the long telegram

ok so I was reading Victor Hugo’s wiki page and apparently in 1862 he was on vacation & wanted to know whether Les Mis was selling well so he literally sent a single ‘?’ to his publisher, to which his publisher replied ’!’ indicating that it was and?? if this doesn’t sum up victor hugo idk what does

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(Sorry to annoy you!) So, I've lived with my parents for 24 years. However, they're moving overseas tomorrow and leaving me with their house. The thing is, I'm terribly close to them and my little brother, and this whole situation has brought me to a depressive mess. The house that's full of laughter is going to be quiet and lonely and I just can't deal with it all. I know I need to grow up and live my own life, but this is too much for me. I don't know what to do. :(

No bother at all! This is what I’m here for.

I’m sorry that you’re going through this, but I promise it will get easier as time goes along. Let’s start with your family- years ago you would’ve relied on telegrams and long-distance phone calls to see your family. But nowadays, there are so many ways to stay connected with the ones you love. You can Skype or Facetime, instant message, group chat, even sync your Netflix accounts to watch shows together. 

Use this technology to stay in touch! Skype your little brother every day if you need to. A true connection is what brings people together, distance does not matter. I never see some of my best friends, but we text all day every day and stay close.

I’m also going to recommend that you get a couple of pets. A couple cats, a dog, a bird, etc. Fill your house with plants- flowers, tomato plants, crawling vines, etc. Buy yourself beautiful things and hang them everywhere, fill your pantry with delicious food, and invite your friends/family over for a house warming party.

Keep busy- join a knitting circle, start a Dungeons and Dragons league, volunteer at an animal shelter. Leave the radio on so the house is never silent. Learn how to bake pies and invite your friends over for pie tasting parties. Start gardening, I know it’s getting cold, but you can probably clean a few weeds up anyway. Cleaning is so cathartic, it will make you feel amazing. Use bath bombs and give yourself a spa day. Light incense and make your house smell like a fucking apple pie.

Trying living on your own for a while, to see how you do. If you find that you absolutely can’t live alone, you may want to look into renting out a room to a college student. Get in touch with local colleges and work with them to ensure that you don’t rent to a homicidal maniac. 

Please stay in touch friend, even if it’s just occasionally, to let me know how you’re doing. Lots of love xx


The Cold War - life at the gates of annihilation. 

With the end of the Second World War in 1945 and the death of fascism, the temporary wartime alliances forged in the darkest days of late 1941 - between the British Empire, the United States and the Soviet Union - quickly began to show deep cracks. A few weeks after the release of the Long Telegram in February 1946, which would inspire the Truman Doctrine, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech in Fulton, Missouri. The speech called for an Anglo-American alliance against the Soviets, whom he accused of establishing an “iron curtain” from “Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic”. It was clear by 1947 that ideological difference had become intolerable and in September of that year the Soviets created Cominform, uniting the global communist movement while tightening political control over Soviet satellites.

Over the following decades a policy of containment would be pursued by the Western Bloc, usually led, and on occasion too far, by the United States. This, driven by the Domino Theory, that should one state fall it would collapse an entire region, led to a number of not-so-small proxy wars: the Malayan Emergency, Korea, Vietnam. On 13 August 1961, the Soviets erected a barbed wire Berlin Wall, something which would quickly grow in substance. Europe was divided, quite physically in two. When the Soviet Union went nuclear on 29 August 1949 the stakes of confrontation had risen exponentially, triggering an arms buildup on both sides; which, under Robert McNamara, settled into a state of Mutually Assured Destruction. European maps became the atomic battlefield and as crisis came thick and fast in the early 1960s the fate of life on our pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known, rested upon the cool minds of just a few men. Living at the gates of annihilation, they peered through and stepped back, time and again.

George Kennan, charge d'affaires in Moscow, sent his “long telegram” to Washington today in 1946, providing a basis for the 100%-effective, best foreign policy strategy in the history of mankind, containment

in case you have never been subject to an entire course in Cold War politics multiple times in your life like certain cupcakes, containment aimed at…containing the Soviet sphere of influence through economic and military means. which basically amounted to the United States forcing every citizen of every country that had ever talked to the Soviet Union at some point to own at least one item with the words “Coca-Cola” on it. oh yeah, and using this containment rationale we also deposed a bunch of leaders in favor of “Western-friendly” dictators that may or may not have gotten us into the situations we’re in today, enforced trade embargoes that further impoverished millions, fought the Vietnam War which I think we can all agree was well-advised, and, probably the most important, gave us a fall-to villain for all those international espionage films we all love.