 It’s been months since i haven’t seen Derek. Ever since he was kidnapped and almost killed by Kate, he decided to leave Beacon Hills for a while. He said it would be a fresh start for him and he’ll be at a place where people aren’t constantly trying to kill him.

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Cuddling: Jaemin

Why am I like this

* Okay this kid looks best when he’s all chilled with his messy hair an angelic smile

* So you go visit him at the dorms and as soon as you can see him you can tell he’s exhausted

* He’s had a lot going recently with nct dream promotions and school

* So y'all just decide to chill and watch a film

* Cus it’s the weekend most of the members are out so you guys decide to watch a film in the living room

* And you guys are sat on the sofa and you feel his arm wrap around your waist and his head lean against your shoulder

* And his sweater is so warm and he smells so good so you just lean your head on his and cuddle in to him

* Okay cuddling with this boy would be the best

* Like he would just look at you and brush a piece of hair out your face and gives you a lazy smile

* Like he’s Deffo the type to trace patterns and words on your skin * He would turn it into a game like “Y/N guess what I just wrote”

* And you always win because it’s pretty much always “I love you” or a heart

* He would fall asleep and you can just hearing him lightly snoring in to your shoulder

* And he would wake up later to find you wrapped around him fast asleep and he would just press a kiss to your head and fall back asleep himself

* So then like idk mark and haechan would come back and hear the TV playing but no voices

* And then they walk in and see you to and haechan is cringing so hard and mark is awwing and taking photos

* So the flash would wake Jaemin up and he would just hide his face in your neck

* Okay RIP Me

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