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Edith Head, Costume worn by Ginger Rogers as Liza Elliott in Lady in the Dark, 1944.

Ginger Rogers wore this costume for the ‘The Saga of Jenny’ sequence in the musical Lady in the Dark, which was staged in a circus. In 1944, this single costume was the most expensive ever produced in Hollywood. Legendary designer Edith Head created the costume, with strong influence from Mitchell Leisen, a former costume designer turned film director. Rogers wore two versions of the dress, one for singing and static close-ups and a lighter version for dancing.

Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


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Final Cut : London

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YOUTUBER HARRY! I wanted to try something new so let me know if you like this :) Masterlist has been updated in my description! x

Harry: Is there any battery left in this?

You: Yes! I told you I charged it last night and it’s already recording, H!

Harry: Oh! Erm, riiight, I guess I’m just going to have to edit that bit out. 

You: *You roll your eyes but stifle a laugh at him*

Harry: Hello! I’m back at home from Liam’s house, where we just filmed an amazing collab video that you can check out on his page, I will put it in the space down below.

Harry: Anyways, I apologise for this being a bit later than usual but if ever Y/N and I have to be apart for a while, our first day back is usually technology free, and yesterday we were with my family for some quality time, so that explains that.

Harry: As you might’ve seen in the previous videos or from social media, I just got back from the states and Y/N from The Netherlands. It was a bit colder in L.A. than I expected and it rained quite a bit actually. *Frowns* However, because Y/N was so wonderful and insisted on me packing a few jumpers, I’m fine. *Turns the camera to you*

Harry: She’s lovely, isn’t she? Unfortunately, she caught the flu on her train ride back so she’s feeling a bit under the weather.

You: And looking under the weather. *You pout*

Harry: *Scoffs* Nonsense. I still think you’re adorable, even with the little flu nose you’ve got on. *Boops your nose*

You: *Blow a kiss to the camera, causing Harry to chuckle before swiveling it back to him*

Harry: We’re both cozy in bed at the moment, Y/N’s searching for a film to watch on Netflix. If you’ve got any recommendations for one on either that site or any other site, please comment it below or tweet us. I believe we’ve gone through most of the good ones. 

You: I think that’s a bit of a sign, actually.

Harry: Hm? *Focuses camera on you*

You: We’ve burned through most of the decent ones in such little time, so I think that sort of shows that we’re spending too much time in bed watching films.

Harry: Like you’d rather be anywhere else but in bed with me. *Winks*

You: Oh my god! You better edit that out! *Slaps his arm*

Harry: *Throws his head back laughing* Only joking, my love. 

You: If only your viewers knew how cheeky you were behind the scenes, my God Harry. 

Harry: You said my cheekiness is one of my best features. 

You: I said being cheeky is one of the things you’re best at, I didn’t say I loved it. 

Harry: But I know you enjoy it. 

You: Think what you’d like. But you should stop flattering yourself and get on with what you were vlogging! You’ve wasted a good two minutes just by us arguing about your cheekiness.

Harry: Which you love.

You: *Smacks him with a pillow*  That, you can keep in the final cut.

Harry: *Shakes his head with a laugh* She is right, though. I do think whenever we’ve got some free time, we’re spending it in front of a screen. I think once Y/N’s feeling better, we’ll do some exploring around London? I ‘aven’t filmed something like that for London yet.

Harry: *Turns to you* You alright with that, darling?

You: Sounds fantastic. I wish I hadn’t sat next to that one lady with her small child, he kept sneezing and coughing the entire ride and didn’t cover his mouth!

Harry: But the little boy was cute, though, she took photos with him despite the spread of the flu. I personally think it was worth the illness.

You: You’d literally do anything to be with children.

Harry: They’re my people. We carry the same love for boxed juice.

You: *Sighs* I’m in love with a man who takes his juice from a minuscule carton. 

Harry: That’s me. *Attempts to wink*

Harry: Anyways, I think that’s enough filming for today. I promise the next video however, will be much more entertaining and visually pleasing than me just giving you updates. 

You: I’m excited already to get some shots of London.

Harry: *Smiles at you before looking into the camera* I can tell she’s already mentally planning on where we should film. I’m excited as well, though.

You: But if you’ve got any ideas on where we should go, tweet us those as well!

Harry: Alright, erm, I think I’ll be seeing you all in a few days, once she’s feeling better and we get some good shots of the city. Thank you for watching, we love you. 

Harry: *Turns camera around to you* Isn’t she still gorgeous? Baby, say bye to everyone.

You: Ta Ta for now! *Blows another kiss*

Harry: *Grins whilst waving goodbye*

“Well that was informative.” He declares, setting the Canon camera down on the coffee table in front of him.

You share a smile, “I think it went well. That’s a good idea though, doing a vlog around London.”

“I glanced around the room and noticed our photo from the O2 and realised that we haven’t been around London together in a while.”

Before you can reply, you’re beset with coughs, veering away from Harry in an attempt to not spread the sickness. 

“I hate being sick.” You choke out before grabbing a tissue, a sneeze creeping on you.

He chuckles at your shriveled state, going over to peck your forehead. “I don’t think anyone enjoys it. But I’m going to be taking care of you, so just relax, my love.”

“Mm,” You shake your head, “I remember when I was younger I’d used to wish I got sick. The teachers were so much more leanient with homework plus it was an excuse to stay home with a blanket and some tissues in front of the TV.”

“You still do that now.”

“Yes, but back then no one frowned upon it! It looked productive!” 

Harry lets out a chortle at your words, “I suppose I’m guilty of that as well. I remember when I had strep throat I was confined at home but equally as thankful because that same day I had a maths exam which I was never prepared for.”

“Awh,” You giggle, “I can just imagine eleven year old Harry, sitting at home with relief despite the raging infection that comes with strep throat.”

“Gemma used to stand at the doorway of my bedroom with some biscuits and apple juice, taunting me because I feeling too terrible to swallow anything.” He pouts.

“But it’s alright, because she caught it a week later.”


Harry: Always lovely riding the tube at the same time everyone’s trying to get to work. Note the sarcasm. *Rolls his eyes*

You: It’s still better than us going through traffic though.

Harry: *Looks to you* That’s true. We would’ve driven but parking would’ve been even more annoying so we’d rather suffer through the rush anyways. You see what we do for you guys? *Laughs*

You: A full day around London, what to do, what to do.

Harry: Y/N was going to plan the day around for us but we said let’s scrap that and go wherever felt right for the day. So, *Turns camera around to you* where to, my love?

You: I’ve got no idea, actually. *You both laugh*

Harry: Right now we’re on Monmouth street to get some coffee, but I dunno what we’ll do after that so let’s hope for the best.

You: We can look through twitter! I think I saw some on where we should go.

Harry: *Eyes widen* Problem solved, I think.

A laugh is again shared between your bodies once Harry stops recording. You then pull out your phone and ready snapchat for a quicker update to your viewers.

“Hello! H and I are now going ‘round London so if you can, please come say hi! We’d love to meet you all.” You grin, poking your boyfriend so that he does as well. The ten seconds are up and you share it to your story just in time to meet the doors of Monmouth Coffee.

“Where to after this?” Harry asks, blowing softly at the scalding cup in his hand.

You shrug, “I’ll look through Twitter. I did want to check out the film museum?” 

“Where’s that?”

“It’s like a ten minute walk from here, nine I think according to google maps. They’ve got that “Bond-In-Motion” exhibit which I think you’d love, all his cars from the last fifty years. You suggest, looking at him with hopeful eyes.

His dimples turn up as he nods, “Wherever you’d like, my love.”


Harry: We’re now walking to the the London Film Museum to see the Bond In Motion exhibit, loads of cool cars apparently.

You: Fifty cars, fifty years. According to the website. *Winks, Harry laughs*

Harry: I think I should mention though, last night I spent some time on Buzzfeed, looking for some fantastic puns. I’ve narrowed it down to the best ones and am going to share it with you.

You: *Rolls your eyes* He literally went through hundreds, calling me every few seconds like, “Hey babe, how bout this one, “Why was the stadium hot after the game?”

Harry: “Because all the fans left!” See love, I told you that was a good one!

You: *Stares directly into the camera with a straight face* These are his true colours. 

Harry: *Laughs*

You: Seriously! I see on Twitter, some account added him on a thread of “Daddy”-like people. He relates more to a rainbow-coloured stuffed bear than anything else.

Harry: Daddy-like?

You: You know what I’m talking about, right?

Harry: I will after I google it.

You: I’m telling you all, RBB.

Harry: ‘ere we are! *Swivels camera to show the front entrance and other scenery*

You: I think we’ve got a couple fans here, they’re coming towards us now.

Harry: *Shuts off camera*

“Hi there!” He beams at the guy and girl in front of you two.

“I’m Darren and this is my girlfriend Katie.” The fashionably dressed man reports. 

You smile, sticking your arms out for a hug. “Lovely to meet you both.”

Katie looks to you both excitedly, “I’ve been a fan for years now and just got Darren into it several months ago. I’m so happy we’ve run into you!”

“Aw, you guys are so sweet! Thank you!” You chuckle.

“D’ya mind if we put you in the vlog? So that you’ll have something to look back on this day for.” Harry asks, switching the camera on again.

The girl nods, “Sounds perfect.”

Harry: So this is Darren and Katie who we’ve just met. Wonderful people.

Darren & Katie: *Waves enthusiastically.*

Harry: It’s really nice to be able to meet you all like this. Sometime soon I promise we’ll organise a meet up.

Harry: Alright, Covent Garden. *Shifts camera to show surroundings*

You: We got really hungry after an hour and a half in the museum with only some coffee in our stomachs.

Harry: It was really cool in there though. I remember when I was younger, I spent a day with my dad watching all of the older Bond films, the good ones. It was one particular day in the summer and I think back to that day every time I see a Bond film today.

*You smile, leaning your head into Harry’s chest*

You: We’re now standing in line for Shake Shack. H has been craving it for days now and won’t stop talking about it, so here we are to make a twenty-two year old’s dreams come true.

Harry: *Tries to wink into camera* She made my dreams come true.

You: *While attempting to keep a straight face* He’s paid me.

Harry: All jokes here at the CG.

You: Oh my god, Harry. Stop calling it the CG, no one calls it that!

Harry: You’ve got no way of knowing that. There could be some people out there, or who knows. I might start it now.

You: *Rolls eyes* No one is going to pick up on that.

Harry: *Pretends to look at you menacingly* That’s not making my dreams come true.

You: *Steps up to peck his lips* I love you anyways.

Harry: *Tries to be serious* Mhm. *Eventually turns off camera and kisses you again*

“Y/N? Harry?” You hear from behind. Shifting around, you find a fan excitedly eyeing the two of you. She steps closer as you both grin, ready for a hug.

“I was just watching your snapchat update Y/N and I was like oh my god, they’re at the film museum, I have to meet them! But when I got there you guys were already gone so I thought to go to Shake Shack for a comfort custard and here you are!” The fan finishes her rambling as Harry pulls the camera out.

“Well I’m glad you’ve found us, really means a lot that you’d come out to say hello.” He smiles warmly. 

“So what’s your name, love? I really enjoy your outfit by the way, very cute” You compliment, causing her to blush and mumble a reply.

“I’m Angela, and thank you so much! I love yours as well, as always.”

Harry uncaps the lens of his Canon camera. “Would you want to be part of the vlog, Angela?”

The girl nods vigorously. “I’d be honoured to.”


Harry: Where are we, baby? *focusing camera on both you and the view in front of you*

You: At the top of Heron Tower! 

Harry: We’re about to eat at Duck and Waffle, which is a restaurant recommended by Darren and Katie, some of the fans whom we met earlier.

You: I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while but always forget to bring it up when H asks what I want for dinner.

Harry: We probably go through about fifty different types of restaurants before she can decide.

You: *Shrugs* I know I’m hungry when you ask me but I can’t be bothered to think of what for.

Harry: Anyways, this place is apparently the highest twenty-four hour restaurant in… all of Europe? I think. I’ll check in a bit.

You: It’s forty floors high, according to the site.

Harry: They’ve got these sick views downtown London. *Moves camera 180 degrees*

*Food is served minutes later*

Harry: I think Y/N was feeling adventurous and got the actual duck and waffle. But I can’t say I disagree with her, it looks amazing. *Zooms in on your plate*

Harry: Right, we’ll get back to you all in a few short moments. *Puts time-lapse for the rest of the meal*


Harry: We’ve just got home from that very eventful day, loads of walking so now my feet sort of hurt. 

You: If you’re planning to visit, London is a ridiculously walk-able city despite having a rep. for bad weather. I feel like the most rewarding part about this place is that you don’t even need to have a certain destination in mind because almost everywhere you walk will be interesting in itself.

Harry: *Nods* If you’ve watching everything up until now, you’ll notice that most of the footage is us walking from place to place, actually.

You: Speaking of that, thank you for watching this video.

Harry: I’ll um, I’ll link our social media below if you’d like more recent updates and we hope you’ve enjoyed this one. *Smiles*

You: Let us know where else you’d like to see or what else you’d want us to do. We really love hearing back from you all.

Harry: See you all in a bit.

“That’s a lot of editing we’re going to have to do later.” Your laugh turns into a groan.

“Yeah,” Harry sets the camera down before turning to you, “but they’re memories. Someday, when we’re in our fifties, we’re going to get to look back at this and be glad we did them.”

You cuddle him closer, resting a palm on his chest. “Today really was amazing.”

“I think my favourite part was meeting a few fans. We always see them through a screen but to have them tell you that you’re their favourite YouTuber in person is like nothin’ else.” He sighs, laying his head on top of yours.

“I know, right. Even meeting Angela, who gave us little stuffed bears when she found out we were in Covent Garden when we took our little detour there. They’re all so beautiful.”

A comfortable silence fills the room as you two ponder back on the day’s events, occasionally smiling at the little things.



He gazes down at you, “What song should I do next?”

You peek up at him through sleepy eyes, “For a video?” He only nods.

“Erm.. I don’t know. What made you want to film another one so quickly?”

“I just remembered what Angela said, how I should post another of me singing with the lads. Apparently a bunch of fans were tweetin’ around, asking for another one like that.”

With a sigh, you lift your body upwards to be eye level with his own. “I think you guys should as well. I’ll get back to you on that song though, Maybe do one of the original ones you wrote, like If I Could Fly. That one is my favourite.

He smiles to himself, “I saw another fan say we should be on X Factor.”

“That sounds perfect, actually.”

His gaze meets the ground. “I’m a bit insecure about it though, I dunno if we’d even get through auditions.”

A hand of yours reaches over to course through his hair before running down to his jaws, cupping them gently. You throw a smile to him. “I think you guys would make it much further than just through auditions.”

“I just don’t want to make it far, get our hopes up then not win. That’s incredibly painful.” Harry then frowns at the notion of it.

You peck tenderly, staring straight into the green irises you’ve fallen so deeply for. 

“Even if you boys don’t win the X Factor, you’ll win the world. That, I can promise.”


You too can set foot in the place where Channing Tatum swept around shirtless on glowing rollerblades!

The corridors of Kalique’s alcazar were filmed on location at the Natural History Museum in London, which is a really spectacular environment. The NHM was also used as the location for another scene - can anyone guess which one?