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So I didn’t know if I would post this but here I am, doing so. Because compared to my other blog I run (aka my personal) I have more followers here. So here it goes…

I can’t believe you are all letting Timeless slip through our fingers??? Honestly???

The main cast is comprised of 7 people, 4 of which are POC??? And one of these in the main cast is a lesbian who is married to another WOC with 2 daughters??? And literally all the bad guys are white???

And the show is surrounded by 3 of them time traveling but it has explicitly shown that traveling to past decades is only good/non dangerous for one of them (because that one is a white male, while the others are a woman and a black male)???

They’ve also had the focus of their time traveling episodes on real historical figures who were forgotten, more often than not other POC?? 

Travels back to the Alamo?? Time to tell you about the fact that most of the people who fought on both sides were black and latino (if that wasn’t obvious since Texas was part of Mexico and the other side was Mexico), and in fact that Mexico had outlawed slavery years prior and it wasn’t until Texas won their independence then the US came back in and grabbed it that they had slavery. 

Travels back to the French and Indian War?? It’s time to meet Nonhelema, a real, powerful Shawnee chieftess who often led her tribe into battle, as well as stood in front of the US Congress to request land for the Shawnee in Ohio, and married 2 Shawnee men, as well as a white general at some point and would write the first English-Shawnee dictionary. 

Travels back to the 1969 Moon Landing? Time to meet Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who wasn’t allowed in the room to watch the landing (which I found a fault in “Hidden Figures” because by showing her in there for the John Glenn thing then not showing the moon landing day at all they make you assume she was allowed in for the moon landing, she wasn’t) but basically did everything to make sure it was successful, such as figuring out how fast they’d have to go to break the barrier, where they would need to find them when they came back down, all that.

Next week they’re traveling to the Wild West? Time to meet the Lone Ranger, who maybe people don’t know because of the myths put out by Hollywood, was a real man, but he was an African-American man named Bass Reeves who lived on tribal lands with Seminole and Muscogee tribes after he escaped his white slave owner, but as you should know, found and brought to justice outlaws. And time to meet Tonto, who wasn’t exactly one person in real life but based off Seminole and Muscogee friends who helped him.

And this show isn’t even on fucking, I don’t know, HBO or the CW or some network who is usually more like this. It’s on NBC, yeah one of the three main commercial television networks. But what is happening to it? 

It’s on the brisk of possibly being cancelled, it’s currently considered a “bubble show”, which means their ratings aren’t good enough to renew but not bad enough to guarantee cancellation. However, no show with ratings under 3.5 has ever been renewed by NBC, and last week, their ratings were 3.45. 

I don’t know how everyone can argue for representation and acknowledgement like this, then not actually watch it and so they end up cancelled after one season.

I don’t know how I want to end this but plead with you to please watch this show if you are not already, and watch it live (also this Monday, during it’s broadcast at 10est/9cst people are planning to try to have #RenewTimeless trend on twitter so tweet it). Or well it’s bye to probably the only realistic, inclusive time traveling/sci fi show, and probably sent a loud message to NBC on their future endeavors.

20 Interesting Facts About Gemini (Part 2)

1. A Gemini female is able to do many things at the same time & do it fast. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

2. Gemini’s do not see the big picture, they focus on the now and present.

3. It doesn’t take much to make a Gemini happy, but it takes even less to make them mad.

4. Gemini talk their way into getting anything and…

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prompts I'm writing while on the subway

- inspired by different songs and things I hear while riding along

1. You still don’t know what I never said
2. I wish I never hung up the phone.
3. I wish you would.
4. I’m born again by candlelight
5. Did you keep it after you left?
6. Do you understand?
7. The doors are going to shut, shit, shit, shit!
8. I want to know you forgive me before I go.
9. I am clean now.
10. It’s too cold for you here.
11. If you change your mind again, I swear to God. ..
12. What are you going to do when we get there?
13. You think you’ll get all your dreams with somebody else?
14. Why don’t you just tell everyone I’m alone?
15. I thought we’d make it through anything and everything
16. The Bible sounds like a bit of a bummer.
17. Have you had anything that isn’t green to eat today?
18. Maybe you just don’t like to be alone.
19. I don’t know if you’re ready
20. Nobody will know.
21. Don’t give up on me, please.
22. Care to explain…
23. Blood, drugs, sure you don’t want to tell me what’s up?
24. It’s only 3.
25. You still feel missing to me.
26. I could have given everything to you.
27. You wanted to make me cry!
28. We were just planning a wedding.
29. Do you need both seats ?
30. We’ve had enough.
31. I never hated you.
32. I am suffocating and you’re on your fucking phone.
33. I just really thought you’d pick me
34. I wish you were still crazy about me.
35. I’m tongue tied.
36. This isn’t a joke to me.
37. What can I do to fix you?
38. Everyone is screaming in here.
39. I can tell that your heart isn’t in it.
40. Remove the mask.
41. Do you regret it?
42. The winter was hard on everyone.
43. I’m getting close to letting go.
44. I wrote it in the email.
45. I’m trying to say I’m done with this.
46. We’re smiling in the pictures.
47. I thought you were happy.
48. I’m not sure if you ever were happy.
49. I was the only one standing up for you
50. I miss you more than words can say.
51. When was the last time we spoke ?
52. Thank you for making time to see me.
53. You have a wall up.
54. Is this because I sent back the present you sent ?
55. I would change things if I could go back in time.
56. I didn’t know how lucky I was when I had you
57. Diamonds and roses, baby.
58. Hey, we both have pasts.
59. I want a little house by the Beach and something cold to drink.
60. I like all the sparkles on your shirt.
61. Meet me at that spot at top of the hill.
62. You can look, but no touching.
63. I like the way you dance.
64. I should apologize for the way I acted.
65. You want to get away, I’ll come.
66. Where were you?
67. I could have told you this was going to happen.
68. One of us is upset here!
69. I’d rather be anywhere else.
70. I wish I never left at all.
71. Everything was supposed to be so easy.
72. You dealt me the blow!
73. I’m the lonely one in all this!
74. Stay back.
75. Help me. My hands are full.
76. It’s always me waiting for you to call
77. I just feel stupid and sorry for myself.
78. Don’t be a child.
79. You’re my girl gone wild.
80. Set me free.
81. Do you need to be rescued ?
82. I only want to be in love with you.
83. Pardon my interruption.
84. I made reservations.
85. Can you keep a secret?
86. I hope you can meet them soon.
87. I might never be the one who brings you flowers
88. When I first saw you
89. I’m not good at promises
90. You should know me by now
91. I’ll only be a minute.
92. Don’t just tell me what I want to hear.
93. it’s only temporary
94. You’ve been taking me for granted.
95. Let’s just pretend we don’t care.
96. I’m better than that.
97. All you had to do was stay.
98. I want to believe you.
99. You had me in the palm of your hand.
100. I am here and I am picking up the pieces!

We Just Keep Walking Blind // Snowbarry Week

Theme // Jealous


It takes about a single week for Barry to get used to the fact that Ronnie is back, single-minded and completely his own person, for good (or a highly probable version of for good). He hasn’t seen Caitlin keep a smile without straining in all the time that he’s known her, until now. And this, coupled with the assurance that General Eiling is miraculously distracted with another metahuman across the country, which he is placing at a higher priority than Ronnie, cuts the tension in half at the Labs.

It’s when Caitlin confides in Barry about a secret wedding that something is suddenly fully charged about the air around them again. He convinces himself that it must be because of the way she just lights up about it finally happening, even if it’s much less of what it was supposed to be, a complete cover-up from all their loved ones. All she knows is, and all he sees is, the fact that she’s incurably all smiles about making the most of her new life with her deceased-on-paper fiancé.

‘We used to go to his parent’s lake house in the middle-of-nowhere Colorado when we first started dating, just to get away from the city and all the noise. It was nice, simple.’ She sighs, the upward curl of her lips softening. ‘We’d bring his family dog with us too, and it’d be like we were in our own little world.’

‘That sounds great, Cait,’ he says, wary of the waning cheerfulness in her voice.

‘And looking more and more like a far-fetched dream now.’ She folds her arms to her front.

'You don’t have to dream anymore,’ he tells her, hoping his brightness will distract her from the frown that tugs at the corners of her mouth. He can’t believe how much the thought of her losing the gleam in her eyes shakes him to his center. 'He’s alive…and he wants to be with you. Some people have a lot less.’

She does frown, but it seems that she’s not worried so much about herself here. Then he realizes that the sudden, but not so surprising end to his short-lived fling with Linda Park had very much to do with his last remark.

He has to be honest here; he only wishes he had someone special like Caitlin to come home to, especially with the way she cared for Ronnie, let alone fantasize about a getaway home for two.

'It would be impossible for someone like you to be lonely for long,’ she says as though she’s stunned by his obliviousness.

'Tell that to the queue of girls lining up to be with me.’

'You don’t need a queue,’ she chides. Then lists, 'You were the first person to really take a good look at me and realize that I haven’t been happy since the explosion, when I thought I lost everything. You were the only person to help me face my fears in the accelerator, and, that night, I didn’t know how lonely I was until you made me feel that I wasn’t anymore. You took me out on a wild night, even when I was literally dragging you through all these bottled up issues you didn’t need to know. You’ve been amazing, you are amazing. Barry, you deserve someone who sees you the way I see you.’

'My own personal doctor and life coach. How’d I get to be so lucky?’ He ducks his head, and noticeably flushes when he finally rises to show an appreciative grin.

'You’re not the only lucky one…thank you. I don’t think I say that enough. Without you, I feel like a lot of what’s happened in my life would have remained impossible,’ she says, reaching for his arm.

Like any of the touches they’ve shared, there’s a steady pull toward more time spent in comfortable silence. This silence is only broken by a few scattered half-laughs and stunted phrases, but she’s still holding on, and he’s letting her. Though soon, just like clockwork, they’re pulled apart, and they’re reminded of where and who they are.

'Yo, Bar,’ Cisco blares over the Labs’ P.A. system. 'Armed robbery at the old bank on the corner of Captiol and Spruce. There’s 10 hostages.’

His arm somehow feels foreign as he dashes away. It’s a mix of being acutely aware of the spot she’s held and left warm, and something wholly new slipping away with every racing step he takes further from her.

That same night, Barry dreams as he always does. Of Joe telling him he forgot to wear pants to the precinct. Of Iris bringing him coffee and a kiss, until Eddie swoops her away. Of Dr. Wells being the presenter for an award just for him for something outstanding and worth a roaring applause from crowds of people. Of the interior of a wood cabin. Well, that’s new.

The cabin sticks longer than any of the other images. As he makes his way through darkened hallways, padding over hardwood floors, he reaches a familiar sight. Caitlin is beaming at him from the couch she’s lounging in, feet tucked under her, looking cozy in a fur-lined blanket. Then she tells him to come closer to the warmth of the fireplace she’s seated next to.

Wrapping her arms around his neck as he lies, pressing his back to the curve of her body, feels so natural. He only questions it once before he lets her dip her head low and place a kiss at the nape of his neck.

'Barry…hun,’ she hums into his shoulder. 'Did you feed Einstein?’

He turns so he can see her shift her weight over him, her head now resting on his chest, their legs content in a tangle.

'Barry?’ She tries again, finally tilting her head up, her chin propped over his sternum, tickling him some.

He smirks at her brows knit into a light frown, complimented with a blossoming pout. She’s possibly wondering why he’s still not answering her. It’s cute, and all of her and all of this is so incredibly surreal that he can’t help but let out a puff of nervous laughter. But, she waits longer for his response as the vibrato in his laughter moves her into the morning light, and he’s sobered by all the warm hues he’s suddenly made aware of in her eyes. He’s never seen her this close, felt her this close, he realizes, gulping consciously. How can this dream feel so impossibly real and solid? How are her hands, exploring and carding through his hair, making him feel like his actual heart is losing it’s natural rhythm? When he finally takes in her amused smile, wide and easy, he has to tell her, ‘You’re beautiful.’

'Mr. Allen…what’s going on with you?’ She asks, suspicious instead of grateful.

'This is just so…’ He really can’t find the words.

'Mr. Allen?’ Her voice suddenly doesn’t fit her sunny smiles; it’s tunneled and warped.

Then she’s just as beautiful as a middle-aged grouch with a receding hairline.

'Singh!’ Barry jolts, holding on to his desk’s pegs for balance from his teetering chair. 'I mean, sir.’

'Easy, kid.’ Detective Singh almost looks gleeful at his almost-spill. 'Got those lab results processed for the O'Connell case?’

Barry rummages while Singh bristles through his excuses, telling him he’ll need them in three hours and to tidy up his work area instead. It’s surprising that the detective is letting him off with an extension. Is he still dreaming?

It’s not until Singh brightens his lab area with fluorescence that his high hopes with getting away with dozing off at work quickly dissolve. That and, ‘Wouldn’t want dream girl ‘Cait’ to keep you from any more of your work.’

Barry actually spills from his seat this time.