the live version of the song

I love, love, LOVE DO, but I hope he’s not included in EXOM’s next album. I get that maybe in live perfs, it might be hard as only 4 members and the dance might look better or something, but other than that, I don’t see any need for him singing in EXOM. People say that members like Chen will be overworked if DO’s not there, but won’t DO be even more overworked from singing in two languages? After hearing the songs DO’s not apart of in the mandarin versions, I think EXOM can do very well w/o DO.


I would feed so many candied almonds to the cartoon version of you that lives in your phone, singing folk songs to the moon. All earth’s scientists went down into their basements trying to perfect the OS on his own weird sexy lady robot. It’s like, leave her alone, bro. She’s a toaster and she has feelings. It’s the future and we’re all so confused. I wake up hungry, but keep taking pictures of my food. I throw my hands over my eyes like they’re a kind of filter. I archive every naked picture of a tree.

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Could you please post a link or a list text of Brandon Flowers' Spotify playlist? That one with his favourite songs. For those who we don't have an account. But I'm not a soldier

Here you have anon, right from his spotify playlist :)

  • Squeeze - Up The Junction
  • Joe Pug - If Still It Can’t Be Found
  • Duran Duran - The Chauffeur (2001 remastered version)
  • Don Henley - New York Minute
  • Sting - Fortress Around Your Heart
  • Tom Waits - Downtown Train
  • Warren Zevon - Mutlineer (2008 remastered version)
  • Perfume Genius - Queen
  • Elvis Presley - You Gave Me A Mountain
  • Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - A Woman In Love (It’s Not Me)
  • Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road (Live)
  • Simple Minds - Sanctify Yourself (2002 remastered digital)
  • David Bowie - Seven
  • The Felice Brothers - Ponzi
  • Elton John - Better Off Dead
  • Roy Orbison - After The Love Has Gone
  • The Beautiful South - You Play Glockenspiel, I’ll Play Drums
150425 「CNBLUE SPRING LIVE 2015 “WHITE” Tour」 Yokohama Day2 -end- Setlist:

1- White
2- Radio
3- Go Your Way
4- Have a good night
5- Diamond Girl
7- Voice
8- HEART song
-Talk 2-
9- Feeling (Orchestra ver.)
10- Blind Love  (Orchestra ver.)
11- Can’t Stop  (Orchestra ver.)
12- Like A Child  (Orchestra ver.)
-Can’t Stop freestyle piano + Talk 3 +  freestyle guitar- 
13- Come On
14- Robot
15- Where you are
16- In My Head [Extended Special Version]
17- Foxy
18- I’m Sorry
19- Lady
-a bit of Radio Remix + Talk 4-
20-  Try Again, Smile Again
Encore 2
21- Coffee Shop

cr: CNBLUE.CL |  |


The Script - The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (Live in Amsterdam)
I love this version of the song.. Wish I could go back to those 2 days..



Arkells - Systematic

Arkells performs an orchestral version of their song “Systematic”, from their album “ High Noon”. Recorded and filmed at  Threshold Recording Studio, Hamilton. Video by Mitch Fillion. 


You walked in to the room like it was some kinda movie
These kind of matters aren’t worth disputing
And when the going gets rough, you get a bit sloppy
But it never really mattered, cause you’ll always land softly.

Call it what is it boy: systematic
Call it what it is boy: it’s man made
Call it what it is boy: it’s a racket
Call it what it is

You don’t have the right men beside you
No womanly voice heard for miles around you
You had these lessons passed down through generations
They’ve all gone bad now, they’re spoiled, they’re tainted
It’s tainted!

Call it what is it boy: systematic
Call it what it is boy: it’s man made
Call it what it is boy: it’s a racket
Call it what it is

You’ve got these peasants quivering at your feet
Whispers they wish they could scream

Lover, we’re surrounded, with nowhere to go

Call it what is it boy: systematic
Call it what it is boy: it’s man made
Call it what it is boy: it’s a racket
Call it what it is 

Spell Your Name With Songs and Tag 10 People

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MMM’KAY I’m doing this only because I woke up too early and I’m bored and I may actually have 10 people to tag. And I’m spelling my full name because go hard or go home amirite.

I - Irresistible by Fall Out Boy

S - Sugar by Maroon 5

A - All Star by Smash Mouth

B - Bella by Jovanotti

E - Elvis Ain’t Dead by Scouting for Girls

L - Living on a Prayer cover version by Hayseed Dixie (I’m sorry I’m trash)

L - La Solitudine by Laura Pausini (I HAD THE CHANCE AND I TOOK IT. Long live ‘90s trashy pop songs)

A - Alone Together by Fall Out Boy

Now that I’ve revealed my trashy music taste I tag: pahua cojosweeps lecinea officialchuckpalahniuk helenofsparta aggressivgammalko midgardianbaboons giovaneanziano aaand nope I lied I can’t think of 10 people to tag I have no friends.

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26, 53 & 57

26: favorite song which lasts more than 10 minutes.

Does the live version of Kimbra’s Waltz Me To The Grave count as cheating? Because it’s a good 10 minutes and the first thing that came to mind. 

53: a guilty pleasure song.

Nothing. I used to have guilty pleasures as a kid/teenager, but now I just like what I like and people can deal with it.

57: your favorite picture of one of your favorite bands.

I can’t for the life of me find a decent sized version, but this is my favorite photo of Annie.


It’s finally here.  My 30th birthday.  I’ve thought about this day for the past few years and tried to imagine how I would feel when I woke up.  What I didn’t really account for is the fact that I feel totally the same.  30 is scary, but it doesn’t have to mean what I don’t want it to mean.  I can still be myself and do the things I like doing.  I don’t have to become some older or boring version of my former self.  It also helps that things in life aren’t too bad right now.  A job I actually like, a recent engagement, and living in one of the best cities definitely helps sell 30 to me a little bit more.  Tonight I’m throwing a big party/concert in The Burlington’s back room and I’m actually covering a song on guitar with one of my friends.  It’s hard to complain about getting older or not wanting to be in your 30s when you can’t think of any complaints.  Here’s to creating my own version of 30.  And to not being a 22 year old that thinks they know everything.


Get out. I need to go to my ♛ mind palace. ♛

Re-blog if you see a song that makes you cry.

Taylor Swift songs that will always make me cry:
Cold As You
Tied Together With A Smile
Forever & Always Piano Version
White Horse
You’re Not Sorry
The Best Day
Dear John
Never Grow Up
Last Kiss
Long Live
All Too Well
The Moment I Knew
The Last Time
Sad Beautiful Tragic

Muse reveals why 'Drones' is the best record they´ve done so far - Sopitas (English version)

In an interview with Sopitas in California before the launch of Drones, Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard claimed it is the best album they have done in their career. Matt again described the new album as going back to their roots.

“In the last two albums we began experimenting a lot with technology and I noticed that something was happening: When we went up to play, there were 5 or 6 songs that were simple to play live without using technology… for this album I had to make sure all songs were ideal for a live experience and that’s what I meant when I said ‘gone back to basics’. It’s just Dom, Chris and I in a room, with our instruments, playing the songs without technology.”

Dominic Howard, on the other hand, gives us an important details about the identity of the album: “We knew we wanted to do an album, not just a lot of random singles or songs. All of the songs had to belong together”.

Regarding their gigs in Mexico in mid-November, Dom said that “Muse will do something we have never done before.”

Matt also said that Muse expect to announce more dates this year in South America soon, including Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Drones will be released on June 9 and can be pre-ordered now via iTunes.

Link to the article (In Spanish)

Nirvana - In Bloom

Author: Kurt Cobain

Wrote: 1990

Notes: Some think this song is about Dylan Carlson (one of Kurt’s best friends from the band Earth).

In the video, the man who introduces Nirvana is Doug Llewellyn, from the TV show “The People’s Court”.

Recording Sessions:

April 2-6, 1990, Smart Studios, Madison, WI (With Chad Channing)

May-June, 1991, Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, CA (Nevermind version)

First known Live performance: April 1, 1990, Chicago, IL

Last known Live performance: March 1, 1994, Munich, Germany

Number of times performed (Gathered from complete/partial setlists): 109 times

Lyrics (From Kurt’s Journals):

literally me

person: why do you have multiple copies of a song?

me: you don’t understand

me: there’s the original version, new version, acoustic version, studio mix version, ep version, the deluxe version, and live performances

Dear John should receive a Grammy. Whenever I listen to it, especially the live version of it, I can literally feel the emotion, and the passion, the sadness, the anger. She describes everything so perfectly. It really hits your heart deeply. I can’t listen to that song without getting emotional and have my mind just run wild and feeling a thousand things at once.

the signs as aesthetics from FROOT
  • aries:froot live performances
  • taurus:froot of the month
  • cancer:15 second snippets of the songs
  • leo:dance videos
  • virgo:the FROOT machine
  • libra:the colorful eyeliner she wore
  • scorpio:FAQ'IN HELL
  • sagittarius:random pics of the FROOT promo shoot
  • capricorn:marina's fashion
  • aquarius:the "cant pin me down" references
  • pisces:the acoustic versions of the song