the look he gives lolol

sims!ladybug: Nino’s shitty day, part 2

aka:  the awkward love triangle

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After the incident with Gabe, Nino leaves the house and I find him hanging out with Alya, who has come home [and immediately tucked into a book she found outside lol]

Seems like as good a time as any to make a move on the cute and feisty roomie you’ve been crushing on for years [and i want it to go really awkward/clumsy, so i select ‘pick up line’ as their first romantic interaction lolol]

Nino gives Alya this sly look like he wants to say something suave, then looks away bashfully [wiggling feet, fingers drumming, just all around adorably nervous looking], looks back at her once more, then finally seems about to say something–

–and suddenly Marcus appears. 

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