the local bridge

YES I'm doing this: Lazytown characters as things I've done

Sportacus: ran around the gym at school pretending I was a superhero, and actually did more physical activity in that class than any other I ever participated in

Robbie: figured out how to lock my door from the inside, only to lock myself in my room for three hours while crying

Stephanie: stayed up until 1 am making costumes and choreographing a dance for a talent show only to be too tired to actually perform the dance the next day

Ziggy: stole a huge piece of chocolate only to throw it into the woods while my family was tearing the house apart looking for it (they still haven’t found out to this day)

Stingy: got a birthday gift for someone, only to fall in love with it so much to actually keep it and give them one of my old stuffed animals instead

Trixie: found a half-used can of spray paint while under the local graffiti bridge with my friends and used it to draw dicks all over the bridge

Pixel: somehow resurrected my 20 year old laptop from the dead and cried while doing so

Milford: had a panic attack at school last Friday because I lost my stim bracelet in another classroom and wasn’t allowed to go look for it

Bessie: got really upset when I was told I was going to be wearing a tshirt and pants in the musical I’m in rather than the typical slutty cheerleader outfits my part was originally going to have

Íþró: drank vinegar whenever I got the hiccups (I still do)

Glanni: wore knee-high socks and heels to school and pretended I was better than everyone else and they were all my slaves

Jives: cried after being told that Rice Pilaf was actually made up of Rice and a pasta called Pilaf rather than it all being rice

Magnús: bonded with children really well during my performance of The Nutcracker when I was playing Drosselmeyer

Stefán: got 12 mini cacti to start a garden in my room

Psychotic Love

Sam x Reader

Summary- you and Sam are patients in a mental hospital. You help each other through these tough times, learn more about each other and fall in love.

Warnings- mentions of suicide, triggering events

Word Count-2,390

You know what? Being deemed insane by medical professionals isn’t the worst thing that happened to you.  Your parents were deadbeats and abused you for no reason, you were put in foster care at the young age of two, and you never actually never got adopted by any of the foster families you were with. Knowing that you weren’t loved was the worst thing that ever happened to you. You were just out in the world, struggling on your own. You did it for a while, until you were about twenty, and then just gave up. It was for that very reason you tried jumping off the local bridge into the cold river below. You felt like it was your only option. However, you’re still alive and kicking, unfortunately, thanks to the police officer that caught you. Now you’re here in Northern Indiana State Hospital, wasting away your years with the feeling of no ending in sight. You were now twenty-two and had been at the hospital for two years straight.

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twenty one pilots - emotional roadshow - may 31st - us bank arena

Enjoy me & my fren screaming and singing insanely badly :p. I tried to film a little part of each song. & not sorry about the shaky camera because i was dancing while filming so yea :p

Setlist :

1. Fairly Local
(intro version; second bridge and instrumental chorus)
2. Heavydirtysoul
3. Migraine
4. Hometown
(Tyler does a dissapearing act)
5. Polarize
(Emotional Roadshow Josh intro)
6. House of Gold
(Intro: bridge, chorus)
7. We Don’t Believe What’s on TV
8. The Judge
9. Lane Boy
10. Ode to Sleep
(first full live performance since 2014)
11.The Pantaloon
(1st verse and chorus)
12. Fall Away
(short intro; 2nd verse)
13. Johnny Boy
(last chorus; first live performance since 2012)
14. Forest
(short intro; 1st verse; chorus; bridge)
15. Addict with a Pen
(ended after the rap verse)
16. March to the Sea
(bridge; first live performance since 2009)
17. Kitchen Sink
(Short intro; 1st verse,… more )
Mainstage :
18. Doubt
19. Holding on to You
20. Twist and Shout
(The Beatles cover) (With MUTEMATH and Chef'Special)
21. Love Yourself
(Justin Bieber cover) (With MUTEMATH and Chef'Special)
22. Jump Around
(House of Pain cover) (With MUTEMATH and Chef'Special)
23. Ride
24. Stressed Out
25. Guns for Hands
26. Tear in My Heart
27. Car Radio
28. Goner
29. Trees


Purple Light Bridge

In Elizabethtown, PA, there is an old railroad bridge where Turnpike Road intersects High Street. It is said that a young boy was killed on the tracks sometime when the Pennsylvania Railroad was still in operation. Although these tracks are no longer in use, townspeople report that at night, a train whistle can be heard from the tracks, and a strange purple light is seen on the bridge. It is said this is the residual energy of the young boy’s spirit. 

ok but do we all appreciate the new logo

like really appreciate it

they’ve been asked before what the logo meant and we’ve never received an answer because, like tyler said, it goes back to kitchen sink in that it’s something only he understands and because he’s the only one that knows what it means, it has meaning.

that being said, think about the logo change. we can’t type the block logo so we all used the next best thing ( |-/ ) and tyler changed the thing that he created and gave meaning to as an “ode to us,”  yes, but it could also be because we unintentionally created our own version of the logo and, in turn, gave it meaning. each of us has a different meaning tied to the text logo in our bio signatures.

tyler and josh have always said “we’re twenty one pilots and so are you” and they even call things ours (”your album,” “your tour,” “your music video” “your ‘Blurryface Tour Playlist’”) but by changing the official band logo, even in such a simple way, they solidified that statement. they are twenty one pilots, and so are we, and they want us all to know. they bridged the one gap between them and the fans. they changed something that we may never know the meaning of to something with thousands of different, individual meanings that they may never know of. think about that.