the london weekend

Love Behind the Scenes - Chapter 17

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story based on Sam & Cait from Outlander.  While some events and people contained herein are real, the actual story, actions, conversations, and speculations are purely fiction.

Home is Where Your Heart Is 

Once filming was complete in Prague, the cast and crew flew back to London, where they would later catch a flight back home. Sam and Cait decided to stay on in London for a long weekend before heading back to Scotland. 

“It’s good to be back in London,” Sam said. “It kind of feels like a second home, doesn’t it?" 

"It certainly does. We both spend a lot of time here and they have all those great museums I like.” 

At the moment, they were in their hired car, headed to the hotel that Maril had recommended. It was a lovely place, somewhat on the outskirts, which would afford them some much-needed privacy. They loved their fans, but they deserved some peace and quiet once in a while. 

They arrived at the beautiful Victorian-era manor that now served as a hotel, and were shown to a lavish suite full of antique furniture and tapestries, a four-poster bed situated along one wall. 

After admiring the place, Caitriona looked at Sam and asked, "What do you want to do today?" 

"I was thinking it would be nice to take a walk around this neighborhood. I haven’t been in this part of London before and it seems like a really interesting place." 

“Planning on buying a house here, darling?” Cait said, grinning.

“You never know.” 

They headed out after they unpacked their things, making their way along the neighborhood streets. They admired the architecture, the unique pubs and other establishments, and finally ended up in a lovely little park, about 5 blocks from the hotel, which boasted a large duck pond. 

"This is so lovely,” Cait remarked as they sat down on a bench by the pond. “I feel like I could sit here forever with you." 

"It sure is,” he sighed with pure contentment. “I think we’ve needed this for a while. As much as I love our work and the fans, it is nice to get away from it all for a time.” His face seemed pensive for a moment, then he continued, “You know, it would be nice to have our own place here.” 

Cait breathed in the fresh, crisp air. “It certainly would. It makes sense to have a place in London that we could come to whenever we want to, for a quick getaway.”

Sam looked around them, noticing the other features of this little park. His eyes fixed on something, a huge grin forming on his face. "That would be nice for us as well,” he said, tilting his head toward the object of his attention. 

Cait looked in the direction he indicated, noticing a cheerful playground full of flowers and a huge jungle gym with swings. She turned back to him with a questioning look in her eyes. 

“For our children,” he said softly, reaching for her hand. 

Her eyes twinkled then and her face softened with deep affection. She leaned toward him and gave him a soft kiss. “You are the sweetest man I have ever known, Sam. I am so lucky to be with you, and I love that you want to have a family with me. That is my greatest wish too.”  She lay her head on his shoulder, then he rested his own head on hers and held her close. 

They enjoyed the quiet park well into the afternoon, just talking and laughing together. Eventually they walked back to their hotel, hand in hand. 

They ordered dinner from the cafe’ downstairs and had it delivered to their room. They often did this, since it allowed them more peace and privacy when they wanted to get away. They ate while talking about the neighborhood and the apartment buildings they had passed on their walk. They decided that they would inquire into a couple of them for possible purchase sometime in the future.

As the dinner concluded and night fell, they brought their bottle of wine to bed, where they sipped it and started watching an old movie on tv.  At one point, Cait noticed that Sam was staring off into space, apparently preoccupied with something.

“Are you ok, babe?” she asked. 

“Oh, sorry. I was just thinking." 

"About what?" 

"Well, I was thinking about…” he started, shyly, “Did you mean it when you said that you wanted a family with me?”

“Of course. I adore you and I know that our kids will be beautiful and charming, just like you." 

He turned to look at her seriously. "Cait, I….well….I am wondering…..when?" 

"When what?”  

“When do you want to start our family?" 

She had to think about that a bit. When did she want kids? The truth was that she couldn’t imagine anything better than having them with Sam. Sure, work was hectic and life was so busy and full, but there was always going to be their work, their hectic life, no matter what happened. God willing, the show would remain a big success and continue for years to come, but they couldn’t wait years and years to start their family. They were both in their mid-thirties and you can only wait so long to have kids. 

He saw the pensive look on her face and wondered if he had pushed too far.

"Sam….let’s try….now." 

His eyes went wide. He wasn’t expecting that at all. He figured she’d say in a year or two. He was beyond pleased though and his smile grew wide and brilliant. She smiled too, seeing his reaction.

"Really? Are you sure?” he asked, hopefully. 

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about it since we got engaged. It makes sense. If I get pregnant now, we will likely be on hiatus when the baby comes, or at least only in pre-production for next season. We can bring the baby with us to Scotland when we are shooting. We’ll find someone to help us out. We could make it work." 

"You really have been thinking about it, haven’t you?  Well, I’m certainly game for it if you are,” he replied. “In fact, how about we start now?" 


He slowly took her wine glass and set it on the nightstand.  Then he found the tv remote and turned it off.  Turning back to her, he put his hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes with great love.  "Yes, love. Let’s start making a baby." 

He leaned toward her and kissed her with such tenderness that she melted into him. As he pulled back slightly he whispered, "No more pill from now on, right?" 

It took her a moment to realize what he had said.  “Pill?   Oh…right.  Yeah, I’ll have to stop taking it if we’re serious about this." 

"I am serious about this,” he replied. “But are you ready for it?" 

In answer, she leaned toward him, kissing him with such emotion and passion, it nearly took his breath away. She began quickly unbuttoning his shirt. 

"I guess that’s a yes,” he said, grinning.

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