the lonely ones


I love Angus McDonald almost as much as dear Ango loves his grandpa!

I love him

Me: wears booty shorts to accommodate tattoo placement…

Tattoo artist: yaaaaaaaa…that won’t work!!!

Me: ass hanging out during whole tattoo..YOU ASKED FOR THIS!!!!

Friend: starts laughing…

Me: enjoy the view!!!! Also I have one lonely freckle on my butt, you are welcome…

That escalated quickly….lol

She’s the betta half of the two


this has been chillin in my folder for awhile so finally wrapped it up. forgot tho tumblr doesnt like longways posts so i had to break it up weirdly.

ANYWAY some time ago id talked with friends about my fallout player character’s different motivations/self-perceptions despite all being played good-aligned and then decided to draw it out simply because having some sort of lineup is nice too.