the loner ranger

The Breakfast Club Pt. 3

~Power Rangers AU~

Billy Cranston doesn’t have many friends.

Well, if we’re being honest, Billy Cranston doesn’t have any friends.

It’s not like he doesn’t want any, but the majority of kids at school found him and his constant babbling annoying. They thought he was weird, and well, a freak.

So after three years of trying, he gave up. He stayed to himself and didn’t talk to anyone without them talking first.

He learned the hard way what happens when he approached people with the intent of becoming friends.

In his freshman year Billy made the mistake of trying to befriend Eugene Bulkimeier and Farkas Skullovitch, otherwise known as Bulk and Skull. They seemed harmless at the time, both smiling and laughing at something the other had said.

He had no idea of the cruelties they were capable of.

He was new to Angel Grove after all and completely unaware of their infamous reputation as the biggest jerks this town had ever seen.

Billy still didn’t know what had taken place in that one conversation that made them want to harass and bully him for the following years to come. He never bothered to ask, something told him that they wouldn’t answer kindly.

So besides going to school, avoiding Bulk and Skull, tweaking inventions in his basement, hacking into various places and visiting the mines, there wasn’t much Billy did. He was never a fan of clubs or sports.

You could say he was an a loner, of sorts.

And everything he had failed to do for the past three years, was finally happening. He was being social, in fact he was the center of attention. it was a weird adjustment to make but he liked it.

He liked having people actually care about what he had to say. He didn’t know if he could call them friends, but it was nice to pretend. Just for a little while anyway.

“But why did you have the dynamite in your locker in the first place?”

Billy turned his attention to Zack, he was pretty sure he’d already explained this part but he had no problem repeating his words.

“For the mines, weren’t you listening the first time?”

Trini answered for him and Billy slumped back into his seat, a little disappointed but grateful at the fact that she had actually paid attention to what he said.

It was a weird feeling, not being ignored.

Zack made a mocking face at her and in return she rolled her eyes. Billy wondered if it was just a friendly exchange or if they honestly didn’t like each other. He didn’t ask, now wanting to push his luck any further.

“Why do you go down to the mines anyway? You know its dangerous down there as it is, without the blowing stuff up part.” Jason asked.

“My dad died when I was eight years old. He used to take me down to the mines all the time and together we would search for anything discarded that we could make something out of it. Some nights we’d stay late and look up at the sky, he’d tell me some of his endless theories about what lied up in the stars. We dig for clues of anything extraterrestrial. Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean that tradition has to end.”

The room’s once light and fun atmosphere had =darkened significantly. He looked around and the once smiling faces had turned into unreadable expressions. Confusion washed over Billy, was it something he said?

“Billy, I-umm, I’m sorry to hear about your dad.”

Jason was the first to interrupt the quiet and he only confused the brown boy more.

“Why? You didn’t kill him, cancer did. There’s no reason to feel bad.” He explained but instead of relieving the tension, he seemed to only create more.

The silence wasn’t ending and Billy didn’t know how to fix it. He didn’t know what he’d done wrong.

He watched as Kim and Tomi slowly retreated back into their areas.

He’d messed it up, whatever good thing he had developed with these strangers was slipping right out of his fingertips. How could he fix this? How could he stop this from happening?

“Let’s play truth or dare.” He blurted out, a little too loudly but still, he had gained their attention once again.

“Okay, I’m down” Trini said, Billy was a little surprised that she was the first one to agree but he smiled anyway.

“If crazy girl’s in, then so am I” Zach followed and soon all the others joined in. Kim was a little hesitant but she didn’t want to seem like she had something to hide.

“Alright then, who’s first?” Jason asked and again, Trini surprised Billy once again by raising her hand.

The others watched as she turned towards Zack, eyebrows raised and brown eyes tracing over him. Almost as if she was trying to crack the code that was the boy in black.

“Truth or dare”


“Okay, I dare you to tell me why every time we see each other, you call me crazy girl.”

Billy hadn’t really noticed that, he must’ve done it a lot for her to have to ask him about it.

Zack looked at her with a sly grin spread across his face. Not once did his stare falter, even after Trini’s looked away.

“I see you.”

Again, Billy was confused. They all see her, she’s sitting right in front of them.

“Out on the mountains where the mines used to be. Every other day I see you out there, climbing the rocks without any gear or even a helmet. And then once you reach the top, you take out your headphones and then you do yoga. Right on the edge. There’s no way you’re not crazy. And besides I never knew your name before.”

“It’s Trini”

“I like crazy girl better.”

They stayed silent for a few seconds before Trini spoke up again.

“I see you too, you’re always doing some weird shit on top of one of the abandoned trailers up there. If I’m crazy than so are you.”

“I know.”

They went to the mines too? There weren’t a lot of people who went up there anymore. Ever since it shut down, it’s been a ghost town.

“I go up there sometime to.” Kim said.

“Really?” Zach questioned and she nodded.

“Yeah, I live on the other side of it. I like to hike and swim out there, its secluded. It’s nice way to just escape, you know?”

Billy didn’t know but he didn’t say anything.

“Are Jason and I the only ones here who don’t go up there?” Tomi asked and the lack of response was all the answer he needed.

“How is it that all four of you hang out up there but you’ve never had an actual conversation until today?”

They all turned to Jason and shrugged. Billy had never really noticed any of the others up there. It was weird to think that his secret place also belonged to three practical strangers.

“Bad timing I guess” Kim said and Jason laughed, before shaking his head.

“Maybe its supposed to be this way. Maybe its’s fate you guys. We were never to meet until its forced upon us, maybe we were all meant to meet here and not anywhere else. Everything else has just a been a series of calculated movements by the universe so that we’d all finally meet at the right time at the right place. Right here, in detention. Maybe it’s fate.” Trini proposed and Billy’s eyes widened at the accusation.

No one said anything as they pondered what the girl in yellow had just said. Billy couldn’t help but a get a little excited at the thought of being fated to have friends. Sure, the circumstances weren’t great but at least they were there right?

Just before he could read into it more, Trini and Tomi burst out laughing. Followed by Kim, Jason and Zach.

“I’m just fucking with you guys, alright who’s next?”

The game continued on as Billy realized what had just happened. Of course it was a joke, it was dumb of him to think otherwise.

So he ignored the sinking feeling in his stomach and turned his attention back to the group.