the loch lake


Excellent views of lakes (lochs?) by drone in the Scottish highlands. Check out that lakeshore - would never guess that was Scotland from the opening shot.


Google Earth Nessie

When I was younger I would play around on Google Earth, searching for anything paranormal or strange. When I virtually visited Loch Ness I was sure that I had discovered the Loch Ness monster! I could see what appeared to be a large creature swimming below the surface. Later on I noticed that many other people had discovered this anomaly as well.

People were seeing an animal with a large head, fins and a long tail swimming through the water. At a first glance it looks like a monster, but after further studying of the image it is simply a boat moving on the loch. The large head, tail and fins are simply the wake that is being created by the watercraft.


Lochan a’ Mhaim by Daft Northerner
Via Flickr:
A small lochan during sunset, as seen during a walk from A'Chuil bothy to Sourlies bothy.


Bonny Scotland by Frank Pickavant
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Cottages on Loch Carron, Plockton. 

Lake Tahoe Tessie

Stretching between the states of Nevada and California lies North America’s largest alpine lake, Lake Tahoe. With a maximum depth of 1,645ft, it is believed that lurking in its depths is a massive serpent like creature that strikes fear into those who bear witness to it. Known as “Tahoe’s Nessie” it eventually came to be called Tessie.

The local Washoe and Paiute tribes who lived near the lake said the serpent lived in an underwater cave near Cave Rock. Cave Rock is a sacred place to the Washoe tribe. Described as a 30ft long black serpent with reptilian features, the creature continues to be spotted until today. Many eyewitness accounts are from fisherman, divers and kayakers. However one encounter involved two police officers who said that a long serpent like creature kept speed with their boat that was going 60mph.

The famous French explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau apparently had an underwater encounter with the creature. In the 1970’s he did a deepwater dive into the lake, he emerged horrified with what he had experienced. He refused to ever talk about what he saw during that dive, but exclaimed that “the world is not ready for what’s down there.” Most believe he came into contact with Tessie, but there are some that believe something else. There are reports that what he truly saw was bodies of men who were dumped into the lake by the mafia who were active in the area from the 1920’s until the 1940’s. But if he saw this, why didn’t he report that to the police? Surely uncovering an underwater graveyard would be horrifying to witness but the right thing to do would be to inform the authorities. Perhaps he truly did have a run-in with a living legend, a creature he believes the world isn’t ready for. A creature so haunting that he vowed to never speak of it. The answer to what he truly experienced will never be known, unless you too can brave a trip to the depths of Lake Tahoe.


Beautiful Perthshire from the air by Ian Cowe
Via Flickr:
Loch Monzievaird (near Crieff) taken on a lovely crisp morning. The view is looking towards Comrie. The georgian era Ochtertyre House can be seen on the top right of the picture, the house now belongs to Brian Souter one of the founders of the Stagecoach empire.

Old Greeny

Ever since the 1800’s a large serpent like creature has been seen in Cuyuga Lake. Those who knew of the creature back then stayed away from the water in fear of it. The 435ft deep lake is a perfect place for a lake monster to hide. The creature got its name of “Old Greeny” when a local and his friend were driving passed the lake when they spotted a large serpent swimming on the surface.

In 1929 it was suggested that two serpents were living in the lake. This meant there could be a breeding population which meant that even more could be out there. In 1979 a boy was attacked by the creature, it bit his arm so hard while he was swimming that it broke his arm. The victim said it looked like an eel but much larger. The same year a 35ft serpent almost collided with a boat on the lake, they thought it was a log until they came close to it. The creature swam down to the depths leaving the eyewitnesses shocked.

What exactly Old Greeny is may never be known. It has been suggested that a species of giant eels could call the lake home, or maybe perhaps a large sturgeon. Sightings of Old Greeny are rare nowadays, leaving many to believe the creature ultimately succumbed to age. Or maybe it swam out to Lake Ontario through the Seneca River. But maybe perhaps it still resides under the surface, waiting for an unlucky swimmer to pass by for its next meal.