the lonely house

The Moon.

She is mirrored perfection. She leaves a lasting impression. She is the catalyst. In an ever changing world, she is above it. She can not be bargained with. She does as she will. Praise be hers.
The rise and fall of the tide. One more moonlit ride. The secrets you could no longer confide. Let out that which you hide. Let them see you from the inside.

I will literally riot if anyone even suggests pitting Jon against Sansa, or any of the Starklings for that matter. No NOT AFTER Sansa remembering her father’s words NOT AFTER Arya spent her whole fucking life trying to get back to her pack because WHEN THE SNOWS FALL AND THE WHITE WINDS BLOW, THE LONE WOLF DIES BUT THE PACK SURVIVES.

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin