Pokemon Art Academy PART 30
  • < ><b>Barry:</b> My god, we're gonna hit the timer.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Oh my god, we're about to hit it. This is the first time in Game Grumps history the timer has reached its max limit on the show.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Oh my god.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Holy shit.<p/><b>Barry:</b> I think this is before... At 99 minutes and 59 seconds, it beeps and it stops counting up and we're at 20 seconds away from that.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Yeah, our second timer... Oh my god. This is Game Grumps history--we're about to--this is actually a huge moment in Game Grumps history. The longest episode in existence on this channel.<p/><b>Barry:</b> I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be here, Ross.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Hold my hand for it. We've got 10 seconds.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Mm-okay. Is Civilization not longer?<p/><b>Ross:</b> What? We're holding hands.<p/><b>Barry:</b> How long was that episode? There's like, five seconds to go.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Five, four, three--<p/><b>Both:</b> Two, one.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Shh.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Yayyyy! Opa!<p/><b>Barry:</b> Happy new year.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Happy new year. The longest episode ever.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Civilization V wasn't longer?<p/><b>Ross:</b> Oh, it was, but we didn't have the timer back then.<p/><b>Barry:</b> Yeah, that was my point.<p/><b>Ross:</b> So it doesn't count.<p/><b>Barry:</b> *laughs* It's fine, we just held hands for no reason like bros.<p/><b>Ross:</b> Just bros, hanging out, holding hands. What the fuck is wrong with you?<p/><b>Barry:</b> Yeah, holding hands is just cool. If your hands get chilly you can hold hands and they get warm.<p/></p><p/></p>
I really wish we could see Joshayas wedding

I kind of doubt we’ll ever even be able to see them become official unless MJ skips ahead but I really want to see their wedding.

Like could you imagine Cory giving Josh a pep talk. Like he would tell him how proud he was of him and how he found his Topanga but he would also be protective of Maya and make sure he would never hurt her.

Then, Cory and Shawn fighting over who got the father/daughter dance. Like omg. I’d live for this.

Oh and let’s not forget the maid of honor speech. Riley would let Josh know that even though he was her uncle, she’ll always be on Maya’s side through everything and Maya was hers long before she was Josh’. And then oh lord. Who would be Josh’ best man? Cory? Eric? Lucas? Farkle? Does he have a best friend at home?

Also could you imagine Eric’s crazy shenanigans at the youngest Matthews wedding. And Alan and Amy would be so proud as well.


FIREWATCH AU  // Summer of 1989. Two people, separated by fifteen miles of canyon and forest and mountain range in the Shoshone National Forest. Connected to civilization by each other and their radios, they are a tiny speck of light on the other’s horizon. The nearest town is a two-day hike away.

“Hello, Two Forks Tower! Two Forks Tower this is Thorofare Tower, come in. I know you’re there, Ms. Strong, your lights are on. Pick up your radio.”

She is Anna Strong, an undoubted mess of a woman desperately trying to escape her mistakes. Her marriage has just imploded, her beloved bar Town Crier was sold in the divorce settlement, the man she destroyed her marriage has gone back to his wife and son – and the whole town of Setauket knows exactly what she’s done. He is Dr. Edmund Hewlett, a professor of natural sciences and astronomy at Columbia who has spent the past ten summers away from the light pollution in the city living the reclusive life as a fire watch lookout – and the supervisor of all other lookouts in the area.

The days are bright and sweltering in District 5 of the Shoshone, the nights illuminated by an endless sea of stars. Anna learns the trails and rock formations with a tinny British voice at her hip. She considers thumbing off the power switch on her walkie, but Hewlett’s knowledge is indispensable even if it comes in rambling form. He looks out for her the best he is able from the mountaintop, warning her of the presence of oncoming storms, belligerent hiking groups, and the movements of Forest Ranger Simcoe.

It’s easy to wear your heart on your sleeve when you’re not looking the other person in the eye. (And easy to talk to a pretty girl when all you can see of her is a blurry smudge of tan skin and the faint outline of cut off shorts and plaid flannel.) They find themselves telling each other things they never imagined speaking out loud. Wrapped in a blanket one cool night, Anna leans over the radio after half a fifth of whisky whispering about her father’s murder three days after receiving her degree in accounting and finance, the boyfriend who left her a few weeks after, and the impulsive decision to use her inheritance to buy a rundown tavern. Hewlett talks about his wasted youth spent making no mistakes and doing nothing of note unless it was in pursuit of his phD, the slow financial ruin of his family, his painful loneliness in cutthroat academia, and the so-called accident three summers ago that resulted in the loss of half the toes on his left foot. Then there are the other kinds of nights when they’ve both had so much to drink to beat the heat that they’re too dizzy to sit up, talking about nothing and everything and the stars until they drift off to sleep.

But the real world is out there, and waiting. And like with forest fires, you can only ever hope to contain the damage.

“Hey, British? You know the accent’s pretty sexy. For what it’s worth.”
“I’m afraid you’d find me rather disappointing, Anna dear.”
“I will hike myself all the way up your fucking mountain and make you say that to my face.” 

i’m in it for the long game: chapter one

pairing: josh matthews and maya hart

word count: 6.9k

on ao3

summary: “Maya, you do understand i’m too old for you?”

“I do Josh, I know that”


“But I’m in it for the long game

a/n: this fic was born because i needed more josh and riley bonding and then decideed i also needed more joshaya in my life. this fic is canon up until after girl meets permanent record.

Josh Matthews had a love hate relationship with the subway. On one hand, it was convenient and a good way to beat the infamous New York traffic. When riding the subway you were almost alway guaranteed something interesting to watch; whether it was a scandalous fight between a couple or simply a pretty girl. He enjoyed watching the variety of people who used the public transport. You had the grumpy businessmen who were always yelling at someone on their phone, the quiet reader, musicians performing on their guitars, the ones who slept on the seats, and friends excitedly babbling about whatever they were going to do. Just about all of them were drinking coffee. There was a feeling of separation and unity as Josh would watch what unfolded in the subway car as he listened to music. But, being on the subway meant that he had limited freedom. He missed driving in his admittedly shitty pick-up truck, going so fast that the lights were nothing but a blur, yelling along to the music because that was the only way he could hear himself over the volume. The feeling of freedom it gave him was indescribable. Josh hated the the fact that it sat in a spot in the parking garage of NYU that he overpaid for, only used when he drove out to Philadelphia.

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Four Temperaments:

Sanguine | Melancholic | Choleric | Phlegmatic

Celtic Zodiac:

Birch (The Achiever) * Rowan (The Thinker) * Ash (The Enchanter) * Alder (The Trailblazer) * Willow (The Observer) * Hawthrone (The Illusionist) * Oak (The Stabilizer) * Holly (The Ruler) * Hazel (The Knower) * Vine (The Equalizer) * Ivy (The Survivor) * Reed (The Inquisitor) * Elder (The Seeker)

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In this episode: I am finally starting to break.  It’s like being trapped in the MST3K theatre X_X