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From Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV:


at the beginning of year at the end of year

Prompto (wristband is already here)

Ignis (perfection doesn’t need change)


Versus XIII Throne vs FFXV Throne Versus XIII Regis vs FFXV|KG Regis

Versus XIII Regis vs young!Regis

Stella vs Luna



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Zodiac signs physical features (MEN)


Triangle shaped face with good bone structure. Physically strong body. Facial hair is common. Average height.


Thick, usually darker hair. Square shaped face. Shapely lips. Usually bearded. Stocky build is common. Height is slightly below average.


High forehead. Full lips or wide mouth. Long eyelashes. Big or wide nose is common. Height is average or above average.


Round shaped, sparkly eyes. Beautiful skin. Slender legs is common. Appear younger than their age. Average height.


Large forehead. Thick and usually longer hair. Prominent nose. Broad shoulders. Long legs. Above average height.


Large forehead. Distinctive hairline. Squinty, hooded eyes. Slender nose. Long limbs, gangly appearance. Height is average or above average.


Large, square or round chin is common. Good bone structure. Symmetrical face. Usually fit body type. Height is average or above average.


Seductive sparkly eyes. Broad shoulders is a common feature. Thick eyebrows. Hairiness is common. Height is usually average.


Large forehead. Thick, usually wild looking hair. Slim body type is most common. Above average height.


High cheekbones. Good bone structure. Full lips. Usually has facial hair. Stocky build is common. Average height.


Large forehead. Nice eyes. Darker hair is common. Angelic/innocent face. Long limbs. Height is above average.


Big, mysterious eyes. Thin lips. Slender to medium width nose. Body type is very average. Height is below average.

okay but just?? is it just me or Gon-san seem so different from manga to anime?

The anime kinda made him a little more, well, adult, with huge, huge muscles, and stronger traits on his face. 

In the manga he’s more lean, and especially he… still has a babyface? 

like the anime version has a stronger jaw, longer nose, more muscle.

I mean it’s alright, but… seeing Gon, still with his baby-face, going through it all, makes it even more disturbing to me? It never forgets it’s just a kid, and this amount of power is abnormal.

Something I heard in Hebrew class was that the word for “long suffering” literally translated to “being long of nose”. Something to do with either the nose being the last part of your face to go red in anger, or the ability to breathe calmly. The longer nose you had, the longer it took for you to loose your temper.

*looks at Erik*

Well. No wonder.

It's not me 👦 it's you 👩. Actually it's the taxidermy 🐗🐑 of you and me 👫 untie the balloons 🎈🎈 from my neck 🙅 and ground me. I'm just a racehorse 🐴🐎🐎 on the track. Send me back 🔙 to the glue factory 🏢. Always 🕛🕟 thought I'd float 🎈 away ↗️ and never 🚫🕛🕧🚫 come back ↩️🔙. But I've got enough miles ⛽️ on my car 🚗 to fly ✈️ the boys 👦👦 home 🏡 on my own 🚶. But you know 💁 me. I like ❤️ being all alone 🚶 and keeping you all alone 🙍 and the charts 📊📈 are boring 😐 and the kids 👶👶 are snoring 😴💤 and the girls 👧 in a sling. You 👩 say you're not listening 🚫👂🚫 and I said I'm wishing 🌟💫 and I said... I said
Chewy Children

DM: Strahd Von Zarovich is standing before you, his form dark and somewhat intimidating. He looks at you the way a rich man looks at a beggar. With disdain and impatience.

Bard: I cast alter self to look just like him and say “Look at me! I’m Count Strahd! Herpa derpa derp!”

DM: He seems annoyed.

Bard: I say"Not right? It’s the nose isn’t it?“ and I make the nose get longer and longer “How about now? Now? You just tell me when to stop.”

DM: *voices Strahd’s big monologue*

Bard: “Ah! It’s the dick isn’t it? I made it to big. Lemme shrink it. Smaller? Smaller?”

DM: Strahd says nothing.

Bard: “I don’t think I can make it much smaller than this, man. You sure?”

DM: Strahd turns into a bat and flies away.

Bard: “But for you I’ll try! Wait! Let me try!”

Entry 28: Javan Tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica)

Once an inhabitant of the island of Java, the Javan Tiger were much smaller than their mainland cousins, the Sumatran Tiger due to Bergmann’s Rule of island inhabitants.  The males weighed in only at 100 to 141 kg (220 to 311 lb) and females at 75 to 115 kg (165 to 254 lb), but both sexes possessed a longer and narrow nose and occipital plane than the more recognized Sumatran.  This has caused debate on if it were it’s own separate species in recent studies.

In the 1800s, Javan tigers still inhabited much of their native island.  However, the rapid rise in human population meant a lack of food for this population.  Rice production increased, converting 92% of Java’s natural forests into  food production or human habitations.  This pressed the Javan Tiger into the more mountainous regions of the country where rugged terrain made it difficult to farm.

Unfortunately, the new global trade after WWII pressed the small island nation to increase plantation farming for rubber, teak, coffee, and other products.  The tiger’s prey, which included rush deer, banteng, and wild boar, were poisoned or lost to disease in the 1960s.  Civil war and poaching eliminated the last of the species sometime in the 1970s, though some groups continue to search for traces of a fragmented population.

Extinction Date According to the IUCN: 2003

anonymous asked:

Could you please do a step-by-step on how to draw France?

absolutely! for me, drawing france is harder than drawing england, but it’s more fun to draw france. i think what makes it harder is that when you draw him, he has to look perfect, you know? anyway, start with an outline

draw the facial features and then the jaw. when i draw france with his eyes half-open, i always give him long eyelashes. also, his eyes aren’t circles like england’s are; they’re vertically longer. his nose is also pointier than england’s. i don’t think it’s really important to make his ears look right because they’re usually covered by his hair (unless he is sporting a ponytail).

next up is his bangs. the thing i like about his hair is that you can do almost anything with it. in the original designs of france, he is depicted with his hair parted in the middle, but in recent designs, his hair is parted on the side. i like to part his hair in the middle. when i draw his hair, i try not to do anything too intricate, otherwise it will start to look messy. his hair should be very free-flowing. here are a few different ways to draw his hair:

then, the back part of his hair and his torso. the back part of his hair is a lot easier to draw than the front, just try to make it flow. i like to think that france has pretty broad shoulders. his body is described as “slim, but muscular in all the right places.” to me, these places are his pectorals, biceps, and quadriceps. so these places should look beefier than the others. he has a very curvy body, but not curvy like a woman. he has a lower waist line, so i think that is another reason why he looks slim. sometimes, it will make life a lot easier if there is another outline of how his body is supposed to curve.

the next part is his arms and upper uniform. his body is supposed to flow, so his arms and shoulders should never look pointy, they should be round and curvy. what i don’t like about his uniform is that his cape cardigan thing blocks the shape of his pecs so it makes him look less muscular than he actually is.

finally, we have the rest of his uniform and erasing the curve outline.

and then we’re done!

“How do you know?”

“How do you know what?”

“How do you know when you’ve finally let go?”

“Ah, that; well, when the sound of their name no longer burns in the back of your mind or their familiar scent no longer burns your nose. When you stop wiping your eyes or stop staring blankly at the road when you’re driving at night. You can get up in the morning, put on your make up, and walk out the door as if they never walked into your soul. You can laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and your words won’t speak with hesitation. You can let someone else in, to fill their void, or patch up the damage that they’ve done - you can love as if you’ve never been scarred. Life gets a little easier, the simple things aren’t so difficult anymore, and you can actually convince yourself to try again. That’s when you know you’ve let go, when you can walk away.”

—  c.f. // “that’s how”

Afterlife of a Salesman a vault tec rep mix. Has hints of romance/friendship concerning the soul survivor. listen here.

  • Life Of A Salesman (Acoustic) Yellowcard

“You listen to your old Dad. I’ve been long in this world, and our family has been at good ol’ Vault Tec even longer. You work hard, nose to the grindstone, and the company will treat you right, the world will treat you right, and more importantly, you’ll treat yourself and your family right.”

  • Death of a Salesman Low

“It’s a fine old lie, wanting to pluck at strings or warble away like Bill Crosby, but you’re not Bill Crosby, and the old boys beside the water cooler know it better, and quite cruelly, I’m afraid to say, son.”

  • Salesman The Monkees

It’s the pinched, tolerant smile he knows all too well. “I’m afraid to say this country has gone to heck in a handbasket!”

  • Calamity Song The Decemberists

Later, he might regret it, but he’s not thinking about his old folks in central Boston, left only with the rickety shelter from the war, used as a makeshift drinks cabinet in the summertime. “You’ve got to let me in! I’m on the list! I am Vault Tec!”

  • Dust In the Wind Kansas

It comes upon them, a hot hurricane, ripping homes and life and even the skin from his bones, scattering it away in swarms of burning dust.

  •  No One Knows Who I Am Jekyll & Hyde - The Musical

The robot whirs politely, picking at the hedges. It hums the same tune over and over. He is grasping the glass so tight it cracks. “Oh tsk tsk, sir!” laments Codgsworth. “You have not finished your refreshment! Are you not contented in our happy home?”

  • Too Far Gone Russell Crowe & Alan Doyle

It’s them. 

  • Ditmas Mumford And Sons

Sanctuary is full of a quiet, urgent bustle. There is decay and bitterness on his tongue, in his words. It flakes away slowly, the more he finds that once again, he can be of service to others. 

  • Birdhouse In Your Soul They Might Be Giants

He used to be terrified of brushing his hair, in case it fell out like the rest of him, but as always, it remains as stubborn as it always has. He adjusts his tie in the mirror. It is important to scrub up if one is to be communicating with the public.

  • Just So Agnes 

He wipes down the table top of his stall, and smiles widely at his first customer. “Why, welcome to Sanctuary Hill Stores! Provider of everything from Brahmin hide to pre-war coffee cups! What may I help you with today?”

  • Only Love Mumford And Sons

“Remember, son. Remember, most importantly of all, you look out for your family. That is what matters. That is what has always mattered.”


Citroen BX 4TC, 1986. A road going version of the Group B rally car which was built in an edition of 200 to comply with homologation regulations. It had a longer nose than the regular BX because the engine (a turbocharged version of Chrysler Europe’s Simca Type 180 engine) was mounted longitudinally whereas the regular BX used transverse engines. The cars were built by Heuliez