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Please help each other out. Please be so incredibly kind to one another. Don’t silence anyone who thinks everything happens too fast. I know we all try to prioritize shinee, but can we please prioritize each other more. SHINee wouldn’t want us to hurt ourselves. Help each other in shinee world, and you’ll help them too. Don’t silence anyone for breaking down over the domes or jonghyuns upcoming album..just don’t.. I don’t want to see us lose more shawols.. please help each other.. that’s our number one priority right now. It has to be.


Just some tree tops and mountains tops. Because I like looking up at the sky every now and then. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It has been super hot here but despite that we are still working on cleaning up our property this summer, and in an effort to make things easier for us we bought a log splitter! You’re probably thinking what the heck is that. lol Well in a nutshell it is a machine that splits massive pieces of wood. Early this year we had trees fall down due to massive winds and they are just too big to chop up with an axe, even for a strong man! We tested the machine out yesterday and holy moly it is awesome! It splits through them like nothing else and it’s cool to watch too. lol Our wood pile for the winter to come is steadily growing. No more more manual wood chopping, I’ve tried it, believe me it’s so hard physically. 

Better (Dan x MC)

[Notes: I needed something to fill the void since we didn’t get any new content from ILITW this week which is how this little fic was born! I thought the Dan redemption scene was sweet in the latest chapter and wanted to write something short about it. It has nothing to do with my obsession with Dan. Nope, not at all. That being said, I hope you enjoy!]

[Summary: Set in book 1, chapter 14 if you choose to talk down shadow Dan. Dan POV. I got a little carried away… it happens to the best of us.]

Dan can’t remember the last time breathing felt this effortless, this filling. It’s like the universes mass has finally been eased off from crushing down onto his shoulders and he can stand upright without it being a burden. Every breath in feels as if it’s purifying even the parts he didn’t know were corrupted, while the exhales lull the anxiety that typically ignites his veins like wildfire. His surroundings are sunlit with wild, alien colors that transforms the should-be terrifying terrain into something straight out of a Hallmark seasonal calendar. Light casts in every direction that even he wouldn’t be able to hide from.

The endless skyscrapers of timber and ferns block out the cloudless sky above that gives the woods a private ambience, but it doesn’t make Dan feel alone. He feels liberated, free. The air is aged and musky in a comfortingly familiar way that reminds him of warm summer days when things were carefree and simpler. Before the incident.

But hiding behind the mask of serendipity is something that feels wrong. There’s no breeze to catch the tree’s leaves and his steps don’t crinkle the floor despite the scattered twigs and foliage. The sunlight’s rays don’t heat his skin like they are meant to. Coldness creeps into every stiff limb as if all the happiness has been bled dry from himself, to the point where warmth can no longer extend out to him even if he wanted it to.

Did he want it to? This feels painless, better. The shackles of his past mistakes are swept away and lost into the nothingness of the woodland. He’s been shouldering these demons for so long that this standstill might be exactly what he needs. This slice of untroubled paradise is what he’s been craving for over the past torturous ten years. This is easier. Here, he can forget.

A small movement catches the corner of his eye. A sable silhouette, the only darkness daring to flaw the blaze around him, steps closer as black tendrils twist threateningly around its legs and blacken the grass beneath its feet. Stale mothballs and century old mold radiates off the ominous figure that threatens to gag him. It extends a claw-like hand towards him as if waiting for something, and instantly he knows its purpose is to drag him back to there. To the place where every shadow, every hellbound creature knows his weaknesses. He backs away from it quickly and clenches his shaking palms into tight fists.

Don’t, he tells the black mass. This is better.

“No, Dan,” a familiar voice says back. The claw clasps around his wrist and he intuitively flinches at the contact. He prepares for the discomfort, for the soulless being to transfer every unwelcomed and feared emotion back into himself. He isn’t prepared for the heat that journeys from his arm along his shoulders and torso.

The memories of sing-song laughter and knowing glances casts across spaces that feel like incompatible dimensions. The gleam of mischief sparkling in her eyes when something truly amusing happens and the adventurous spirit that causes her cheeks to flush crimson with excitement. The quirk in her lips as she challenges the boundaries of life itself. And with each revisited memory the warmth bleeds back into his skin.

He feels lean arms wrap around his waist and a head burrowing into him, resting over his heart that’s now thundering like a jackhammer inside his chest. It’s familiar and soothing. Like something he’s lost before and didn’t realize he needed back until now. She hugs him tighter and he wraps his arms around her small frame.

The light surrounding them begins to vanish into inky shadows as the picturesque scenery dissolves the longer he holds onto her, but for once he isn’t afraid. He knows he doesn’t have to face it alone. When his visions solidifies and the black dotting his gaze disappears, he’s looking down into dark eyes framed by impossibly long eyelashes. Two soft palms cup his face as she locks eyes with him.


A large purpling bruise blossoms on her jaw. Dirt smudges her features and her long silver hair looks like a birds unkempt nest with twigs and pine needles jabbing out in each direction. Her lip is split open, harsh claw marks imperfecting her neck that weep red, semi-formal dress crusted in dried blood. And she’s wearing the biggest smile he’s ever seen as she looks up at him.

“Hey, you.”

for cypher pt.3: killer stage today, namjoon changed the lyrics of his part from “when guys are smoking and girls are cheating / i smoke beat this a beat smoke” to “when somebody is smoking and somebody is cheating /…”


All I care about is how you feel.

i just want a girlfriend that’s all i want to take her to the park and discuss how a swan fell in love with a swanboat and how tourism and capitalism intersect and what we think our dreams meant. i want to hold her hand during the scary parts of movies and hold her hand when people are staring and hold her hand just because we’re both alive and isn’t that something. i want to learn her favorite colors and how she feels about certain clothes and when the last time was she cried to music. i want to wake her up with kisses and keep her up the same way and discuss our secrets under covers and stay in bed all day. i want someone i can love in a big, all-encompassing way. 

The Good Place is even better than the praise that it gets, and I’m still worried that so many people are sleeping on it and not recognizing one of the most absolutely game-changing comedies on television today.

It’s hugely risky to make a show that’s so reliant on philosophy and morality and to not only go in hard on that, but to still be funny, and to take risks with its world and characters and change things up in such huge ways so often…

Everyone involved in the making of this show should be showered in Emmys and enshrined in the television hall of fame - they should make a television hall of fame specifically for this show, okay.