the long awaited beast

I am an anthology of funeral bells, tolling the treaty of a limestone lineage of longing. A lost prophet sleeps inside me, a beast awaiting to ransack the garden and scatter the ashes of sweet penelope’s yarn, an endless thread of love, the silk worm’s late summer dream. Maybe everything is as it should be. Your hand teaching my hand the sacred language of whispered desires. My numbness a soft drink, to be sipped briefly before being upended into the river.

On cold evenings the sky is a bitter reflection of our golden-day haunts. Treasure chests crawling with maggots and synapses smeared on old church windows. You are a church window. Stained with the blood of a hundred rainbows, holy as the departing dawn and fallen-star-fragile. Is it thunder that you seek? Is it the winter’s warped light that sleeps in your ivory-shaft eyes? I want to kiss you underwater, drenched in a penumbra of corals, where we are the only wandering things. Our bones fish-bait, our lungs sea-drunk and winded up like tinker toys. Your kisses canticles for the seductive deep,
brimming like gold or angry rain from your light-up lips.

So maybe we are not shatter resistant, maybe bullets chafe our skins and the sun wears a sheen that rips off our cheeks. There is a place somewhere beyond your day dream demolition and my midnight heartfail where the sands sing of pyramids that fell, like starved men, to their dusty knees, somewhere the moon opens its crystal cave of a mouth up wide and swallows us whole and the waters are a forever blue. And perhaps, we could settle there. Your reverence an echo drawn out like a ghost whose always had trouble saying goodbye, my body becoming a song that’s always been sung a little off-key. Our bones will become fractured constellations. And we will be sacred as long as you promise me that we are still alive, somewhere, in the back of the sky’s mind, in the ice water white the river brings.

—  The Martyr’s Love Song || j.r
BEAST Confirms July Comeback With Third Studio Album

BEAST Confirms July Comeback With Third Studio Album

Now five-member boy group BEAST announces its long-awaited return!

The group released a simple teaser image today, rainbow pastel in color, with five birds, representing the five members, flying around the word “Beast.” It’s different from what fans may be used to from BEAST, with the group usually going for darker concepts for their albums.

BEAST will be returning on July 4, midnight, with their…

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RWBY fic project: Bumbleby AU part 10 (part II)

Link to part 10 (part I):

Okay.. Here we go..


“And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for! The fight of this year folks, featuring the long awaited return of… The Beast!” A low, amplified voice rung.

Adam, dressed in a black hood and red shorts, walked out into the ring, his usual aura of confidence burning.

If he saw Blake, he didn’t show it, as he strolled over to his corner of the cage, learning nonchalantly against the bars.

“And his opponent, queen of the cage, it’s our very own, reigning champion… Dragon!”

Yang, in all her glory, trudged into the cage, head down under her yellow hood. She didn’t take the hood off until she reached her corner of the cage, where she quickly locked eyes with Adam.

Recognition flashed in her eyes, and Blake saw the anger rise. Adam simply smirked, he knew. He knew this was going to happen.

And there was nothing Blake could do to stop it.


“Yang, is it?” Adam started, his voice cutting through the hustle and bustle of the gym.

“Shut up.” Yang growled, looking towards the referee, begging him to start the match.

A short girl with ginger hair rounded the cage, holding up a sign Yang didn’t bother to read, before exiting, “booping” the referee on the way out.

A tall, dark haired boy entered the cage them, his mellow, calm voice briefing the fighters of the rules.

But Yang’s eyes never left the tall man in red and black. Her blood boiled, anger tearing at her every seam. No sooner had the words “FIGHT!” been muttered when Yang launched herself at Adam.

Blake watched in horror as Yang recklessly threw her whole form forwards, leading with her right hand.

Her curled fist made contact with Adam’s hand as he tried to block the hit. Yang’s strength was slightly greater though, and his hand ricocheted off her fist. Blake could see Adam frown, as if the girls strength surprised him. Blake knew the Beast though, he was simply testing Yang, seeing how he could beat her.

The blonde brawler, however, did not look so smug. As her right hand hit Adam’s, the girl winced. Pain flying up and down her recently broken arm. Blake eyebrows furrowed together, as she watched Yang in fear. If anything happened to Yang…

The two fighting jumped back from each other for a second, eyeing the other. Once again, it was Yang who jumped in. Adam simply sidestepped, ducking and weaving to doge Yang’s powerful hits.

Occasionally one hit, which Adam would retaliate with a well placed jab or kick. He noticed when Yang winced every time his elbow hit her right side. How the Dragon and his Kitty met was beginning to come together.

And suddenly, Adam knew how to win. Not just win the fight, but win against Yang for Blake.

Adam threw a punch at the side of Yang’s face. She blocked it, but didn’t see his other hand going for an uppercut.

Yang was sent reeling backwards, spitting out blood that quickly collected in her mouth. She didn’t rest for long however, as she quickly kept back into the fight.

The lights illuminating the cage flickered as each hit made contact, the impact shuddering the whole building.

Adam and Yang circled each other. The bull faunus grinning the whole time, his white teeth shining in comparison to his dark red eyes. Yang’s face was set in a snarl as she rotated around the beast, wiping the small stream of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Adam could see the power in the tall girls arms and shoulders, a punch from her had the chance at knocking him out. So Taurus did what he did best.

“Little Sun Dragon.” He started, “I expected far more of a fight.. Don’t tell me your fire has gone out?”

Yang growled.

“You wish!” She snapped, throwing her left fist towards Adam. The Faunus expertly leaned left, pushing on Yang’s shoulder to propel her forward, into the corner of the cage.

Noting the use of her left arm instead of her right, Adam carried on.

“Could it be you’re distracted? Or has someone snuffed that flame of yours?” He mused, taking a step towards Yang. The blonde brawler threw an uppercut, that Adam dodged, before throwing his foot round in a circular motion. He made contact with the back of Yang’s legs, effectively tripping her up. He then pushed his arm against her chest, bringing his mouth to the shell of her ear. “I did notice Blake’s eyes had a bit more light to them…” He whispered.

Yang’s eyes widened in recognition, she drew in an angry breath. “You…”

“Well, before I replaced that light with desire. No one can resist the temptation of darkness..” Adam breathed, pressing down a little harder on Yang’s strong chest.

She exploded then.

Yang’s face contorted into one of pure rage. She brought her legs up, wrapping them around Adam’s neck, before pulling them back to the floor, Adam with them. The red haired man slammed to the floor with enough force to daze him. He only had a second, however, before Yang was kneeled beside him.

“Don’t say her name.” She snarled, raising her right hand, the fist glinting threateningly under the spot light.

“What? Blake?” Adam got out, spitting out blood as he laughed. “Shall I tell you about how she moaned? How I drew your name from her head? How she didn’t think of anyone but-”

Yang threw her fist straight down into the bull faunus’ face, but he moved. Her hand made contact with the hard floor, sending spasms of pain up her arm.

Adam saw the flash of pain in the Dragons eyes, and used the moment to grab Yang’s right arm as he got to his feet. Adam used all his strength to bend Yang’s arm behind her, and judging from her cry of pain, it hurt.

Blake felt her breathing stop, as her hand flew to her mouth. Tears threatened to leave her eyes as Adam, from behind Yang, kicked her legs. The blonde girl collapsed from the impact, falling face first into the floor. When she tried to get back up, Adam slammed into her, smashing Yang into the cage wall.

Adam wrapped his hand around Yang’s neck, before leaning in close, whispering something in her ear.

When he leaned back, Yang’s whole body was rattling in rage. But Adam didn’t wait for her to attack, he simply threw a right handed punch into the side of Yang’s face.

Blake couldn’t stop the cry of despair from escaping her mouth as she watched the event unfold.

Yang’s tall, muscular frame swayed for a moment, before it fall for ungracefully to the floor.

Adam, confident in his victory, stepped back from his victim, smirking.

The referee rushed into the cage, pressing his fingers to Yang’s neck. A countdown from ten started.

“10!” Yang didn’t move.

“9!” She didn’t even stir.

“8!” No one even cared.

“7!” Her form was still.

“6!” ….

“5!” ….

“4!” Dead?

“3!” …

“2!” Blake had to get to her..

“1!” Now.


The crowd erupted into cheers as Adam raised one arm in victory, before he spat in Yang’s direction.

Blake, tears flowing from her eyes, attempted to push her way forward to the cage. Bodies pressed against her, slowing her journey.

By the time Blake got to the cage, Yang was stirring painfully.

The blonde brawler looked up, her eyes locking with Blake’s. Every other noise was drowned out, leaving Blake’s rattling breath to break the silence between them.

After a moment, Yang’s expressions steeled, and she pushed herself up using her left arm, before fleeing the cage.

Without a seconds hesitation, Blake followed.