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  • The Doctor: *regenerates*
  • Sherlock Holmes: *dies and comes back*
  • Sam Winchester: *dies and comes back*
  • Dean Winchester: *dies a lot and comes back*
  • Castiel: *dies and comes back*
  • Loki: *dies and comes back*
  • Harry Potter: *dies and comes back*
  • Professor X: *dies and comes back*
  • Buffy Summer: *dies and comes back*
  • Arthur:
  • Merlin: …Arthur?
  • Arthur: *loading please wait*
Honestly, I’m a fandom hoe. I’m the hoest hoe to ever hoe in the whole hoe-fandom history of hoe-ing around. I’m ready to sin.

You know this movie, The Mask? Well, I don’t know if you’re aware but there’s a sequel to that comedy. It’s called The Son of Mask. We find out in it about who created the mask and why. It was Loki and he did it purely for fun. 

The movie camed out in 2005 and Loki looked like this

his car looked like this

and he was scared shitless of Odin. 

Now please imagine Tony almost forcing Lokes to watch that movie and Loki getting so pissed of he destroyes the TV. Tony just cries out of laughter and all Loki cares about is 


Someone write a ff to this, pls

Since Loki’s a shapeshifter I am not saying he would talk with animals but be able to understand their body language really well so can you imagine Loki just looking at some snake and going ‘Oh my, poor thing’s exhausted’ and Tony just freaking out like whAT THE FUCK Loki you fucking PARSLETONGUE what is this straight up salazar bullshit fUcKING SLYTHERINS DAMMIT

Imagine being the first person that Loki visits after he escaped from his prison.
He’d just stand in front of you suddenly. You two would look at each other for some seconds in complete silence until he pulls you into a deep hug, you smiling and some tears of joy streaming down your face.
“I missed you, my love”
“I missed you too, Loki”

You Talk Too Much

Original or requested: Original

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 1.032

Loki tried to take over your city. Again. While you were patiently waiting for the Avengers to come and save the day, the worse happened. You, with a small group of people, were kidnapped. Kidnapped to Asgard. Now, you stand before his throne in a room that seems like a fairytale. It didn’t suppose to look like a fairytale when you’re standing before Loki, the god of Mischief and Lies.

“Is good to see humans surrendering so easily.” With a mean smile, Loki stands up, looking down at you and the others.

“On your knees.”

Immediately, everyone gets down on their knees, not daring to raise their eyes to the Asgardian god.

“You.” He points at you, his smile fading. “Why aren’t you worshipping me, mortal?”

Keeping your head up, you take a deep breath to gather courage.

“Not interested.” You say, eyes on him as he slowly walks up to you.

“You dare to…”

“Here, just between you and me. I’m not afraid of you. So let’s skip all this worship bullshit and you can take me back home.” You whisper, trying to confuse him. You’ve always been a talker, and you know how to use it in your favor. You just don’t know if it’ll work with a god.

“Are you mad, mortal?” Loki’s face is like ice, you can’t read it. “Take her to a special cell. Kill the others. ”

“What? No!” Before he could turn around, you hold his wrist. He stops anger and surprise in his eyes. “D-don’t do this.”

“Why should I even listen to you?”

“It’s better to be a merciful king than an evil king.”

“I rather be evil.” He whispers before letting the guards take you.

You yell and fight and try to run away, but those guards tell you to keep quiet and just follow the rules. So, when they lock you in this small cell, with a magic glass that can kill you instantly, you scream again. You scream until your throat hurts so bad you can’t find your voice anymore.

After endless hours, you hear footsteps but you don’t bother to stand up. The cold hard ground finally got a bit comfortable. You hope someone is bringing you food. But no. When you see him, the god of Lies again, you know he brought you no food.

“Are you stupidly brave or completely insane?”Somehow, he opens one of those magic glass and enters the cell. “I wish to know what’s on your mind when you stood up to confront me.”

“I’m not the kind of person who…”

“Who’s smart enough to obey your king?”

“You’re not my king.”

“Haven’t you noticed? You’re in Asgard. And this is a gift for you, mortals.” Loki looks around your empty cell, confusion on his handsome face. Wait. Did you just…? No. You can’t think about these things right now. “Were you sleeping on the ground?”

“Yes. Why? You killed the others, why do you care if I’m sleeping on the ground?”

“You talk too much.”

“I know.” You stand up with a sigh, rolling your eyes at the weird sensation that hits your head.

“What is it?” Running to hold you by the waist, Loki saves you from hitting the ground.

“Nothing. I’m just starving. ”

“I’ll command them to bring you something to eat.”

“If you’re going to kill me, you don’t have to feed me first.”

“I quite enjoy your talking. Maybe you can stay for a while to entertain me. ”

“How lucky I am…” You voice faints when the world spins around again, and suddenly, everything goes black.

A warm breeze caress your cheek, and it feels good to be home. You open your eyes to see a blue sky and a sweet light comes to show you that you’re not at home. Is not that Asgard isn’t beautiful, but you don’t like to feel like a prisoner. Moving a bit to sit up, you notice that you’re laying on a very large bed with comfy pillows.

“A golden cage.” You murmur, smelling something that seems to taste like heaven. On a small table next to your bed, there’s a tray with human food.

You happily eat all the fruits, licking your fingers when you’re done with the strawberries. It’s surprising that they got you human food.

“I hope you feel better.” He declares from behind you.

“Yes. Now I can entertain you with my talking. ” You lay down again, fixing the blue dress you’re wearing. “May I ask who put me into this dress?”

“I did.”

You stare at him, wide-eyed, anger building up in your stomach. How could he do something like that?

“You son of a bitch!”

“What’s a bitch?” He looks at you confused, not sure if you insulted him. You try to keep angry, but you burst into laugh suddenly. You cover your mouth with your hands, struggling to calm down again.

“Oh my God. You are so damn funny.”

“I really don’t know what just happened.” That’s when you notice it, the shadow of a smile on his lips. You keep staring at him until it’s gone.

“You should smile more often. It makes you even more handsome. ”


“Yes.” Cursing yourself for talking too much, you awkwardly look to your hands. “Sorry, I was just saying the truth.”

“I know. I’m the god of lies, I can tell when someone is honest. I miss honest people, there’s no one I can trust here.” Loki walks around the bed, eyes locked on you.

“You can talk to me if you want. As you say, I’m nothing but a human.”

“You say it like it’s a curse.”

“It isn’t.”

“Would you stay if I promise not to kill those humans who came here with you?” He sits on the edge of the bed, uncertain of what to do. You feel his hesitation, even though you can’t understand it.

“I’ll stay. Well, you don’t treat me like a prisoner. ”

“If that’s your wish, you’re not a prisoner.”

“Now, tell me all your sorrows.”

“We may take some hours.”

Sitting up straight, you smile at him. “Go on, I don’t mind.”

Something Odd

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Peter Parker x Reader

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A/N: writing this on my phone so some typos may have gone unedited. Also, I’m not sure if this should be a series…give me advice people!! :) Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is the love of my life, just saying 

 Warnings: some cursing 

 Breaking down the events, you’d come to the conclusion your best friend was angry with you.  As much as it hurt, there were some things that had to be accepted in the world. He didn’t seem to want to talk about it, however. He was quiet during school and never really talked to you after hours. 

Your mother encouraged you, over dinner, to call him, text him, or even randomly appear at his doorstep. That way, she explained, he couldn’t avoid you. “As fun as that sounds,” you mumbled, stirring your pasta around your fork, “I’m not really sure he wants to talk to me.” 

 “What makes you think that?” she pondered. You stared at her. “Have you been listening to me? Actually, don’t answer that,” you quickly said. 

She sighed. “[Y/n], honey, you’ve got to talk to him eventually. He’s your best friend, sweetie, and if you don’t, you’ll regret it.”  

 You had sulked into your bedroom soon after, not bothering to finish homework. Your phone stared at you from your nightstand, practically jumping up and down to grab your attention. Seconds later, it had miraculously jumped into your hand, through no fault of your own. You bit your lip as you typed:  

 Conversation with Tiger Lily (AKA Peter)

 [Y/n]: Hey. Can we have a serious conversation? 

 Peter: When you say serious do you mean should I call you or bring ice cream?

[Y/n]: No, sorta in between I guess… 

 Peter: What is it?! You know I hate suspense  

[Y/n]: Are you mad at me or something? 

 Peter: [Y/N] WHAT THE  


 [Y/n]: Okay. A lie, but okay. 

 Peter: [Y/n], I would never be angry with you. Being completely serious now

 [Y/n]: You would tell me if something was up, right? 

 Peter:Of course :) Lately, it’s just been a bit rough. I didn’t realize I was taking it out on you by ignoring you.  

 [Y/n]: Just as long as you’re not upset with me then [Y/n]: I realize that actually sounds a bit needy 

 [Y/n]: Let’s ignore that 

 Peter: It didn’t sound needy, don’t worry 

 Peter: Listen, I’m super sorry Peter: Wanna hang out tomorrow??? 

 [Y/n]: Will there be poptarts free of charge

 Peter: If by charge you mean hugs then no, actually

 [Y/n]: Lit 

 Peter: Lit 

Walking to his apartment felt familiar. Warm. Fuzzy. Things with Peter had gone back to normal immediately after your conversation the night before. You’d greeted each other at school like nothing had even happened (though he did apologize every few hours, to re-establish he wasn’t a “total asshole of a friend” despite you insisting he wasn’t).  “You’re kidding,” he laughed. “I’m not!” The legitimate humour in his eyes made you feel fluttery. You missed him. 

 Stop, you warned yourself. 

This entire time you’d been thinking he was angry with you, you realized you thought of him more than just a friend. The war between your heart and your brain was painful. As much as you wanted to admit to Peter how you felt, you knew that it would ruin everything. The chance he liked you back was low. Besides, you’d seen the way he looked at Liz Allen, the most popular girl in school. “Alright, May isn’t home,” Peter was saying as you two strolled into the kitchen. “So that means we can have whatever we want.”

 “Order?” You suggested. “Pizza?” 

 “Predictable and no,” you said. “Sushi?” Peter scoffed. “Typical for a girl in New York. Chinese?”

“Eh, alright,” you agreed, jumping onto his couch. “I’m going to take a shower,” he told you. “You can order whenever. May took her laptop so use the one in my room,” Peter said with a sweet smile before heading off. 

 As reluctant as you were to move from the comfortable spot, the rumble in your belly told you to hurry. You kicked off your shoes and walked to his room, opening the door and smiling to yourself. It was such a Peter room. Not surprisingly. You logged onto the desktop computer and opened a Google tab. Your hand absentmindedly clicked on food selections, your eye trailing off to the corner of the screen and focusing on the reflection . You turned your head, looking at the ceiling of his room. 

 You’d known he had a small storage space in his room but you’d never seen anything in it before. A strip of red fabric stuck out. Without thinking, you pulled the string down and the contents poured on you. You let out a small shriek when you saw it. “He’s-he’s-!” You held the red and blue suit in your hands, knees and legs shaking. You threw the fabric back into Peter’s storage of fucking craziness and shut it, running a hand through your hair. “Hey, uh, I have to go!” You called, rushing out of the house. It didn’t occur to you you’d left your shoes. 

 Your phone buzzed in your pocket as you quickly walked to your apartment. It was worried texts from Peter, asking why you’d left so abruptly. You couldn’t even say anything besides"Oh, don’t worry,“ because that was the only thing that came to mind. Peter Parker knew you were lying so when he called, you were tempted to throw your phone in a sewer. Maybe it wasn’t true, you told yourself as you fumbled with your keys. Maybe he was just super into cosplay. "Who am I kidding?” You moaned as you kicked open your door. 

“Mom! Are you home yet?” No reply. You ram to your room, shutting and locking the door. The likeliness that Peter was, in fact, Spider Man didn’t seem possible at all. Out of everyone in the city, the probability of it being your best friend seemed impossible! 

 Although…it did make sense a bit. His suddenly leaving, not talking to you, showing up with cuts on his face and hands. He told you it was Flash at first, and you ended up being suspended for two weeks for punching the senior in the face and ripping out a patch of his blond hair. Since then, Peter didn’t tell you what had happened. 

 You collapsed onto your bed, staring at the ceiling fan twirl around. “Am I in love with spider man?”