the longer i look the funnier it gets

GOT7: their s/o hiccups when they’re full

Omg I get hiccups when I’m full but they’re super loud and disturbing and my family hates me


Mark would love how you got hiccups when you were done eating. He’d think they were hilariously cute and would burst out laughing every time another one shook your shoulders. He’d definitely tease you about the way you seemed to jump every time you got hiccups, but would stop if you seemed offended. 


Jaebum would also find this hilarious and a great opportunity to tease you, especially for the faces you make while hiccuping. If it went on for a long time, though, he’d start trying to help you get rid of them: he’d tell you to hold your breath and if that didn’t work, he’d try to scare you. 


Jackson would have the time of his life imitating how you look and sound while hiccuping every single time you did it. Be warned: it’ll be loud. I think he’d also have fun trying to get rid of your hiccups, like Jaebum, but would come up with some nonsense ‘cure’ he swears works, like doing some dance or chugging soda. 


Jinyoung wouldn’t find it funny at first, instead wondering why you got hiccups when you were full. I think he’d definitely do some googling on the topic to make sure you weren’t sick bad idea lmfao. He’d try to get your hiccups to stop, but the longer they went on, the funnier they became in his eyes. 


Youngjae would worry that something was wrong at first, but once you assured him you were okay, he’d find it really funny and cute. For some reason I see him laughing so hard at your hiccups that he gets hiccups, himself. And then the two of you are a laughing, hiccuping mess. 


BamBam would find it a little too funny. He’d also love to tease you about this, probably changing your name in his phone to “Hiccups” or something. He would especially love to scare you in the name of ridding you of hiccups, but he just likes to mess around. Little shit.


Yugyeom would laugh, but only because he thought it was adorable and omg how can you be this cute just how??? He’d also try to help you get rid of them, but wouldn’t scare you. Instead, he’d make up some competition between the two of you to see who could hold their breath the longest, hoping your hiccups would leave in the process.

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You can't spell scoobydoomistakes without "doom"

Over the past 2.5~ years, 20-30 people have said similar things about the name… but that’s definitely the best way to put it.

+20-30 Scooby Snacks for you. Well done.


Ps. This frame is the perfect reaction, too, I just love it… Daphne’s like “BEST, MESSAGE, EVER”, Fred is highly questioning of the whole thing, and Velma is straight-up freaking out. The longer I look, the funnier it gets.

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Kinda sad how all the attention goes to Dan. I love both of the boys with all my heart but the fact that Phil has been on YT for three years longer than Dan, yet Dan is the one with six million subs and Phil with four million, it's a little upsetting? Is it bc Dan's more attractive? Do people find him funnier? Idk. One day I hope Phil gets the recognition he deserves, like at the BONCAs.

Phil is honestly so underrated, he’s invented so many things that are now challenges and things. Phil may have fewer subscribers, but if you look at Dan’s views and Phil’s views, they are about the same. Honestly, I have no clue why Dan has more subscribers, but I would guess its because his videos are more “relatable” to the general public while Phil’s videos don’t have a specific theme. That being said, it seems as though both Dan and Phil are grateful for their followers and subscribers, because they know they have one of the biggest and most loving fanbases. A lot of their followers watch them religiously, and I think Dan and Phil’s subscribers are a great example of “quality over quantity”. You see other people like coughmarcuscough who have the same number of followers as Phil, but in terms of views they rarely make it to a million versus pretty much most of DnP’s videos have about 1-2mil views (on average). 

But yes, I do agree with the fact that I hope Phil gets recognition for his creative content. His mind works in such a creative way! Not to say that Dan’s doesn’t, but you know what I mean. 

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Hi , you said you want more requests so, how will react RFA if MC have a twin sister or brother? Like , MC wanted to do a prank on them and asks her twin? Thank you ^^ Ps: Sry for my bad english, I'm still learning ^^

Sure! And don’t worry I don’t really think my english is that good lol


•he has been going out with MC a lot after the party
•still getting to know her and totally not knowing about her family
•he wanted to make something sweet for her so he was going to surprise her at her house
•he knew that MC was out at that time so knocking on the door wasn’t a bad idea to get in her house
•but WHAT? MC? She was supposed to come back in an hour
•MC’S twin knew about Yoosung because MC was always talking about him
•so it was the perfect time to a prank
•"who’s MC?”
•the poor boy didn’t have an idea about what she was talking about
•"you’re MC"
•"my name is not MC, you must be misunderstanding me by other person"
•no way MC was acting like this, maybe he was wrong and the is just a girl that looks like her and lives in the same street
•maybe MC was part of his imagination
•some many possibilities about what was happening but none of them were realistic at all
•"you must be MC I can’t be wrong"
•She’s not MC, I am"
•"Yoosung meet my twin sister NMC"
•OHHHH now he knows that he’s not crazy
(NMC = not mc)


•He’s been dating MC for a while now
•so they decided to take the next step (living together)
•and it happened to be on the time that MC’S twin brother was in town
•so she called him to make Zen a little prank
•the plan was waiting for the night and make them change, like in shrek when fiona turned into an ogre
•so they were getting ready to sleep and Zen was already in bed
•MC entered to the bathroom where her twin was hiding
•"now put on my clothes"
•her twin was now wearing a hello kitty pijama •"Zen! I got a confession to tell you" MC screamed
•"what’s wrong babe? Come outside so we can talk “
•and BOOM
•there was a man in front of his eyes
•he was exactly like MC but in a boy
•he was even wearing MC’S clothes
•"at nights I look like this”
•"but I have seen you other nights"
•"but is only on full moon nights"
•MC was some kind of wolf man but like a man girl??
•nothing made sense and he was a bit scared
•"you still love me?“
•"eehh I don’t get this”
•it was way funnier that what MC though it was going to be
•she was hiding in the bath tub and trying so hard not to laugh
•Zen was really confused
•and she couldn’t wait any longer to laugh
•Zen went straight to the bathroom and saw MC almost dying while laughing
•now he was even more confused
•"Zen! I got a twin" she said while laughing


•MC wanted to tell Jaehee about her twin
•but the twin didn’t wanted
•"let’s make a prank on her" the twin said
•they have pranked a lot of people before but Jaehee was such an angel and MC didn’t wanted to make her that
•but a little prank never killed nobody
•so they went up with something
•MC was going to send a picture to Jaehee stuck in the traffic and her twin was going to wait at their apartment
•Jaehee went to the apartment to wait for MC
•she was ready to make some dinner for them to surprise MC
•but when she opened the door she was already there
•"MC, didn’t you said you were in the traffic"
•"yes but I got bored of it and flyed here"
•"flyed? Like a bird?“
•"just like that”
•Jaehee went blank
•there was no way someone could actually fly
•thinking on all the ways on how she could get there
•but nothing went to her mind
•beside that MC sent her a picture and even if there was no traffic she couldn’t get home that fast
•"MC I am not getting this. People can’t fly"
•"well I did it"
•MC would not lie to her, there was no point on it
•so maybe she was telling the truth
•"I want to see you"
•and that was the sentence to end the prank
•"it was a prank. I can’t fly, either can my sister MC"
•"nice to meet you, I am NMC. MC’s twin”


•Jumin was going to be out of the country for some days
•he needed to visit Russia for work
•and it happened to be exactly where MC’S twin was living
•as fast as she could she called her twin
•"I need you to make me a favor “
•Jumin was at his hotel waiting for a call from Jaehee
•but instead he got a call from reception
•there was someone waiting for him
•maybe it was the guy from the company he was working with
•he went to see who was there
•but it was MC
•how could possibly she be here
•"I thought you were in Korea”
•"I came here to see you and say hello"
•"to say hello? Well that is a bit sudden but thanks"
•"now I am going back"
•was MC sick? She was talking no sense
•"back to Korea?“
•she did really went all the way to Russia just to say hello?
•what is actually going on?
•"well I am leaving"
•and as said she left, leaving him totally confused
•after a couple hours he called MC to ask about that “hello” thing
•she laughed
•"Jumin, did you really believed that? It wasn’t me she was my twin that lives in Russia"


•He knew MC had a twin
•but MC didn’t told him much about her so he didn’t have that much information
•and every time he asked about it MC told him that there were made in a laboratory
•so he didn’t asked about it anymore
•but one day MC asked him to go see her twin and her parents house
•they weren’t in town so there was just them in the house
•of course MC and her twin got excited to see them after a long time
•and Saeyoung went exploring the house
•and he found an actual laboratory??
•there was lot of thing that he never saw in his life
•"you guys got a laboratory here?“
•"yes, that is where we got made” the twin said
•"wait, like actually made here?“
•MC was telling the truth
•"yes, that is why we look the same”
•This was gold!
•MC was actually a product of a laboratory! !
•"they put some chromosomes in a tube and wait for a human to appear” MC said
•he wanted to try to
•oh he really wanted to make a little him or maybe another Jumin to piss off Zen
•this was much better than what he thought
•"I want to try it"
•"did he seriously believed that?“
•"Saeyoung that is not true, we were made here but not like that!”
•"oh… still pretty funny that your parents made you here hehe"


I’m not actually sure if the orthography is the best bc I am at my phone and the auto corrector is killing me lol

because who DOESN’T wanna see me and Crona as mermaids?
I love doing underwater scenes, this was a whole lotta fun, Crona’s tail and glowy spots gave me trouble tho

also the longer I look at his semi seductive face the funnier it gets to me, what is he even planning? what a dork

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related , thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum  ^u^ /)