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“We now think it’s normal that soldiers gun down terror suspects. We are not at war. As long as we aren’t I question the gunning down of people without due process in the public space.”

This was said in response to the man who detonated a bomb in Brussels central station last week and then ran towards soldiers yelling Allahu Akhbar.

The author further condemned ‘letting the man bleed to death’ without giving him medical attention, despite that a bomb squad was trying to figure out if he had a bomb vest on or not. I guess fuck the medics, let them operate and gamble their own life for his.

A date and homework (?)

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Logan swallowed thickly and looked at himself in the mirror one last time before fixing his tie and sighing.

“I look perfectly fine” he said, fixing his hair for the tenth time and groaning before rushing away from the mirror and grabbing his wallet. He looked at the clock and winced. He had twenty minutes to get somewhere he took forty minutes to arrive.

Well… Uber wouldn’t be bad once right?

He climbed inside the car and looked outside the window, his hands sweating as he watches the houses and buildings around. He sighed quietly and bit his lip when they arrived, paying the driver and walking out, holding a small agenda he had bought to Patton behind his back. He looked around in the street, having stopped in front of a small café, smiling at how cozy it looked.

He then heard someone cleaning their throat and turned around, smiling shakily as he saw Patton there, holding a bouquet of flowers.

“So I wasn’t the only one thinking about a gift” Patton giggled and Logan smiled, calmer now, giving him the agenda and taking the flowers, still quite shy.

“No…. No indeed”


“Did you find the book?” Ann asked as Roman walked inside their flat, making the actor groan and walk to him, plopping on the bed next to him.

“I can’t believe you let me go out with your shirt!” he said, searching into his bag and pulling out the book. “It was the last one, but luckily Logan found it before anyone else could” he grinned and showed Ann the book, frowning when he was looking at his phone. Roman slammed him on the arm with the book and made him groan.

“What the hell?”

“Pay attention to me!” he whined, and Ann chuckled, putting his phone down and tilting his head.

“I thought you had work to do?”

“I do but I still want you to pay attention to me” he pouted and sat comfortably on the bed, opening the book and grabbing a pen and a notebook. “But you can stay quiet now. Thanks love”

Ann chuckled and stretched slowly before kneeling up and crawling to Roman, brushing his nose up his back and making him tense and shiver.

“You told me to pay attention” he mumbled against his upper back, before he kissed his nape, making Roman tremble and bite his lip.

“Ann… I need to finish this”

“I am not stopping you, am I?”


Logan smiled over his glass of wine, watching Patton talking to the waiter, asking for two sandwiches and some fries before he turned back to Logan and smiled.

“So Logan… since when have you been a librarian?” he asked softly and Logan hummed, thinking for a moment before smiling again.

“I believe three years. Since my senior year in college. The only job around for me. I am applying to some other places but yet nothing appeared… and you? How long have you had that flower shop?” he asked, and Patton grinned.

“Oh that was my grandma’s. All the other sons and grandsons didn’t want it so I took it in my hands. This will be my second year there without her” he smiled sadly. “Anyway, what did you study?”

“Astrophysics. That’s why it’s so hard to find jobs” he chuckled and sipped on his wine again silently. “Did you study?”

“I started economy, then I tried photography, then biology, but I guess I just wasn’t made for studying” he chuckled and shrugged, and Logan chuckled with him.

“Yes, working is a valid option. And if you ever want to do a college later you can” he said, and Patton nodded, grinning.

“You sound like you could be a great tutor” he said, and Logan looked at him surprised.

“A tutor? Or a teacher?”

“Maybe both… You should try that out”

“Yes… I will”


Roman looked at the ceiling and groaned angrily, rubbing his eyes and turning to see Ann’s smirk.

“Asshole. Asshole! You know I have to finish that project until tomorrow morning!” he complained, but Ann just shrugged, moving closer and nuzzling on his neck, kissing it slowly, making his eyes close and Roman groan, muscles tensing as Ann’s hand moved down his naked torso. “Ann… we just finished round one… I need a moment…” he whined, and Ann chuckled against his neck.

“I thought you had a project to finish” he said, and Roman groaned angrily before pushing Ann away from himself, making the boy bite his lip, sucking his piercing in and brushing his messy hair back.

“I hate you” Roman growled, grabbing the book that had fallen on the ground and his notebook and pen, that were somehow still over the bed, focusing on the pages again and starting to read the book. Well at least he was relaxed.

But he knew the peace would only last so long.

“Love you Ro”

He smiled anyway.

“Love you too”


“This was a wonderful date” Logan said as Patton left him in his house, and Patton grinned, nodding quickly.

“It really was… would you like to do it again?” he asked, and Logan blushed before nodding, smile shy.

“Y-yes… I would love to” he said, and Patton grinner wider before he nodded, stepping closer and taking Logan’s hand. The librarian blushed all over, his heart racing as the florist moved closer, before he leaned to the side and kissed his cheek, close to his lips.

“Good night Logan” Patton said as he pulled back, squeezing his hand and walking back to his car, making Logan stand frozen on the doorway.

Only after long minutes Logan was able to walk inside the building he lived and smile widely, squeezing the flowers he had received against his chest, his body light, almost floating.

Being a librarian gave you so many chances.

I just finished Her Story, which was interesting enough, I unlocked 75% of the game all by myself using ~logic~ so that was nice. But looking up background info, there’s a interview where the game developer complains about the “rigidity” of Ace Attorney (and also about some other investigative game)and says that’s why he made this game.

Which I find hilarious because yeah, some of Ace Attorney is less about actual deduction and more about bullshit guesswork and doing exactly what the game wants you to do, but so was this game despite centering around a fairly simple mechanic?

The idea is you unlock video clips by searching terms. But in order to unlock all the clips you have to either leave it up to random chance, cheat or use a guide. like, there are clips where the search terms require quotation marks for NO REASON. NONE of the other clips require quotations marks around the search term.There is no reason these clips should be different. The fact you have to use quotation marks to find these six clips and six clips alone is bullshit of the highest order,and I’d say actually more bullshit than any arbitrary rigid game mechanic rule Ace Attorney has ever pulled out of its ass. So I wouldn’t throw stones, dude, just sayin’.

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no guys, syfy won't cancel wynonna earp. we have been trending these days and wayhaught is a famous lgbtq ship. we are going to have season 3, don't worry

i don’t think they will cancel but that doesn’t change the fact that they haven’t renewed it yet. SyFy is waiting to see what ratings are like, so we have to make sure we keep the ratings up. Twitter trending and a popular ship can only do so much. At the end of the day SyFy needs to make a profit with this show and ratings is the way they determine that.

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(25. “I’m so sorry to bother you this late but an owl got in my house and I have no idea how to get it out.” 26. “We can’t call the police! They’ll never believe us!” Any pairing 25 happens confusion ensues never mind police 26 managed to get owl out somehow)-🐬

(25. “I’m so sorry to bother you this late but an owl got in my house and I have no idea how to get it out.” 35. “I’m sorry but it’s very hard to focus when you’re dressed like that.” Any pairing I’d say 25 is in boxers only and 35 is enjoying the eye candy cuz holy shit he’s hot)-🐬 (mush this one with the other owl one) 

- Morality calling Logan into his room at like ten at night because there’s an owl in his room and he’s panicking a little bit

- Logan is of no help because Patton’s super soft thighs are so beautiful and his hair is messy and he really wants to kiss him. It’s distracting. All he manages to do is piss off the owl and make it scratch him (and he should go to the hospital after this and get so many shots)

- He doesn’t let Pat convince him to call the police, but they do manage to get animal control to come handle it. 

- After the owl is removed, Morality kisses Logan in excitement and they just look at each other for a second and then the kisses progress to confessions and some fun

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How do you define a rational person? Can someone be partially rational or is this a yes or no thing? Can this be dependent on situation i.e. can someone be rational in a situation and not rational in another?

A rational person is someone who can reason to a degree; it’s not an all or nothing thing. Some people are logical and rational experts; others are adept but haven’t reached a level of expertise; others are novices.

Cognitive dissonance theory shows us that yes, you can be rational in one respect and not in others, and that you can be rational enough to draw the right conclusion and yet not see how that has consequences for other beliefs you may have. The theistic evolutionists comes to mind. They’re right to conclude that evolution has happened and does happen, but wrong in not seeing how that leads to obvious theological consequences: no first sinner, no sin, and no need for a savior from sin. It damns their whole theology and yet they seldom concede that.

A novice might be able to look at “everything happens for a reason” and debunk it, but won’t be able to identify statistical fallacies like Hoyle’s. They might even buy it! Someone more adept may be able to see that a junkyard tornado making a 747 out of junk is not analogous to the beginning of life on Earth, but they’ll fail to identify a more subtle argument from analogy that relies on a faulty analogy. An expert will be able to call out a fallacious analogy with no trouble at all.

This is Scooby-Doo in a nutshell right here, folks.

So, these three are investigating an abandoned sawmill, because of course they are.

Shaggy stands in his designated Totally Unsuspicious Floor Square that’s utterly indistinguishable from the rest of the floor.

Trust me. It just is.

They talk for a bit… Scooby makes this face…

…and Velma is inevitably grabbed by a ghost yeti.

…additionally, I should note that being grabbed by a ghost yeti makes her hat change colors.

Next, Shaggy falls through the floor, because OMIGOSH IT WAS ACTUALLY A TRAPDOOR CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?

…though, to be fair, I guess anything is possible in Scooby-Doo…

 …after all, an entire new wall snuck up behind them between shots.

I freakin’ love this show.