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markson are the head of the choi youngjae protection squad tbh (ilysm!!!)

Hello, dear!

It’s honestly so true! The way they jumped to Youngjae’s defense over Bambam’s teasing was just so important and precious, and it makes me feel so warm inside to see them looking out for him and protecting him so much! They always have such a habit of looking out of him, and protecting him, and making him happy anyway, and they’re just so supportive and encouraging and adoring of him and everything that he does that it’s honestly beautiful!

I mean, from supporting his English… ( x )

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to reinforcing how handsome he is… ( x )

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and how cute… ( x )

[GIF by jypnior]

to looking out for him…

[GIF by tuanpumpkins]

(Jackson comforting Youngjae at Fly in Seoul)

and showing their love for him (even when he’s not there)…

Markson really are such champions at taking care of our Sunshine and protecting and supporting him against all the evils of the world like cucumbers… most of the time, haha! They really are amazing leaders in the Choi Youngjae Protection Squad!!!

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MONSTA X Reaction: To you coming home with a puppy

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He’d be so confused, Hyunwoo would ask you where you find the smol cute puppy you were holding. When hours pass, i can see him getting closer to it and would end up taking it out, bring it with him when he goes to meetings or practice. He’d love the puppy so much because he’s one himself as well.


He expected you coming home with ramen but you ended up bringing a cute puppy to your guys house. Hoseok would stare at it and would be confused and curious of where you found the cute puppy. I can see him playing around with it and caring for it as if it’s his child.


He looks like a puppy himself, you know, so it won’t be a big deal. Minhyuk would directly run up to you and take the puppy from you, telling the members he has found his long lost twin. I can see him buying clothes, food, toys and much more for the puppy, the puppy would literally be spoiled by him.


I guess Kihyun wouldn’t really like the idea of you bringing home a puppy you found on the street, he’s MONSTA X’s mom and wouldn’t want anyone to get sick or something. He’d ask you things about the puppy and if you don’t answer his questions, Kihyun would check it for himself. If the puppy is healthy, he’d keep it, why not?


I can see Hyungwon complaining a bit, since he sleeps a lot, he doesn’t like being bothered while sleeping. He ended up loving the puppy, since it made you happy, he agreed adopting the puppy. Hyungwon would even sleep next to the puppy and take selfies to make you jealous when you’re away.


Like Minhyuk, he’d spoil the cute puppy and tell everyone about it that you found a puppy and brought it home to raise it. The two of you love puppies so much, you and Jooheon decided to adopt another one. He’d take selfies with them, even make their own IG account so the fans love the puppies as well. I can see Jooheon even making a rap about how much he loves ‘his children’.


Changkyun, he’d be jealous instead of loving the cute smol puppy you brought with you.  He’d be looking at it like he wanted to fight with it and the reason is because he didn’t wanted to be replaced by the puppy, you looked at it so lovingly and it really showed that you wanted to keep it. It took a bit of time when he agreed on adopting the puppy.

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How is Harry a Slytherin?

To me the biggest slytherin trait Harry has is ambition, and he has it in bucketfuls! He wanted to be a singer and he made that happen! Most famous boybander on the planet! Then he decided to focus on being an actor, and you know what? His first role is in a frickin Nolan film. He goes big because he wants it. And I know no one ever wants to say it but to get to Harry’s position I feel like there had to be an element of cunningness. You don’t just become the long lost Azoff family member by accident (this is also where the resourcefulness comes in). You can’t tell me he didn’t meet the Azoffs and see the golden opportunity that had presented itself. Also a trait that is never really talked about in slytherins is the utter loyalty to those they consider family, which Harry has; to both his real family and his 1D family. One of the reasons I believe Harry disliked Zayn after he left is because he did just that! He left the brotherhood. Bitch betrayed them all.

Bloody Royal Fingerprints AU

Character A is a bit of a criminal, in both their eyes and the eyes of the police. They take pride in the work they do as it’s all they’ve ever known, but through a few hiccups on their part, they accidentally leave their DNA at the scene of their most recent crime. The police are thrilled to have found those few drops of blood on the ground but are stunned when forensic analysis proves that Character A is a member of the long-lost royal bloodline. 

The heir has finally been found.

DO NOT REPOST OR ALTER. Original linework. Characters belong to Hiro Mashima.


I want Natsu to want to love Zeref. To be really conflicted and tortured by the fact that he has a brother which should be WONDERFUL but isn’t. I want Natsu to want to be happy about the discovery, to wish he could indulge in the sheer joy that should come with discovering a long lost family member. (Remembering that it would also be really confusing. Zeref’s just this random guy suddenly calling himself family)

But the concept of a brother. I think that should make Natsu reel. He’s a pretty basic person, likes to jump cleanly from A to B. (Example: Lucy trusts Brandish = so does Natsu). To him, I’m sure ‘brother’ has always meant ‘someone you love’. Simple as that. So I want Natsu to be furious with Zeref, incensed by his betrayal and enraged at the unfairness of it all…but also to crave to love him unconditionally. And in the end he’s just totally confused. There’s a paradox for Natsu in that Zeref’s actions are unforgivable, but he’s family. 

And family means everything to Natsu.

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"The Cube Family"
  • According to Straub, Dfield, Poke, TYBZI, and Hbomb!
  • Dfield: Dad
  • TYBZI: Mom
  • Pokediger1: That One Kid
  • Toffuugaming: The Dog
  • StrauberryJam: 20 Yr Old That Still Acts Like A Kid
  • heyimbee: Crazy Aunt
  • DevonDoesGames: Artsy Cousin
  • KermitPlaysMC: Cool Uncle
  • TheCampingRusher: The Rich Cousin
  • Graser10: The Grandpa
  • Hbomb94: Grandpa? Weird Uncle?
  • Parker_games: Funny Uncle
  • Huahwi: Long lost family member... that got lost again.
  • JWingWangWong: Guy who takes pics of everyone and of everyone.
  • Grapeapplesauce: The Mechanic
  • Noboom: The Innocent Cousin
  • MrMitch361: The Guy Who Ruins the Surprises
  • Kiingtong: The Guy with the Accent
  • ChildDolphin: The Hippy Uncle
  • Stacyplays: The Nanny
  • 8BitHomo: The Sassy Family Member
  • Echoinck: Sporty Guy
  • DulJuice: The Wise Aunt
  • PatClone: Computer Wiz
  • xBayani: Tattoo Artist
Okay, so, you know the trope...

…Where The Hero falls in love with a member of a hivemind? Usually while that person is separated from it, and so is temporarily an individual? And then when they return to the Hive, The Hero has to either mercy kill them or reminds them of their love and the person breaks free?

You know what would be even better than that? If, upon their return, and their thoughts and emotions being absorbed into the Hive, the whole Hive fell in love with The Hero.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Now wherever The Hero goes, random members of the Hive greet them like a long-lost lover, pick up the conversations they’d left off when a call got cut off, tell them they got them presents, but The Hero has to go somewhere else to pick it up from some other member of the Hive. Maybe the Hive sometimes loses track of which member is in which place, and somebody really far away winds up making The Hero their welcome home dinner (oops!) And of course The Hero might have to deal with members of the Hive of wildly different a appearances and genders, so pansexual!Hero, anyone? 

I just suddenly really want a romantic comedy about a Hero and a Hivemind in love. Maybe in webcomic form. 

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I've been in Cry's fandom since the very beginning, though then I disappeared for a couple of years and now I have no idea what's going on. What's "The Big Fandom Split" you're talking about, if you don't mind filling me in.

hey @annemayfair mind helping me with old cry lore (or anyone else)

If I remember rightly, there was increasing hate for anyone perceived to be in contact or closer to cry than others and a ton of drama around that

There were proper dumb cliques going on as well, and it got to the point where cry attempted to make a new tag that wasn’t increasingly awful

He p much failed? Then his partner is awful, the late night crew lost a long time member because she bullied them into leaving, then red left after she broke up with russ….

Then he didn’t do youtube stuff as regular so I also dropped off it! So if anything happened after all that dumb stuff, I don’t know it.

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A Pokemon AU where Lloyd takes on the PKMN League challenge and Kratos is secretly a member of the Elite 4 and Lloyd's long lost father who seems to appear whenever [evil team organization] is around. They both have very different styles of battling and therefore Lloyd, being the inexperienced trainer that he is, is often criticized by Kratos but inevitably serves as a mentor figure for him as they battle alongside each other against aforementioned evil organization’s grunts. 1/3

It’s also revealed later that Mithos is the champion of the Pokemon League as well as evil organization’s leader & Kratos knows & helps him for the sake of maintaining peace in the region. I guess Mithos’s plot would be a mashup of BW and XY where the organization protests about Pokemon equality when Mithos is secretly just wanting to control the world and maybe even wanting to destroy it to start a brand new, more beautiful one. 2/3

Honestly I just want to see 1) an evil Pokemon champion for once; 2) the protag finding out their parent is actually a badass trainer & these 2 would be perfect to fulfill both things. 3/3 

((Oh man I love this AU idea - 10/10 I would love for this to exist))

“Caleb!” Norman shouted at the top of his lungs. Slamming the car door shut so hard he was surprised the window didn’t break. Yes. He drove. He shouldn’t be driving but he had no choice. Mother was missing. He hadn’t seen her all day. She was gone before he got up, not answering her phone. It was going straight to voicemail and her car was still there. This wasn’t right. No one at the motel had seen her. He thought about calling the cops but he had a pretty good idea where she was. Which led him to where he was now. At Dylan’s farm where he was hiding this low life long lost family member. “Caleb!!” He shouted storming towards the cabin. He knew he had something to do with it. He knew that he had seen her. Ever since they had their little moment and that family dinner he had been lurking. “I know you’re here?” He banged on the door as loud as he could. “Where is she!? I know you have her!”

He slammed his fist against the door but either someone wasn’t there or they weren’t answering quick enough. He was losing his head. Anger and worry fogged his brain. He could only imagine what was happening right now if he did in fact have her. He gave a frustrated growl and grabbed a piece of firewood. Throwing it as hard as he could through the nearest window. The sound of broken glass shattering rang through the area. “Caleb! Give her back!”

Us at dinner today...
  • Sirius didn't realise that hot dogs weren't made from dog...
  • Sirius: Oooh, this is delicious. What is it?
  • Remus: It's a hot dog.
  • Sirius: I know I'm a hot dog, but what's it called?
  • Peter: The food is called a hot dog, idiot.
  • Sirius: ....
  • James: Don't look at us like that.
  • Sirius: It's not made with real dog is it?
  • Remus: Really, Sirius?
  • Sirius: That could be a long lost family member!
  • Remus, James and Peter: ....
  • Sirius: ...
  • Sirius: On second thoughts, I have no guilt. I'll eat the whole lot!