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Chewbacca headcanon

Life debts are a real thing in Wookiee culture and are indeed Very Serious Business. But not even the most strict of conservative would argue that a life debt requires you to drop everything and dedicate the rest of your life to the person you owe the debt too.

Kashyyyk is a dangerous planet. People save each other’s life all the time. What it does create is a lifelong bond and a sense of obligation. Strengthening of inter-group ties and cooperation, yada, yada…

So when Han saved Chewie from slavers, Chewie could have done the equivalent of exchanging business cards, saying hey I owe you one and maybe we could stay in contact, exchange the odd letter.

And gone on his way with the basic requirements of the life debt satisfied.

But the kid had obviously just lost everything and Chewie thought he should probably watch over him for a little while, just until he got back on his feet. 

Which quickly turned into “Child, you need a keeper" 

(as an aside, Chewbacca, no matter how much he like to project himself as the lone voice of reason, is terrible at keeping Han out of trouble, he agrees to stunts even when he should know better and has his own temper beside.)

and then into "He’s mine. You hurt him at your own peril." 

10 years down the line there are a number of Wookiees, his wife among them, who are like:

"The life debt excuse stopped being believable 6 months in. Just admit you’ve adopted him and prefer galactic smuggling to life on Kashyyyk and stop giving outsiders distorted ideas about our cultural norms!”

RWBY + love songs analysis (part 2)

Now that the full version of Like Morning Follows Night is out, I can say one thing:

I definitely think it’s not a love song. The only word of love that’s used is from Sun’s point of view. This decidedly elevates it to a one-sided thing. Just listen to it - does this sound like two people saying “I love you/etc” to one another? If, for whatever reason, the answer is yes…I now ask you: if you compare it to Bmblb, which one sounds MORE like two people saying “I love you/etc”?

My answer is one hundred percent Bmblb, and that’s why I don’t put Bmblb on the level of one-sided because the lyrics definitely make it seem that’s there’s two points of view, and it’s got a much happier vibe, one of realisation on both parts.

LMFN does not have this realisation, in fact, the lyrics push the concept that Sun wishes Blake would realise how much he cares for her - but until then, he will follow her. Like Morning Follows Night. The song isn’t called like Night follows morning for a reason. Nowhere does this song say Blake needs him like he wants her to.

Still, I like the duet, because it reinforces the meaning of what we saw in V4. It’s a strong song that, to me, showcases the struggle that Blake and Sun have had - trying to understand each other’s points of view.

I genuinely am glad that somebody is telling Blake she needs to stop her lone wolf act. Sun’s stepped in as the voice of reason she needs, which used to be her teammates - particularly Yang. Obviously Blake is missing them dearly, and what she’s said proves that she never wanted to leave.
I believe Sun cannot fill the shoes of Ruby, Weiss and especially Yang. He isn’t going to become Blake’s partner, he’s got his own team he needs to lead, and a partner of his own. Blake was more than happy where she was before - who she was with before. When it boils down to it, I’m thinking there’s an underlying reason to the story as to why she chose Yang at the beginning.

Anyway, this is purely my opinion on the context of the song, and I don’t intend to tear down those that want to view it differently as a way to hype themselves. Not at all, in fact, I just want people that might have a harder time believing in Bumbleby to take this into consideration. I’m trying to be as subjective as possible using the lyrics, tone, and when it was used in the show to gauge what it’s implying.

Until Bmblb is used, if it is at all, I keep my judgement that it’s a solid romanctic song implying Bumbleby.

you know who are annoying and whiny

cowards who subscribe to conservative beliefs out of pure fatalism and think they’re better than the people who still care and feel the need to interject on any current event with “god you sjws need to stop bitching and suck it up”

you’re not the lone voice of reason in a sea of idiots for bragging about your embracing of the status quo

It’s no wonder the five wives are so often referred to as “the sisters” in post-canon fic, because their every shot and interaction in the film furthers their sense of common experience and community. And even better, we have a lot of examples their relationships with one another: Capable is in many ways Angharad’s heir, quick to forgive, understand, and bring others into the fold; the Dag and Cheedo have a close relationship and are often attached at the hip. Toast is our outlier, with seemingly no particular wife that she gets along with above the others, and the “reload the clip” scene is one of the most telling in this respect. 

So. Furiosa runs out of ammo and hands her rifle back to the wives with an order to reload the clip. Angharad, seated in the middle, is the closest within reach. We aren’t told a lot about Angharad, but we do know a few things: she’s Joe’s favorite, she’s the de facto leader of the wives (and “we are not things” came from her), and she specifically asked for no unnecessary killings before the wives left with Furiosa. Rock riders are literally chucking bombs and shooting at them, and when the moment comes for Angharad to participate in their defense, she freezes. 

“I can’t???” Uh, I’d challenge that: she’s about to be hangin’ outside the war rig with a massive pair of bolt cutters, so this is clearly not a question of physical ability or, given their setting, knowledge. This is an unwillingness to participate in the death of others – an unwillingness to mistreat another living being. “We are not things” in action. Angharad is the catalyst behind this escape entire plan and her commitment to her values is what makes her such an incredible leader, it’s why the other wives look to her in times of indecision (Max’s arrival) and use her words as their mantra after she is gone. But here, what makes her strong instead makes her freeze. So Toast takes over.

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Whenever Hanzo leaves on missions do you find yourself missing him? How about when you are on missions?

 I do miss him, at any distance, for any length of time. I have always been so used to his presence growing up, and it had been particularly hard when he’d have to leave for business trips, especially for extended amounts of time. I think of him constantly, even if I’m away, and I feel fortunate I can at least call him on breaks and talk to him. If I am stressed, hurting, or simply lonely, he is my voice of reason.  “

Privacy and the Miraculous Heroes

Here is what we know about our protagonists:

  • Marinette is a Chinese-French aspiring fashion designer. She has a crush on Adrien.
  • Adrien is a model. He takes Chinese, fencing, and piano lessons, and he plays basketball.
  • Marinette is clumsy and absentminded, and can be petty when she thinks someone (Chloé) deserves it, but is quick to repent and kind to everyone (else) she knows. She is very openly enthusiastic about what she likes (not just Adrien! think Jagged Stone).
  • Adrien models to make his father happy. His home life is lonely and impersonal. He often acts as the voice of reason, and tries to encourage those around him (best shown in the Adrien+friendships gifset), up to and including how he calls out Chloé in Horrificator.
  • Marinette babysits and helps around the bakery. She does not know Chinese. She plays video games with her father, so she is skilled in at least one game. She is also good at designing mechanical elements as well as fashionable ones (her diary case).
  • We have on various occasions seen Adrien at a photo shoot, or speaking Chinese, or at fencing practice, or tossing garbage away without a glance at the garbage bin.

We know a lot about Marinette’s character from the outset, which makes sense, because she is the main character. Outside of fashion, though, we don’t know what skills she has until an episode crops up and (from the viewers’ perspective) she is suddenly a gamer.

Stop and think about this for a second, though. Why is it sudden to us? Because it wasn’t mentioned before. But why should it have been mentioned before, when it really wasn’t relevant? An episode dedicated to showing off her gaming skills isn’t actually a terrible idea: it shows the audience something new and gives depth to Marinette’s relationship with her father.

By contrast, we know a lot about Adrien’s skills from the outset through Marinette, but she doesn’t tell us very much about his character beyond a flat “perfect gentleman.” It takes scenes featuring Adrien (usually as Chat Noir)— few and far between, compared to the plethora of attention on Marinette— for the audience to glimpse what makes him tick, and even those scenes require some interpretation.

What I suspect is happening is that the creators are contrasting a normal life to a high-profile one. We get to know Marinette in stages, and this means that we don’t necessarily know everything about her, and that is why she gets to surprise us with tidbits about herself, like how she does not know Mandarin (which is a wonderfully representative fact, but I digress), or how she is in fact an amateur gamer. By contrast, Adrien isn’t going to get these “I didn’t know he could do that!” moments from viewers well entrenched in the miraculous fandom (although less involved viewers might be unaware of Adrien’s Chinese prior to the episode).

Point being, so much of what we know about Adrien and his talents was introduced to us before being shown, while Marinette doesn’t get the same luxury— or, more accurately, she doesn’t have the same public aspect to her life. Marinette is the one who tells us about Adrien, but who’s supposed to tell us about Marinette?

No one. The series shows us what the characters are like, not just what they do. We just notice more when they throw a skill in.

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I still don't know why these people say posting about politics online is useless all the while doing the same thing but framing themselves as "lone voice of reason, a beacon of logic and the last hope for free speech" or whatever


4chan is Kill. Dobson remains stupid.

4chan compromised

I’m well aware that not all of 4chan is “evil” and that not all people who participate or visit 4chan are “evil” either. This journal uses large sweeping generalizations because that’s helpful for having a larger discussion. I’m not interested in minutia, I’m interested in the big picture here. And sadly, even if you love 4chan, it has a reputation which precedes it and you cannot deny that. So please, don’t comment here with “But not ALL 4chan is bad!” remarks, ok? I know. I understand.

Aren’t you the guy who gets mad when men try to deflect shit away from them by saying “not all men”? All this says is that you’re going to try to generalize an entire website hard. 

So here’s the latest that I’ve been able to discover about the GamerGate movement. Apparently 4chan and other like-minded websites have been “compromised.” Mods are now banning or deleting threads and discussions about GamerGate. This, naturally, has led many to assume that 4chan is “under control” by Social Justice Warriors (SJW for short) and a lot of people are leaving 4chan now to find other websites (or possibly start their own).

The topic of gamergate on 4chan has been banned recently on boards like /v/, /pol/, /b/, etc. All three of them being relevant to the gamergate discussion. Similarly the topic has been censored on many other sites including Reddit. Evidence that this is the work of SJW mods have surfaced. 4Chan’s case especially is filled with stories from former mods detailing how Moot fired them and replaced them with social justice chucklefucks. 

Though it could be a complete fabrication, it remains the best theory so far and there’s some correlative evidence that I’ll get into later. 

PS: I do not think that 4chan will ever actually “go-away” and this is likely just a temporary thing happening there. Either the site will bounce back and be as awful and deplorable as it’s always been, or people will branch off and make their own versions of 4chan which will be even worse. So yeah, despite all this “doom and gloom” I don’t think anything really significant is gonna happen in regards to 4chan. Sorry.

People already have made their own version of 4chan. It’s a superior site called 8chan. It features webMs with sound, the ability to make your own board and no Captchas. The person behind it is a jewish crippled midget that has come to be known as Hotwheels. 

Of course that means the creator of 4chan has been under attack for becoming a SJW himself, which is delicious irony in my opinion (though I don’t envy what he’s likely enduring from the scum of the internet).

How is it ironic? Moot basically betrayed 4chan. It’s been discovered that his current “girlfriend” (quotes because the guy’s so much of a beta he’s probably far in the friend zone) works for Gawker media which is completely anti-Gamergate. He attended the XOXO conference that Anita talked at (if you ever see the worlds LISTEN and BELIEVE, that’s where it’s from. No, that’s not Christians trying to convince you of Jesus. No, it’s not conspiracy theorists talking about 9/11 truth. It’s feminists demanding you withhold skepticism when it comes to claims by people like Anita) and gave her speech a positive review. 

Moot is kill, Dobson. 

Amid this mass migration away from 4chan there has been ONE lone voice of reason for the GamerGate people. Their forums have been left untouched and uncensored for GamerGate discussion, leading many to believe it’s the last best vestige of home for rational conversations.

It’s especially commendable of them to allow it considering it’s not a complete pro-GG site. Escapist features people like MovieBob who are vehimently anti GG but they’re still allowing discussion of the topic because they think allowing people to come to their own conclusions is more important than forcing people to believe in theirs and silencing anyone who disagrees. 

However, recently has come under fire from DDOS attacks. Specifically targeting the GamerGate threads and forum posts. For a while this weekend, the website was temporarily downed.

Naturally, what’s the first response from “rational” people? To assume that some SJW attacked The Escapist to try and “silence” the brave bold GamerGate people. Which, honestly, I gotta say is a load of hogwash IMO. 

Well you’re retarded and you do less research than a highschooler writing an English paper so you’re opinion isn’t worth that much to begin with. 

The reason people think it was social justice warriors is because that’s exactly the kind of tactics we’ve come to expect from them. We already KNOW they have no problem censoring discussions of things they disapprove of. We already KNOW they have friends in high places (See almost every major vidya journalism site). We already KNOW they have successfully doxxed prominent GG supporters like Internet Aristocrat. 

All I’m saying here is that if someone draws a cartoon of Muhammad and I find that guy the next day dead with a knife in his head, I’m going to immediately assume it was a muslim extremist because that’s the kind of shit we already know they do and when I see discussions on GamerGate being censored I’m going to immediately assume it’s a social justice warrior because THAT is what kind of shit we already know they do. 

Now it could very well not be a SJW. Maybe GG was playing Anita and trying to hurt itself for pity points but that’s why I’d rather say “Discussions on GamerGate is being censored: Escapist forum on the subject DDOSed” rather than add “By social justice warriors” at the end of it. 

The term SJW is so friggin’ vague these days, you can apply that term to pretty much ANYONE.

No it can’t. It applies to oversensitive little bitches who whine and moan about oppression that isn’t there, strive to seek out sexism where it isn’t, and want to police other people’s freedoms based on their feelings. You may think we assume everyone who goes as far as to call themselves a feminist is a SJW but I think christina Sommers disproved that. It’s not every feminist who’s a SJW; just the stupid ones. 

And unlike GamerGate, which holds meetings and chat sessions to decide how to best proceed forward as a group… SJW’s don’t do that. Not to my knowledge anyway, and apparently I’M a SJW!

you are a social justice warrior, Tom. I’m willing to bet the reason you’re not invited to their meetings is because you’re not prolific enough and you don’t have the capacity to participate in a long term plan to begin with. 

Now there’s a lot of theories about what happened, most of them pointing a finger at SJW’s (how convenient GG’s got an enemy now eh?)

How is that convenient? There’s a lot of theories about why the cartoonist who drew Muhammad was stabbed, most of them pointing a finger at Muslim extremists. (how convenient atheists have an enemy now, eh?)

but my money is on a 3rd party just trying to disrupt things for the lulz. I mean, GamerGate started off of 4chan originally and 4chan itself is kinda known for trolling themselves. I wouldn’t put it past someone doing it just to stir the pot and watch the “hilarity” ensue.

Well in all fairness that’s not the dumbest thing in the world. Of course, GG is doing its best to avoid these wildcard types. 

But still, yeah, this is… fun times. I gotta admit it’s kinda fun watching the GamerGate people act all paranoid and suspicious of anyone who even mentions their cause’s name.

How dare people react negatively to being censored, eh bitch. 

 It would be absolutely hilarious if not for the damaging effects this could actually have on ACTUAL social justice and progress in our country (sorry guys this is mostly an American affair). Social Justice in and of itself is not a demonizing cause.

And it’s up to the social justice warriors to carry that weight, not the Gamer Gate people. What are you worried about? That SJWs will be exposed for the malicious frauds they are? They people wouldn’t automatically listen to people like Anita just because they have a sad story to tell? That discussions on sexism in relation to gaming won’t just be one sided? That “WAAAH! The Sorcerous’s boobs in Dragon’s Crown are too big and that offends me WAAAAH” isn’t going to be taken seriously? Is that what you’re scared of boyo? 

Yeah sure a couple of people on tumblr can go a LITTLE too overboard with their want for inclusivity, 

And their demands of censorship and their lack of respect for other people’s rights to speak and their lack of understanding of the idea that not everything is marketed toward them.

And what the fuck you’re saying a few people on tumblr for? This is SJWs all around the internet including the game journos themselves. 

ure, but when you get right down to it the concept of social justice is just that… social justice: Wanting justice in our society due to social inequalities and issues.

Things that aren’t social justice: Any video game character’s cup size. Peace or Zelda getting kidnapped. Being able to kill female NPCs in video games along with male NPCs. The fact that video games depict real life things like prostitution while being utilitarian when doing so. Spider-Woman’s ass. Samus’ high heels. Blaming all men for rape. Assuming only men can rape and cannot be raped. Countering racist and sexist ideas by being as racist and sexist as the people you criticize. Bonus points of those people aren’t even remotely racist or sexist. 

Things that are social justice: The work of Ayaan Hirisi Ali. fighting against Islam’s horrible treatment of women. fighting against the notion that men cannot be raped. Advocating for education for all no matter what your genes give you. Promoting free speech and an open market of ideas. Fighting against police brutality including racial and economic driven attacks. 

Guess which one of these you and other social justice warriors are doing? It certainly ain’t the shit that affects the real world. 

I’m honestly terrified of what this could mean in the long run. Large groups of angry people banded together to rid their “hobbies” of social issues and equality? 

You really love spinning this shit as equality, don’t you. Yeah, people don’t want their hobbies taken over by oversensitive little shits who demand that absolutely everything conform to their absurdly impossible standards. 

Not a happy prospect in my opinion. Social Justice is about equality. It’s about what’s right and fixing longstanding issues in our culture and society. 

As I have just demonstrated above, what you are standing for isn’t socail justice. It’s bullshit. It’s just fucking bullshit, Tom. 

Flatly DISMISSING anyone who wants to see more women in games, or want to see less all-white-grizzled-male leads in AAA titles? That’s not progress. That’s the opposite of progress. That’s stagnation. 

Demanding that game devs change their artistic visions because you’re offended by something you don’t have to play or purchase is censorship. There are emerging more and more games with women and minority leads but that’s not because of the social justice shits. That’s the gaming market going into new territory. If game devs listened to people like you there wouldn’t be any new games because they’d have to constantly change what they'e made because you’ll always find a reason to complain. 

That’s maintaining the status-quo and keeping things right where they are, ignoring everyone else in the world who wants to participate unless they march step with your tune.

If they want to participate. They should make their own fucking games. Their games will be judged by the same merits as other games but if lots of people buy their games, the market will shift in their favor. What isn’t okay is for those games to be artificially lifted up by corrupt game journalists who want to play moral high horse rather than judge their games based on their merits. 

I dunno about you, but that’s not a future of games I want to see. And if that makes me a “SJW” then so be it.

Well practically everything you said makes you retarded so yeah, SJW. 

And don’t worry people. I’m allowed to say the world retarded. I know an actual retard.

His name is Tom Preston.