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Oshiete Ayumu-kun: STEP01 ON YOUR MARK "The Beginning of Destiny”

Each week Ayumu-kun does a segment talking about the week’s episode and comparisons between the anime and game. This one is a bit of an intro and covers episode 1.

[Hello all! This is one of a few new translation projects I might pick up. I didn’t actually know about these until recently but they’re pretty fun to read ^^ Not sure if i’ll just go through them all from ep1 or start from the most recent ep and fill in the blanks later but we’ll see! 

Translations are a little rough and may contain mistakes so I apologize in advance, also Ayumu has a bit of a weird way of talking at times orz

Please do not repost]

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i got tagged (and forced!) by @1verseok to do the 6pics of your bias challenge (is it a challenge idk but it was so fucking hard i left some good ones out im sad.) but here they are in no particular order, the pics that cause me the most pain.

i’m tagging @main-vocal-yoongi @stopbangtan2k16 @booptae @sugutie @big-bangtans 

i want a team-based steven universe themed fps. without the shooting of course, mostly fightin with melee weapons and weird magic gem moves, so a fp game. that would be cool. there could be 2 teams wit homeworld and rebels, and each team has gems you can choose from (obviously some original gems to mix up gameplay and balance teams)

weird idea that amethyst is like a proper cooked amethyst and not an overcooked one and is on homeworld team. i mean there would be multiple of the same gem on teams, so it would make sense.

there could be bodygroups (weird source engine (or modeling in general) term) for gem placements which is randomly chosen so it isn’t always on the forehead or chest for each player.

and fusions, o boy, with the amount of distinct gems there would be a lot of fusions, so probably just fusing with a handful of gems would be fine, like one gem can fuse with this gem, but not with this gem, etc, and there could be new fusions added in updates.  they would not only have a cool dance animation in thirdperson, but in first person when you fuse you get to see them fuse their weapons together and it would look cool.

fusions would be like one player controls attacking while the other player moves around the character, and it would play different music while fused, a tune for each fusion.

each gem would have a gem weapon (most of the time melee), and some special moves which serve as different attacks basically. now i’m thinking garnet would need to be one gem, or we could have ruby and sapphire on rebel team as different gems and garnet could be really powerful like other fusions.

each team i guess you would hear a different announcer/commander, i guess for homeworld team it would be one of the diamonds (probably yellow diamond since we know the most about her and she’s more of a war commander than the others) and rebel team it would obviously be rose quartz. you don’t get to play as them, but y’know they’re there somehow, like with the flags and team identification insignia n everything

team identification, i guess they could wear teamcolored suits, yellow for homeworld and pink for rebels. the suits would just be kinda like open jackets (flowing in the wind) so you can still see their original gem uniform and colors.

gems would have different abilities and so would fusions, the fusions would have a pretty normal amount of health and when they lose it they unfuse. obviously the fusion dance would take time (longer depending on the fusion) so they could be interrupted easily, and they couldn’t fuse in protected areas like the respawn room.

WHERE’S STEVEN, steven ain’t here, that’s why we got rose quartz commanding rebel team.

anyway thats an idea dump there, it’s long and unorganized sorry, i was typin these out as i thought of them lel


The Long Game-Part 1 [Part 2]

Do you ever have that feeling that everyone else is more successful than you? 
If you think that’s bad - try being Leonardo Da Vinci