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I’m currently sitting at a table by myself in a bar on the waterfront drawing and honestly I don’t think anyone knows WHAT to make of me

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FOLLOW UP TO THE BABYSITTER-BEKA: after skimming through the ridiculous contents Beka goes all "Goodness you kids need better contents" and since the kids refuse his picky butt's attempts they challenge him to tell a better story. Beka decides to tell the totally-not-made-up tale of the brave but lonesome Hero going on a quest to save the Prince from a(n Ice) Dragon, befriending a Fairy along the way after saving him from some sort of "threat" (1/2)

//(2/2) They goes on one hell of a journey, just to find out the Prince’s already in love with the Dragon and wants to stay. The Fairy also doesn’t want to go back home either. He ends up joining forces with the Hero and they both continue their nomadic misadventures together. All of them live happily ever after. The end.

Bless the day. You guys are fucking great at this. 

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  • angel down / lady gaga
  • unbelievers / vampire weekend
  • is there somewhere / halsey
  • sweet child o’mine / taken by trees
  • just hold on / louis tomlinson
  • down / marian hill
  • you’re gonna make me lonesome when you go / miley cyrus
  • space song / beach house
  • hearts don’t break around here / ed sheeran
  • let’s have a kiki / the scissor sisters

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Middleman pacific rim au

Spoilers for the never-filmed thirteenth episode, “The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse.” (2009 Comic-Con table-read)

The first time Wendy Watson drifted with her new co-pilot, the surprise wasn’t that his name was Clarence, nor that inside the privacy of his own mind he swore like the sailor he used to be: the surprise was that all those ridiculous gosh darns in heck were a tender memorial to his mentor and first co-pilot, Raveena Rao.

“I wish I could have met her,” Wendy said quietly, as they changed out of their drivesuits together.

“She lives on in the Drift, Dubbie. As will I, and as will you, when your time comes,” he said, and he tugged at the hem of his not-so-ridiculous jacket, settling it across those broad shoulders and into its right and proper place.

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Partly as a Reina fan, but also because it sort of triggers my OCD, but I will do that Reina x Flora support if you don't mind, and get it out of that tragic category where it sits at its lonesome. Please?

go for it! @qprin started working on it but couldn’t finish so if you’d like to base yours off what they’ve done so far that’d probably save time haha


ok so these sketches have been sitting in my notebook for a while but i figured why not? so yeah, here’s my miraculousona/akumasona! Her civilian name/persona/ego/whatever is Cole (insert last name here), but her belt-buckle miraculous and kwami, Novva transform her into the crime-fighting Phoenix!

lmao i decided to go all-out with this and pick the most mary-sue badass animal i could because I’m an asshole. Aaanyway, her weapon is a jump rope, which she uses like a whip, and her power, “Ember Rise,” is a fiery healing touch (to go with the whole rebirth/renewal phoenix theme)

Her akumatized form is Lady Lonesome. I’d go into backstory but when I was coming up with her it got kind of personal lol. She has the ability to make it seem like everyone around you has vanished so that you (and everyone else around you who has been hit with her powers) thinks they are completely alone. idk her weapon or the object the akuma is in tho :/

…I still can’t believe how deep in this trashcan I am