the london suede

Yeah, I was really pleased for them. Good luck to the boys. Without
soundin too patronising! Everyone thought after Bernard it could
really turn into karaoke, and I just think it’s a really good
comeback. It isn’t earth-shattering, but it took a lot of effort and
determination. Brett got it together. `Lazy´ is my favourite, but
`Saturday Night´ is that Elton John song (he starts singing) how does
it go? `Life… isn’t everything…´ find that keyboard player (Neil
Codling) a bit odd. Everyone’s meant to fancy him, but I can’t
imagine Ocean Colour Scene fans fancying him. They’d probably want to batter him! We’re often associated with Suede. We use to share a lot
of the same fans, but we’ve probably got more… normal fans these
days. But also because of that European tour we did together, which
was really miserable with Richey and everything. Sometimes they’ve
taken a bit of flak for it, but it was nothing to do with Suede. We
used to watch them every night. We were utterly fucked up at the
time. You know, you were there a couple of times. As a band, we had
more personal problems than probably any band in the history of
—  Nicky ‘reviewing’ Suede’s Coming Up for Melody Maker, 1996.

the london suede, rosētum (garden of roses)

‘i would die for the stars,’ she said

this is what i get for my beautiful head

“we can’t hear any of it — until suddenly, at the last line, bernard’s raging guitar cuts out and brett hollers, "until you’re fucking dead!” before throwing down the mic and storming off. they exit one by one, until bernard is left […]. he scrapes the strings until the noise becomes unbearable, like a thousand blackboards being torn up by a thousand fingernails, and then raises his guitar over his head to smash it into oblivion. he doesn’t. instead he smiles, salutes goodbye, and trips off stage as his guitar roars feedback behind.“ — nme, 1993


neil codling, misplaced pin-up doll

i never understood you, really

and i know it’s too late now

you didn’t ask to be that way

“[…] he never says a word. if you ask him how he’s doing, he’ll pick up a guitar and play a few chords as an answer.” - m.o. “neil’s quite a star. but he isn’t carefully molded to be in this band. he was like that from the moment we met him.” - r.o. “brett writes the lyrics, richard does interviews with guitar magazines and i do the pin-up stuff. it’s just how it works out.” - neil

Suede's 'Dog Man Star' Album As A Series Of Books

This is my new print. It’s Suede’s album Dog Man Star as if it had been written as a series of novels instead of songs. It’s available now in the Standard Designs Etsy shop.

Ah, 1994. Across the road from the hideous brown office tower known as the IPC Building, home to the music magazines NME and Melody Maker, and where I would often go for meetings at the time (I was in my second ‘badly-paid job in advertising’ to paraphrase Neil Hannon), I spotted the words DOG MAN STAR sprayed in black on a nearby wall. 

Was it really necessary? Because Dog Man Star, in all its battered and defeated and resilient glory, is a huge step beyond its forerunner Suede (which, though great itself, was a mish-mash of singles-material songs and… others, bringing to mind another eponymous debut album, namely The Smiths).

We Are The Pigs is the stand-out track, but the atmospherics of so much of the rest of the album give it a really troublesomely empty feel - in a good way - like a lot of early 1970s British films. It’s a slow-motion version of A Clockwork Orange.

If you’ve not heard it - go and hear it. Now! I command you! And if you have… this print’s for you.

The end? A collaborative playlist by the babes of Lozenge Listen here

Tracklist: 1. Fade Away and Radiate - Blondie 2. Where Are We Now - David Bowie 3. Wild World - Cat Stevens 4. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground 5. Something Changed - Pulp 6. My Dark Star - The London Suede 7. Changes - David Bowie 8. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam 9. Unknown Track - Grimes 10. Happy Endings - Pulp 11. Wanna Go Home - Lime Cordiale 12. Goodbye Weekend - Mac Demarco 13. Goodbye - Eddie Vedder 14. Catch Me If You Can - The Like 15. Malibu - Hole 16. Lunge Forward - Wavves 17. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana 18. Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine