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Loved your serpent Betty fic. Can you write something where Betty goes to see Jughead at the serpent bar and finds out her mother was a serpent from the older members. Which makes her a long lost serpent also she gets her own jacket to wear. Ending with Alice's reaction to Betty and Jughead in matching jackets?

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Betty asked, staring at the bright door that lead into the Southside bar.

“There my family Bets. If they don’t like you then they’re idiots and don’t deserve me or you.” Jughead said, gripping her small hand in his. Betty gave him a small smile and looked back at the door. “You ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Betty said, a determined look on his face. She started towards the door, pulling her boyfriend behind her by the hand.

He gave her a small chuckle before being pulled towards the blaring music. The door slammed shut once they were in the packed bar, all eyes turning to them. Betty was the first one to move, tugging at Jughead’s hand for both of them to move towards the pool table.

When she was walking back, she heard and caught on to some of the conversations some of the serpents were having with each other, but for the most part tried to ignore them.

“Is it her?”

“It can’t be.”

“She was pregnant when she left…”

“You don’t think…”

“Someone needs to ask her!”

“What if it is her?”

“Should we give it to her?”

Betty tried to ignore the serpents stares, but after a while she could feel them burning into her back. They reached the pool table, and when Jughead went for the wall to get ready, one of the largest serpents walked out of the crowd and stood in front of the petit blonde.

Jughead walked over and stood at her side. “Hey Viper! This is my girlfriend, Betty Cooper.” He said. When the Cooper name slipped out of his mouth, the whole bar gasped, mouths open.

“Betty Cooper huh?” Viper started, leather jacket tight around his shoulders. “Is there any chance your Alice’s girl?”

“Alice Cooper? Yeah, she’s my mom. Is that a problem?” Betty said, cracking her knuckles in fear.

Viper just laughed at the young girl, the rest of the bar joining in with him. Betty had a small smile on her face and looked around the bar with curiosity and confusion.

“She’s a Cooper! That means, she’s family.” Viper stated, placing one of his large hands on her shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze and shake.

Betty turned to Jughead, who had an equally confused look on his face. Betty turned back to Viper.

“What do you mean I’m family?” She asked, smile still on her face.

“Ah, old Ally never told you. She was a serpent. A pretty badass one too. She was super close with our own FP Jones.” he said, grabbing Jughead’s shoulder as well. Betty’s mouth was wide open as another serpent pushed a photo of her mom and FP when they were younger. She had a bright pink jacket wrapped around her shoulders, and FP had a matching black one.

She was about to start talking when Viper gave her something. The same pink jacket with the Southside Serpents logo on the back. It was her moms.

“Your a Cooper girl, a Jones girl, and now a serpent girl.” Viper said, pulling the pink jacket over Betty’s shoulders for her. Betty blushed and a huge smile was plastered onto her face. Jughead stood next to her in support, wearing her exact same jacket, but in black.

After a few more hours of pool, nachos, and storytelling, Jughead decided that it was time for them to head home. He tried to pry her pink jacket off of her back, but Betty refused.

“I think old Ally needs to see her old friend again. Don’t you Viper?” she said, a small smirk on her lips. Viper just nodded and kicked them both out of the bar.

When they finally got back from the bar, Betty turned to Jughead and told him that she needs to do it alone. He nodded and started to turn around, but stopped walking when Betty disappeared into the house.

He stood behind a tree, and started to leave after he heard Alice Cooper.

“Elizabeth Cooper…. TAKE THAT OFF NOW.”

Some Kagami love for study de-stress. Slight MadaTobi. Kagami is 13-14 here.


When Madara and his apprentice finishes training late, it makes sense for him to offer Kagami dinner and the spare room. This happens the next day, and the next. Until it becomes more intuitive to poke his head into the spare room than send a messenger cat off when trying to find his wayward apprentice.

He knew Kagami stayed with his cousins – he had lost his parents a long time ago, and clan members are duty-bound to adopt orphaned children. Madara also knew that Kagami was cordial, at best, with his adopted family.

Not that there was any bad blood, no. It’s hard to find anyone that dislikes Kagami. It’s just what it is; duty. And duty can be done without any deeper ties.

Madara doesn’t mind. Kagami is talkative, cheerful and eager to please. The latter is what really appeals to Madara. After years of Izuna’s affectionate insubordinance, a puppy kind of obedience makes him want to cackle with glee.

Even Izuna is happy to allow Kagami to slip into their tight knitted circle. Without hesitation, Izuna slid into the role of older-brother with an ebullience that surprises Madara.

A small part of Madara acknowledges that it’s probably because Izuna’s never had a chance to be a big brother to their own little brothers. It’s clear that Izuna enjoys making up for lost time.

Kagami is chūnin now; he works at the Police Station under Madara to clock in his community service hours, before finding Tobirama and helping him with his new band of genin. Then he usually meets up with Madara again, and they train together before crashing back home. It’s more efficient this way.

So he doesn’t really notice when extra clothes began accumulating in one of his guest rooms. Then books, and weapons. He doesn’t notice the extra pair of house slippers until he trips on them. And when he does trip over them, Madara only blinks his bleary eyes for a second, before barking at Kagami to put them at their proper place when he’s not using them.

He does notice that Kagami likes to hang out in the same room as Izuna and Madara. All three of them would do completely different things, but it never felt intrusive.

For someone who is lauded to be one of the most proficient users of the Sharingan, Madara can be pretty unobservant

There’s their household chore wheel. Normally divided in half, it disappeared one day, only to reappear divided into thirds with a new name written on it. It was also decorated with cat stickers in its new reincarnated form.

There’s his tendency to accept anything Kagami tries to hand him without looking.

One time, Kagami handed him a form instead of a police report.

“Sign, please? I want to open my own private bank account,” inform Kagami. “I’m technically still a child, since I’m under sixteen, so I need a supervisor’s signature.”

Sounds reasonable to Madara. He didn’t even blink twice before he signed the form for him.

If Madara had to peg the moment he started noticing, it would be when he realised that his lunch was edible. Actually, it was more than that. It was delicious.

“Huh.” Madara chews on his onigiri, pleasantly surprised. He offered some to Tobirama, who’s going through his own stack of papers across the expansive desk from him, to see if his tongue is playing tricks with him. Tobirama hums, and said it’s a lot better than what he usually packs.

Which is true. As siblings, Madara and Izuna can act as a study of opposites. Madara often  gets impatient and under-seasons his food. Izuna tends to get bored and starts experimenting.

No one comes out at the end of their lunch break a winner.

Then there’s the hospital incident, where Kagam broke arm badly and needed a cast on top of chakra healing. He couldn’t check out without his guardian filling in his discharge form, so a messenger was sent to Madara’s office.

When the receptionist told Madara this, he is absolutely baffled. “Guardian, as in parental guardian?” asks Madara.

“Yes, Uchiha-sama,” the receptionist replies. “He’s jotted you down as his parental guardian.”

“Huh.” Madara takes a moment for the news to register. Then he signs the discharge forms, before entering the room where Kagami sits to sort it all out.

As soon as he steps inside, Madara asks, “Do you want to be formally adopted into our family?”

“Yes!” Kagami blurts out, then flushes. “Ah, was that too desperate? I mean, yes, Shishou.” Kagami coughs and sits up straighter. “I’d very much like that.”

And it turns out, Kagami carries spare adoption papers in his flak jacket. Madara can’t help it. He chuckles before ruffling the boy’s already messy hair. “Don’t tell Izuna this,” Madara teases, “but you’re already my favourite.”


Izuna is lured in the kitchen by the delicious smell wafting from their wok. There Madara stands beside Kagami, Madara stirring the wok with his chopsticks while Kagami beside him throws in a handful of spices into the pan.

“Ooh,” Izuna sings. “That smells delicious! What’s the special occasion?”

Kagami turns around grinning. “I’m officially adopted into the family!”

Both of Izuna’s eyebrows rises up to his hairline. “You mean you weren’t before?”

“Nope,” confirms Kagami exuberantly.

Izuna laughs. “Really, brother? You adopt a stray kid by bringing him home, and you don’t even notice it until – when was it? I completely forgot. Kagami-chan, how long has it been now?”

“Four months,” informs Kagami. “Four awesome months.”

Madara grimaces. “Hush, you two. I’ve been busy, okay. And don’t look at me like that, Kagami.“

“Like what, Shishou?”

“Like there are stars trying to burst out of your eyes.” Madara narrows his eyes at him. “Like I’m your hero.”

“But you are my hero, my idol, my role model” defends Kagami. “Sensei told me it’s good to have a role model – and you’re everything I aspire to be in life. You’re even dating sensei!”

“What?” asks Madara.

“What?” asks Kagami, all doe eyes and innocence.

“Holy shit,” Madara mouths without sound.

“Rude. I am right here, you know,” Izuna reminds them. He levels a chopstick towards Kagami. “I’m much better role model material. Brother only wishes to be half as charismatic as I am, and it wouldn’t have taken me a gazillion years to notice that I’ve been dating Tobirama for these past couple of weeks.”

Madara is  mumbling quietly. “All those times we had dinner, and lunch, and the walks, and after work drinks – Tobirama and I have been dating and I haven’t noticed? How am I still alive? How has Tobirama not killed me yet?”

Helpful as ever, Kagami is elated to answer. “Oh! There’s a betting pool as to how long it’ll take you to realise and sensei himself even has money for – uh, I mean–” Kagami cuts off abruptly at Izuna’s rapid throat cutting motions, “–oh no! I think our stir fry’s burning! Better stir it very vigorously, Shishou–”

Madara flicks Kagami on the back of his head, because his apprentice is as transparent as glass. Izuna snickers madly while Kagami squawks. “Nice try. Izuna, you are such a bad influence. And you, Kagami, you’re telling me all about this betting pool after we finish. And Tobirama’s too old for you. Find someone younger to crush on.”

Kagami pokes his tongue out at him, and Madara rolls his eyes.

Now that he notices how easily Kagami fits into his family, he can’t help but smile. He could get used to this.

EXO Wolf: Reaction to them finding their long lost sister, but she is injured and is a member of a cruel pack

Xiumin: *thoughts* ‘ whoever hurts my sister will die.’

Originally posted by daenso

Luhan: “Who you’re the pack who gave my sister all of those bruises on her arms and legs. Look at the sky, because it will be the last time you’ll see it”

Originally posted by minniedeer

You (His sister): “Hey Kris! Why are your hands so bloody?”
“Nothing you need to worry about. Let’s just say your old pack won’t bother you anymore” 

Originally posted by wuyifanet

Suho: “Hey sis, let me take care of your cuts. Thank god I found you. You’re safe with me now” 

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Lay: *on his birthday, a few months after the incident* “I wish for my pack members to be healthy and well and my sister to stay by unharmed and healthy”

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Baekhyun: “So you’re the alpha who tortured my sister. Prepare to see me often” 

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Chen: *The alpha from the other pack begged chen to stop torturing him* 
“no can do. You tortured my sister, so I’m just doing what you did to my sister. Not so pleasant is it?”

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Chanyeol: *keep a close watch you * 
You: “Chanyeol, I’m fine now”
“I don’t want to lose you again” 

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

D.O: “You’re safe here. Don’t worry about anything. Are you hungry? Let me make you some food. What do you want to eat?”

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Tao: “I can’t believe you’re here with me.  I thought I lost you” 

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Kai: “I missed so much. Let’s restart our memories together, sis” 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Sehun: “Now that I got the pack that you were in out of the way, want to get something to eat?”

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New Hubble mosaic of the Orion Nebula

In the search for rogue planets and failed stars astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have created a new mosaic image of the Orion Nebula. During their survey of the famous star formation region, they found what may be the missing piece of a cosmic puzzle; the third, long-lost member of a star system that had broken apart.

The Orion Nebula is the closest star formation region to Earth, only 1400 light-years away. It is a turbulent place – stars are being born, planetary systems are forming and the radiation unleashed by young massive stars is carving cavities in the nebula and disrupting the growth of smaller, nearby stars.

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markson are the head of the choi youngjae protection squad tbh (ilysm!!!)

Hello, dear!

It’s honestly so true! The way they jumped to Youngjae’s defense over Bambam’s teasing was just so important and precious, and it makes me feel so warm inside to see them looking out for him and protecting him so much! They always have such a habit of looking out of him, and protecting him, and making him happy anyway, and they’re just so supportive and encouraging and adoring of him and everything that he does that it’s honestly beautiful!

I mean, from supporting his English… ( x )

[GIF by poutychoi]

A video posted by Lily (@mark2young2jae) on Aug 14, 2016 at 11:16pm PDT

to reinforcing how handsome he is… ( x )

[GIF by defwang]

and how cute… ( x )

[GIF by jypnior]

to looking out for him…

[GIF by tuanpumpkins]

(Jackson comforting Youngjae at Fly in Seoul)

and showing their love for him (even when he’s not there)…

Markson really are such champions at taking care of our Sunshine and protecting and supporting him against all the evils of the world like cucumbers… most of the time, haha! They really are amazing leaders in the Choi Youngjae Protection Squad!!!

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[GIFs by poutychoi]

4 Dinners and A Funeral

Written by: @historywriter2007

The prompt I had was: Prompt 49: Haymitch has died and Katniss and Peeta , who are just acquaintances, have to drive across the country together to take his ashes to where he wanted them scattered. Haymitch may appear at times during the journey in spirit form. [submitted by Anonymous]

As I started to write I found this was going to take a lot longer than I thought to do the prompt justice.  Here is part one, I will have 2-3 more, but never fear I have it all mapped out and I am going to actually have time to work on it so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. 

Summary: Katniss just lost the last family member she had left, and now he is sending her on a journey to discover her past. To top he asked she take his handsome neighbor, Peeta, with her. Along the way they both find out they must face their past to have a future. 

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How is Harry a Slytherin?

To me the biggest slytherin trait Harry has is ambition, and he has it in bucketfuls! He wanted to be a singer and he made that happen! Most famous boybander on the planet! Then he decided to focus on being an actor, and you know what? His first role is in a frickin Nolan film. He goes big because he wants it. And I know no one ever wants to say it but to get to Harry’s position I feel like there had to be an element of cunningness. You don’t just become the long lost Azoff family member by accident (this is also where the resourcefulness comes in). You can’t tell me he didn’t meet the Azoffs and see the golden opportunity that had presented itself. Also a trait that is never really talked about in slytherins is the utter loyalty to those they consider family, which Harry has; to both his real family and his 1D family. One of the reasons I believe Harry disliked Zayn after he left is because he did just that! He left the brotherhood. Bitch betrayed them all.

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I'm currently running a 5e campaign for 4 of my friends. We are about 4 sessions in and a fifth person wants to join in. The party is currently heading to a city that two party members (twin tabaxi's) belong to the ruling family. The issue arises because the new character is prejudice toward tabaxi and would not look for his long lost son (another party member) on a road or city controlled by the tabaxi. They are still 3-4 days out and I was hoping you had a clever idea or two of how to add him.

This is cool, here are some ideas.

The road he needs to be on was taken over by bandits/other people for a short time. By the time the player walks through it, its back under the Tabaxi’s control.

He was captured, tricked, or forced into traveling on the road.

He gets lost taking a non Tabaxi road.

He gets some intel that his son is in the town.

He knows someone who is looking to raze the city, or cause chaos in it. He needs someone to plant bombs, leave notes, or some lesser evil chaotic stuff etc. to cause trouble.

Someone wants to pay him to grab intel, or steal from one of the twins/the twins workers. 

His gransfathers [special, loved item] was stolen by the damn Tabaxi and he wants it back.

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"I'd ask you to stay, but I don't like you" for hoperai, please? ✨

royal!AU tag

Back when she’d been in the Corps, struggling to survive, Lightning had never really given much thought to history or relations with other kingdoms. Not only was that the old royal family’s business to worry about, but it was Serah’s department as a future teacher.

Now, Lightning wished that she could take a slice of that knowledge, just on the off chance it would get Sazh off her back.

“Seriously, have you even looked at those documents I’ve been givin’ you? At all? Even just a stern glance?”

“I’ve been busy,” Lightning muttered, which wasn’t too far from the truth - she’d just been busy avoiding any thought of diplomatic relations at her introduction ball. She hadn’t been the crown princess of the kingdom of Eden for too long and had mostly avoided the public eye. This ball would be her first real moment in the spotlight.

Which was why she was busy being terrified.

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trail. | jungkook

admin: (a long lost) pika(chu)
member: jungkook / jeon jungkook x fem!reader
genre: fluff / barely any angst; (suggested) boy next door!au
word count: 872
prompt: “i’m serious, my eyes surely say ‘i like you’.” + summer vibes!

Originally posted by nnochu

There’s a quiet lulling to the world dipped in blue he found himself padding along in, cream colored sandals following closely behind another pair along the normally white boardwalk, now dyed a soft baby blue by the dulled evening. The ocean is but a faint strip of navy painted above the sandy shoreline, and teasing currents of humid air brush against his loose t-shirt, as if teasingly tugging at it and pulling him a little more forward, a little nearer to the girl in front of him.

He tries his best to fight them, shaking the clumps of chocolate brown hair that intrude his view and cling onto his face aside with a furrow of his brows and keeping his pace steady, following each space between the perfectly fitted boards. There’s something in him, however, that feels a little different - maybe it’s because the noisy chirping of those crickets he tried to imitate earlier made her laugh a little and shake her head at his nonsense. He wants her to turn back around again, to give him that tiny quirk of her pretty lips and let him see how her eyes glow in the dim atmosphere like the fireflies that were beginning to awake, one by one.

It’s that dumb feeling again, the one where he can’t seem to stop looking at her back like a lovesick puppy because he’s too afraid to do so when her eyes meet his. 

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Bloody Royal Fingerprints AU

Character A is a bit of a criminal, in both their eyes and the eyes of the police. They take pride in the work they do as it’s all they’ve ever known, but through a few hiccups on their part, they accidentally leave their DNA at the scene of their most recent crime. The police are thrilled to have found those few drops of blood on the ground but are stunned when forensic analysis proves that Character A is a member of the long-lost royal bloodline. 

The heir has finally been found.


A/N: Well I mentioned that I’ve written some stuff for an AU I spoke of the other day (about a five-year-old Mabel being an only survivor in an accident with her parents and Dipper, and Stan taking her in). At this point I think I’ve decided to call this the (Grunkle) Guardian AU (with or without the grunkle part I can’t decide asfds). But, anyways - I decided to add-on and polish up one of my little drabbles I wrote over the AU. :’)

Characters: Mabel Pines, Stanley Pines

Word Count: 734

Summary: After Mabel wakes up suddenly from a nightmare, she approaches and wakes up a sleepy and grumpy Grunkle Stan. Some interaction/fluff ensues.

Suddenly, Stan found himself waking up to the soft calls of his name.

“…Great Uncle Stan?” Mabel whispered with concern as she lightly shook him.

He groaned, slowly rolling over onto his back. He turned his head to face his grandniece with weary eyes.

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 9

Hi, hello, bonjour :) 

 Part 9 

 Please, note that I am French so there might me some mistakes here and there. 

 Please, let me know what you think :) Enjoy ! 

 (Taking place in 2x19) 

Originally posted by psychoticblood

Elijah is back, Bonnie is still alive.

 You woke up feeling terrible. You stayed in bed for a while, thinking about Bonnie. You’d been struggling with everything lately but this time you knew what you had to do. You weren’t confused anymore. You got out of your bed, took a shower and left for Elena’s house without even eating breakfast. 

You pulled over in front of the house and that’s when you saw him at the front door. You got out of your car and rushed over the entry. 

“Elijah?” The vampire turns around, surprised to see you. He looks terrible. His suit looked like it had been set on fire and he was covered in dirt. 

“What are you doing here Y/N?” Elena ask in a whisper. 

 You frown. She signs to make very little noise, you figure it’s because nor Stefan nor Damon knew what she had done. 

 "I’ve been struggling about the fact that Elijah was laying dead in your basement for a while but now that Bonnie is dead, and I am pretty sure that if you hadn’t killed Elijah that wouldn’t have happened, I came to take the dagger out but, it looks like you beat me to it.“ You say looking at her. You weren’t angry. You were just determined. You see the dagger in Elijah’s hand. 

"Are you okay?” You look up at him with a worried look “You look awful… What did you do to him?” The last question was meant for Elena, though you were pretty sure she wasn’t the one who had tried to set him on fire. 

“Not here.” Elena says before stepping out. She closes the door without making any noise. 

“Can you drive us?” She asks you. You nod yes. 

You looked up at Elijah who was looking at you. You give a look that showed him you were worried and sorry. You all get in your car, Elijah in the passenger seat. You start the car and start driving away. 

Elena gives blood bags to Elijah who was still looking at you. You tried not to blush but you failed. Elijah starts drinking the blood and when you pull over 10 minutes later he looked a little better. 

“You look better.” You tell him after stopping the car. 

He looks at you for a moment before turning towards Elena. “Where did you get the dagger?” He asks. 

“I’ll tell you everything, but we have to work together, Elijah, I need your word” At this point you didn’t really cared what would happen. 

 "Your ability to make demands has long passed" 

“No demands” she says. “I’m offering you my help, and in return I want yours.”

 "And why should I even consider this?“

 "The same reason that you haven’t killed me. You need my help to kill Klaus and I need you.” Elena’s phone starts buzzing. She picks up, you figure it’s Stefan. “Yes, I’m fine" 

 Elijah has turn his attention back to you. 

 "I’m really sorry” you apologize 

“What are you sorry about?” He asks “Were you part of the plan to kill me?” You shake your head no but you were feeling ashamed you didn’t help him earlier. 

“Then you have nothing to be sorry about” he says. You look up at him but his attention was back on Elena. “No, Stefan. Elijah and I need some time alone. And Y/N is with me.” - “Elijah is a noble man, Stefan” she says, looking at the Original vampire but he was looking at you once again. You were looking at Elena and you were pretty sure you were blushing again. "I can trust him. He knows that I’d be incredibly stupid to betray him again. By removing the dagger I have proven myself. Make sure that Damon doesn’t do anything stupid. I’ll be in touch" 

Elijah takes Elena’s phone from her. 

“He’s here” Elena says. 

“Klaus is here? Is he the one who killed you witch friend?” He asks looking at you. 

 You opened your mouth to answer when Elena spoke up. 

“Bonnie’s alive” she says 

“What?!” You say very loudly 

 "We had to convince Klaus that she was dead.“ You don’t say a thing, trying to let go of the anger that was taking over you. You take a deep breath, trying to stay calm. 

"He’s taken over Alaric’s body.” She continues like your feelings don’t matter.

 "Of course he has. One of his favorite tricks.“ 

"Well, what are his other tricks ?” Elena asks next. “What is he gonna do next? You’re the only one who knows him." 

"Yes, I do” he says, staring at nothing. He sighs “I need a change of clothing” he states. 

“My stepfather has some fancy suits you can borrow” you say. “If it isn’t too much trouble.” You don’t answer, feeling numb. Bonnie was alive. This was such a relief. You start the car and drive away. 

The three of you sat down in your living room after Elijah had changed his clothes. The suit wasn’t fitting perfectly but it would do fine. 

“You have a lovely home” Elijah says, looking around. You’re home was much like the Gilbert’s. It was a bit, too big for just your stepfather and yourself but you weren’t complaining. 

“Thank you” you answer timidly. 

“So I assume that the Martin witches are no longer with us?" 

"No, I’m sorry” Elena says 

“And Katerina? She would have been released from my compulsion when I died" 

"She was” you say.

“Klaus took her” Elena completes your answer. That was news to you. 

“We think that she might be dead” Elijah grins “I doubt that. Not Klaus’s style. Death would be too easy for her after what she did." 

"I don’t understand. You say that you want Klaus dead but you still made Katherine pay for betraying him." 

"I have my own reasons for wanting Katerina to pay… There was a time, I would’ve done anything for Klaus. Klaus is my brother" 

You were shocked. As was Elena. 


 "Klaus is my brother" 

"Yes I heard I’m… Processing” she says 

“Yes, I’m a little behind on the times but I believe the term you’re searching for is OMG" 

This makes you laugh. Yes, that was definitely the term. 

Elijah moves his head to look at you, hearing you laugh. "There’s a whole family of Originals?” Elena asks. Elijah turns his attention back to the Gilbert girl 

“My father was a wealthy landowner in a village in Eastern Europe, our mother bore seven children.” You listen to him closely. 

“So your parents were human?” Elena asks 

“Our whole family was. Our origins as vampires is a very long story. Just know, we’re the oldest vampires in the world. We are the Originals family and from us, all vampire were created." 

Elena is confused  and so are you "Right, but Klaus is your brother. And you want him dead?" 

 "I need some air, I’m still feeling a tad… Dead. Come." 

You appreciate his sense of humor and smile at his comment. You follow him outside. 

"So as you’ve seen, nothing can kill an Original. Not sun, not fire, not even a werewolf bite. Only the wood from one tree. A tree my family made sure burned." 

"That’s where the white ash for the dagger comes from” you say. 

“Yes. The witches won’t allow anything truly immortal to walk the Earth. Every creature needs to have a weakness in order to maintain balance." 

"So if the sun can’t kill an Original… Why is Klaus so obsessed with breaking the Sun and the Moon curse." 

"Right. The Curse of the Sun and the Moon." 

You stop and Elijah notices it, stopping to look at you. 

"It’s fake.” You say. 

Elijah raises an eyebrow. 

“Just the name of the curse sounds… Ridiculous… It’s a fake, isn’t it?” You ask him 

He grins “Alaric was right. You are one brilliant young woman." 

 You shrug and smile "I try" 

"It does sound a bit… Biblical doesn’t it?" 

"But why?” Elena ask 

“The easiest way to discover the existence of a doppelgänger or to get your hands on some long-lost moonstone is to have every single member of two warring species on the lookout for it." 

"That’s really smart” you say, you didn’t realize you were saying it out loud.

 "Klaus and I faked the Sun and the Moon Curse dating back over a thousand years.“ 

"But if there is no curse…” Elena starts to say but he cuts her off 

“There is a curse. Just not that one. The real one is much worse. It’s a curse placed on Klaus." 

"What are you talking about” Elena was getting impatient. 

“Klaus has been trying to break it the last thousand years and you are his only hope." 

"Well… What is this curse?” She finally asks. 

Elijah gets annoyed “Your phone will not stop its incessant buzzing. Answer it please.” He hands her phone back to her. It was Stefan. Something bad had happened. 

“What’s going on?” You ask her

“Klaus went after Jenna. I have to go to her.”

“I’m afraid that wasn’t part of today’s arrangement." 

"She’s my family, Elijah, I have to ! I’ll be back” he stares at her “you have my word" 

"That does mean anything to me until you live up to it” She thanks him and goes away. 

“Looks like it’s just you and I now” he smiles down at you. 

 "She’ll be back" you assure him. 

“We’ll see…” “It seems you have find a friend in Elena after all…" 

You look away and sigh. "Not really… Bonnie kept involving me and I had to meet Elena at some point. They’re best friends…” You take a deep breath. Bonnie was alive and no one told you. If you had feelings, you would be angry right now. You would be feeling left out. You wondered where she was and if she was safe. 

“What are you thinking about?” He asks, looking at the sky. 

You sigh. “Bonnie…" 

"I see…” He sits down on a bench near the water. You’re hesitant at first but you finally decide to go sit next to him. 

“Did it hurt?” You ask 

“Excuse me?” He doesn’t understand the question. 

“The dagger… Dying… Did it hurt?” He looks at you, curious. Then he looks up at the sky. What was so interesting about today’s sky?

“Yes” You stay silent for a while.

“Can you feel anything? When you’re… Dead” you shake your head and feel really stupid at this moment. 

“No. It only hurts when I get stabbed and when I come back.” He says 

You sigh. “I’m sorry…” You say 

“I told you had nothing to be sorry about." 

You sigh. "When I heard you were dead I didn’t know what to think. My life is so confusing since the day I met you, I can’t figure out what’s right and what’s wrong.” You don’t know why you’re telling him all this. You feel his eyes on you. You both stay quiet for a while before he breaks the silence. 

“Where are you parents?” The question surprises you. 

“My parents? Why?” “It’s pure curiosity. You are very interesting for a human, no offense" 

You laugh and shake your head. "Are you kidding? You’re over a thousand years old! Compare to you I’m nothing, my life is not interesting at all, I’m afraid I’ll just bore you" 

"I doubt that is true.” He says. You lock your eyes with his for you don’t know how long before you start staring down at your feet again. 

“My mother died 2 years ago. Cancer” you say. He stays silent for a minute. “And your father?” You look up at him. 

“My father is in jail” you say. This surprises him. 

 "What did he do to end up there, may I ask" 

You look up at him again before deciding that the grass was more interesting than his eyes, 

“My stepfather’s a business man. He married my mother when I was 13" 

He doesn’t push, doesn’t ask again. "Is Elena gonna die?” You ask him.

 "Probably, yes.“ "Does that bother you?" 

You frown. Of course it does! 

 "Doesn’t it bother you?” You ask him. He looks at you with wild eyes, dazzled.

 "You are not afraid of me…“ That’s more of a statement than a question.

 "Should I be?” He shakes his head no. 

“You said you came to resurrect me. What were you expecting me to do?" 

You frown. 

"I wasn’t expecting anything. I told you I have been confused for a while. I considered pulling the dagger out everyday since I had learnt of your condition but I don’t think I would’ve been able to snick in a house where two vampires with super hearing lived without being discovered. Bonnie was dead and I didn’t think she was coming back. It wasn’t fair for you to stay dead. It was rather selfish really, you never did me any wrong but Damon would have been really pissed at me… Elena wants your help. If she didn’t need it you’d still be dead. I don’t want anything from you, I just wanted you to live…" 

He’s astonished by your statement. You just wanted to help him out of the goodness of your heart. 

 "You are a very interesting person Miss Y/LN” he says before standing up. “Let’s go back inside shall we?" 

It was getting dark when Elena joined you back at your home. "Tell me” is the first thing she says, “what is Klaus’s curse” She looked angry and impatient.

 "Please" he ask her to seat with a movement of hand. 

“You know my family was quite close. But Klaus and my father did not get on too well. When we became vampires, we discovered the truth. Klaus was not my father’s son. My mother had been unfaithful many years before. This was her darkest secret. Klaus was from a different bloodline. Of course when my father discovered this he hunted down and he killed my mother’s lover and his entire family." 

Your eyes grew bigger, that was a horror story! 

"Not realizing, of course, that he was igniting a war between species that rages until this day" 

That’s when you understand "Klaus biological’ father was a werewolf…” You say 


"What does that make Klaus? A werewolf or a vampire ?” Elena asks. 

“He’s both. A hybrid will be deadlier than any werewolf or vampire. Nature would not stand for such an imbalance of power. Therefore the witches, the servants of nature, saw to it that my brother’s werewolf side would become dormant." 

You were astounded by this statement. 

"That’s the curse Klaus wants to break?" 

"He wants to trigger that part of him that’s werewolf. If allowed, Klaus would side his own bloodline. He’d build his own race, endangering not just vampires but everyone." 

"But you helped him" 

"I helped him because I loved him. That’s change now. He must die" 

You look up at him with sad eyes.

 "We have the dagger now, we can stop him. 

"When a werewolf is wounded by silver it heals. An Original can’t be killed by anything but white oak ash on a silver dagger. The dagger does not work." 

"What are you saying, that Klaus can’t be killed?" 

"There’s one way to kill any supernatural species. At the hands of the servants of the nature themselves." 

"A witch. If they can channel that much power.” Elena sighs. “But it would kill them" 

"The curse must be broken during the full moon when Klaus is in transition. That’s when he’ll be at his most vulnerable. A witch with enough power can kill Klaus." 

"Bonnie can channel that much power” Elena informs Elijah. 

“Then I must tell you something. I know a way you can survive the ritual.” “You found a way?" 

"Yes, Elena, I did. Unfortunately, Katerina took matter into her own hands but you know that already…" 

"You cared about her, didn’t you?” You say, standing up. He turns towards you and his eyes fall into yours 

“It’s a common mistake, I’m told”, he keeps silent, looking down at you, but then he looks away, “it’s one I won’t make again” and then he leaves your house followed by Elena. 

She texts you an hour later, telling you that she and Elijah had renewed their deal. Bonnie and she would be safe. You only reply to tell Bonnie you’re glad she’s alive. Today had been interesting and very intense. Bonnie wasn’t dead, Elijah was back, you know the truth about the curse and a very good plan had been set in motion to kill Klaus without killing Elena and Bonnie. This day was ending better than the last.

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I AM SO HAPPY RN!! the Rivamika ship isn't necessarily sailing but it iSNT SINKING EITHER (as of right now) haters can kissssss me sweet ass if they try to bring up the "iTs InCEsT" bs

I’m very glad Isayama decided to clarify that. I always knew they weren’t closely related due to the fact that they were both an only child, so they couldn’t have been uncle/niece like so many believed, or siblings. Plus, the way grandpa Ackerman spoke of them as a branched off family made it even more obvious they weren’t close, but at least we have proof for the people who aren’t easily persuaded. 

I do find it curious how Isayama made sure to confirm they were very distantly related though. If he wanted to, he could have made it so Mikasa’s father, Kenny and Kuchel were all siblings, or had him directly linked in some way to grandpa Ackerman or something, but he decided to split the line generations earlier. It’s actually very likely they’re even further apart than 3rd cousins like many of us assumed. Really, I think the Ackerman power is the only important part here so Isayama probably didn’t want to pull the “Oho I’m your long lost brother” trope. Or he wants the last remaining members of a near-extinct bloodline to repopulate the world with Ackerman’s and that’s why he made sure they were distantly related. Pretty convenient how there’s only one man and one woman remaining too when you think about it. HMMM

"The Cube Family"
  • According to Straub, Dfield, Poke, TYBZI, and Hbomb!
  • Dfield: Dad
  • TYBZI: Mom
  • Pokediger1: That One Kid
  • Toffuugaming: The Dog
  • StrauberryJam: 20 Yr Old That Still Acts Like A Kid
  • heyimbee: Crazy Aunt
  • DevonDoesGames: Artsy Cousin
  • KermitPlaysMC: Cool Uncle
  • TheCampingRusher: The Rich Cousin
  • Graser10: The Grandpa
  • Hbomb94: Grandpa? Weird Uncle?
  • Parker_games: Funny Uncle
  • Huahwi: Long lost family member... that got lost again.
  • JWingWangWong: Guy who takes pics of everyone and of everyone.
  • Grapeapplesauce: The Mechanic
  • Noboom: The Innocent Cousin
  • MrMitch361: The Guy Who Ruins the Surprises
  • Kiingtong: The Guy with the Accent
  • ChildDolphin: The Hippy Uncle
  • Stacyplays: The Nanny
  • 8BitHomo: The Sassy Family Member
  • Echoinck: Sporty Guy
  • DulJuice: The Wise Aunt
  • PatClone: Computer Wiz
  • xBayani: Tattoo Artist