the liveblog is over


i decided just to hatch that one batch i picked up in the morning for the heck of it and on the 4th egg i got my shiny fennekin!! didn’t have the hidden ability but i’m a-okay with blaze. THE MORE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I CAN HIGH-FIVE MY BABY IN REFRESH AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Can I just gush about this for a moment? Because it’s so important and it could have become a conventional shitty love triangle so easily but it didn’t and it’s so, so much better this way. Like, this is not a conventional declaration of love, this is a guy who starts off saying “Look, I know wasn’t your first choice and that doesn’t bother me.” And the reason is that he understands her strengths and her weaknesses and gets that sometimes a strength is also a weakness, and he  says, “Don’t be too proud for my pity, because I can’t help being saddened by it when someone I value so highly and has so much to live for wants to die for unrequited love of a man she’s idealized and only actually talked to once or twice. That’s foolish, and I love you enough to call you on it, even though that might not endear you to me.” He doesn’t idealize her or even pretend to. He sees her exactly as she is, with all her flaws, and loves her for all of it, unconditionally. YES. THIS. MORE OF THIS KIND OF LOVE STORY. Faramir may have given me totally unrealistic expectations for men when I first read LOTR at like age ten but we need more of this shit in fiction and real life. Don’t pretend people are perfect, because it means a lot more to love them if you acknowledge that they’re not.

…and so sadly the Eurovision liveblogging is over for yet another year. 
Special shoutouts go to:
- Weird horse/man
- The legendary Verka Serduchka.
- Mans Zelmerlow saving the playdoh-looking hosts.
- The guy who iconically mooned 200 MILLION people.
- Graham Norton as always.
- Petty country voting politics. (sidenote: Ireland, what’s good)
- This voting system that has me shitting bricks up until the last 10 minutes
- The interval act stormtroopers Onuka who cracked out a certified banger
- Romania, who never let us down with the Eurovision Weird Shit™


 Caesar(Ozmafia!!) Wallpapers Requested by sulika