the london tube

Fic/fanart wish list February

I want more; morbid fluff, indulgent wanking (the opposite of “sad wanking”), brainfail fics, season one style emotional constipation, kink negotiations, medical accuracy, witty banter between the Holmes brothers, fics with details about London (especially about the tube! Giveth me fic with tube feels and/or red double decker buses!), sexual self-exploration, warm but problematic stories about love, “posh boy” fic, character studies (please; tell me about Sherlock and his relationship to books or bespoke clothing or his fluffy curls or about Mycroft and how he survives in a world of goldfish) and also more stories about brainfail, did I mention that?

anonymous asked:

Have you ever met Dan and Phil?

only phil but I must, I MIST meet dan one day. (this was wayyy before tatinof… 2011 in the London Underground on a tube and I freaked out, after building up the confidence the whole tube ride when we got off I said a really rambles hiireallyloveyourvideossayhitodanforme and ran lmao) (he probably didn’t hear me) (next time I won’t fuck it up)