the longlost


After 40 years apart, these sisters found each other working the same job 

Pok-nam Shin, now known as Holly Hoyle O'Brien, and Eun-Sook Shin, now known as Meagan Hughes, were both orphaned from a young age in their native South Korea in the 1970s before being adopted by American families. "In my heart, I knew,“ O'Brien told Sarasota Herald-Tribune. "I knew she was out there somewhere.” It turns out she was right in front of her.


maybe love isnt always the butterflies flying around in your stomach or your heart beating over the verge of its edge every day. maybe love is also the calmness you feel around this person. theyre all you think about while being at your happiest and worst. maybe love means feeling home and secure in a pair of arms. maybe love means understanding each other.