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Get Out.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Deciding to stay in for a date, Peter and the Reader are faced with annoying and embarrassing comments from the whole team, who are unaware of their relationship.

Word Count: 2,428

Warnings: language, fluff, annoying avengers (??), embarrassed!Peter, embarrassed!Reader, cuteness, LOTR trilogy. (Let me know if I missed any)

A/N: Alright homies, I apologize it has taken me so long to upload something. I’ve been reaally stressed. So hopefully this is okay? For the anon that requested this, I hope you like it. I’d love some feedback, as always. Enjoy reading!

Dark, gray clouds blocked any source of light from shining through the big, thick glass windows surrounding every inch of the building.

The entire tower was filled with a solemn mood that spread into every corner and room.

Most of the team dreaded days like these, since it put a damper on their mood, (especially Steve).

You, however, cherished days like these the most.

It’s where you find your peace and inner self, no matter how depressing that may sound.

It helps you relax and release any stresses that corrupt your thoughts.

But the best reason of all is that you don’t have to leave the house, even if you had a date with Peter tonight.

However, thinking that idea through, you realized something.

The whole team would be here.

With Peter and you.

During your date.

Well, fuck.

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anonymous asked:

What to do for fun on Ramadan? I would like to stay away from sins, like haram music and TV shows. But most good TV shows have haram themes and scenes. I like to go outside alot during the summer but I get worried I will get dehydrated and evidently grouchier. What do you suggest?


- Attend halaqahs with a group of friends

- Make taraweeh goals with friends, meeting them at the masjid for salah

- Watch YouTube series of lectures with friends

- Create a Quran reading/recitation group with your friends & family to enjoy reading Quran together

- Bake or cook with loved ones for iftar

- Have people over for iftar & attend iftar gatherings

- Practice new hijab styles using YouTube or instagram tutorials

- Play games with little siblings/cousins (maybe try to relate them back to Islam)

- Volunteer with friends at an animal shelter, or the masjid, meal drive, etc.

- Do a craft that you enjoy & make dhikr or listen to Quran while doing so

- Paint or draw something you can hang in your room as a reminder of Allah (or gift it for Eid/put it in the masjid)

- Plant flowers or a garden

- Go on a walk an hour or two before iftar (so if you’re thirsty you won’t have to wait long to drink)

- Go to a museum or zoo with friends or family

- Spend time with elders & listen to their stories

- Volunteer at retirement homes or assisted living facilities, possibly reading to the residents or playing board games/cards with them

- Spend time with little kids (if you enjoy kiddos)

- Go to the park or lake and read Quran there

- Decorate your home with Ramadan decor

- Make a Ramadan calendar to count down until Eid and chart your progress

- Push yourself in ibaadah & make it fun ☺️

My Fake Boyfriend Part 5

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2200

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Part 4 

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Saying that shopping with your mother was the most boring and tiring thing you have ever done in your life was an understatement. She made you try every single dress that she found cute or that she thought you would look cute on you. It didn’t matter if you liked it or not, she was in charge.

After hours of trying things on and not finding anything that you and your mother agreed on, you decide to go to a small boutique outside the city. You used to always go shopping there when you lived here and you had faith that you would find something that you liked and your mother agreed.

“You should have bought that last dress, you looked beautiful in it.” You watch as your mother starts the car “It was a white lace dress, the bride would kill me and I’m planning on going back home safe and sound.” You say in a serious tone, you didn’t want to cause any more drama.

“You could always use it with James; I don’t know, you were just so beautiful in that dress.” You put your hand on your mother's shoulder squeezing it lightly “It’s a little earlier to start thinking about wedding dresses, don’t you think?”

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Things I Learned from “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension”:

The Mewnie Kingdom is run under a Matrilineality (Basically a Matriarchy) which means the throne gets passed down from Mother to Daughter. 

The “Grandma Room” is actually called “The Tapestry Room” 


Star’s Uncle Lump ate a bear whole. 

A man can only become royalty by marrying a Queen or another member of the royal court in the Mewnie Kingdom. 

Moon and River met on the battlefield when the castle was almost lost to the Monsters. 

Star’s family has a vacation house in an active volcano for apparently no reason at all. 

Marco’s parents are named Angie and Rafael Diaz. Marco’s dad is an artist while his mom is a Community College teacher that teaches poetry. 

Marco’s Abuelita Linda lives in Jalisco Mexico. 

Angie plays in a trading card game tournament once a month. 

The Pony Heads are run under a Patrilineal (Basically a Patriarchy) which means the throne is handed down from the King to his firstborn son. But since King Pony Head and Queen Pony Head don’t have any sons, they have 13 daughters. 

Also for the record: 

Every ship gets some teasing. EVERY. LAST. SHIP. Damn Daron. Just Damn


I-I’m hijacking this live……I-I’m sorry……

Umm……I’m sorry I hijacked this live. If you win I’ll give it back……

I lost……I’ll give you your live back.

I won……I’m sorry……

this is the cutest hijack event ever omg

I♡B can take over my lives any day, I wouldn’t complain www too bad I need to beat him in order to get enough points for the event card……

My brother is trying to convince me that in YGO GX there is a scene where the new protagonists visit the game shop and grandpa tells them “Yugi just went to the market to buy olives, but that was three years ago, so…”

I really don’t know if he’s being serious or not, this franchise is so fucking bizarre. If he told me they had to fight for Yugis freedom by playing card games against a giant haunted lettuce who lives in space I would probably believe him.