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Things I Learned from “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension”:

The Mewnie Kingdom is run under a Matrilineality (Basically a Matriarchy) which means the throne gets passed down from Mother to Daughter. 

The “Grandma Room” is actually called “The Tapestry Room” 


Star’s Uncle Lump ate a bear whole. 

A man can only become royalty by marrying a Queen or another member of the royal court in the Mewnie Kingdom. 

Moon and River met on the battlefield when the castle was almost lost to the Monsters. 

Star’s family has a vacation house in an active volcano for apparently no reason at all. 

Marco’s parents are named Angie and Rafael Diaz. Marco’s dad is an artist while his mom is a Community College teacher that teaches poetry. 

Marco’s Abuelita Linda lives in Jalisco Mexico. 

Angie plays in a trading card game tournament once a month. 

The Pony Heads are run under a Patrilineal (Basically a Patriarchy) which means the throne is handed down from the King to his firstborn son. But since King Pony Head and Queen Pony Head don’t have any sons, they have 13 daughters. 

Also for the record: 

Every ship gets some teasing. EVERY. LAST. SHIP. Damn Daron. Just Damn

New Years

Okay, lets try something new. I wrote this in about five minutes. This is meant to be Alex and Que and Mike and Matt and stuff, but didn’t know if I should use their names or not. Idk? Would you still like it if I used their names? Anyway, if you like this kind of format, tell me and I’ll try and write some more.

But imagine instead of going out to some big party for New Year’s Eve, Shawn decides to stay home with you and a couple of close friends friends. And you’re all sitting in the living room playing Card’s Against Humanity or something and in the background one of the Harry Potter films is playing on mute and there would be so much pizza and some very sneaking alcohol and everyone is just having a good time. And Shawn would defiantly be cheating at the game and it would piss your best friend off so much. Like, whenever he was moderating and thought no one was looking, he would try and sneak a look at your cards so he knew which one you picked. But every time your best friend would call him out on it and he would be like “No. I wasn’t cheating. I was watching the film.” And the whole thing would turn into a drunken yelling match between your boyfriend and best friend while everyone else just sat and laughed at them. And, like, every time you won Shawn would kiss you while your friend complained about how gross it was. Suddenly it would be midnight and every one would be in a circle and cheering and singing that song that no one actually knows the words to. And while all your friends would be complaining about how they didn’t have anyone to kiss, Shawn pull you in for a giant, slightly sloppy kiss, a giant smile on his face because he’s just so happy to have you and he’s so excited to spend this next year with you. 

your mental illness is never an excuse to behave any way you’d like to?? there is a difference between apologizing for the actions you’re not in control of due to your mental illness and using your illness as an excuse to do whatever you like, no matter who you harm. e.g. as a person diagnosed with bipolar disorder, i have done many horrible and hurtful things during my episodes but never once have i faced the people i’ve hurt and shrugged it off even though i’m technically not in control of my behaviour during an episode. i apologize profusely, i feel incredibly bad and i wish nothing more than to tell my family and friends that it won’t happen again but it’s not a promise i can make. i don’t use my illness as an excuse for what i do and neither should you. 

Sam and his retirement box

I will never be okay after seeing this. He thinks, still, about a life beyond the one he is living. Where he’d sit down in a retirement suite and play cards with his brother. He still believes in everything that is pure and innocent. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you … Sam Winchester. How despite everything that has happened to him, everything bad, hell , Lucifer. He still has hope. If that is not courage than what is? This gesture to me is even greater than a straight out NO to Lucifer in the face. And that is why i love him to the moon and back. Because in all the hardships he is still Sammy in there.

Operation: Free Wedding Cake

Guys, guys, guys!” Lance screeched as he slid into view, socks threatening to catch in the slats of the floor. “They’re doing a wedding special at Olkari Bakery and I need one of you to go with me so we can get free cake.”

Pidge, Hunk, and Keith sat blinking at him, shocked into silence. They’d just been sitting in Hunk’s living room, minding their own business and playing cards, before Lance killed the vibe.

Pidge shook her head. “You know I love cake, but I am not pretending to be your fiancée,” Pidge said, laying down a card carefully. “That’s just weird.”

Hunk nodded and said, “You know I love and support you, but that’s a little crazy, even for me. Besides, I have a project to work on. Robots never sleep.”

Lance looked at Keith hopefully, who sighed and put his face in his hands to hide the blush creeping over his face. The thought of even pretending to be marrying Lance was nearly enough to kill him, but he’d regret it for sure if he passed up this chance.

“I’ll go,” Keith mumbled, not looking up until he felt something heavy land on his lap. “Lance, get off.” He tried to shove Lance off him, with no success.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so excited! We gotta really sell it, though. Make them believe we’re looking for a cake for a real wedding,” Lance said, draping himself more thoroughly across Keith’s lap.

“You’re crazy, you know that?” Keith asked.

“Well, yes, but it’s for a good cause. It’s wedding cake, Keith. The best and rarest cake of all.” Lance got up to stand in front of him, hands on his hips. “You’ll see!”

The next day, Lance and Keith set off to the bakery to get themselves some wedding cake. Upon their arrival, however, Lance fully realized the implications of what he’d asked Keith to do. He’d asked Keith, the boy he had a major crush on, to pretend to be his fiancé. Pretending meant acting like they had been dating and were in love and ohmygodwhat have I done?? Lance thought frantically. He tried to keep his face as natural as possible as he reached for Keith’s hand.

Keith jerked his hand back in surprise, then remembered. We’re fiancés in this scenario, he thought. Fiancés typically hold hands. He reached back out to intertwine his fingers with Lance’s, noticing they were long and thin, like a pianist’s. He’d never bothered to ask if Lance was a musician, but he just might if he got the chance.

“Ready?” Lance asked, sounding a little breathless.

“As I’ll ever be,” Keith replied, steeling himself before launching into the fray.

The two men found their way to an employee and asked about the special. He informed them that there was a bit of a wait, but they were welcome to peruse the books that laid out carefully on cocktail tables lining the walls. 

“You look terrified,” Lance said, leaning in to whisper in Keith’s ear. “Relax.”

“I’m a little stressed right now. I don’t do the whole ‘tricking people into giving me free stuff’ thing,” Keith whispered back, clearly distraught.

Lance was taken aback. He’d just thought of this as a fun prank, a silly and harmless thing to do. It’d never occurred to him he would be doing something wrong. Leave it to Keith to be the moral compass.

“Well, what if we said we were sent to help out your brother? He’s getting engaged soon, right?” Lance asked, wracking his brain for a solution that would both put Keith at ease and also give him cake.

“That may work…” Keith replied, eyebrows relaxing a little.

Lance took that as a victory. When the man came back over to them, he smoothly altered his story so that he wasn’t lying about getting married. He was determined to convince the employee he deserved cake.

“So you’re saying you’re here in your brother’s place?” He asked, raising his eyebrows and looking at Keith.

Keith was sweating bullets as he nodded, resisting the urge to show his anxiety in his face.

“Okay, then, I think we can let you try two or three pieces. We made quite a bit of cake this morning, so there’s still some left.” It was clear that he knew they weren’t being completely honest, but who was he to deny these poor boys some cake? If he was lucky, they actually did know someone who was getting married and would point them his way.

When the pair left the bakery, Lance looked like he was about to ascend to heaven. “This was totally worth it!” He cried, grabbing Keith by the waist and lifting him into the air.

Keith yelped, jolting Lance back to reality.


“Thanks for helping me out. That was a pretty…exhilarating experience,” Lance said awkwardly, putting Keith down and taking a step back.

“No kidding,” Keith replied, “but that guy makes a mean wedding cake. We really should tell Shiro about him.”

“Absolutely. Heck, I want him to make my wedding cake,” Lance said, glancing at Keith out of the corner of his eye and gauging his reaction. When Keith turned pink and didn’t say anything, Lance lifted an eyebrow and starting walking toward the car.

“Thanks for…for including me. I actually had a fun time. Pretending to be engaged to you…wasn’t so bad,” Keith said slowly, looking at his feet and turning beet red.

“No problem,” Lance said, letting Keith’s words sink in. Pretending to be engaged to you…wasn’t so bad. Lance felt his heart flutter, and he smiled over at Keith. “You aren’t so bad yourself.”

Keith smiled, and the two drove back in silence with little blooms of hope sprouting in their chests. 

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This Means War, Soulmate

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Request:  Like the above AU but you only get highlights for the dyed color of your soulmate’s hair. If your hair color returns to normal, it means your soulmate has returned to their natural hair color too. Omg with Steve please because how cute would it be p, Steve with ombré hair. :) xx oneshot??

a/n: this. This is what I need. OMG IMAGINE BUCKY THOUGH
(^^^ obviously not ready for Civil War)

Genre: Romance, Humor, Family, Friendship, Adventure(??)

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, teasing Bucky, 

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain

Soulmate AU: You and Your soulmate have highlights of each others dyed hair and if your soulmate goes back to a natural look, your hair returns to normal.

It had started during late May. Steve and everyone were in the living room, playing cards, when suddenly strips of Steve’s hair slowly started to brighten into a (color). Everyone had commented on it and, with a mirror in front of the captain, they watched as the strands then darkened into the (color). Bucky smirked. 

“Wow, never thought you’d look good with (color) lowlights, punk.”

Steve was wide eyed. His soulmate died her hair (color)? He was gonna have to walk around with this and he sighed, rubbing his eyes and Tony said.

“You should dye your hair as payback and see what happens.”

Steve perked up a bit and Clint grinned. 

“i wonder what his soulmate will do to get back at him if he does.”

Steve had to admit, the (color) did look nice but the idea was better and he smiled. 

“Temporary hair dye that can wash out easily should be fine to use. Let’s do it!”

Never had the Captain felt more daring but later, never had he felt more regret as it started a war he wasn’t about to stop.


You knew that dying your hair would affect your soulmate but you really needed a change. The (natural hair color) was just getting so old and bland and you felt that dying your hair would do some good. So, you had went to the store, grabbed about two boxes of (color) hair dye and went home, immediately going to work. You were satisfied with the look afterwards but worried. What would your soulmate think? Were they angry that they now had (color) low lights in their hair? You didn’t know. So when you awoke the next morning with green strips in your hair, almost staring mockingly back at you, you were horrified to realize that you looked like a fucking walking Christmas tree. You knew what this meant. 

Your soulmate has declared war on you and you were gonna make them feel the heat.

You had gone out and bought at least 37 different boxes of hair dye, the cashier giggling as she knew what was going on and had given you a discount because of it. You felt great and grabbed a temporary bright orange, setting to work on getting that god awful green out of your hair. 

Steve was laughing with Bucky and the rest of the team when strips of his hair turned from (color) to bright orange. Tony hollered with laughter and took a pic as Bucky snorted behind his hand. Tony grabbed red, white, and blue and said. 

“We should give her an idea of who you are.”

“Tony, that’s the first good idea I’ve ever heard come from your mouth.”

Natasha said. Tony gawked and replied, a hand to his heart. 

“Why, Natasha, your words wound me so.”

“Shut up and get this Star Spangled Man with a Plan some new Strands.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

You awoke the enxt morning to red, white, and blue strips in your hair and smacked a hand to your face. Someone was feeling a little Independent and patriotic. You rolled your eyes and turned on the TV to the news, eating cereal and not paying attention until the reporter said. 

“And it looks like Captain America decided to further show his love for America by dying his hair red, white and Blue and look! It looks like he’s trying to find his soulmate too.”

“Aw, Janice that’s so adorable. i wonder how his soulmate feels about having hair like that!”

You looked up and choked on your cereal, seeing the picture of the Captain and a sign that said. 

‘When You wanna give up, meet me at the Brooklyn Cafe, Soulmate. I’ll be looking forward to it, doll.’

You almost fainted. Your soulmate was Captain America? It explained the red, white, and blue strands in your hair and you giggled, grabbing your purse, tying your hair up and you tugged on some shoes, and set off. When you walked out, people gawked, realizing that you were his soulmate and some people yelled. ‘Knock him dead!’ 

there he was, in all his glory, pun intended. You gulped in a breath of air and you walked to him, saying while crossing your arms and jutting your hips, a smirk playing your lips. 

“You know, I was hoping you would give up, but now I see why you are so stubborn. It’s nice to meet you, soulmate.”

Steve’s eyes hot up to yours and a smile played at his lips, his eyes widening and lighting up in glee as he took your hand and kissed it, winking confidently. 

“Well, I never was one to back down from a fight.”


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The Meif’wa thief

No one suspects a thing,

I’m just a helpless little Meif’wa 

After all. 

Says, “I need shelter, please! I’ve got no where to go!”

And she adds, “Your so kind to let me into your home” 

You’ll ignore the warnings of a threat.

My beauty and allure make you forget. 

Your head is foggy, 

and you start to feel dizzy. 

And suddenly it all goes black. 

She’s gone!

Hurry, hurry!

I’ve only got 30 seconds to act.

Time’s running out

I’ve gotta  avoid any attacks.

I don’t have the muscles!

Wouldn’t be able to put up a fight!

So i’ll use my agility and my mind.

There’s the safe, 

Hidden away, 

Trying to keep it in the shade.

Pick the lock,

I’m working to beat the clock.

I can hear the seconds tick.

Click! Its open!’

Grab the gold!

Get all that you can hold.

Then she dissapears

Moving like the wind.

Making off with the money.

Good luck catching me.

I’m a mief’wa, stealth is our element.

Anything you thought you knew, is irrelevant.

You’ll never find me. Never see me, 

This mief’wa is the greatest thief.

That can never be beat.

Thick as Thieves

Here it is the long awaited sequel to “Birds of a Feather”. Dipper and Stan finally get their revenge for Mabel and Ford’s prank.

There was a loud slam from the front door as Grunkle Stan came stomping in. He passed Grunkle Ford, Mabel and Dipper, who were in the kitchen playing cards, on his way to the living room. Dipper heard the recliner creak as he sat down heavily. Grunkle Ford frowned and put down his hand of cards. He headed toward the living room followed by Dipper and Mabel.

“What’s the matter?” Ford asked.

Stan gave him a little glare and rubbed a rather large red welt on his arm.

“It’s those freaking fairies,” He finally said. “I was just out in the woods, minding my own business, when a bunch of the little buggers attacked me. Can’t a man have some peace and quiet around here?”

“What did they look like?” Grunkle Ford asked leaning forward a little.

Dipper wondered vaguely were that pencil and notepad had come from.

“Eh, kind of shiny… with big rainbow wings… about five inches tall… really sharp teeth …”

Grunkle Ford’s eyes glinted with excitement.

“Was their fairy dust gold in color?” He asked eagerly.

“yeah… how’d ya know?”

Grunkle Ford started pacing, a jittery smile spread across his face.

“What you just described sounds remarkably like a rare species that I’ve only briefly encountered. I must go investigate at once!”

“Can I come?” Mabel said, bouncing excitedly.

“Sure,” Ford said, tousling her hair.

“I’ll pass,” Dipper said wandering back into the kitchen.

He took a seat by the window and waited. In a few minutes Mabel and Grunkle Ford reappeared.

“I can’t find my grappling hook,” Mable said.

She started looking under various pieces of furniture with no success.

“Do you think you’ll be okay without it for now?” Ford asked laying a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Fairies move quickly and we might lose them if we wait much longer.”

Mabel sighed, “It’ll be fine for now.”

“How about I give you a piggyback ride?” Ford asked.

Mabel let out a high pitched squeal and immediately brightened up. She was up on his back in a second.

“Onward, Sir Fordington. To the fairies,” she yelled dramatically.

Grunkle Ford let out a laugh and they disappeared through the front door. Dipper watched carefully as they disappeared into the woods and then waited about 5 minutes. It wouldn’t do to have the surprise ruined by Mabel or Grunkle Ford forgetting something. When he was sure they wouldn’t be coming back he jumped off his stool and quickly reentered the living room.

“They’re gone,” He told Grunkle Stan.

“Excellent,” Stan said shutting off the TV.

He heaved himself up from the couch with a groan.

“Ready to head out?”

“More ready than I’ve ever been for anything,” Dipper said with a wicked grin.

Stan smirked and ruffled his hair

“That’s my boy.”

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Okay so where do I begin ? For starters *eye roll * I am so damn tired of Taylor Swift playing the victim card . Homegirl has made a living off of music attacking ppl she felt have “wronged ” her . The only difference between Taylor and Kanye is that Taylor plays the ~innocent ~ card. Which in part, excuses her blatant disregard for other people’s feeling as some form of bullying remorse- when in actuality she’s the bully. That being said , I have never been more happy about Kim Kardashian’s existence .

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It was odd for you to have such an amazing, handsome young man in your life. Especially if that man was a vampire with his whole life ahead of him if he played his cards right. But he chose to live with you, a mere human with a weight problem. You didn’t care much for other people’s opinion, but you were insecure enough to think that Riley would eventually find someone prettier, better than you. Even though you two have been together since before he became a vampire.

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