the live between us


We started off as colleagues to a common goal,
Both of us seeking the means to an objective.
But something turned in me all the sudden,
The hope of you sharing my perspective.

What started off as flirtatious conversing,
Slowly spun into the nights weaved as one.
And when we witness our lives colliding again,
That flicker between us just couldn’t be outdone.

Though you tried to calm our spark from igniting,
Your feelings were caught in that swell on high.
However I should have sensed the restraint,
Because then I wouldn’t have to ask why.

I see now when our flame came to a halt,
A discuss where you returned to profession.
Though there are unresolved issues to handle,
None of them which fester requires a confession.

As we have drifted apart and onto our difference,
While neither of us are better from your choice.
You sought a weakness to make you strong,
Where I finally became uglier in my voice.

Yet the planet breaks to keep us together,
Placing us by danger’s way to reveal a truth.
Regret is what you’ll carry to your ultimate end,
When I find how to remove myself from your use.

Is that how we lived then? But we lived as usual. Everyone does, most of the time. Whatever is going on is as usual. We lived, as usual, by ignoring. Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it. Nothing changes instantaneously: in a gradually heating bathtub you’d be boiled to death before you knew it. There were stories in the newspapers, of course, but they were about other women, and the men who did such things were other men. None of them were the men we knew. The newspaper stories were like dreams to us, bad dreams dreamt by others. How awful, we would say, and they were, but they were awful without being believable. They were too melodramatic, they had a dimension that was not the dimension of our lives. We were the people who were not in the papers. We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us freedom. We lived in the gaps between stories.
—  Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

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Another tale about Steve's honorary mob membership, please? That was so good.

I have two asks like this so this one is going to be a flashback and the other will address what was asked specifically.  I’m so glad everyone liked that fill so much!


Steve really liked puzzles: crosswords and riddles and math.  He was good at them.  He was good at cyphers, too.  One of the doormen at the dancehall would hand him a slip of paper each week when he and Bucky went dancing; their orders for the week.   

Mostly, it was arranging pick ups and drop offs, a speakeasy placing an order and Steve communicating with the supplier to arrange delivery through Bucky, or taking empties back to the supplier for reuse.  They got a whole ten percent of anything they moved.  

Last month, they’d managed to pay rent and for all of Steve’s medicine with what they earned.  

Mostly, it was pick ups and drop offs.  Sometimes, it was collections.  This time, the note was for three collections: two speakeasies and one private purchaser.  

Steve groaned.  It was likely the private purchaser would cost them what they’d managed to save in the past couple of months on hospital bills for Bucky.  Private parties were never reasonable.   Speakeasies usually just forgot and were happy to pay for the trouble of providing some of the only liquor around.  Private parties were just entitled and angry.  


“What’ve we got?”  Bucky swaggered slow and loose beside Steve on their walk home from the dancehall.   

“Three house calls.  Two clean, one messy.”

Bucky tsked.  “Didn’t realize it was that late in the month.”  He smoothed a hand over his jaw; the last private collection had cracked one of his teeth and they’d only just gotten it fixed.  “We really gotta renegotiate our take on house calls, pal.” 

Steve nodded.  “Next month. We’ll have pulled the biggest numbers for six months straight by then and we’ll have something to bargain with.”

Bucky hummed.  “Just don’t make the deal without me there, ok? I’m your heavy, not theirs.”

Steve grinned, and tucked the week’s work into his pocket.  “Yeah, Buck.”

At the end of the day no matter what happened between us
we fall asleep knowing that our lives are intertwined in a way only we can understand.
That’s the most beautiful poetry there is.
A sacred bond, a secret garden, worlds apart,
and every night we dance together in the stars hand in hand,

I will see you in our dreams, my love.

There’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for you. You’re all I got. And I do intend on keeping you smiling. I’ve been afraid of love for a long time now, but meeting you has caused me to face my fears. Matter of fact, I crave your love. I crave you in the most beautiful ways. I don’t see myself living this life without you.

A lot has happened between us, and it wasn’t all for nothing. You mean absolutely everything to me. Meeting you was fate, I know it. Everything you do leaves me fascinated. When your smile forms, I feel the wings of the butterflies in my stomach. And it’s always makes me feel comfortable. You make me happy. Happier than I have ever been in a very long time.

Please don’t ever doubt my love for you. I’m in this until you make a decision that you no longer want or need my love. That you no longer want me. So please, please don’t ever forget how much I love you. Because somehow the universe has brought us together, and my main priority is keeping you here next to me, and showering you in my eternal love. Your love took away my sentimentality and now I’m the happiest I have ever been. And for that, I’m forever grateful.
—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram

DC: You know what would be awesome in Batman Beyond?

Me: Damian Wayne having become a cool retired crimefighter as an adult and Terry being like “?????how???”

Me: Damian trolling the heck out of everyone by pretending he has no clue what’s going on? Taking that Wayne Obfuscating Stupidity to new and untold heights of sheer unbelievable trolling?

Me: Just Damian sitting there, sipping his tea, going “oh that’s my clone, don’t worry about him, I have dozens” like that’s perfectly normal, while Terry tries not to twitch and Bruce is just internally screaming?

Me: Damian letting his clones troll everyone, but dropping the act in a hot minute the second Bruce is Too Extra™???

DC: actually we were thinking more along the lines of making him the new demon’s head and evil and crazy after another fall out with his father but you know



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WINNER’s beginning was different from the start as they were born through a reality program, “WIN: Who Is Next”. In the first week of their debut, they won three #1 crowns on music shows with their title track “Empty” and swept up all the rookie awards that year. The public fixed their eyes on the monster rookie that had skills, visuals, and the star quality and WINNER always put out results that met expectations. But a long hiatus followed which was unprecedented for a rookie group. A sudden piece of news that fans received during the hiatus was not about their comeback but about a member leaving the group. They became 4 members from 5 and they changed the formation of their choreographies and they adjusted the vocalist parts and they had to work hard to fill up the one empty spot. The result of this came in the form of their single album “FATE NUMBER FOR”, which was released on April 4th, 1 year and 2 months after their previous comeback. The moment the album was released, it recorded first place on iTunes Charts in 21 different countries and was featured in Apple Music’s “Best of the Week”. The fact that the public’s response to “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”, which are total opposites of each other, are addicting is just a bonus. WINNER is at their peak.


The response for “REALLY REALLY” is very hot. Do you feel how popular it is?

I’ve been told by people but I can’t really feel it myself. Just like it has always been, we just perform onstage and meet our fans and move according to our schedules.

During WINNER’s hiatus, with Nam Taehyun’s leave, the group became 4 from the original 5. Didn’t you feel like your responsibility as the leader was heavier with this comeback?

Of course I felt responsible. But I didn’t think things like, “I need to lead WINNER better so we can go to a higher place.” (laughs) I felt like I needed to do things instead of staying still.

I heard that you weren’t able to properly rest or travel for leisure during the hiatus.

Yes. When I didn’t have plans on making music, I was at home. Home and company. That was it. It was because I didn’t want to just rest. Even when I didn’t have any songs to work on, I went to the company. I felt more comfortable staying at the company, eating with my composer hyungs, and talking to them.

I heard you made “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL” very quickly.

Composing for both songs came easy to me. For “REALLY REALLY”, I finished composing the melody and writing the lyrics while lying in bed in 4 hours. But I couldn’t figure out the best melody progression for the bridge part so I asked Mino to help me.

As a member who composed the songs, which member do you want to praise the most?

Jinwoo-hyung. I don’t force directions to the rappers. They have always done well with their individual styles and they know how to show off their own colors. But I was really surprised at how much Jinwoo-hyung’s singing improved while recording for this single album. The time it took to record decreased greatly. It took 30 minutes when it usually takes 2 hours.

Jinwoo told me earlier that the songs suited him so well that he was very comfortable with them.

Whenever I make WINNER songs, I compose so that it suits the members. It’s only possible since I’ve known them for almost 10 years now, ever since we were trainees. This means I probably can’t make songs for other singers.

I feel like you received a lot of stress to achieve such good results.

I feel like I don’t get stressed much but my body keeps hurting in places. (laughs) I still get migraines.

How do you relieve stress?

These days I reform clothes with Mino as a hobby. I usually relieve stress by going outside and walking under the sunlight. But I need to wear a face mask and a hoodie so people don’t recognize me. I wear black clothes to not draw attention to myself at night. (laughs)

How do you reform clothes?

I just fold them and stick them together and sew things together and cut things. I’m bad at sewing. When I have things I need to sew, I put them aside and when my mother comes to Seoul, I make her do it… (laughs) She enjoys it though! I’m usually really blunt around her so when I ask her to do things like this for me she thinks we’re playing together.

In the end, all the clothes you’re reforming are made by your mother.

No, that’s not it. I design the clothes and my mother sews the clothes. Designers don’t sew clothes themselves. Their assistants do it. (laughs)

You’re receiving good results after a long hiatus. Is there something you want to challenge yourself in in the future?

I want to hear people say, “This is what WINNER-like music is” even when we make music we want to make and not bother with trends. To make that happen, we need to become more known and further develop our careers. I think it’s possible with time. Personally, once WINNER becomes properly stabilized as a group, I want to release a solo album but I want to include all genres of music into that one album. When people think about the music Kang Seungyoon makes, they assume it’s only folk or rock music. I want to break that preconceived notion and put in dance, hip-hop, R&B, and even trot songs into the album. I’m just sharing my thoughts. (laughs)


You’ve succeeded in the variety scene. You received your nickname “Song Dumb” through “New Journey to the West” and you’ve become famous enough among the older generation that they ask for your autograph. Was it your wish to appear on a variety show?

Yes, I wanted to. Other than music shows, we weren’t able to have complete promotions and as time passed, the image of the group WINNER solidified into being a group that is hard to approach and classy. (laughs) I don’t mind that kind of image and vibe but I wanted us to promote more and become more known. In that timing, I received the offer from “New Journey to the West” and I had lots of fun filming it but I didn’t expect to be shown like that… (laughs)

You’re honestly worried as a rapper, right?

At first I was worried that my image would cover my music activities. But when I thought about it, what was shown on TV is my true self and it’s separate from the music I make so there is no need to forcefully hide myself. I’ll show myself as I am and I can show my music as it is.

In a separate interview you said that you worked hard to show rapping that overflows with energy without covering the melody. Maybe because of this I feel like your vocalization changed.

My vocalization changed during “Show Me The Money”. It’s actually a change that all singers and rappers go through. It’s how we find the voice we’re most comfortable with. When I first started rapping, I made up a voice and rapped in that voice. When I listen to the songs I made when I was in high school, my voice sounds like I swallowed stones. (laughs) Back then, I thought that was cool. But gradually, I’m finding the voice I’m comfortable with.

When you promote as WINNER, rapping is a component that makes up the vibe of the song. You must want to work on your own music since you don’t rap as much compared to when you promote individually.

Yes. The rapping I do as WINNER is one part of the song so the importance lies in the overall concept. But my rap style is made up of word plays and I pour in a lot of fun elements and enjoy my music so when I get the opportunity to work on my solo music, I’m going to do whatever I want. I want to go hard in my rapping.

Do you perhaps remember the first rap you made?

I don’t remember the lyrics but I remember what happened. The first ever music I made was when I was in my 6th year of elementary school. I went to my friend’s house and wrote my first lyrics and recorded myself on a cassette tape with my friend. I didn’t know anything when I was writing those lyrics. I just scribbled something and said, “Hey, but let’s still record it” and I recorded it on a cassette tape. I wonder where that cassette tape is now.

Out of all the raps you’ve made, which one gave you the hardest time?

The song that I had the hardest time making was “Shoot” for “Infinite Challenge: Great Legacy”. The overall concept was already set in place. The larger theme was history and the smaller theme was General Lee Soonshin. And the project was about becoming aware by looking back into the past and looking at the present. It was difficult to express myself within a fixed boundary. Fortunately, the end result turned out well.

You’ve had the name WINNER for 4 years now. Is there a time when you think you have some spare time now?

I don’t think we’re at that level yet. But the chemistry between us members is really good. We’ve been living together for a long time now so I think we know pretty much everything about each other. I know what my members are thinking just by looking at their faces. The member who is in the best mood today is… Seunghoon-hyung. That hyung has severe mood swings but I think he’s pretty happy today. (laughs)

Is there a specific key point you want listeners to focus on for “REALLY REALLY”?

Um… What a difficult question. (Song Mino mulled over the question for a long time. Lee Seunghoon, who had finished earlier came and suggested, “Didn’t you say you worked hard to change your tone? Tell her about that.”) The change in my tone can just be heard. I don’t need to specifically tell that to people… I just want people to listen to it comfortably. Comfortably. (laughs)


I heard CEO Yang praised you for making the choreography for “FOOL” in 5 hours.

I was able to make it quickly because I thought about the flow of movements. “FOOL” didn’t need complicated dancing. It’s a song that is close to the ballad genre so it wasn’t necessary to dance powerfully and put in a key point dance. The first thing I thought about was how I could make us look cool.

I’m curious about your process in making choreographies.

First, I close my eyes while listening to the song and draw a picture in my head. I imagine an overall picture while thinking about the mood of the performance that people would find cool watching us. After I imagine that, I make a large outline of how the members should move. After that, I make the detailed dance movements. “FOOL” didn’t need lots of movements but the formation had to change because we became 4 members from 5.

You’ve started promoting after a long hiatus. I heard you thought a lot about what kind of fanservice you would do for the fans.

The ground-breaking invention of Naver V App is helping many people other than ourselves, I think. I really want to tell Naver that I love them. (laughs) I’ve always liked making and planning ideas and content. I’ve had interest in making videos from when I was young. So I have fun and I like communicating with our fans through V App.

I feel like you’ve been overflowing with ideas from when you were on “K-Pop Star”. I guess you’re not nicknamed “Deputy Lee of YG Planning Team” for nothing.

I enjoy producing ideas. When I get told they’re fun, I get really excited. Usually, other artists go to the YG office building to work out or go to the recording studio on the 3rd floor and they don’t really go to where the staff members work. But I always go to those staff members’ offices. So when they see me on TV, they say that I look unfamiliar and that it feels strange. They say things like, “Why is our Deputy who’s always scruffy appearing on TV like that”. (laughs)

You have good fashion sense. You’ve collaborated with fashion brands too.

Let me just tell you that good-looking people like Jinwoo-hyung never get interested in fashion. That’s because they look good no matter what they wear. (laughs) I enjoyed going around used-goods markets and looking for clothes with my friends. Since I debuted and am earning money, I can buy expensive clothes now, right? I used to not have money so I couldn’t buy expensive clothes but I suddenly realised that the ultimate end to fashion was to personally create a style of clothes I like. So later on, when I have the opportunity, I want to create my own clothing brand, like Tyler, the Creator who made “Golf Wang”.

You’re a jack-of-all-trades. I was surprised when I saw your poem called “Flower Boat” that you wrote for your fans.

I just imitated something like a poem. I feel like my fans like it so much because what I feel for my fans can be felt from that poem. I’m not good at writing and I’m not talented.

What are you talking about? Your fans say that the lyrics you write are the best parts of the songs. Were you proud when you listened to the completed recordings of the new songs?

Yes, I liked them. Seungyoon is the type to listen to the music he makes a thousand times before the release but I don’t listen to our songs often. I say things like, “Why listen to them already when we’re going to keep listening to them after they’re released?” (laughs) But I was satisfied. I worked hard to make a rap that middle school girls could imitate easily.

How did you do that?

I made sure my enunciation wasn’t hard to imitate and the speed wasn’t too fast. And most importantly, I put in many breaks between the beats where you can rest. I imagined how people would sing and rap along. (laughs)


You’re famous among your fans for being very diligent. What kind of effort did you put in for this single album?

I kept receiving lessons while we recorded. I also learned contemporary dancing and thanks to that I became very confident. I used to sing quietly when we recorded but now I actively try singing this way and that. My singing hasn’t changed but my attitude has.

As the group became 4 members, your singing parts increased too. Were you not burdened?

I just recorded the songs comfortably. When Seungyoon makes a song, he thinks about our tones and the rappers’ tendencies. We record many songs and there are times when there are good results and there are times when there are bad results but when Seungyoon is the one who made the song, I never struggle. I didn’t put in any extra effort. I don’t need to because he makes songs that suit me perfectly.

When were you most excited while recording the songs?

I was just happy the entire time we were recording. I feel like learning how to physically express myself in a given situation through contemporary dancing made me change a lot internally. If I have the time, I want to continue learning contemporary dance.

Fans know that you’re a homebody. Do you still always stay home?

I don’t spend my spare time outdoors. I watch TV at home or I lie in bed and play with my phone. I used to play lots of phone games but I’ve stopped that now. Playing so many phone games made me spend too much money. (laughs) I stopped because I realised that if I kept it up, I would go broke. (laughs)

You must’ve watched a lot of TV during the hiatus.

I’ve watched many dramas recently. I especially enjoyed watching “Defendant”.

Who is your favorite actor?

Kimura Takuya. I love it when people tell me I look like how Kimura Takuya looked like when he was young. (laughs)

Who is your favorite Korean actor?

Jisung-sunbaenim who acted in “Defendant”. Did you watch that drama? You didn’t? You really should. I really love Choi Jinsil-sunbaenim. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with another actor besides her. Jisung-sunbaenim acted his character who would never let go of his deep sadness even in a happy situation and… Wow… Seriously…

You’ve acted in a webdrama before, right? I can feel that you’re greedy for acting.

Yes, I’m always interested in acting. I’ve acted in a couple of webdramas but I think they didn’t really suit me. I want to try acting a deep and heavy character instead of a light character. Of course, I am still very lacking.

But you’re the icon of effort. All the other members picked you as the member who improved the most.

Not just me, all of us worked really hard in making this single album. If you ask me what people should focus on when listening to our song, I want to say “all of it”. There is really no part that didn’t require hard work.

Then when is the best timing to listen to “REALLY REALLY”?

When you’re in a flirting relationship with someone. Or at the beginning of a romantic relationship, when the love is fresh. If I were to compare that feeling to a season, it would be Spring, which is right now.

When do you think Spring will start in your love life? I heard what your ideal type is on the radio. You said that you want to date someone who looks like you, right? A women with big eyes, a slender face, and is 165cm tall. Do these characteristics still hold?

Firstly, I don’t mind what kind of hairstyle she has now. But I would like it if she is shorter than me. Other than that, the general descriptions haven’t changed. But right now I will concentrate on WINNER promotions. (laughs)

Translated by @chrissy96_

Scans by @from1025       

simon imagine - cuddle partner

REQUESTED:  hey! please may you write a simon imagine where your cuddle buddies and one night you can feel his boner pressed against you

I lay my head to the pillow, feeling the air bed shake a little underneath me. It had been a long night at the halo tower. There had been a party, and since Simon and I were both filming here tomorrow, it made sense just to sleep over. Since the flat was somewhat smaller than the sidemen house - and the one spare room was preoccupied - we had been left to resort to an air mattress on the floor.

It wasn’t an issue. I wasn’t a particularly high demanding type of girl, and would make do with what I was given. As for sleeping in a bed with Simon, this was no issue either; we were close friends, and not a lot was awkward between us. We were comfortable with each other.

Throughout the living room there was a draft, presumably from where the balcony was in front of us, the slight unchangeable gap leaving a draft. I pulled the duvet further up my body and pushed myself more towards Simon, who lay behind me.

“Y/n? What are you doing?”

His voice was thick with sleep and intoxication, and I smiled slightly as I responded.

“It’s cold,” I stated matter of factly. “Come closer to me, it generates body heat.”

He did not oblige, or speak at all, only moving closer and wrapping an arm around my midsection. His breath was warm and comforting on my back, and I placed my arm over his. However, it took a while for the cold to decline, and so I still could not control the shivering running through me. Simon pulled me in even closer so that my back was flat to his chest, his fingers running subconsciously up and down my goosebump covered skin.

“Oh god,” he spoke suddenly, startling me. I was not sure whether he was dreaming or not.

“Simon? What’s wrong?”

“Y/n…I think I can feel your nipples on my arm.”

I struggled to control the laughter, not wanting to wake the other boys. “I told you it was cold Simon!”

In an attempt to control the situation I began to wriggle slightly, however he grabbed my hips suddenly, his forehead pressed against my back.

“Y/n stop moving.”

He spoke desperately, almost groaning, and I turned to face him. 

“What why- oh…”

As our eyes met mine trailed down, and I came face to face with Simon’s fastly growing bulge in his basketball shorts. I bit my lip to avoid nervous laughter as my face heated. We hadn’t faced this situation before.

“For fucks sake.”

When Simon cursed I couldn’t stop the giggles that fell from my mouth and he pressed a hand over my face to shut me up, his head falling into my neck out of embarrassment. I wrapped both my arms around his neck and brought him into me to reassure him, keeping my hips slightly further away.

“I’m so sorry,” he murmured and I giggled into him.

“It’s alright Simon, I get it. Was it the nipples or the movement?”

He groaned again and I erupted into laughter. 

“You’re never going to let go of this are you?”


15:46 when i left the house this morning i took your scarf. tonight when you demand it back i’ll pretend it was an accident and you’ll pretend it’s easy to mistake sky blue for blood red and we’ll pretend the elephant in the room isn’t choking to death on every stilted conversation [UNSENT]

15:47 it’s just that. it smells like you. and it’s warm like you and it matches the colour of your eyes like nothing i’ve ever seen [UNSENT]

16:00 did you remember to pick up milk??? [SEEN 16:09]

23:43 before i loved you i loved your smile. i loved your laugh. the tone of your voice when you tried to convince yourself not to order takeout again and the crinkle at the corner of your mouth when you inevitably failed. the way that you sprawled over the armchair, legs kicking in the air [UNSENT]

00:57 i miss you the way i think i would miss my left lung. i won’t google whether it’s possible to live with just one, i’ll leave that hanging in the air between us like everything else already is but i guess even if you could survive every breath would be a reminder. every breath is already a reminder [UNSENT]

03:04 the last time i told you i loved you it was because you’d stubbed your toe and then spent five minutes dancing around on one foot. the words escaped on the wings of a laugh i couldn’t control and they hit so heavy with their truth that you paused. i’ve never seen another girl look so unsure [UNSENT]

08:00 when i leave the house this morning i’m going to take your scarf. i’ll wear it through my first three lectures, write notes with the tail end wrapped around my wrist, wishing it was your hand. when i get home tonight you’re going to roll your eyes and laugh but it’ll be just as hollow as i feel with every extra message i don’t send [UNSENT]

l.s. | [unsent] © 2017

Ruined my stepsister's birthday and got her banned from all clubs in town.

(warning: long story)

BACK STORY: When I was 12, my mom got married to a halfway decent guy. He’s not bad, but he’s not great either, but he made my mom happy and that’s all that I cared about. In fact, I cared so much about her happiness that I was willing to endure 6 years of living under the same roof as his self-obsessed, obnoxious, spoiled daughter, Amy. The entire time we lived together, she would project all of her insecurities onto me in the form of insults. Being young and wildly insecure about myself, these daily insults well and truly cut me to the core and just continued the cycle of crippling insecurity.

When I started “talking to” a boy for the first time, Kyle, she all of a sudden developed an intense infatuation with him and told me I was forbidden from communicating with him from then on. I was insecure but I was not a pushover. When I didn’t listen to her demands, she took it a step further and told Kyle I had ongoing relationships with several other boys (untrue), which he unfortunately believed. I was completely crushed. She then swooped in and took every opportunity to rub it in my face that she “won” him (i.e. inviting him to my birthday parties at home, inviting me out with her only to later reveal I would be thirdwheeling on their date, making him compliment me and then gloating about how she had such a nice boyfriend, etc). This sort of thing happened countless times, not with just boys but with friends and even workplaces! They ended up dating for two years and, although they had a nasty breakup, Kyle and I remained on good terms, which drove her up the wall. She would constantly ask me, “So did you guys hook up behind my back yet?” while claiming to have moved on already.

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you know what I’m fucking sick to death of politicians and pundits saying we as a nation are too divided and need to work together. that everyone is sad when their side loses, and tomorrow we have to pull together. that it is our responsibility to be more open-minded to those with whom we disagree.

it’s a nice thought, but when one side advocates for the violent oppression of the other, reaching across the aisle is meaningless. when one side fears the other because they’re different and one side fears the other because they don’t want to be killed, there is a bigger problem.

so here’s a different message: you don’t have to be kind to people who want you dead. you don’t have to pull together with those who hate you. you are not responsible for the government’s inability to function. when someone hates your entire being, the bedrock of what you are and what you stand for, when someone is so frightened of your inner light they want to snuff you out you do not have to be kind to them.

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Honestly, you're truly right. The phandom has calmed down so much in the past year? When I got into the phandom in early 2015, I remember people were trying to claim phan is real because of the moment in fnaf 3 where dan scared Phil when really someone just photoshopped a photo. And people thinking that they were gonna come out when really it was the 7SC app. Now everyone is wayy more chill and just takes things as is.

i think that as whole it’s been really interesting to see the phandom (as well as dan and phil) develop over the years. i’ve been a casual viewer since 2011/12 and became more invested around late 2014. dan and phil have matured loads. but so has their audience. it will suffice to say i was the 12 year old watching them when i first started. so llamas and lions were the best thing ever and i wouldn’t stop watching amazingdan or pinof 2 (idk i had some weird obsession with it). but dan and phil have grown so much? it’s startling to watch some of their older videos nowadays because they are the same people but with more developed opinions and ideas about the world. 

and the phandom has grown so much too. it’s weird. even back in early 2015 we relied on shoddy edits of them for “phan proof” and just general fondness between the two. when phil trash #1 happened it was sort of mind blowing how crazy everyone was about it. no one stopped talking about it for weeks. now dan and phil can just go post a video where they call each other daddy the whole time and the next day we sort of forget about it. before content was purely neutral and vague to their personal lives but now they are slowly inviting us into their personal lives and the phandom has matured enough for this to happen without much fanfare. it’s quite gratifying.

i’ve sat back and watched the phandom for quite a while now (i didn’t participate in it for like a year on tumblr after becoming an aesthetic blog but i still followed loads of phan blogs). there has been a constant flow of people in and out of this community which always provides new content. but as dan and phil’s content matures, as does the phandom. 

i can’t put into words how much has changed but there has been a huge shift. dan and phil have so gradually slipped these things in that we haven’t even noticed until we’re just accepting of announcements of dan going with phil up north for his birthday or seaside walks. for the first time in how long dan and phil have casually mentioned the term ‘phan’ without negative connotation. it’s really nice. organic.

i’m so glad we aren’t screaming and banging our fists when anything mildly interesting happens. it’s more like a nod of approval from us as dan and phil live their lives. it’s a much healthier relationship between us and them now and it might be hard to see that but the phandom’s just a lot better an environment now. it’s good.

“Blood of my Blood …” I whispered.

“… and Bone of my Bone,” he answered softly. Neither of us could finish the vow, “so long as we both shall live,” but the unspoken words hung aching between us. Finally he smiled crookedly.

“Longer than that,” he said firmly, and pulled me to him once more.

     ~ Dragonfly In Amber, Diana Gabaldon