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_George Harrison; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; East Ham; Granada Cinema; November 9th 1963/9 de novembro de 1963.

_Photo/Foto: Jane Bown.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.

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A snippet of “World Destroyer” at Frank Iero And The Patience at O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, United Kingdom - February 16th, 2017

_The Beatles; United Kingdom/Reino Unido; London/Londres; Wembley; Empire Pool; New Musical Express Annual Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert; May 1st 1966/1º de maio de 1966.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.


OKay so I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now because seeing The Front Bottoms was probably one of the highlights of my life and i need to get this night down because im so scared parts of the night will slowly start to go from my memory and im sentimental lmao((I’m also failing english so you’re getting this as a just a list of things that made this night great sorrynotsorry))

  • okay for starters i looked hella good this day, had a sparkly top on, my hair in sick space buns and i just felt so confident with this new look it was so great
  • I’d been looking forwards to this gig for ages and i’ve wantted to see tfb for so so long 
  • it was a day after my mocks finished so it was such a relief and almost a celebration
  • It was at my favourite venue (kentish town O2 forum) and we ate cookies in the queue 
  • we met the nicest girl in the crowd and we spoke to her until the support act came on
  • we then met these other guys who were really nice too and quite jokes although they didnt actually like tfb and were just there for the support at Gnarwolves so we were with them/bumping into them every now again in the crowd during gnarwolves and then they left to go get high
  • I cant remember if we then met these other girls before gnarwolves too or before tfb, hence why im writing this all down because these are my fav memories and i dont wanna forget!! but anyway we got talking to these lovely girls(basically this was one of the friendliest crowds at a gig i have ever been to which is a big reason why this night was so great tbh) and they told me they’d been judging everyone and decided I had the best space buns which actually made me feel so so good about myself….FIve minutes later though and the music starts, someone crowd surfs over me and kicks my space buns out:// i guess it was too good to be true, typical eh?
  • Honestly i can remember the first support act, they were called Apologies, i have none but i cant actually remember their set. I guess no memories means it cant have been that bad tho??
  • Gnarwolves though were so sick, the crowd was so so mad and they put on a hell of a set. I’d listened to them before and knew who they were but only after i’d seen them live did i realise just how good these guys were and i would definitely see them again if i get the chance 
  • Every single second the front bottoms were on stage i had the biggest smile on my face, they were so so amazing and i actually love them and their music so much. Like not even just fangirling i have so much respect for this band and still dont understand why those guys we met didn’t stick around to see tfb
  • If i were to say the crowd was dead I’d be telling the biggest lie. For some reason I live for the feeling of near death, struggling to hold yourself up, having a lack of breath, being severely dehydrated and overheating, either being pressed up closer to someone than even thought possible or being in the pit throwing yours into and onto people left, right and centre in time to the music. Not to mention the surprise of suddenly having someone’s body part flung over you’re head from behind you and being expected to hold this person up when you can barely hold yourself up. To any non gig goer you wont understand and when i start to think about it i dont really either but theres something about being in these crowds which makes me feel happier than anywhere else in the world.
  • Having said that, and meaning it, during the encore some people had already started to leave and i wasnt bothered about being right at the front so for the last couple of songs i got myself a little space and danced and sung my heart out knowing full well i probably looked like the biggest twat going but i honestly didnt care in the slightest.
  • ‘WITH TEARS IN MY EYES I BEGGED YOU TO STAY YOU SAID HEY MAN I LOVE YOU BUT NO FUCKING WAY’ Putting every last emotion and breath into sing/screaming this made me so unbelievably happy and one point me and this guy sung the hey man i love you part to each other and god singing to strangers in the crowd is probably on of the best feelings i cant explain it. 

Okay so these next bits werent actually at the gig but it was still that night so im counting it.

  • So me and my mate got on the tube absolutely buzzing and chatting away about the gig and this guy opposite us obviously realised we’d been to the same gig as him and he was listening to his music so he started humming and singing along and as it was the front bottoms we joined in singing and so he took his headphones out to play the music out loud and it was just quite jokes. also he was really drunk and basically invited us out with him but we had to get the train home
  • then on the way to the train station we stopped at a shop and got some grapes and water but let me tell you grapes are the best after gig snack like its soo refreshing.
  • we then got on the train home and oh my god this is my favourite train ride and favourite story to tell ever, basically me and my friend sat on one table of four and there was another one next to it with this drunk guy(Nick from Sevenoaks with a brussel sprouts christmas jumper) on and we were just happily sat with our grapes and cookies on the table still buzzing and this group of drunk people in their late 20′s probably came and sat on both tables(there was like 8 of them) and they were the funniest people and at first we were just kind of listening in to thier conversations and like laughing to ourselves but then one of the guys was like ‘omg do you guys have food!?’ so we were like yeah and passed over our grapes and cookies to them(bc sharing is caring) and that kind of made them start talking to us and it was so eventful like being the sober one you realise how much shit drunk people chat it’s so so funny and anyway we were talking to them for quite a while as i think we were all on the train together for like a good hour and somehow we got on to the subject of relationships and one of the girls asked Nick the one who was originally on the train if he had a girlfriend and he was like no so then they asked me and i said no to so they got the bright idea to set us up and they all were so excited and were like come on molly swap seats swap seats so i’d be opposite him and i was just there like nahhh and i kid you not they like dragged me up and made me move seats and then they put the grapes and cookies(which they’d pretty much ate all of) on the table in between us to make it ‘date like’ and then one of the guys went all speed dating mode and starting asking us both questions about us so we’d get to know each other and this may sound weird but trust me it was the funniest thing ever to happen. We also got them listening to tfb and we were all sat on the train listening to them so yeah that was a pretty fun train ride

So yeah that was the night I saw the front bottoms and even though it was the whole night that made this i cannot wait for the front bottoms to tour again and if you havent already….LISTEN TO THE FRONT BOTTOMS !!

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hey it's the 2D anon. I did some research and at the 2001 concert at Scala, London, the lyrics in 5/4 and Punk were modified to include the word fuck. he had also said fuck after preforming Punk at the Forum in London. you can find the audio for these concerts on yt. bonus: he also said shit in a short interview abt John Pooh and in the song Hong Kong. both of these are on yt as well. in conclusion this was definitely worth the hours I spent to find these thanks guys it's been fun 😫👌💯

a major breakthrough has been made good job anon lol