the longer i look the more upset i get

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses

I propose a scarf reveal scenario where Adrien finds out who really made it for him, but it doesn’t go so well. Long story short, Adrien discovers Marinette made the scarf for him, which meant his dad really didn’t get him anything for his birthday at all, and he can’t really look at the gift anymore without feeling upset about it. Marinette picks up on this when he confronts her about it, and offers to take it back. He accepts.

For the longer version of this, go here!

For the record, I don’t think this scenario has to be as bad as it sounds. For instance, while Marinette might be upset I’m sure she’d understand and wouldn’t take it too personally. She gave that gift to Adrien to make him happy after all, not to find an in with him. I think she’d be more upset about his feelings.

Also didn’t realize this kind of paralleled the Umbrella Scene with how I drew it… but there you have it. 

so i was listening to the radio and Ryan Seacrest said that Harry was scared of his own hair in the shower. He said that harry is worried he’s going to lose all of his hair bc he has a receding hairline and its thinning and when he takes a shower the hair around the drain upsets him and the other boys tease him about it. OK FOR 1. he is scared of losing his hair not scared of his hair itself. FOR 2. the longer your hair gets the more it pulls down so it makes it look thinner *thats what i was told*. FOR 3. so what if he has a receding hairline, a lot of men have one. he’s still harry and i love him just as much with “thin receding hair” as i did with his full afro hair that didnt fit in his drivers license photo. -paige