the lizars

  • Yona: *In a crowd with Jae-Ha and can't find Hak*
  • Yona: *pokes Jae-Ha* This calls for drastic measures
  • Jae-Ha: *forms a funnel with his hands* WOW YONA! WANNA SHARE THE TENT WITH ME TONIGHT?!
  • Hak: *suddenly slashes out of the crowd and punches Jae-Ha into the sky* GODDAMN GREEN LIZAR--
  • Yona: Oh there you are :D
the front door

When I touch his skin it feels like walking on the surface of the moon.
 I’ve never been to the moon, but I imagine it to be this;
The light reflecting off the curves and the planes of his shoulders and his hips

And he is rolling fields 

He is anointed with morning dew.

I look into his eyes and it’s not a storm or a fire or the ocean that I see there

It’s our home and the tiled floor and the kitchen table.
He is like velvet and the clouds are his friends. 
He fills my mouth with water vapour and quiet words

And my fingernails germinate into seedlings.

We’re safe here. We’ll keep us safe.

Together we’re building a roof over our heads. It’s tiled in grey slate and we’ll paint the front door yellow. Love lives here.

A photograph entered into the Sony World Photography Awards 2016 by Indonesian photographer #HendyLie captures a crocodile and lizard battling. The crocodile was sunbathing when the lizard suddenly attacked.
The judges of the ninth edition of the Sony World Photography Awards, the world’s largest photography competition organised by the World Photography Organisation, were announced on November 17th 2015. Credit: ©Hendy Lie, courtesy of 2016 Sony World Photography Awards