the llama watches movies

Drunken Emma Chronicle #4

Prompt: First kiss, but must contain an interruping Alya moment - Marichat
(After asking this trusted friend about a movie for them to watch, she suggested The Emperor’s New Groove and added a bonus points option: add the stuffed llama toy from a previous post)

Chat Noir and Marinette were snuggled up on the chaise in her room under a fuzzy blanket. They had moved the chaise in front of the desk to watch a movie on her computer. 

Marinette had started getting impromptu visits from Chat Noir about a month ago. At first, she thought the visits were silly, but she had grown to look forward to them. Even if that meant after every akuma battle she was racing him back to her home.

“I love this movie,” Marinette said, settling closer to him. When they had started The Emperor’s New Groove, they had been sitting a normal, friendly distance apart. She had chosen this movie because she’d had a horrible day at school, and Disney movies always made bad days better. Alya had been absent today due to a dentist appointment, so she had the stuffed llama toy she’d gotten for her birthday two weeks ago in her lap. 

It started when Chat Noir put his arm around the back of the couch. He was only barely touching the back of Marinette’s neck, but she found his warmth comforting. Unconsciously, she leaned toward him, wanting to feel more of that warmth. Eventually, they found themselves completely entangled, limbs and blankets tied together.

“It’s a pretty good movie, for a movie about stupid llamas,” Chat Noir answered. “I haven’t watched it since I was a kid, though.”

Marinette looked up at him, suddenly wondering how old he was. They had both watched the same movie as a kid, which probably meant they were of similar age. She hadn’t expected him to be looking at her, though, and she was struck by how close together their faces were. It was the perfect movie moment, she thought, as they leaned closer together. Their lips slowly came together, drawn by an invisible force. The delicious moment of a first kiss filled Marinette’s heart, swelling as her lips slightly parted-

“Marinette, you’ll never guess what just-” Alya’s voice shouted, the bedroom door banging open. Alya’s phone tumbled out of her hand as her mouth dropped open. Marinette and Chat Noir jumped apart, staring wide eyed at Alya. 

“OH MY GOD!” Alya shouted.

“Shhh!” Marinette pleaded. “My mom and dad don’t know.”

“Does anyone know?” Alya demanded. It was clear that she felt like Marinette had been hiding something from her. 

“Well, no,” Marinette admitted, blushing. “That was our first kiss.”

Alya eyed Chat Noir suspiciously. “I’m going to need to interview you.”

“I actually would rather not do another interview for the Ladyblog,” Chat Noir said. 

“No, this is an interview to determine whether or not you can date my best friend,” she replied, pulling up the desk chair. “How many girlfriends have you had?