the longest day tour

Tour day 1-3

I felt like writing something, and will try to do so more often.  I left Los Angeles and California last Friday.  The first stop was Las Vegas, Monte Negro played 2 semi-acoustic sets, and the crowd was phenomenal, dancing to Give Me Love, a great song by them.  As we set out to Denver for a 12 hr drive, I realize how much work these guys put, and they are some of the people I respect the most.  They pretty much do everything!!, and i mean everything, from booking, to making the shirts, to even getting creative and making a banner we set up as a background.  The more we talk the more I realize, that the road and the music business is very tough. I see the stress, and the struggle, and the ambition of their music. The ambition part is very important, that is what keeps them going for so many days.  Yes it is very tiring Kinski says but he want to give everyone the opportunity to listen to their music and more, to see them live, because that is another experience he cherishes.  I can try to describe their live performances but the only way to feel them is to be there.  Rodax says even if five people are there or 300 they still don’t want to let the crowd down with a crappy performance.  As they travel with their guest drummer Fry, he seems to be practicing every time he has a couple minutes free, another shout out to him for feeling the music because that is what makes the songs special.

This is my first long trip with them, I have done weekend trips with them, but this one will be very different!  I also am starting to feel some of their stress, but that’s why I came to help them out, to relieve them of some of the stress that is not necessary for them to have.  Of course their are times of great fun, and times of just contemplating.  As the day passes and getting to know Jason, Rodax and Kinski more personally, each of them have something that makes them great musician and artist. This is also the reason that I keep continuing to believe in them very much.  

Well as we get ourselves to hit the next city, their is a time when they will be playing 14 straight dates, and when right after the shows we will have to leave to the next town, sometimes having to drive 12-14hrs.  I will try to write a couple paragraphs or just one.  To some people that I have talked to, know that I give a lot of credit to these guys, on letting me share their lifestyles as musicians, and to also making be a better photographer.  Many will never experience this, and some will not want to, because it a tough thing to do, it is not what it seems. 

William Camargo 

I am writing this from Boulder, Colorado

shout out to my family, that keeps believing in me

and to the friends that tell me I’m great at what I do

End of Week 1 "The Longest Day Tour:

        So yesterday Friday July 15th was the end of week one. We woke up in the morning to a nice free breakfast at the hotel in Des Moines, and then were ready to set out to Chicago for the show that night at the Congress!! 

       Monte Negro hadn’t been in Chicago in about a year and a half, so the fans here were ready for them for a while now.  They were ready for a treat, the fans still hadn’t heard or seen the new songs live, especially the powerul opening song “ Como Quisiera” and a couple heavy songs. 

      The fans reacting amazing, the Congress was packed and I won’t be surprised if the crowd was close to 1,000. As Monte Negro sang it’s staples “Give me Love” the crowd started dancing and singing along every word.  As the set was coming to the end they finished it with “Me Duele No Estar Junto a ti” and the crowd went ballistic, crowd surfing, a pit in the middle. They felt the energy, of all the guys, and Kinski knew this so he drove them crazier getting off the stage and close to the barricades, girls trying to touch him, and to make things better that song was close to 9min songs adding some crazy ending outro, Jason Li-Shing goes crazy with his pedals, and francesco drums the hell out, as Rodax, runs around the stage, while Kinksi lays in the ground.

      As they finished their set a miscommunication set off some arguing, I was able to calm the situation telling them they crowd love them and that should be the least of their problems.  As they were setting up to do merch, me and Slava the sound guy packed the trailer.  Then we met them at the merch table and it was insane a crowd of at least 100 people waiting anxiously to get photographs, autographs,and shirts.  A lot of new fans were gained, saying they were the most energetic and felt the music.

     That was just the first wave of people, waiting for the Rodriguez brothers, Jason Li-Shing and Francesco. The guest drummer was very excited, autographing women’s chest, shoes and etc.  Women and girls offering to take everyone home, even I was taking some photographs with fans.

William Camargo

writing from a Starbucks in the great city of Chicago