the lobster house


House sparrows at the harbor

There were dozens of house sparrows in and around the lobster traps at the harbor in Rockport, Massachusetts.  They were searching for bits of organic matter and the bugs that that attracts.  The female in the bottom photo is holding a bit of leaf.

Oct. 28, 2017

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Staithes, Yorkshire by Ian Gedge
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i am currently romancing elliot, the fabio-looking romantic loner writer, who lives in a cabin on the beach with his piano and the chip on his shoulder.

now, as these games typically go, your prospects have different items they love, which you give them as gifts to raise your friendship/affection level.

elliot loves lobsters. and elliot also apparently loves the weird farm girl who barges into his house at 8am to hand him a lobster and then immediately leaves.

A Storm of Swords, Pt II
  • Melisandre: Davos wants to kill me
  • Melisandre: Stannis are you listening. your onion boyfriend is plotting to KILL me
  • Stannis: literally how could you know that
  • Melisandre: it was in the flames
  • Stannis: so it must be true
  • Melisandre: exactly
  • Stannis:
  • Stannis: listen Melisandre. you can't believe everything you read in the fire these days
  • Davos: *walks in* I'm here to kill your scary girlfriend
  • Stannis: well for fucks sake Davos

Top Favorite Books (So Far)