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Harry and Draco sat in the living room late one night, waiting for their daughter to come home. It was 10:57 PM, and her curfew was 11:00 PM sharp. Since coming home from school last spring, she had spent most of her time at her boyfriends house, rarely being home during the daytime, and just barely making it home for her curfew. 

Looking up from his book, Draco tapped on his husbands shoulder and gestured to the clock on the wall, “If she’s even a second late then she’s grounded.”

“Draco, come on. He’s her first love after all. I’m not exactly happy that we haven’t seen her for more than an hour all summer but she’s so happy.”

“I didn’t say I was against her being in love. I’m against her turning into a snobby 16 year old who thinks she knows everything, is disrespectful to her fathers, and barely makes it home for her curfew each night. Have you been able to talk to her for more than 5 minutes without her rolling her eyes or arguing with you?”

“Well no, but–” 

“Exactly! I’m quite sick of it to be honest. I don’t think we’re handling this the right way, and look at that! It’s 11:03. Where is she? She knows the rules!”


“I don’t know that I’m even all that fond of the boy to be honest. They haven’t had sex, right?! Do you think they have?!” Draco was starting to get more and more upset the longer he talked.

“I don’t know, I haven’t exactly been able to sit down with her and talk about it.” Harry groaned. 

“Well does she understand that she is NOT to be doing that?! She is WAY too young for that!” Draco spat out. 

“Listen love, take a breath. Might I remind you that it’s possible that she’s taking after her father and he too lost his virginity at a young age.” Harry smirked at Draco.

“That’s not funny Harry! We need to talk to her. I swear if she has already had–”

“You’ll what? What could you possibly do Draco? Our best option is to sit down and try to understand her. Not just push her further away.” 

The two men went back to silence, Draco was furious that she had missed her curfew, he was tapping his foot and pretending to read his book. Harry had never been the disciplinarian in the family, Draco had always stepped up to that role. He almost always felt like he was trying to calm Draco down rather than parent their children. 

They sat in the living room awake until Lily came home at 1:03 AM, she tried to be quiet and sneak past them.

“Lily Malfoy-Potter get in here this instant!” Draco hissed. 

“Oh hey Dads. Sorry I’m late, lost track of time.” Lily laughed and then started to turn away. 

“Late?! Young lady do you even know what time it is?! You have absolutely no right to miss your curfew, we have been worried sick! Sit down!” Draco yelled. 

“Draco, love…you’re going to wake the boys.” Harry tenderly reminded him. 

At a slightly lowered volume he glared at Lily, “This has gotten so far out of hand Lily. We’ve seen you for all of five minutes this summer. Explain what the hell is going through your mind?! All you do is disrespect us, leave whenever you please, and do whatever you want! We raised you much better than that. You are NOT to see him again, you are grounded until further notice.”

“WHAT? Dad you can’t do that!” Lily looked desperately at Harry, hoping that he would oppose or say something different. The kids always looked to Harry when Draco was telling them off. 

Harry sighed and tried to keep his voice calm, “Lil…just talk to us. You have to understand where we’re coming from. Up until your return from Hogwarts this year we have always had a great relationship with you. You’re never the one we have had to worry about…we just see you trying to grow up too fast, and we miss you. Why does it seem that everything has changed?”

“Dads, that’s not even fair. Look I’m sorry I slipped up, I won’t be late again.” Lily crossed her arms and looked from Draco to Harry and back, “Can I just go to bed? Thomas is picking me up early tomorrow and I need sleep.”

“Did you not listen to a thing I said?! You are grounded! No further discussion!” Draco looked like his head was about to explode, he looked at Harry and took a deep breath. “Lily…why are you being like this? What happened to our little girl?” Harry could tell he was trying so hard to be patient. 

“I’m not your little girl anymore! God. This is why I hate coming home, you never understand me! You can’t ground me for wanting to be with my boyfriend!”

“Lily we are not grounding you for wanting to be with him, but there’s absolutely no good reason why you need to be with him all day, every day, until the middle of the night! There’s nothing good that can possibly come from that. And while we’re at it, I think we should talk about some rules that we’re setting up.”

“Rules?!” Lily looked horrified.

“You are not to be alone with him anymore. I don’t want you to be out with him and making mistakes that you are too young to make. You can give me that look all you want, but you don’t need to be out with him this late, it’s only going to lead to bad things.” Draco was still furious with her, and unfortunately Harry agreed that this had gone on for too long. 

“Dad! This is such rubbish! What could we possibly be doing that gives you the right to be such an ass?!”

Draco looked like he was about to lose it. Harry gave a silent muttering and sealed the living room with a silencing spell, “THE RIGHT? WE ARE YOUR FATHERS! WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO SET RULES!” Draco yelled. 

“YOU CAN’T TELL ME I CAN’T SEE HIM!” Lily shouted back. 

“BOTH OF YOU STOP!” Harry pulled Draco back down to sitting on the couch. “Now, we need to have a calm discussion. This is not going to fix anything, we need to talk productively. Lily,” he turned to face his daughter again, “What your father is trying to say is that we are concerned. This isn’t like you, we want to make sure that you are not trying to be…older than you are. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“No.” Lily snarled.

“Your father and I spent some time talking…and we feel that you are too young to be having sex. We know you–”

“Seriously?!” She cut him off and stood up.

“Sit down this instant!” Draco yelled again. Lily reluctantly sat down again but refused to look at either of them. 

“Lily.” Harry said as calmly as possible. “Please talk to us.”

“Fine, if you really want to know where I was tonight, I was with Thomas’ parents. They’re so normal.  I haven’t been home because I am so sick of all your rules, I’m sick of feeling like the boys all get special treatment because they’re perfect, and I’m always the one that gets in trouble. Stupid James and Scorpius are always getting top marks in school, Al is your golden boy, and who am I?! I’m just the daughter that is all alone, and for the first time I’m FINALLY HAPPY because at least I’m spending time with a NORMAL FAMILY! I NEVER EVEN ASKED FOR TWO DADS!” Lily screamed at the top of her lungs. 

“GO TO YOUR ROOM!” Draco screamed right back. 

“FINE!” She stormed out of the room, not bothering to look back as she ran up the stairs and loudly slammed her door. 

Both Draco and Harry were at a loss of what to do or say. Draco sank onto the couch, Harry moved so that he could be in Draco’s arms. They sat without talking for what felt like forever. Finally, Harry spoke. 

“Draco…I’ll talk to her in the morning. It has to be hard for her to not have a mother. We knew when we had a girl that the day would come where she might feel differently about us.” 

“What happened to our little girl, Harry? She was always the one who would want to hear the story about how we fell in love. She’s never, not once hated the fact that she has been raised by two men.” Draco put his head in his right hand, using the other to hold Harry’s left and twirl the ring around his finger. They continued to lay together, not sure of what they were supposed to be doing.

The next morning Harry walked into the kitchen to find Lily sitting alone and eating breakfast, “Hi.”

“Hi Dad.” Lily looked down at her bowl, then looked back up at Harry, looking worried, “I’m…I’m sorry. For what I said last night. I didn’t mean it at all, it was really awful.” She looked down again. 

Harry moved over and pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry.” She cried again. “I just didn’t know how to come talk to you guys about everything and when I came home and started spending more time with Thomas the easier it was to just avoid feeling so…so guilty. You know that I love you and Dad. Sometimes I just see everyone else with a Mom who totally gets them and I just want that. I feel like I can’t talk to you and Dad about some stuff. I’m sorry.”

“Lil…it’s okay. I know it’s probably hard, especially because you don’t have anyone to share that with, you have your brothers but I imagine that’s not the same.” Harry gave her another hug and kissed the top of her head. “We love you so much, and I know that having two Dad’s isn’t always easy…so I’m sorry.”

“No, please don’t apologize Dad. I mean I know I said some awful stuff last night but…having two Dads is so amazing. I love your story. I love that you guys are so perfect for each other. And I see the way that Dad looks at you. He loves you more than anything…when I was little he would tuck me in and tell me that you were his knight in shining armour, that you saved him.” Lily smiled up at Harry, “I feel like I have that…with Thomas.”

Harry smiled, “I think we both saved each other. And that’s amazing, Lil. I’m glad you have that…” He hesitated before asking, “Have you…Do we need to talk about protection and being safe?” 

“Dad, gross. Come on.”

“I’m serious Lil…are you being safe? I know it’s not realistic to tell you that you can’t make your own decisions, but we want to make sure that you’re being safe.”

“Yeah…we’re being safe Dad, I promise. If I promise to never give you a reason to worry can we never have this talk again?”

“We’ll see. When your father gets up I want you to apologize to him though.”

“I will…I know I got out of hand last night, I’m sorry.” 

“It’s okay, we just love you.”

Draco then walked into the room, shocked to see Lily already up so early. “Dad!” Lily let go of Harry and ran over to Draco and giving him a hug. Draco returned the hug and wrapped her tightly. “I’m so sorry Dad. I didn’t mean any of it.” She buried her head into Draco’s chest, Harry smiled as he looked at his husband. Draco was an amazing father, and seeing him with the kids always reminded Harry that he was so in love. After nearly 18 years of parenting alongside him, Draco still made Harry’s heart flutter in how great he could be. 

“It’s alright Lil, I’m sorry too. Things got a little out of hand last night…I’m assuming you two worked out a few things?” Draco looked at Harry who nodded and walked over and stole his husband into a hug. “We did. I was thinking it might be nice if Thomas came over for dinner tonight, if you’re up for it Lil?” 

“Yeah totally…is it okay if I go get some breakfast with him? Please Dad? I promise we’ll only be gone for a couple hours. We can even come back and play games with you guys after! Please?” Lily pleaded.

“…Fine.” Draco smiled and hugged her again. There was a knock at the door and the three of them walked over and opened the door to find Thomas standing there. 

“Hello sir, oh. uhm…sirs.” Thomas reached out a hand that neither of them shook. He stood awkwardly, both men looking at him with a cold stare. 

“Dads, come on.” Lily was standing between them and she nudged them both.

Harry smiled, “Good morning son, would you like to come in?” 

“Oh, actually…we’re going to be late for our reservations but…would after work?” 

Draco reached out his hand and when Thomas reached out to shake it he pulled him in closer, “Never bring her home late again.” Draco smiled and said louder, “Have fun Lil!” before stepping back and going back to holding Harry’s hand. Thomas nodded in a way that showed both Draco and Harry that he understood.

“Thanks Dad,” Lily rolled her eyes and gave Draco an extra tight hug and whispered, “Don’t worry Dad…I’ll always be your little girl.” <3



summary: When your father contacts Tom to protect you, he just sees a spoiled, rich girl from Upper East Side. But behind designer clothes, exclusive parties and expensive champagne there’s a lonely girl with a big heart.
from the story] “Keep your hands off that dress” you screamed “That dress was a gift from Donatella Versace. She made it for my eighteenth birthday. I bet you can’t even spell ‘Versace’”
One of the twins rolled his eyes at your statement “Tom, I’ll give you fifteen dollars if you let me punch her”

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Chapter 4

Your eyes were glued on the wall of your house.

“Time is running out, give us what we want or… ;) - DP

“Stay in the car” Tom said authoritative.
“What? No, I’m com-“
“Stay in the car, I said” he cut your protests.
Tom got out of the car and reached the wall. He touched it. The paint was still fresh. They were close.
He took off his pistol from the holster. He checked the perimeter and then he let you get out of the car.
You were trembling like a leaf “Tom, what the fuck is going on?” you yelled.
“Listen, I had promised your father not to tell you anything”
You stopped on the path “No, listen to me, Tom. I have to know what is going on. I-I can’t understand it.”
Tom sighed “Ok, but it’s better if we go home.”
“Fine. Let’s go to my bedroom but don’t make noises. My dad doesn’t know I was out with Mia.”
Tom headed out “I won’t say anything. By the way, how did you escape?”
A naughty smile appeared on your face “I escaped from the window”.
Tom chuckled “I did the same. I remember that my brother Harry closed the window, so I had to sleep in the garden” suddenly his laugh stopped “Did you close the window?”
You turned pale “No…”
“No? Jesus Christ, Y/N are you insane?”
“I-I didn’t imagine I c-could provok-“
Tom sighed again, shook his head and headed out again.
You followed him trying to hurry up. You didn’t want to be alone.
The interior of the house was silent, everything was in order. Tom was going upstairs, you followed him. A strange presentiment was crowded your body.
Tom stopped in front of your room “Wait me here” he said before opening the door.
His right hand was holding his pistol while he used the other to turn the light on.
The room was empty, the window was still open. A terrifying written lead on the wall.
“Is everything ok?” you asked.
Tom shook his head “This place is not safe anymore” he murmured as you entered your room.
Your jaw dropped, and a waterfall of shivers run down your spine.

“…or you’ll find your daughter in the Hudson”

This phrase was the continuation of the written outside your house. It was easy reaching your room from outside, you escaped from your villa so many times you had lost the count.
“There aren’t cameras in this part of the house” you explained “that’s why I always slip through my room”.
“They came here when I was coming to pick you up. There aren’t signs of a break-in. Everything is neat. They didn’t steal anything.”
“Yes, they did” you rebutted “My laptop is gone.” You sighed “Tom… what’s going on?”
He passed his hand through his hair “Your father has debts with bad people, criminals, mafia” Tom licked his lips “I’m afraid your house is not safe anymore. I have to talk to your dad.”
A tear escaped from your lashes “I can’t believe it’s happening to me.”
“Y/N. I already know what we have to do. Do you trust me?”
You sniffled “I do.”
“Good” Tom smiled “Now try to sleep, ok? Maybe it’s better if we close the window and you sleep in another room”.
You nodded “Yeah, it sounds good. And sorry… about everything”.

Harrison had a constellation of beauty marks on his back. Mia spent the night drawing imaginary paths on his toned body.
Harrison wasn’t the kind of boy who stayed the night, but he was tired - Mia was insatiable - and he couldn’t remember the last time he slept on a proper bed.
Mia kissed the perimeter of his shoulder, caressing his arm. She loved his scent. She kept kissing him softly until he woke up.
“Good morning” she greeted him with a smile “How did you sleep?”
Harrison stretched “The best night of the last years” he said making her smile.
“My butler is coming with breakfast” she murmured, her head resting now on his chest.
Harrison caressed her chocolate hair and smiled “I’m sorry love, I really have to go now”.
Mia gave him a sad look “I thought you could stay here a little because…” she made a pause to think about what to say. She didn’t want to look like a loser, she wanted to impress him “Because I’m going to SPA and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me”.
Harrison was almost softened. He was good at understanding people, he could read Mia like an open book. She was just a baby who wore expensive and provocative clothes with sad eyes and lips who could send him to heaven.
He caressed her cheek and lips. She had a lonely expression painted on her face. He knew damn well that mask, he had been wearing it for a long time, now.
“I really have to go, babygirl. But I promise you I will call you. Ok?”
Mia nodded sadly “Ok. Let me take you to the front door”.
Without a word Mia redressed. Harrison give you a quick look.
He was aware that he had compromised the mission and Jacob was mad at him. His job was to distract Mia and isolate you so that Jacob could kidnap you and ask for the ransom. He didn’t plan to fuck Mia and come to her house, not even spending the night at her place. But he could take advantage of her, he could use his charm to get more information about you, your routine and how to get to you.
Jacob would not approve his new plan, but Harrison couldn’t care less about it.
Step number one: getting Mia’s trust.
He came behind Mia, his arms surrounded her hips. Harrison kissed her neck, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses that made Mia shiver a little.
“What’s up?” She said while giggling.
“Nothing, I have just realized that I want to stay here a little longer”.
Mia smiled widely. Happiness has just knocked on the door, she thought.

Your father was pretty upset. He looked outside his window, his cigar between his fingers.
“I don’t understand” he stated “I have called you to protect her and the same day we find our wall stained. And most importantly, they entered in my daughter’s room while she was sleeping!”
“The specialists are coming today to install new video cameras and I still have to contact my colleagues from the court to have more bodyguards here.”
“But this doesn’t explain why you didn’t hear them getting into Y/N’s room”
Tom opened and closed his mouth a few times.
“Tzé, you can’t look after her when she’s sleeping next door and you suggest to m-“
“It’s my fault” you stopped your father.
The two men looked at you surprised: Tom could not believe you were exposing yourself.
“What?” your father asked.
“Yesterday I escaped from my room. I… I went out with Mia. Then I felt scared and I called Tom. They came while he was out to pick me out”
Your father was shocked “I have never liked that girl. Tom, can you leave us for a second?”
Tom nodded and left the room. He waited outside, trying not to eavesdrop what you and your father were saying. A few seconds later, the door opened, and you run away, your eyes full of tears.
He didn’t know what to do, he showed on the door and saw your dad seated, his head between his hands. Tom knocked on the door to get his attention.
“I’m such a terrible father, right?” he sighed “I… I just wanted to protect her. I wanted to guarantee a future, I needed money, but the bank didn’t accept my request for a loan so I had to ask Don Pietro. What do you think I should do now, Tom? I don’t want to lose my daughter.”
Tom took a seat in front of him “You are not a terrible father, Sir. The best thing to do is to keep her away from here. This place is not safe anymore. If she leaves the house, they won’t kidnap her and they won’t ask for the ransoms”
“L-leave the house? B-but where can she go?”
“She can stay at my place”
Your father opened his eyes wide “Tom, you live in one of the most dangerous areas of the city”.
“I know, that’s why they won’t find her. It’s the last place on heart where they expect to find her. I won’t leave the house and I also have brothers who can look after her” Mr. Y/L/N wasn’t very conveinced “Listen Sir, if they don’t find her, you have more time to collect the money you owe them. Next step is calling the police”.
“B-but… I’ll end up in jail” he stuttered.
“Not if you negotiate and help the police capturing Don Pietro. Everyone is looking for him. He is fugitive. You just have to trust me, Sir.”

Little Beta(s) Chapter 14

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Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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Longer Post concerning the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga remake. If you are a fan of the older Mario RPGs, you may want to give this a read.


So, if you are like me you are probably pretty hyped for the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake that is coming out later this year. Also, if you are like me you probably really dig the older Mario RPGs for their unique takes on otherwise generic Mario characters and enemies. You would also know that Nintendo has been (for some inexplicable reason) running away from this aspect of their RPGs

Instead of having, say, unique characters with vastly different personalities, appearances, and names that are of, say, the Toad race, there are instead just generic copy-and-pasted Toads that SOMETIMES have slight variation. Its like this for the Mushroom Kingdom denizens as well as for Bowser’s minions. Every now and then we get a more unique character, but they are always unique because they are plot relevant. In the older Mario RPGs not only were plot-relevant characters really unique (despite being toads or koopas or what-have-you), but so were the random, non-plot-related NPCs that filled the world

So now, instead of everything feeling fresh due to the large assortment of unique individuals (even if they are they same race), recent Mario RPGs have followed the formula of copy and pasting generic members of the races and then sometimes throwing in a unique individual every now and then. Even if it’s a brand new race (like the Brocks or Shelltops from the M&L series) they are still just copied and pasted everywhere with only a handful of differing ones and the differing ones really aren’t that differing. If you are like me, you probably think this really sucks.


So, like everyone who enjoys the older Mario RPGs, I was (and still am despite what I will say in this) super excited about the remake of Superstar Saga because of the reasons explained above. Superstar Saga featured both Toads, Bowser’s minions, and new races like the Hoohooligans and Beanish. HOWEVER, unlike the newer Mario RPGs, there was a HUGE variety of all these races. Although there was a limited variety of NPC races, the game kept it fresh by showing a large variety WITHIN these races. And it was absolutely fantastic. It made you want to go out of your way to talk to different NPCs, learn about their stories, and enjoy the RPG to its fullest.

Here are some examples using Superstar Saga.

Note that these sheets are just of the “Generic” citizens (even though they are not generic to each other - ESPECIALLY when compared to recent Mario RPG citizens) there are numerous other “especially unique (more plot-related) characters of the races as well!



and Hoohooligans

Superstar Saga isnt even the best example of this aspect. The early Paper Mario games blow everything out the water when it comes to uniqueness and variety for NPCs!

So you may be thinking right now, “Well its great that Nintendo is remaking Superstar Saga! It will be great to see that aspect of the older RPGs again!”

Well now you shall see why I am upset. I shall show my sadness with VISUALS!


Royal Chamber Toads no longer get cool capes or SUPER expressive faces!

The Koopa Cruiser staff are no longer pilots with awesome bomber jackets, but just generic koopas!

You thought it was just the Royal Hall Toads that got dumbed-down? Nope! All the Toads in the Castle are generic with only different colored spots! 

No more unique outfits, heights, or weights! Call me cynical, but this probably means that the Toads in Little Fungitown all look generic as well - which especially sucks all butt everywhere because that location is supposed to be especially unique being an off-branch of the main Toad race living in the Beanbean Kingdom instead of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Unique Koopa species offshoot that greatly visually represents the outcome of the species originating in the Beanbean Kingdom rather than the Mushroom Kingdom? Naw. 

Lets just pallet-swap a regular Troopa and put the leaf on its head! Also, while were at it let’s make the protagonists of the new story just be regular minions with flags on their heads! (at least Private Goomp, Sergeant Guy, and Corporal Paraplonk have been confirmed to make appearances. But, why not use them in the first place?).


Anyway, I know this is a lot of complaining and I AM still happy about the remake in general. However, it is a huge bummer that Nintendo decided to do this in the remake instead of staying true to the original. It may not be instantly noticeable, but this aspect of the Mario RPGs has a HUGE impact on the feel of the games. 

We don’t recognize it, but uniqueness of the original NPCs is one of the reasons why the game was so tantalizing. Even if we were not directly acknowledging them, our brains were passively entertained by this sort of thing and it kept everything fresh - We never knew what we were gonna see next! This world felt alive! 

We should all still support the remake, as everything else about it is gold. I mean, just look at the images up there - it looks beautiful! By supporting the remake, maybe Nintendo will understand our love for these older Mario RPGs. HOWEVER, I believe that Nintendo should also know exactly WHY we love these older Mario RPGs - and its because of the little things like this.


On The Run

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Request:   If you’re still taking requests, I would like a Tony Stark x Reader where reader (around same age as Tony) is running away from a bad guy, and even though she believes Tony hates her when he actually loves her, she calls and tells him that she loves him no matter what, not realizing that Tony is already on his way (thanks to JARVIS) and he saves her?

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader

Summary: You’re on the run from hydra and you want to hear your lover say he loves you one last time before you give up.

Words Count: 1,483

Genre: angsty fluff

Notes: I’m sorry this took so long to write! For some reason inspiration for this fic took longer to find than others, but I like how it turned out and I hope you do too!

The sounds of rumbling engines as you awoke in your dingy hotel room were the first thing that alerted you to just how much danger you were in. You had once been an avenger, so it wasn’t hard to grab what you needed from the room and get away from the building before he gunfire started. Being chased by HYDRA was easily one of the most exhausting experiences you had ever been though, and you were in the mission in Budapest with Nat and Clint. You didn’t understand how Bucky lasted so long, you were running for a little over a month and you were already a paranoid mess. You tripped over your feet as you ran down the backstreets, trying to avoid all people as you delve further into the large cityscape of Los Angeles. When you think you had finally shaken the HYDRA agents, you grab your phone and start dialing the familiar number of your former partner.

You and Tony had been made partners since his addition to the Avengers. Like Clint and Natasha, you were originally just a SHIELD agent but you had exceptional technological skill which meant that as soon as Tony became an avenger you two were instantly paired up as the technological geniuses.You had helped make many of his suits as well as saved his ass on many missions by your skill set alone. Spending practically every day together gave you two a special bond, a bond that would eventually turn into a relationship as time went on. You two were the sarcastic badasses that the team relied on, and you two relied on each other. That is, until the fall of SHIELD.

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Can you please write about Jungkook being jealous because Jimin has been going out a lot with Taemin? It would be so fun to read!! Also I wanted to say that I really love your works💕 I also read your latest taegi au and I LOVED IT💘 thank you for providing us with these AMAZING works!!😭💙

Omg okay jeonlous is iconic, thanks for the request! I hope you like this, its under the cut~ or Read it on AO3

ALSO thank you for loving my works!! You’re too sweet <3 

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I always worry that its weird but I very much consider Fairy and I to be the same person. While I dont discuss this much I actually have a very difficult time connecting my own appearance to myself. When I look in the mirror I dont see ‘me’ if that makes sense. 

I always felt more connected to magic and monsters and myths on a personal level so even as a kid I was always imagining myself as some sort of animal or creature. Its one of the reasons I had so many sonas throughout the years, because I was constantly changing and felt like if a sona no longer ‘fit’ me then I needed to find a new one asap. I used to get extremely upset during these shifts and stressed greatly about making sure my sona felt perfectly like ‘me’. 

Im still growing but what I like about Fairy is that I think Im allowing them to grow with me instead of just abandoning an idea and starting from scratch. Im slowly learning to just accept that Im me and Im allowed to change without recreating my whole identity. 

Overtime -- A Jared Leto Oneshot

I know I have been heavy on the Shannon smut lately so I thought I would make it up to you Jared girls, especially you @msroxyblog and @nikkitasevoli and finally fill this suggestion I’ve had sitting in my ask box for ages. 

I don’t do oneshots often, but if anyone wants to be added to a taglist for future ones just let me know. 

t/w Smut. But I guess you already figured that out.

    “Mikaela, can you come in here please?”

   I sighed and pushed my seat away from the desk, rising to see what His Royal Highness wanted now. I had started working for Jared a month ago. It was only supposed to be a temporary position, assisting while memory cards and hard drives full of old pictures and other such things were cataloged, tagged and classified. Once I started and saw the state things were in I had suggested a better management system, maybe setting up a database so that we could easily sort and retrieve everything once it was cataloged. Jared had jumped at the idea and consequently had dumped what felt like every old file he and anyone who had ever worked for him had in my lap, extending the original job estimate by weeks. Initially, I was very excited about that too, Jared was interesting and charismatic, not to mention easy on the eyes, and like many women, I had nursed a crush on him for years. But as one late night wound into another I was starting to get a little tired of his demanding ways.

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Strangers ~ Chapter Nine

Not requested

Genre: Angst

Member: Byun Baekhyun & Zhang Yixing

Summary: (of this series) For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Summary: (of this chapter) Let’s see…a small talk continues with Yixing. A confession from Baekhyun. And…this series might be coming to and end. Might. But there will definitely be an epilogue and bonus chapters babies.

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five} {Chapter six} {Chapter seven} {Chapter eight} {Chapter ten} {Chapter eleven} {Epilogue}

“Thank you.” you say.

“Why are you thanking me?” he asks.

“For being you.” when he hears you say that, he looks back at you. Scooting closer to you, he grabs your cheeks like he did before. Leaning down, he kisses your forehead. Before he pulls away you wrap your arms around him and pull him into a tight hug. He tenses once again before giving in and hugging you back, wrapping his large arms around your body.

“Can I get one more thing out?” he asks, his voice partially muffled by your neck.

“Throw it out there.” you say.

“I love you.” he says, and you feel a single drop of his tears roll down your neck.

Like hell Yixing is doing a good job at getting over you.

Why is he telling you this? Why is he making you so emotional? Why is making things worse by saying I love you?

And then it hits you.

He wants to get over you.

He’s tired of loving you. He’s tired of feeling rejected over and over again while you don’t know a thing about what he’s feeling. He’s tired of feeling this way. He’s tired of feeling unloved, unwanted. He’s tired of this, of everything that’s happening between the three of you. He wants to give up.

And then a sudden realization comes to mind.

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(Peter Pan) Let Us Live - Part 2

Read part 1 HERE

When the boys saw you coming back, they gathered around you and Peter, asking lots of questions after your almost one week disappearance. For the first time in days, the camp seemed alive again, and the Lost Boys, especially the young ones, cheered and laughed at the sight of you two walking among them, apparently safe and sound. You were starving but the hunger didn’t even amount to how tired you felt after a week of barely napping one or two hours a days.
“Off you go!” Peter barked at them, making the boys frown but step out of the way anyway. “We need to rest, enough with all the questions.” His tone was stark and his word final.
He dragged you by the arm to the wooden shack. You were about to snap at him for being so grumpy since you left the bunch of heroes in the middle of the jungle.
“What is your damn problem, Peter?” You shouted when he pushed you inside. After over five hundred years of couple life with him, you’d think he knew better than to mishandle you. “When have you become so hysteric when I’m not around to hold your leash?” You knew you crossed the line by saying that but after a week of being sleep deprived and surrounded by well-intentioned idiots, you were fed up.
The boy turned around to face you, lightnings flashing out of his eyes and his lips brought together in a thin line. From the way he balled up his fists and the way his veins thickened you understood that he was more furious than you had seen him in a while.
“Don’t push your luck, (Y/N),” he warned you, ready to storm off.
“Don’t even think about walking out of here, we’re not done! This is no way of handling things Peter, why did you come? I was fine!”
“Well, I guess I made a mistake then,” he deadpanned, infuriating you furthermore. “It’s not like I had any idea of how you were doing since you didn’t show any sign of being alive during the five last days!”
“I couldn’t do anything, they were watching me around the clock! And maybe I could explain you what happened if you calm down!” You stepped in front of Peter, both of you breathing unevenly and loudly, challenging each other with their stare. You were one foot shorter than him but you were no less fierce and he knew better than to get one your bad side.
After two minutes of fuming inwardly, Peter scoffed and looked away, breaking eye contact with you. You crossed your arms over your chest and turned around, unable to look at him any longer. You never liked fighting with Peter, it was an old thing to you, you had had the time to go over every possible subject of argument in your life and it always ended up in one of you two throwing a tantrum and then apologizing.
“I’m sorry,” you sighed, running a hand in your hair. “I’m not in the mood to fight. I don’t like being away from you either, I missed you.”
There was a second of silence between you two, and suddenly, you felt his chest pressing against your back and his arms looping around your stomach. He pressed a kiss on the back of your head and you closed your eyes, content with the feeling. He withdrew his hands from your waist and moved them to your back to start unlacing your under bust corset. Peter always teased you about your pirate-like clothes, because you always wore thigh high leather boots, a white blouse flowing sleeves and a corset. Funnily enough, it was thanks to those clothes that you met Peter, after sneaking on a ship traveling to Neverland.
When the corset dropped on the floor, you turned around in Peter’s arms. His hands brushed over your naked shoulders, pushing aside your long (H/C) locks.
“What happened (Y/N)?” He asked in a soft voice, making you shiver slightly.
“I was trying to buy some time, they were pretty secretive. When I found them, I told them I was here against my will and I wanted them to help me escape. In exchange I offered to be their guide through the jungle because I knew the island. They were reluctant but also desperate so they agreed, and I joined their quest to save Henry. I led them astray and made them go round and round for three days, and I still had no useful information,” you explained, a bit annoyed with your lack of result in this case. “But then they asked I lead them to Cannibal Cave, they said they were to meet a friend. I took the opportunity to lead to towards the bridge, told them it was the only way. I was kind of hoping one of them wouldn’t make it across – a girl can dream. The Savior almost fell and Snow White immediately flew to her rescue, but she actually fell while trying to help her – she started screaming like a pig, it was a mess.”
“Yeah, we heard it, it made my hair stand on end! I thought it was you,” Peter interrupted and you glared at him, shooting him daggers with your eyes. “I just-” he tried to explain. “I imagined the worse, I knew you wouldn’t be screaming and begging if you were about to die.”
“Anyway,” you brushed it off. “The Savior, she’s got magic, who knew? I couldn’t predict that, but she same Snow White and all of them crossed the bridge safely. It became ugly after that, when we reached their ‘friend’ – how could I guess it was bloody Captain Hook?”
Peter cursed and his eyes darkened, “If I see this bastard again, I will kill him for what he did to you!” He threatened hatefully. His thumb brushed over your open wound on the neck. Although it was minimal, it was still bleeding a bit.
“I’m fine,” you scolded him for being so protective over you. “I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself.”
“You should have dropped it,” Peter snapped, still fuming because you got hurt.
“I know it wasn’t the wisest decision, but I needed one last piece of information. I wanted to know how far they’d go to get the boy back. And where Rumpelstiltskin was hiding.”
“How do they intend to leave Neverland?” Peter asked, his curiosity stung.
You huffed mockingly, “Their plan to escape is pathetic, honestly I have no idea how they want to do that. I think they didn’t plan ahead any of this, they just jumped in the lion’s den to get the boy back.”
“Heroes are fueled with hope, they think they can take a shot in the dark and hit the target,” Pan mocked. You were looking away from him, looking rather upset that you didn’t manage to gather more information, especially since you were among them longer than you ever were with anyone else, and worried Peter.
“What else did they do to you?” He suddenly wondered, making you close your eyes.
“Nothing I couldn’t handle, just a bit of the rough side of the hand,” you evasively told him, hoping it was enough to satisfy his curiosity. “Hey!” You shouted when you felt Peter lift up your blouse. It was barely up for a split second but Peter saw the bruises from Hook’s kicks.
“I’m going to kill him,” he said in an emotionless tone. “I’m leaving right now, going back to where we left them and I’ll kill him.”
“How do you know it was Hook?” You asked.
“I didn’t know, but I was going to lash out on him anyway, he deserves it,” Peter stated, rubbing his eyes with his fingers. “I’m not allowing you to do that anymore!” He exclaimed. “This little thing of yours is over, no more double agent game.”
“Excuse me?” You snarled, highly displeased with his declaration. If Peter thought he could tell you what to do, maybe it was time to remind him how wrong he was. You never liked putting him back in his right place, because it wounded his ego, but from time to time he believed he had his word to say on what you did. “I’m not asking permission, I’m not one of the Lost Boys, you don’t get to order me around!”
“I know that,” he laughed though there was nothing funny. “I know I’ll have to go against your will and tie you against a tree, but if it’s what it takes to keep you safe, I’ll do it, trust me.”
“If you do that, I’ll make you pay!” You warned him, not joking one bit.
“I’m willing to take the risk if it keeps you from putting yourself in danger!” He defied her, not caring about the murderous glares you were giving him.
“So what? You’ll keep me handcuffed to the bed? Hands tied behind my back? You’ll walk me around with a leash around the neck like a pet?” You snickered. “What a plan! Not letting me do anything besides sleeping and eating! You barely let me do anything before and now you want to take this away from me too?”
“Yes I let you!” Peter argued with you.
“Only because I don’t give you a choice!” You replied, and although he wanted to deny it, he knew you were right. If it was up to him, you’d never even break a fingernail.
“(Y/N),” Peter sighed in defeat, tired of arguing. He couldn’t stand seeing you mad at him, but the need to protect you was too strong to get past it. “I know what you’re capable of. Why do you keep fighting? What are you trying to prove?”
“Nothing, I just like a good rush of adrenaline, and I’m good at it, so why wouldn’t I put my skills to good use?” You asked, legitimately.
“I know!” Peter snapped before repeated, more calmly, “I know… But I also know it take less than a second to kill someone, or hurt them deadly, and I some day it happens to you because I foolishly let you fight front battle, I will never forgive myself.” The teenage boy had trouble keeping his voice even, and he had to look away from her pained eyes to remain straight faced.
“Don’t play mind games with me, Peter, you’re just trying to make me feel guilty. I told you, I’m not one of your little puppets you can play, I’m-”
“My True Love,” he finished, a soft smile adorning his lips as he looked at your expression when the words crossed his lips. It had the immediate effect to shut you up. “Whom I cannot risk losing over a stupid fight.” This made you purse your lips in slight annoyance but Peter resumed before you had a chance to speak up. “Name one time I refused to let you participate,” he dared you. There was a long silence. “See? I can’t refuse you anything, even when I disapprove.”
“But you send Felix or the Lost Boys to watch after me,” you replied, making a point.
“Right,” Peter clicked his tongue. “I almost forgot about this one time,” he laughed. “(Y/N) please, don’t be so harsh on me.”
His exacerbated sense of protectiveness always got to you and you put your hands on his chest, gently rubbing him through the material of his shirt.
“There would be no fun without a little danger. Where’s your sense of adventure?” You whispered seductively, leaning in as the words fell from your wicked tongue. Peter raised his eyebrows in a way a way that meant 'are you seriously turning this against me?’. You sighed at your failed attempt to calm his temper. “I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not fair to me.”
“Not fair? Sparing you from danger because I love you is not fair?” Peter blinked in astonishment.
"Yes not fair! I never heard you barking after the boys when they get into dangerous situations, you barely let me do this, you can’t expect me to run away whenever it gets ugly. I can do more than my share of work and you know that, I’m very capable, I have proven it hundreds of times. What more do you need?”
“I have little concern about the boys, that’s why they get the dirty work. You’re supposed to be safe. I don’t care about being fair (Y/N), I care about your life!”
“My life!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air. “My life is not threatened, never has been, trust me. I had it all under control, but I still needed to know where Rumpelstiltskin went off! If there’s one of us that has their life hanging on the line it’s you!” Angry tears built up in your eyes but you swallowed them down, refusing to show any sign of weakness.
“Ever thought that maybe that was my concern?” Peter turned around and rubbed his hands over his face, tired, oh so tired of fighting with you, tired of walking through the woods and craving the feeling of touching you. “All I’m asking is that you stop playing solo. If you want to fight and participate, alright. But do it with me, fight by my side.”
Silence followed his statement, for you had nothing to reply to that. You rubbed your hands over your face, unable to think straight, the lack of sleep confusing you. You wanted to scream and to punch a hole through a wall but Peter looked at you and he seemed worried and sorry. You loved him and all you wanted right now was to forget about the fight and sleep in his arms.
“Besides,” he continued, facing your lack of reaction. He stepped closer to you until you were pinned against the wall of the cabin. “I could use having the deadliest assassin of all realms watching my back,” he whispered.
A furtive glow flashed in your eyes and a second later your legs were wrapped around Peter’s hips, his body pressed tight against you, and in your right hand was your dagger, which you pressed close to his throat, the sharp blade cold against his skin, hereby showing your aforementioned killing skills.
“That I am,” you cooed in his ear, smirking.
“Don’t claim victory so soon, love,” Peter chuckled. “You should have a look down.” Following his gaze you looked down and saw his holding a small knife, pointing it right between your fourth a fifth rib. The quickest way to somebody’s heart. It was the knife you always kept hidden in the inside on your thigh high boots, the one you usually used to cut the ropes when you found yourself being tied somewhere and usable to disappear.
Groaning slightly, you put your dagger down and tucked it back in its sheath, inside the sleeve of your blouse.
“Fair enough, it’s a draw,” you said.
“A draw?” Peter laughed, eyebrow shooting up in surprise. “Now I see a sore loser. I think I won,” he bragged.
“Yeah, I know,” you rolled your eyes. “Peter Pan never fails.”
“You’re the one who said it,” he pointed out. You smiled softly and he leaned in to kiss you, finally able to have a taste of your lips again after days without even seeing you. Though you didn’t say it out loud, you were glad he put an end to your argument, you wanted nothing more than to kiss him again and forget your misadventure. You deepened the kiss, eagerly bringing him closer until there was no room left between your bodies. The small bite you gave to his lower lip made him smile in the kiss.
“Someone missed me,” he chuckled playfully. You gave him a small shove and broke the kiss, in a much lighter mood.
“More than you can imagine,” you admitted.
“We should got to bed. We both need sleep,” he stated. Peter was right of course, you both looked dead tired and ready to pass out.
“Yes you do, you look like shit,” you said as a way of agreeing with him without seeming to agree. An art you perfected in over five hundred years of being with the same nasty, treacherous, secretive, self-centered and eyebrow wiggling assh- oh no, now he was pulling that smile he always used when you were mad at him. “Don’t even try-” you warned him but he waved it off.
“I don’t have to try, it has worked already,” he smirked and you rolled your eyes, biting the inside of your cheeks to hold back the grin you wanted to pull. He always had his way with you, you really were a hopeless case.


When Peter woke up the next day, he had a fright, for the bed was empty and his hand only found a blanket to grab instead of your body.
“Calm down, I’m right here,” you said when Peter shot up and sat on the bed, giving frenetic looks around him. You sat on the thick branch you used as a beam to make the shack hold together. He stood up and looked up towards you. Your blouse hang loosely over your body, covering your backside and the upper part of your thighs, and your long hair spread over your shoulders.
“You’re beautiful,” Pan said, dumbfounded as if struck by lightning at the sight of you in the morning light. “What are you doing up there?”
“Just thinking. It kept me up most of the night,” you smiled at his former declaration. You were never a big sleeper, but even for you it was an unusually short night.
“What are you talking about?” Peter came up to you and leaned against the beam.
“Henry,” you simply answered. “In only five days in their company, I was able to tell they’d never leave without him.” You turned towards Peter. “They will never give up on him Peter. Dead or alive, this boy will be the death of us if we keep him.”
“Well, we’ll deal with this in time, but if we don’t take his heart I’m gone anyway,” Peter said, his eyes looking down. He didn’t like to say this out loud, he knew it was painful for you.
“I know,” you whispered, your hand brushing against Peter’s cheek. He looked up, meeting your eyes and kissing your palm. “But I might have another solution. You won’t like it,” you warned him.
“Tell me,” he encouraged you.
“We don’t have to kill the boy, his family will never rest in peace unless they avenged him. If we hurt him, we’ll never see the end of it, they will hunt us down.” Peter nodded in agreement at your words. “I heard them talk about where they come from. This world without magic, Storybrooke.”
“What’s your idea?” Peter urged you, growing impatient.
“We can still make a deal with them. Give them the boy back, that’s the only thing they want,” you explained.
“And ask what in exchange? They have nothing to give us,” Peter frowned.
“A one way ticket to their world. If we travel to this Storybrooke, the curse on you will be broken, because there’s no place for magic there.”
“But what if we lose our powers? They will be even more than they are now, they could turn against us and we’ll be powerless,” the boy pointed out.
“I doubt it, the Evil Queen still has her powers, so why not us? Besides, we’ll make sure our safety is guaranteed, tell them it’s the only way you’ll let them leave the island,” you said.
“Because nobody can leave Neverland without my consent,” Peter finished. “There’s always a chance of the curse still being there, right?”
“Yes,” you said sadly.
“You don’t want to kill the boy,” Peter stated. It wasn’t exactly a question, but you still answered.
“I don’t care about him, if his death could be the end of our problems, I would execute him within the minute, but it’s not. It’ll only be the beginning of our troubles, you know it too. We think we can handle them all, and maybe we can’t, Peter. They outnumber us, probably out-power us and if we have one ounce of common sense, we should stop this madness before it even starts.”
For a moment he didn’t say anything, he paced around like a caged lion, his hand on his chin, demonstrating how deep in thought he was. There was nothing more you could say, you exposed him everything you’ve thought of during your sleepless hours. You knew you couldn’t interfere with his decision, in the end it was his life that was in danger and if he decided to not take a chance and to kill the boy instead, you’d gladly go along with him and rip his heart out yourself to hand it to Peter.
“(Y/N),” he called your name, bursting your bubble of reflexion. For the first time in a lifetime, you saw him teary eyed and it broke your heart. He sat down on the bed and you jumped off the beam to huddled in his lap.
“What do you want to do, Peter?” You waited patiently, stroking his hair until he responded.
“What would you do? If it was your life?” He asked, surprising you.
“It is my life too Peter. If you died, do you honestly think I could go on without you? We’ve been together for hundreds of years, I can’t live without you. Our lives are tied, and regardless of our situation I will always be by your side.”
“I love you, you know that?” Peter answered your little declaration, placing a kiss on your naked shoulder.
“I do, and I love you too.”
He simply smiled, and after a minute or so, said, “I made my decision.”


A few days later…
Felix’s body was laying on the ground, knocked out, a huge bloody wound on the temple. Emma looked panicked at the though of killing him by accident, but you knew better.
“Step away from him!” You shouted making an abrupt movement with the hand and ended up throwing the Savior across the cave.
Felix, Henry, Peter, you and the bunch of merry companions that came here to save the boy were all gathered on the Skull Rock.
Rumpelstiltskin had stolen Henry from you and Peter a few days before, but luckily, he needed him to fulfill his own evil plans, which failed.
“Why are you doing this?” Snow White cried out, having joined her daughter, dizzy after the knock you gave her.
“Leave Henry alone!” Charming added. “He’s just a kid! He’s innocent!”
“Let him live!” Snow resumed and Peter send them across the room to separate them from their daughter and because he was sick of them finishing each others sentences.
“You think you know what’s best for him?” You snapped, joining Peter. “You two deserved the award for the worst parents, you literally sent your daughter away when she was two months old! And you-” you pointed your finger towards Emma. “-You followed the lead of your parents, and didn’t even want him at all! And now you try to separate him from the only motherly figure he had in his life, and you want to bring a one handed pirate with a drinking problem in his life?
“We might as well cut short to his agony,” Peter smirked.
“You heroes think you’re the only ones who deserve a happy ending, how selfish is that?” You asked rhetorically. Peter’s fingers laced with yours. He knew you took a huge risk by supporting him in his idea, it was risky, it was desperate, but he knew that you would always stand by him. If this failed,  they’d never stop chasing you both, ruining your lives out of vengeance.
“Why are you with him?” Emma suddenly cried. The question was directed to you. “He’s a monster!”
A rush a pure anger flashed through your veins, making your hair stand on end all over your body and clench your jaw. Your first instinct was to snap her neck and throw her body in the sea but she just injured not only Peter but also your love for him, and that deserved an answer. Choosing words over fists was a first to you, but it was never too late to learn, right?
“To love a villain you must become one,” you replied mysteriously. “I know you can understand because you’re fighting for the same reason as me: love.”
Impressed, Peter took the relay when your voice trembled, “You might never forgive us, but you will understand. Maybe one day you’ll even forget.”
“No!” She whimpered, tears flowing from her eyes. Snow White, Charming and the others were frozen in place a few meters away, unable to talk, unable to move but their eyes showed just how much they were afraid. Rumpelstiltskin and the Evil Queen were securely under a done Pan had created to keep them from using their powers even if they managed to free themselves from the spell that kept them still. The most powerful people of the realms were all reunited on  the Skull Rock, and Henry was asleep on the cold stone ground, - along with Felix - not having a single clue about the things that played out because of him right now.
“No, please, please, he’s my son!” She tried to stand up and stumbled over to Henry’s body, shaking him. “Wake up, Henry! Please!” With both hands she grabbed him by the shoulders and started shaking him like a tree, trying to make him react but it was to no use.
“It’s too late,” you said, pulling the beating heart from behind your back. Emma’s cries intensified once again at this sight. Her hopes of bringing back Henry were just reduced to dust and you were smiling. Although he didn’t enjoy hurting people – apart from a few who had it coming – but with Peter by your side and when it was necessary, you were capable of anything. With your True Love’s life in danger, you would set the whole world on fire if it was what it takes.
“Listen,” Peter walked down to the Savior and her son’s body. “He’s still alive, he just doesn’t have a heart. You’ll get your son back. Sort of,” he added the last part with a chuckle. “We’re not doing this out of pleasure, we have no other choice.”
“Yes you do!” Rumpelstiltskin’s voice made them spin on their heels. His insufferable laughter filled the cave and echoed, his voice reflected by the polished stone.  The spell holding him in place still held but he managed to speak despite it. “Our dearies here wanted to come to Storybrooke!” He laughed.
Emma looked at him, trying to blink her tears away, “W-why?” she asked, her lips still quivering and her vision troubled with an incessant flow of salted tears.
“Because the spell cast on Pan might break if we go in a world without magic. Your world,” you sighed. Peter shot you a glare, but you ignored it. This was going fine, whatever Rumpelstiltskin could say, you still had all the cards in hands and you led the game.
“But that means leaving Neverland. Leaving the boys, even your shadow,” Rumpelstiltskin stated, obviously enjoying himself. It as enough to see Charming and Snow’s expression to understand they didn’t see it coming. The Evil Queen looked annoyed because she couldn’t break the spell like Rumpelstiltskin did.
“Come with us then!” Emma almost pleaded you both, still on her knees. Her eyes shone with hope, a spark of despair flashing in them as she looked towards you and Peter.“We won’t do anything against you, just- just give Henry his heart back.” She was obviously ready to do anything in her power to keep her son safe, which was understandable but also ridiculously predictable.
“No!” You said.
“(Y/N),” Peter whispered. “If that’s what you want…”
“I want you to stay alive!” You shouted, cutting short to the confusion Rumpelstiltskin had cast over all the people present. Felix’s figure was still in your field of vision, here to remind you that even though they were the good ones, they could still play dirty. Hook was waking up from his slumber after he passed out when you held him by the throat until the lack of air made him faint.
“He will!” Emma interjected.
Peter turned to her and snapped, “Don’t make promises you cannot keep.” He faced you once again. “I trust you with my life. You have the heart, you make the rules,” he told you.
According to the panic in your eyes, the sudden weight on your shoulders was overwhelming and it crushed you. Here you stood, with the young boy’s throbbing heart in your hand and even though it was the boy’s life it should represent, you only saw it as Peter’s. Peter was giving you absolute power over his life, you were the one to decide and he trusted your ability to make the right decision. Emma still cried silently over the unconscious body of her only son, and Peter’s gaze was upon you, awaiting your answer.
Soon, it’d be too late, the moon would rise down and you’ll miss your chance to put Henry’s heart in Peter’s chest, but how could you know what the best choice was? You didn’t see the future and your magic or your fighting skills were no help in this situation. You hadn’t realized tears showed up at the corner of your eyes until Pan’s fingers came to your cheek to brush off a tear.
“I can’t,” you shook your head.
The look of distraught in Peter’s eyes was heartbreaking, until you turned around to face Emma.
“I can’t Emma, I can’t lose him. It’s not personal, but this time… it’s our turn.” You placed the glowing heart against Peter’s chest.
“No! No, no,” Emma screamed even louder, holding the boy’s body against her. “Please, you can’t do that! We’ll take you with us! Come to Storybrooke, you can live there, let him live, I’m begging you!”
Silence surrounded them for a moment but it was finally broken when you laughed. Once again they were all plunged in confusion, here you were smiling from ear to ear, laughing of you sweet laughter while literally holding the fate of everybody on this island in the palm of your hand.
“Begging?” You asked, a smirk painting on your lips. With your sleeve you rubbed the tears away, and started playing with the heart, making it twirl in your hands.
“Heroes don’t beg,” Peter suddenly laughed.
The Savior suddenly looked lost and she only reacted when all the others gasped and fell on the ground at the same time, a deaf sound and a yelp resulting from the action.
“You little bast-” The Evil Queen started but Peter shut her up.
“Don’t make me hex you again, Queenie,” he snickered. “Get down your high horses, we’re not going to kill anyone – for now.”
“W-what?” Snow White asked. Her face was stained with so many tears in was a miracle she didn’t drown in her own tears.
“We’re villains,” he exclaimed, bringing an arm around you. “And we’re good at it, in case you haven’t noticed yet. We knew you wouldn’t do as we asked if we didn’t hit were it hurt. Now that you’re all disposed to listen to us, we have a proposition to make.” Peter knelt down before Emma, Henry’s heart in the hand after taking it from you. “We’ll keep this, until we arrive, safe and sound, and more importantly until the end of the negotiations.”
“Neither of you will set a foot on my ship,” Hook spat at you, and Emma called him, scolding him.
“Hook! We don’t have a choice,” she groaned, glaring you daggers through her eyelashes. “What are your conditions?”
The hatred in her eyes was undeniable and genuine. It made you smile, because you knew the feeling. Hating was so easy and so familiar. You hated all of them, all of the people who tried to hurt Peter, or to separate you from him.
“We want to be left alone, no hostility coming from anyone, not from you, not from her,” he pointed to the Evil Queen who had the audacity to look surprised, “and not from anyone else in your world.” It was obvious they’ try to get rid of you as soon as they had the advantage, so you had to make sure you were always a step ahead of them.
“Deal,” Emma agreed, though it cost her to say that. She was still clinging at Henry’s body, reminder that she had no choice but to say yes to every since one of your conditions.
“We want a shelter and money, everything we need to survive in your world,” you answered instead of Peter.
“Done,” the Evil Queen said. It earned her the glares from everybody. “What? I’m the one with money here, that condition only engages me!”
“And we intend to make you keep your engagement,” Peter warned her. “I guess we have a deal then.”
“Now give me his heart!” Emma ordered him, reaching out to take it. She practically threw herself at Peter, in an attempt to grab the heart, but it was a desperate move. Pan reappeared two feet away from her and smirked.
“Bad girl,” he laughed. “Not until your part of the deal is fulfilled.”
A high pitched laughter came from Rumpelstiltskin, making you snort in disdain, and he stated, “What a lovely outcome! I think I’m taking a liking on these two, you should take example, dear,” he addressed the last comment to Regina. She shut him up with a quick gesture of the hand.
“As long as you respect your part of the contract, we’ll let him live,” Peter said solemnly, his hands finding yours and holding to it like it was the only thing in the world that held him back from floating away, the only thing that mattered. And it really was. You were his everything, and he was yours.
Peter squeezed the heart slightly, causing them all to reach out their hands as if it was any use. “If you don’t, I guess you all know what’ll happen.”


Peter made you both appear atop the waterfall. It was almost dawn but it was still dark. The only sound you could hear was the calm flow of the water hitting the rocks and not one nasty comment from the Queen or high pitched laugh from Rumpelstiltskin was disturbing the atmosphere.
“For our last day on Neverland, I thought I’d bring you here,” Peter said. He sat down and you mimicked him.
“Where’s Felix?” You worried about your friend.
“At the camp, the other boys will take care of him. And he’ll be a good leader once we leave,” he declared. “It’ll be hard.”
“I know,” you whispered, leaning your head on his shoulder. “Leaving Neverland and the Lost Boys. It’s all we knew for the last five hundred years, and now we’ll have to live without it.”
“But we’ll live. Both of us,” he smiled, kissing your head and bringing his arm around your frame to pull you close.
“It was a close call this time,” you said, placing a kiss on his shoulder, then his neck.
“We’ve been avoiding death for as long as my memory goes, we weren’t going to give up this time. But yes,” he nodded. “It was close. Too close for comfort, but we made it.”
You raised your head and looked at him. His profile, his nose, his eyes, his lips. The boy was yours. He has been since the first time you met him, when you jumped from a branch and knocked him out, thinking he was going to attack you, and he would be so the next life. Your last life, a life you’d spend growing old with him instead of staying young, frozen in time.
“We’ve lived a thousand lives,” he said, mostly to himself. “But it feels like it’s the first time we’ll actually live our life.”
You smiled and took his chin in your hands to bring his lips down onto yours. Your move took him by surprise but he gladly answered to the kiss, his hands shooting up to cup your cheek. Pushing your hair out of your face, Peter stroked your skin and placed little kisses all over your face, sending you in a fit of giggles, before capturing your lips again in another kiss.
“Let us live then,” you concluded, smiling into the kiss.

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Beca agreeing to date Aubrey as well as Chloe in the fear of losing Chloe if she said no when Chloe asks if they could date Aubrey as well?

“Okay, so… Don’t be mad.” Chloe says suddenly. Beca looks up from her laptop, brows raising slightly. They had been sitting quietly, Chloe studying and Beca mixing. 

Beca sets her laptop onto the coffee table and sits up a little. “Usually when someone says that, it means I’m probably going to be mad. But I’ll try…” She says warily. 

Chloe bites her lip, setting her book aside and sitting up. She looks anywhere but Beca as she takes a few breaths. “I–I’ve been thinking…”

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more whump inspiration from my life

so y’all know I have really bad insomnia, and my supervisor is like. so upset about it because he can’t function on less than 6-7 hours of sleep and he doesn’t understand how I do.

but the best fuckin thing ever

is that when he can tell I went a whole night without sleep (it takes me longer to focus my eyes, slower to respond, etc) he gives me the most. concerned look ever and asks “you hangin’ in there?” 

and the phrasing destroys me. I get so embarrassed and I’m always just like “yEP LET’S SCIENCE I’M GOOD TO GO”

And today I was rubbing at my eyes with my palm, because I wear contacts and they start to hurt when your eyes are really tired, and he started laughing at me and was like “oh my god, you’re like a child who is so, so tired.” 

I Thought You Were Different: Book 5 (Part 2/?) (Rogers/Avengers x reader)

Part 1

After everyone had found their way home and back to the tower for the night, it was a fast lights-out with the level of exhaustion that they were all feeling.  Even Bruce and Thor, who hadn’t even been at the hospital, were tired just from the stress of waiting for updates that weren’t coming in fast enough.  The building went into darkness as rooms closed down almost simultaneously, with the exception of one at the very back of the complex, where sleep seemed to be an unattainable goal.

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Yes, you read that correctly, I am taking a break. 

I have been thinking about doing so for awhile now, a long while actually; and there’s a LOT of factors that have been aiding this decision. 

First and foremost, my art. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, there are literally pictures of me coloring in a newspaper at the age of 2, I was practically born with a pencil in my hand. For years I have created new people and places, and thought up new species in separate universes.

Yet, the other day I went to go sketch someone and I couldn’t, I literally couldn’t think of who or what to draw other than Dan and Phil or PJ. And probably one of the scariest things imaginable to me is losing my imagination, and stunting my own creativity. And don’t get me wrong I enjoy drawing Dan and Phil, they are handsome lads and kind people, but I want to find my way back to my art again. Recently I touched bases with my old style and nothing made it more clear to me that I have been starving to get back in touch with my creativity than doing that series. 

I want to get back to creating OC’s

Secondly, I feel like I have lost my escape in a few ways. I love you guys, and nothing will really change the connections I have made in the Phandom; you guys have been there for me through so much and I’ll forever be grateful.

But I no longer feel like I have the freedom to do as I please and vent the same way I used to when I didn’t have as large of a following. I put out a pretty filtered version of myself I’m not gonna lie, I like making people happy and putting out positive vibes above all else and that’s what I post. However I get upset, I get sad, and I get angry; all of which I refrain from sharing out of fear of causing other’s who look up to me to give up hope or possibly not believe the more positive things I say when I tend to get negative. 

I want to be able to rant again, and scream again, and shout into the void of tumblr while crying my eyes out without fear of hurting others in the process because holy fuck I have so many pent up emotions and I can’t keep doing this.

Lastly, I got a message a few minutes ago calling me a gross and homophobic straight white girl, for shipping Dan and Phil, (which to be honest I like the idea of Dan and Phil as friends more than I like them as a couple and I have wanted to get away from shipping them for awhile but that’s for a different post (maybe right after this one)), but what really stuck out to me is they said “straight white girl” and right now all I know is that two of those aren’t correct, but I really don’t know what the correct terms and pronouns are yet?

I live in a pretty homophobic and close-minded household, and while on here I have no issue identifying as gay, queer, etc. 


And I want to be able to figure that out without having to filter my thoughts, and make sure I keep up with other content along with it ya know? 

Because, I know I like guys, gals, nonbinary pals, etc, but I don’t know HOW. For the longest time I thought I was asexual, but now? I think the years of bullying has aided in my disliking towards sex or any form of intimacy with others and I want to figure out where I actually stand on the spectrum.

And as far as my gender, as I said before my family is totally the type to make gay jokes, trans jokes, etc; and I have been too scared to venture out into the rest of the spectrum for a really long time. It literally took me weeks to gain the courage to add “they” as a pronoun in my bio because to me, by doing so, I was admitting that I am not cis and therefore accepting that I have now become a target of my family’s ridicule as if being Democrat wasn’t enough fuel. 

I need to be able to explore myself and my identity without the input that my current blog gets, though mainly positive, there is a lot of negativity that I receive on a weekly basis and I can’t take my internalized hatred and outside hatred all while trying to keep posting to a fandom blog, and work on my personal art, and try to figure out my identity. It’s just too much for me, I can’t.

So for now, I will be on hiatus from this blog but I will still be on tumblr, as I said, it’s my escape. 

For those of you who are truly interested in following me for rants, aesthetic posts probably, a lot of sexuality posts and jokes as I cope through my journey, and other miscellaneous shitposting, pm me and I’ll tell you the name of the blog I’ll be using. I don’t want to publicly post it because then I’ll have a lot of eyes, and people who will know it’s me, and I’ll just get hate on that blog as well which defeats the purpose.

I don’t know how long this hiatus will last, maybe a week, maybe a month? Later I might give a few extremely close and trusted friends my login to keep posting content so this blog isn’t completely barren. But after today 7/7/17 I won’t be active on this blog for awhile.

(I’ll probably reblog this intermediately throughout the day so people see it)

Thank you guys for sticking with me, I hope you understand.

Much love,


let me tell you a beautiful gay story for pride month

okay so I have this cousin Celia, right? And Celia is the sweetest person of all time, just the biggest heart of anyone I know. I have always been protective of her as my little cousin but moreso since I found out she was a CSA victim. I loved her and wanted her to be happy more than anything, and it broke my heart to see her grow up struggling with severe depression and an eating disorder. once when we were still teens, I saw her social media profile list her sexuality as bisexual. I mentioned it like “whoa me too!” Because at the time that was how I identified, but she didn’t feel comfortable talking about it, so I never mentioned it again.

Sometime later she starts dating this guy named Jay and… I don’t like Jay. There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way. He’s one of those white dudes who goes out of their way to be offensive because they think it’s funny and uses the insult “special snowflake” unironically, right? A total dillweed. BUT I concede I don’t know him well. My cousin lives a few States away and everyone seems to like him. So I kind of try to ignore my bad vibes that I’m getting and keep my mouth shut. My cousin was with him for something like seven years so I think hey there must be something about him that makes her happy and that’s what matters to me

So anyway about… A year ago maybe I get this message on Facebook asking me for my advice. Celia tells me about how the second she told Jay about her bisexuality he got really excited and started asking her about girls, whether she found random girls they met attractive. They had sex with a few together but after a while it started to make Celia uncomfortable. She told him this and he ignored it. He started pressuring her to make moves on women when she wasn’t interested. He coerced her into sex on a number of occasions… Suffice it to say, I am livid while reading this and just done with this dude immediately

Then she goes on to tell me about this girl she works with that she’s developed feelings for. She mentioned to Jay that she found her attractive (as he was always encouraging her to do)… And he became angry.

Now I should mention that this girl, Mandy, is super butch. Like… A lot of people think she’s a dude when they look at her. She’s beautiful, but definitely not conforming to social standards of how women “should” look.

So Jay gets really nasty about it. He’s super grossed out and mocks Celia endlessly about it. Celia becomes upset and tries to get him to drop it but he refuses. She starts to realize just how out of touch she and Jay had become, how they had grown apart. She still loves Jay, but he no longer makes her happy. And there’s a part of her that falls more and more for Mandy every day and worries she will miss her chance at happiness if she stays with Jay.

Of course you can imagine what I told her, so I won’t even get into it. She thanks me for my advice and says she still nervous to tell Jay or Mandy how she feels. She doesn’t want to hurt Jay either. Eventually she deletes her Facebook but keeps Instagram. I never mention the situation again because I know she needs to figure things out for herself.

After a while I begin to notice that she no longer posts pictures of Jay on IG. I become curious and cautiously optimistic but again say nothing because I know my cousin and how private she can be.

And sure enough a little while later I start seeing a very cute butch girl appear in her pictures. I am definitely optimistic now! The pictures start becoming more frequent and then really adorably cute and sappy. They are definitely dating.

Fast forward to today and Celia is head over heels for Mandy who seems like a really caring person. By the way she talks, Celia seems genuinely happy for the first time. she and Mandy are an absolutely adorable couple who are wild for each other, and Jay’s miserable butt is nowhere to be seen.

Moral of the story: Happy pride month everybody, gayness is amazing, and please make your neighborhood fetishistic heterosexual white dude miserable today!!!!

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“Ugghhh Dean just leave me alone,” you said to your big brother.

“Sorry, sweetheart not till you tell me what’s wrong,” he said.

“Nothing I’m fine. I just want to be left alone and when you give Sammy the update you can tell him to stay out as well.”

“Y/n is this about what I said when I was …”

“A demon? No, Dean I told you I forgive you for that. I know that wasn’t you.”

Dean moved to sit down on your bed next to you. “I know but the things I said to you were terrible. I called you a slut and a burden and a nuisance to have around. I don’t think those things. You are far from a burden. Taking care of you has been the best thing in my life. I just need you to know that okay?”

You cupped Dean’s cheeks with your hands to get him to look at you. “I know that Dean. I know you love me. That was never a question. De, you need to forgive yourself for that. You have more than made up for it. I’m not upset because of those words, that have been more than forgotten, I’m upset over some stupid teenager stuff okay?”

“You are literally the best little sister ever you know that. Is this little teenage issue something I can help you with?”

“Not really. I’m just gonna sulk a little longer and confront it tomorrow.”

Dean got up from your bed and smiled at you. “Alright kiddo just make sure you still shower and eat tonight,” he said as he walked to your door.

“Whatever you say old man,” you said smiling.

He turned to face you and fake laughed and fake cried as he walked out the door and closed it behind him.

You giggled and screamed “I love you” through the door. He screamed it back and you decided your stupid high school problems were just that stupid and decided to get out of bed and join your brothers in the kitchen.

Tagging @winchesters-favorite-girl because I know this is her type of thing and as a little apology for Marvel Pep-Talk that may or may not have broken her heart lol

The perfect timing (Part II)

This is based on a prompt I got:
Soulmate AU: In which you turn 18 and see everything through your soulmate’s eyes when you’re not sleeping anymore but are not fully awake yet. 

Part I 

Sana is not really sure what to think about it. About seeing things through your soulmate’s eyes for a very short time. You usually see their room. 

But how much does it actually help you to see your soulmate’s room?

Nobody goes around asking people they are interested in what their room looks like. 

Why would they? 

It guarantees disappointment. If they describe something other than what you see… Hearing that they are not your soulmate won’t make you more motivated to keep the relationship going or even pursuing it.

But, is there only one person that you should end up with to be happy?

No, that’s not what Sana believes. There can’t be just one person that you have to find to be happy. She believes there are several people that are destined to be a part of your life. For various reasons. A soulmate can also be just a friend. 

You don’t necessarily need a significant other to be happy with your life. 

Despite thinking and believing all that, Sana gets more anxious the closer her 18th birthday gets. She might not need to see her soulmate’s room to help her find him, but she is not against experiencing that.

From what she has heard, those few minutes, maybe just seconds, feel as peaceful as anyone has ever been. 

Elias told her. Jamilla told her. Mutta told her. Her mother told her. Chris told her.

That moment of not sleeping anymore but not being quite awake and having that bond with your soulmate, seeing what they see for just a few seconds, feels like you’re floating. The only thing you’re aware of is what you see through their eyes. 

Well, that’s what Sana has been told by more than one person. 

Her birthday is not here for another half year. 

Walking through the flat, Sana holds her phone to her ear and just listens. She’s the friend most of her friends come to rant about whatever bothers them.

“…and I don’t know. I didn’t see anything. He should’ve been awake at the same time. So does that mean he’s not my soulmate? Okay, I get that we’re young and all but I honestly thought that us finding our way back together after everything that happened would mean that we are destined to be with each other.”, Sana hears Eva say without taking a breath.

Sana finds her way into the kitchen but just walks up and down aimlessly. 

“Eva, just breathe. Okay?”, Sana tries to calm her down. 

The whole day at school Eva wouldn’t talk about this topic but now she lets it all out at once. It’s better than bottling it up. 

She hears Eva mumble an Okay. 

“Okay, I know this is probably not what you want to hear. But listen first, okay?”, Sana says. She doesn’t want to make Eva feel worse but since she is freaking out so much Sana has to say something. 

After hearing an agreeing sound, Sana takes a deep breath and starts talking, giving her opinion.

“I don’t think you have much to worry about. Maybe Jonas was just not awake? He’s late sometimes. And even if he was. Do you really think there is just that one person whose room you might see, that is the very only person you will be happy with?”

When Sana doesn’t hear Eva say anything she knows that her friend is thinking about it. Sana takes this as a sign to continue.

“You’re happy with him right now, aren’t you?”, Sana asks.

“Yes.”, Eva just says.

Sana keeps pacing up and down her kitchen. She hopes she’s saying the right things. She wouldn’t want her friend to feel worse because of something she said, even if she means it. 

“Okay, so there’s no problem. I believe that the room you see is not definite of whom you’ll end up and be happy with. Of course, it’s an indicator. And ending up with that person would be amazing. But come on, would you rather be with someone who is supposedly your soulmate but you don’t know them and might not even get along too well with once you do. Or would you rather be with someone you know you love, know better than you know yourself, someone that makes you happy?”

Sana hears her friend sigh at the other end of the line. 

“You’re right.”, Eva says. Sana smiles at that. Her friend sounds calmer than before.

“And like I said before: we’re still young. Things can change. But for now I’m happy with Jonas. Even when I hope it lasts, it might not. It’s okay. Right now, I’m sure of how I feel towards him. Okay, thank you so much, Sana! Love you a lot.”

“You too.”, Sana says smilingly. 

“Sana, I mean it. You really calmed me down. And I should go talk to Jonas. I have been avoiding him all day. Thank you! And you know, if you need to talk about anything, I’m here. Right?”, Eva rambles once again. If Sana wasn’t friends with her for so long she wouldn’t have been able to understand any of that. 

She nods with a smile, even though she knows that Eva can’t see her. She’s just glad that she could help Eva at least a little bit.

“Yes, I know. Thank you, Eva. And now go talk to Jonas. Don’t let him suffer for much longer!”, Sana laughs but then remembers something she meant to tell her friend. “Look, when you’re getting really nervous or upset about this again… You can always call me, of course. But if you have something that can calm you down, always, use that. A song, an album, a book. I have a book that I read whenever things get overwhelming. It really helps.”

After a minute more of just joking around they hang up. Sana lowers her phone and holds it in her hands in front of her body. She wonders if she will be like this in six months, as well. 

Well, not exactly the same. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. 

The only person she can think of that might make her freak out like that is a tall, dark-haired boy that already knows what his soulmate’s room looks like but won’t talk about it. 

“Yousef?”, she asks with a embarrassing gasp.

Sana was so invested in the call with Eva she didn’t notice if anyone else was in the room. Turning away from the window, where she has been standing, her breath catches in her throat when she sees Yousef standing at the kitchen door.

He looks like he has been caught. Sana presses her lips together, to not smile too much. He just looks very good in his white T-shirt and with his messy hair. She thought that the boys are outside, playing football. 

“Hi.”, he says with small smile.

Sana nods and responds with a Hi of her own. 

“I just … needed a break.”, Yousef says, pointing out the window, meaning the boys in the garden.

Again, Sana just nods. Yousef and her have been talking more this year than any other time before that. It’s usually just Small Talk but they talk, that’s the important thing to Sana.

As much as she tries to bury her crush for him, it’s not possible. As soon as she sees him it resurfaces. Every time.

Yousef hesitates but then sits down at the kitchen table, resting his head on his arms. 

“Are you okay?”, Sana asks him. He looks really exhausted and probably not just from playing a little bit of football. 

Yousef turns his head towards Sana and awkwardly nods, with his head still on his arms. He smiles at Sana which makes it hard for her to concentrate on anything but that. Yousef has a very nice smile, Sana thinks.

She shakes her head to gather her thoughts and steps a little closer. She doesn’t sit down but stands behind the chair across from the one Yousef sits on. 

 "Yeah, I’m fine. A little exhausted.“, Yousef answers. 

Sana tilts her head to the side lightly. Yousef raises his eyebrows at that. 

"From kicking the ball a few times?”, Sana asks with an amused smile. She has seen them play football a few minutes ago. Since most of them were fasting they just kicked the ball from where they were standing. 

At this Yousef lifts his head and leans forward, leaning on the table. He narrows his eyes at Sana, still smiling. 

“Try playing football with Mutta and then we’ll talk again.”, he says and chuckles lightly. Yousef shakes his head and continues: “No, but work was more exhausting than usual. We had a pool-day.”

Sana puts her phone into her pocket and rests her hands on the back of the chair. She remembers where he’s working, he had told her in passing.

“You’re working in a kindergarten, right?”, she still asks.

Yousef’s eyes light up. Sana could be just imagining it, though. He nods and opens his mouth to say something but at that exact moment his phone beeps.

Sana’s eyes follow his movement. How does he look attractive just trying to get his phone out of his pocket? When he looks up at Sana, after reading something, she feels caught and tries to casually look away. 

“Hey, Elias says that you have a basketball we could borrow.  Apparently they are bored with kicking the ball back and forth.”, Yousef says. 

Sana slowly looks back at him but looks sceptical.

“He has a basketball??”, she is sure of that. 

Yousef presses his lips together and shakes his head. When Sana looks at him with a confused look, he smiles at her sheepishly.

“He might have lost it the last time we went to play basketball at the court…”

Sana rolls her eyes at that. How does her older brother lose a basketball? But oh well, she can give them hers.

“Unbelievable.”, she mutters under her breath and stands up straight. Now louder, Sana says: “I’ll go get it from my room.”

With that she turns away from him and walks out of the kitchen. 

Not knowing what else to do, Yousef stands up after a few moments and follows her. 

When he arrives at her door, she’s already coming out her room again and all he sees is Sana smiling at him, her dimples showing, and holding the ball out to him. Her smile is distracting him so much that he misses catching the ball that rolled out of Sana’s hand very slowly. 

It bounces off the floor, twice, and lands at Sana’s feet. Before she closes the door to her room completely Yousef sees a white, fluffy- looking carpet. 

He leans down and takes the ball in his hands. Standing up again, he is greeted with an amused look given by Sana. 

She can’t believe he did not catch the ball when she made a point in rolling it slowly off her hand. Well, it has its perks. Now he just smiles at her a little embarrassed, a little cute. 

“Please don’t lose it.”, she says.

Yousef grins at her, holding the basketball in front of his stomach with both hands.

“I’ll make sure of it.”

Mulder’s Journal

Entry One (Millennium):

Scully,  Dana,

I’ve been sitting here for close to an hour now, just trying to find the words. Trying to figure out how to tell you what I learned today.

And then I remembered. You wrote to me in a journal, once. Maybe it’s fitting that I do the same, now. At the very least, maybe it will help me make sense of things enough in my head that I can tell you out loud. Once I can find the words, then I just have to find the courage to say them.

Unfortunately, that might be the hardest part.

Maybe it’s because I’m not ready to believe it yet, myself. More likely it’s because I can’t bring myself to do anything that might dampen the beautiful light in your eyes. You’ve been through more than enough pain for one lifetime; how could I possibly justify causing you more?

Jesus, you’re not even here and I’m still stalling.

Okay. Here it is in black and white: There’s something wrong with my brain. I’m sick.

The doctors don’t know what it is, but as of today, they know some of the things it’s not. It’s not cancer or an aneurysm. It’s not whatever happened before with the artifact. It’s not multiple sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s or Alzheimer’s. I should be relieved, but… better the devil you know, right?

So, they don’t know what’s wrong with me. They’re going to do some more tests soon. And I know I should tell you. Hell, if it were you, I’d want to know. When you were sick, before, I hated being in the dark. So I get it, and I’ll tell you. I will. It’s just…

You were so happy this morning. It’s a brand new year, and we wrapped up that case last night (zombies, Scully, we fought actual zombies and won, I just want you to remember that), and then it was so late by the time we got back to my apartment that you actually stayed over. You woke up in my bed this morning, which is undeniably the best way I’ve ever started a new year, and I got to make you breakfast (not bad for a guy with one fully functional arm) and take you back to bed again after. It was too perfect to ruin, to tell you that I had an appointment to get my brain checked out this afternoon. And then after, once I had my laundry list of non-answers… I still don’t know how to break it to you.

I’m a coward, Dana. You’ll be here soon, and I had every intention of telling you tonight, and writing this out was supposed to help, but all it’s done is remind me how beautiful your smile is, how happy you’ve been these past few weeks. I can’t take that away from you. Not yet. Besides, maybe the doctors will have more answers for me after the next appointment. It can wait a little longer.

I’ll tell you soon. I promise. Just not yet.

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anonymous asked:

Kinda sad how all the attention goes to Dan. I love both of the boys with all my heart but the fact that Phil has been on YT for three years longer than Dan, yet Dan is the one with six million subs and Phil with four million, it's a little upsetting? Is it bc Dan's more attractive? Do people find him funnier? Idk. One day I hope Phil gets the recognition he deserves, like at the BONCAs.

Phil is honestly so underrated, he’s invented so many things that are now challenges and things. Phil may have fewer subscribers, but if you look at Dan’s views and Phil’s views, they are about the same. Honestly, I have no clue why Dan has more subscribers, but I would guess its because his videos are more “relatable” to the general public while Phil’s videos don’t have a specific theme. That being said, it seems as though both Dan and Phil are grateful for their followers and subscribers, because they know they have one of the biggest and most loving fanbases. A lot of their followers watch them religiously, and I think Dan and Phil’s subscribers are a great example of “quality over quantity”. You see other people like coughmarcuscough who have the same number of followers as Phil, but in terms of views they rarely make it to a million versus pretty much most of DnP’s videos have about 1-2mil views (on average). 

But yes, I do agree with the fact that I hope Phil gets recognition for his creative content. His mind works in such a creative way! Not to say that Dan’s doesn’t, but you know what I mean.