the longest text post i made

I love the Korrasami fandom

because we’re all just so damn sassy.

We were written off as fans of a crackship (and to be fair, for the longest time it was nothing but a crackship) and were constantly insulted because we liked something and saw something in the development of the characters that made them compatible to be in a relationship.

It was fun! It was fun speculating, hyperfocusing on literally the smallest implications and we all were so resolved and ready to accept it as just that. How many of you were skeptical, even in the last scene? Even when the phrase, “Excuse me, Tenzin” was said; even when Korra apologized and Asami admitted what emotions she was feeling?

I know I was.

Hell, I was even skeptical when they got to the portal crater. Skeptical even when they started walking along and held hands. SKEPTICAL EVEN WHEN THEY FACED EACH OTHER BECAUSE OH mY GOD wha–wow IS THis HAPPENING???

And then I realized it and I cried. And then I kept being skeptical in the back of my mind because it just wasn’t made clear enough to me, because this ship couldn’t have actually sailed.

And then Bryan and Michael made posts about it and blatantly made it clear to everyone that yes, “Korra and Asami fell in love”. That yes, your ‘crackship’ has in fact sailed! And it’s still going strong!

And now whenever we go back and look at all the posts and all the denials and everything that was argued against this ship, we have the best friggin’ response, straight from the avatar herself.