the loan

New Democratic Party (NDP) leader candidates policies on Post Secondary Education to date. In case this post goes viral and Americans are confused, the NDP is Canada’s major left political party and they’re choosing a new leader this fall.

This is accurate to the best of my knowledge (as I spent a lot of time reading over the NDP leadership candidates).

Reminder that if you want to choose the NDP’s next leader, you must buy a membership before August 17th.

eyy, it’s dan, with his very alive terrarium succulents! it’s a miracle

his videos lately are driving me slightly mad, because i desperately wish i could afford a WHOLE BUNCH of those geometric terrariums! they’re so good. ugh

and don’t get me started on all the other nice things dan just casually has. i think i want to be dan. i’m in such an angry and materialistic mood today